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Found 13 results

  1. gahiru

    Selling In Japan?

    Hello, May I ask some questions? I am a person in Japan who wants to play this game. However, I realize that I cannot buy this game on Steam (I cannot see this game on Steam because of the region block or some other reason...). Is there going to be any other website that let me buy this game? Or is this game going to be a package, like DVD disks? Or even is Steam going to allow me to buy this game even though I am in my country Japan? PS: I want to play on my computer, not PS4, Xbox or something like that. I want to play it on Windows Your answer would be appreciated
  2. How do you speed up times on a PS4? Like make the day go faster.
  3. So, how do you pick up your items in game? I recently downloaded the companion app, and haven't figured out how yet, can anyone inform me to how?
  4. Soulborn141

    Win/lose ratio or K/D ratio?

    Is there a way to check your Kill/Death ratio and/or Win/Lose ratio in the Be The Zombie mode as the survivor and zombie? If not will there ever be a way to check added? I would love to know how well i am doing as the hunter and the human.
  5. What exactly where the changes in this recent update? I'm curious to know about all the bug fixes, additional features, and balancing changes that came with this update in full details. If there is a change log for the recent update that came out today can someone post a link?
  6. I see that we have one of DL devs - Pete posting recently on the forums so I`m using opportunity to ask a question. Can you tell us if you are planning and if you are what kind of changes/tweaks you think of implementing to BTZ in a next patch. I know that you are squashing bugs and exploits as always but I`m really curious about eventual changes to the mode. When we could expect a new patch roughly - spring or summer?
  7. Pryor23

    Game Tribute Trailer

    I didn't find any information about Techland copyright policy and i didn't get answer via contact form, so I hope to find it here. Could I use Techland trailer footage from Dying Light channel to create tribute video? I would be very grateful if you help me with my question.
  8. Hello again! I'm curious about a couple of plot things. First, I wonder about the following thing: I've been playing DL and once on my way to Brecken's tower I've met the lame guy there (you know, one of these events when Crane can listen to what suvivors have to say to him) who asked Crane to deliver a love message to Lena. I don't remember exactly what he said, but the thing is he is in love with Lena who's been taking care of the guys' mother, and he fell in love with her, but he's too shy to confess his feelings and that's why he wants Crane tell Lena about him. But Crane refuses to be an errand boy for this man, he also adds that Lena is dating Brecken and THIS is what confuses me, because before this moment I didn't even have a slightest idea that they are actually dating. Did I miss something? I mean I play very thoughtfully, listen to all NPCs, do all side-quests, but really, the news about Brecken and Lena being an item were a huge surprise for me. Crane says something like "Everyone knows that Lena is dating Brecken", but then again, if everyone inside the game knows it then why the heck I, the player, don't know a thing about it? Is there any profs in the game about their relationships or is it just Crane tells a plain lie to stop this pathetic and coward guy from distracting Lena from her important work saving lives and bother her with his stupid confessions? What do you think? Also I wonder about the flask of Antizine that Crane saved for himself in the beginning of the game when he's destroyed the drop. Why he never uses that one for himself? I mean he COULD save both himself AND Jade, why the heck he didn't use it? I mean it looks like he never use it or mention it, or maybe I've missed something here againl? Or is it just a plothole? Well, sorry, if these questions are kinda stupid, I just want to know all the details about the new favorite game of mine!) JP
  9. Hello, music from dying light companion app included in dying light soundtrack?
  10. ILoveDeathcoreSC

    Season Pass On Ps Store?

    When I went to go pick up my copy Dying Light at GameStop I wanted to get the season pass. But they couldn't get it to go through so they told me to check on the PS Store and I can't find it. Is it coming out or is it not out yet? Thanks
  11. brosephjoseph_2


    What time does the game come out in the US-Eastern timezone
  12. Hello (it's me again ) I got another questions and opened a new topic, because I'm worried if I write into the old one, that nobody reads it. 1. In the night, there are stronger zombies. When there is a night hunter (be the zombie/pvp) are there still zombies? I didn't saw one zombie in the gameplay you showed. 2. Can you just level up strength and agility? If yes, that would be little bit... disappointing Again, I'm new in here and I'm sorry if someone else asked already this question. Regards
  13. This system being present is the difference between me (and my partner) buying the game at release, or waiting for a deal. An answer is the difference between me preordering and waiting to hear if it does. To be clear: the Analog combat controls are the primary reason why Dead Island has replay value, and when they were announced not to be in Dead Island 2, I decided at that moment that the game would not be worth buying. I've looked around for this and can't find anything. An answer would be nice, either way.