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Found 17 results

  1. morghain18


    Potrzebuję Pomocy w spawie dodatku sezonie przejściu nie Dying Lighta. Chciałem zapytać CZY Jak kupię sezonie passa na Steamie do dostane Dodatek następujące gratis, CZY muszę iść Kupić osobno. Prosze odpisać Jak najszybciej.Z góry dziękuję za pomoc.
  2. Ishaan2000

    Season Pass Problem

    So, i pre ordered dying light enhanced edition PC and when i got it season pass was not included in it. Is there any problem?
  3. I own the Dying Light base game and the Bozak Horde DLC. My question is, is it still worth buying the season pass? I will definitely be buying the following DLC when it is released, but if there are more DLC's to be released which will be included in the season pass, then I will buy the season pass rather than the DLC separately?
  4. OAK

    Season Pass Ps4

    So i bought season pass on my ps4 yesterday. And i thought the Ultimate Survivor bundle would come with it but the only thing i have been able to download was the one with the 2 extra missions. If it's not a part of the season pass there is still a problem. I can't even see it in the ps store on my ps4 and on my pc. Please tell me what's wrong and if it isn't out yet on ps4. Thanks
  5. Szyko

    Season Pass

    Hi Techland, I've been wondering of what happened with the free season pass to all the players who ordered a Physical copy of the game. I haven't found any page that says you changed it :/ The reason I'm asking is because I can't see it added in the DLC part in Steam when looking at the game, plus Steam offers me to buy it. Just want an answer to this, cause I love the game and want the season pass but I don't want to risk buying something I will get soon. Otherwise, keep up the good work with the game
  6. So, I bought the season pass, and I am really excited on all the new content including the new maps and player outfits. Now, is their any information on the release date of the content??? I would like to get everyone's, or most everyone's facts from when the season pass content will be released.
  7. xIIDOCIIx

    Season Pass And Dlc Drops

    I'm hoping someone can explain this to me. I guess I'm having a hard time understanding why the season pass is worth the content. Along with many here I pre ordered the game through gamestop and received the weapon bundle. I also purchased the season pass at the same time. For the pre order bonus, I received the night club, buzz killer, and lacerator. Next week, has been confirmed the second DLC drop, and includes items that were my pre order bonus. No big deal. I get it. This is where my confusion is: Next Tuesday, Techland is releasing hard mode, gold tier weapons, new skins, and new weapons for free for everyone. What did we buy the season pass for if everything is being released for free. I paid $20.00 US for 2 quarantine zones which took literally 5 minutes to run through, Weapons I received as my pre order bonus, and the horde which isn't going to be released for another (round number) 2 months? Yes, I know there are skins, but they were a pre order bonus for best buy here in the states. They basically took the ultimate survivor bundle and split it for pre order, weapons went to Gamestop and Outfits went to Best Buy. I believe next Tuesdays release should be included in the season pass, and not for free to give those of us who paid the extra $20.00 US value for our money. Any opinion is appreciated, I'm just trying to understand.
  8. Dear Techland forum, first of all, game is amazing, revolutionairy & first of its kind. I have 2 question/problem. 1- Ive purchassed the game with the season pass at 80$ the 13rd feb on Steam. ive got this for the "new maps, mods & weapon". but when i play the game, i didtn see the new map you are talkin about, ive unlocked the "quarentine zone", but no weapon. maby its latter on the game. so my question is: how can i verify ive got the season reward?. & I didnt have any reedeem code for the token ? 2- I try the online mode, witch is very well organize & well done. First of its kind, I realy enjoy the fact that you join an other player campan. It realy get ppl to help eatch other. its fantastique . but I think there is an incompatibility problem with my microphone. As soon as i start the game, my mic desactivate. when I ALT-TAB to the desktop, its reactivate agan. When I ALT-TAB agan to get back in the game, its desactivate . I think is an incompatibility problem because as soon as i start the game, my Windows Task Bar changfe color to the original them & its pop-up a message sayin: there is an incompatibility problem bla bla bla. Im running on an Alienware m17x R4. all my stat are top nutch. I havent any ussi with my graphique. (those are realy realistique you made a great job guy ) so thank for you reply. ima talk about this little issu in the forum. Have a exelent day Techland team. may the force be with you
  9. So I was determined to play this new DLC so I found a work around on how to get the season pass to download, here's how. 1. Launch the game 2. Go to Extras then PS Store 3. Season Pass should say free, press X 4. Press X on download, it'll load then say purchased. 5. The DLC will now say free! Enjoy!
  10. So I was determined to play this new DLC so I found a work around on how to get the season pass to download, here's how. 1. Launch the game 2. Go to Extras then PS Store 3. Season Pass should say free, press X 4. Press X on download, it'll load then say purchased. 5. The DLC will now say free! Enjoy!
  11. wessexton

    Ultimate Survivor Bundle

    When do i recieve my bonuses for the season pass? Ultimate Survivor Bundle is the one im wondering about.
  12. Hello guys, i have the pre-ordered Ultimate Edition of the game. The game work well, but can not access the pre order skin and also can not download the season pass (because the CE-37700-7 error). I tried to restore the license of PSN, but always a screen appears with the message: NP-34993-8 error. I sent a message to the PSN suport and i am waiting for reply, anyone know what to do? And sorry for mi bad english.
  13. Where the hell the savegame patch is for Xbox? Here's the thing. If you can confirm that PC is scheduled for a certain day, then proceed to only say that consoles will get it "soon" then that really is hardly soon isnt it? If you cant say when then your soon hardly means anything. Also wtf are my season pass outfits? Everywhere I read said 3 outfits would be included in season pass. Well, I purchased it, and the outfits are now stated to be locked to a "bundle only" on the marketplace. Pretty disappointed with not only being unable to play a game I just spent money on due to having to worry about a save wipe, and not being told a solid date on when to expect the damn fix. Season pass thing is painfully disappointing as well. Answers please.
  14. flapjackuk

    Season Pass For Ps4

    Hi, I have paid for the Season Pass via a code & on the PSN Shop it says it has been "purchased" BUT it does not provide me with a link to download the season Pass!!!! It doesn't even give me a file size? It is actually still showing as $19.99 even though it says underneath the price that I have purchased it??? This is weird. I paid for the standalone version but it also says I have purchased the Ultimate Edition which comes with the Season Pass?? Should I uninstall my standalone version & install the Ultimate Edition hoping that it will install the season pass during the install? I don't really want to do this. At the end of the day I haven't received any of my season pass content in the game.
  15. ILoveDeathcoreSC

    Season Pass On Ps Store?

    When I went to go pick up my copy Dying Light at GameStop I wanted to get the season pass. But they couldn't get it to go through so they told me to check on the PS Store and I can't find it. Is it coming out or is it not out yet? Thanks
  16. i Pre ordered the ultimate edition of dying light on ps store i don't have my master scavenger skin and season pass wont install keep getting error code
  17. Hey guys, I was just wondering how the free season pass content is acquired? I pre-ordered Dying Light through JB Hi-Fi (Australia) but their website does not advertise that we get the season pass for free due to the delay. EB Games are advertising that you do receive the season pass for free. How is this applied to our game? Automatically or via a code the store gives you? Will every pre-ordered physical copy receive this? Thank you so much guys! Nattie777