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Found 15 results

  1. Last year, I played the game with DLC Following and saved the game on line This year, I buy a new ps4 pro When I insert the same game dvd and installed the game again And installed all the DLC inclouding Following Then I try to download the save date from the PSN net It always told me I can not use the old save what's wrong?? What should I do ?? Help me ! Thank you very much
  2. Hi there, I'd like to buy the GOG version of Dying Light (for various reasons, one of them is to play the game whenever I want without internet) but I don't want to start from scratch. Is it possible to transfer my Steam savedata to the GOG version and if so, how? I appreciate your help and time.
  3. hi. I have a few questions about saves and difficulties and hope someone can tell me more. 1. I just finished the campaign on normal and the save options showed change to hard, nightmare and new game +. but after starting the following these options disappeared and "back to campaign" appeared. what does this do? will I lose progress if I chose this? 2. whats different on hard and nightmare? and does newgame+ change anything on difficulty too? 3. to unlock nightmare reward for campaign {anything for hard too?) do i have to change difficulty and then start newgame+?
  4. I had bought Dying Light the hard copy awhile ago and since then I have changed hard drives in my Playstation and have bought the digital version Dying Light EE. I am trying to transfer the save data to the new Dying Light EE an it keeps saying it cannot copy because the original Dying Light isn't on the system. Can you please help me with updating my old dying light save file please.
  5. Papa2kXX

    Recover Save?

    I was playing The Following last night, but then today I decided I wanted to start that part fresh so I delete that save...What I didnt realize was that it also deleted my main campaign when I did that. Is it possible to recover and if so, what do I need to do? Is there anyone else with this issue...I am really mad about the whole thing because I completed the game fully already like 8 straight days of work I put into this game...What can I do? I didn't know that it would delete my previous campaign because it sat in a different menu than the main campaign...-___-...THIS REALLY SUCKS
  6. Gram w trybie kooperacji z dwoma kumplami na ps4, problem nastąpił kiedy przeszliśmy kilka misji, ja jako host zakończyłem grę, po czym jednego z kolegów wywaliło i nie może kontynuować gry od tego miejsca w którym skończyliśmy, Tylko od wejścia z tunelu. A drugi kolega może kontynuować tam gdzie skończyliśmy. Dlaczego tak się dzieje? ktoś ma jakieś wskazówki? Pozdrawiam
  7. Hello everyone, I'm having a issue when I want to play in coop mode. I got connected to my friend's game (we were both in the same point of the game/history) and had no problem getting connected. We played for about 2 or 3 hours and did several missions together. Some of them were side mission and some of the main history. We stoped playing, disconnect each other and that's it. The problem was that the next day when I get in to my game to continue (without my friend) playing where we left the game, my surprice was that all the missions were not saved in my story or my game. I had to do them again all over and that keeps happening every single time that I play with someone. Any clues? Has anyone have the same issue? Is there a way to solve this?? Tks!!!
  8. jakkaru100


    Hello i cant get the savepoints to work i don't know what im doing wrong. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. i recently bought a new computer and transferred all my games over to the new system rather than re downloading 500Gb on an Aust. connection. but when i go to play with a mate in coop, my save is gone? i re-transfer the game again but now its showing a save as an "incompatible version" saying it was created with a newer version of the game. I've had a look at other topics about save games being corrupted and what not and tried the new game from quest but it will only let me start from the very beginning. any ideas on whats going on? Thank you
  10. Jimiy


    hi I work for 8 hours to afford 80$ game cleaning toilets and mopping floors. I had accumulated 7 hours of gameplay in 3 days Logged on all is well made coffee, when I returned patch ready for install. Patch installed all my skills gone weapons. I looked into my saves and started Siblings over again " your progression will be saved but your story will start here" I now have positioned myself in front of a garbage mission that I didn't enjoy doing at all and was glad after beating the first time bro I would never have to do it again. here I am no stats at siblings quest. I can handle getting my things back and doing the quest over again. In spite of the fact this game brings real terror, they went above and beyond by affecting me as a person and my feelings making me as a gamer faced with restarting: that being said ive played grinders games for half my life and it would be nothing to sit and bang out 7 more hours with headphones on and some metal. This game a small piece of a large idea actually has me thinking about my life in a different kind of way such as why had I bought a steel mace and a chainsaw, first thing that comes to mind was my intentions but lingering in the back of my mind, it was for someone to find when looting my house during a apocalypse. lol 8 hours so one shift of work for a zombie game that's fun + takes 7hours>15% completion 7 hours of fear = bad nerves. all is fine in this equation to bad elder scrolls online failed my expectations. Edit: went from fully intending on returning game to deciding I enjoyed the 7 hours with it. Still a keeper in my book.
  11. i playing the game last night and when i got back on in the morning nothing was in backpack player stash
  12. Like everyone else ... i also lost everything. Happened early in the game... about 5 ou 6 hours of playing. Went to sleep and left the game properly. When i came back, everything was lost. OK, i´m aware this is a bug ( a very NASTY one ) , and it will be adressed in the upcoming patch. But what i don´t know is: Am i going to recover all my stuff back? Yes or No! Please DEV´s , i bet everyone here want to know this answer. I need to know that before i start a new game. Sorry about any mistyping or grammatical error...english is not my first language.
  13. Nie wiem czy tak ma być ale wczytanie nawet ostatniego quicksava nie cofa błędu/ pomyłki typu sprzedałem wiele z tego co miałem i chciałem kupić kilka wytrychów, tymczasem za szybko nacisnąłem C - licząc, że tylko zaznaczy mi ile mam kupić - w sensie zapyta o zatwierdzenie - ale nie kupilem 90 wytrychów za 1k kurde ale fajnie odlozyc troche kasy - przydalo by sie jakies potwierdzenie w sklepie zatwierdzajace zakup, przy innych niż wszystko ilościach działa .... taka obserwacja. Poza tym w momencie wczytania sava nie pojawiamy sie w cale tam gdzie zapisalismy gre czyli np. bezpiecznej strefie tylko loswo gdzies na mapie. troche nie fajnie jak nie mielismy akurat ze soba fajnych gratów bo zostały w schowku a londujemy w tłumie zombie które zanim sie dobrze jeszcze wyświetli pierwsze ujecie z gry rzuca się nam na szyję bo akurat stoi face2face urok gry?
  14. superkarma

    Co-Op Progression Question

    How does co-op progression saving work exactly? What if I'm a few story missions ahead of my friend(s) and they join my game? Will everything they do in that session be saved or will only my progress (the host) be saved? Will everything they do except mission progression be saved -- such as items, skills, etc? If everything except mission progression is saved, how does that work out? Will it be awkward/unfair playing with a friend who has progressed decently further? The reason I ask this is because it seems to be a problem getting 3 of my friends together at the same time. One of them will leave shortly after another gets on or something along those lines. This week has just been hectic all around. Then, I'm stuck with my other friend who doesn't want to progress any further into the game when it's only the two of us, because she thinks if we go too far, it'll be off-balanced with the other 2 friends once we all get together. That then leaves me wondering the same thing, so I end up not playing solo...when I really want to, because I'm enjoying the game and just want to play it already. 2 days after release and I'm only at 7% completion with 3 quests done...saddening.
  15. Czy ktoś wie gdzie są przechowywane pliki zapisu gry? Bo nie chce mi się ciągle przechodzić PROLOGU a chciałem by brat albo kumpel mogli go pominąć na "szybko". (system windows 7/8)