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Found 14 results

  1. DeadlyMax

    Localized text dosen't exist

    <<<?xml version="1.0"?>>> QuestsDefinitions -level=wdl_01 quest Crash quest CrashEpilog -parent=Crash -final=true ,wait <<wait 5seconds>> 5 ,goto <<go>> ModelObject strasse 1 -distance=5 -obj=&CrashEpilog_Go Localizied text dosen't exist : CrashEpilog_Go ,semaphore <<No credits>> !String(s,s) String("Crash_Name", "Crash") String("CrashEpilog_Name", "Epilog") String("Crash_Desc", "You've crashed, take your Stuff and find a save place") String("CrashEpilog_Desc", "You've crashed! Take your Stuff and find a save place") String("Crash_Item_Pistol", "My Pistol") String("Crash_Take", "Take your Weapons") String("Crash_Go", "Find a save Place") String("CrashEpilog_Go", "Find 'The Fortress'") What went wrong?...I can't the the Mistake And also when I wrote &Crash_Item_Pistol& in the destription of the Quest Item (Pistol) The name dosen´t change to "My Pistol" Thank for your help Guys ^^ Cheers Max
  2. techrandy

    MapPortal Issue

    ughh i fobared my mapportals somehow they stopped working, only 2 fields are required right? M_map and m_spawnpoint right? i have 3 maps one called insidebuilding1 the insidebuilding1 has a spawnpoint called insidebld1 so all i should have to do is set m_map to insidebuilding1 and m_spawnpoint to insidebld1 right? Also I would like to be able to warp the player to another map as if he is dragged to the other map from being unconscious, not sure how to do this. I've tried ,teleport but that only works locally within 1 map i think tried ,trigger mapportal but that didn't seem to work either.
  3. Hey guys, I'm stuck on the greenhouse crops quest where you need to buy solid fertilizer and transfer it to the greenhouse. I have been trying to do as the quest says to stop by the sacks and hit RB+X but I cannot purchase it. Anyone have any advice? Which tank should I do it at? I have tried 2 different spots so far.
  4. I'm stuck once again you guys! Has anyone done the Biograss factory quest where you need to load the spima NR 1600 with manure? I'm probably doing something wrong because my tractor's attachment can't reach the top of the trailer. How do I load the manure onto the wagon? TIA
  5. Fipplarn

    Quest Editing Error

    Hello! I just created an account here on techland forum cuz I need help, And I need it now.. I choosed to create my own map on Dying Light in the Dev tools as my degree project and I only got a week left to finish it.. Anyway... Today I was about to create my own quest so I looked around on some clips to learn more about it and when I was done writing my own quest I got theese wierd errors sying it can´t find the text script I created (It says:"Localized text doesn´t exist" when I write: -obj=(Name of the text Im reffering too in the text script). ) And I just can´t find a solution to the problem. The text script is in the correct folder and I am writing all the names correctly. Someone that knows the problem and how I can fix it? it is kinda crucial that I get this to work.. Please help.
  6. KomaKoz

    Quest Issue

    my issue is that only one person can loot the quest item. how do i make it to where more than one person can loot that item if there is 4 people they all need the item cause its the grapple hook and for the map or in general you need the hook. also was needing to know what is the fxemitter that techland used at the bottom of the dam that shows the water hitting the bottom like a real dam looks like i hvae tryed all the emitters and none of them look like the one that they have at the dam in the following. if someone could help with that i would be greatful. i think it maybe the messed up pak from dlc 17 pak 0 also is anyone else having issues getting 16 pak to load as well 0 in it is messed up for me as well. so dlc16 pak 0 and dlc 17 pak 0 are both broken and are unusable to me.
  7. thebobman

    Sabirs Hut Quest Glitch

    So I am doing the side quest to search for Sabir. I found his hut and I destroyed the only hive thing underneath his hut no problem. Once I got out of there and back to the hut to get the herbs, I couldn't jump into the hole underneath right away because there is very little space to stand up. I had to use the grappling hook to actually get in. Once I was in, all I could do was pick up a racecar trophy and open a chest. I can't do anything else inside this hut which is useless since I need to pick up some plants inside the hut somehow. Any help is appreciated. Update: I found the herbs. They are not in the hut, but rather in the hole that's under the hut in a bag inside a crate that needs to be broken. The hut remains to be unusable. Also, on the map it has a marker on it called custom place. I have no idea what that means.
  8. thebobman

    Am I Tripping?

    OK guys, is it me or has this already been pointed out before. I just got back into the game after not playing for a while. I started on the second floor of the tower and noticed something shining in cranes room when I went in to put on my hard earned mr skeltl costume. After a closer examination, I noticed that I had snagged a piece of the meteorite that I went looking for earlier when I did the quest for the one guy that gave me that useless gadoid gun. With that in mind, I explored the room and discovered that many significant quest items and other items have appeared in my room that I have never noticed before. Even got the Ray McCall action figure working and the master sword on display right above. I don't know if this has been noticed before or not, but I just realized it. Thought I should share whether it's news or not.
  9. Hey Yall So I want to reward the player with a specific amount of points after a quest. Can anyone help ? Thanks
  10. WereWolfSteam

    Custom Audio In Quest

    I want to have a NPC say something to the main character. I have It now to go to him, but could not figure out how to play a custom audio file.
  11. I'm playing on the PS4 and ran into an obstacle. On the "Steal From A Thief" quest where you retrieve dynamite for Jaffar, I (through unintentional button pressing) accidentally used it. The game won't give me any more from the crate where you retrieve the couple you get, and I'm assuming dynamite won't appear in game until you finish the quest, so...did they really design a quest relying on a finite usable resource, or is there a way to solve this?
  12. thebobman

    1.4 Update Issues

    The 1.4 update has helped me with some of my issues, but there are still some problems that need to be fixed. 1) Film Grain: The film grain option has been wonderful. It get's rid of the thing that graphically ruins the game. I used a film grain mod in order for it to go away, but with the update, i know the mod won't work with 1.4. The feature to turn it off works great...that is unless you switch zones or sleep or anything that reloads the map in some way, then it comes back even if the option is selected off. Conclusion: Useful feature that doesn't work right. Please do something about this guys. 2) Toygar Quests: Toygar's quests are pretty simple, but at some point there is a glitch where you can no longer talk to him. I have three different quests to do for him as well as a reward to pick up from him. Although I can join a LAN game that isn't that far and wait to redo the quest that way, it's too much work for something so simple. With this glitch that I have had since 1.3 at least, He has a that little target picture as well as a trophy picture in his location saying that I have to receive a reward as well as turn in some stuff for other rewards. Sadly, when I come up to him, the game says to press "X" (I'm playing with a controller) to interact with a small black empty box next to it. When I press "X", nothing happens. He does all his automatic lines that don't require interaction, but anything else to do with him doesn't work. Conclusion: This is annoying and I have seen questions about this before. Please look into this as this is not a new issue, simply something that should have been fixed for this update. Closing statements: There have been some good things in this update and the game is getting closer to something that should be worth the money. With the way this game was released, it has been pretty embarrassing on you guys to call it a sellable product. I personally love it for what it is, but in the future, please consider making sure the most simplest/important things work right before putting it on the market. That way you don't get trash talked by fans when the product is garbage compared to what was expected.
  13. scottmaverick

    Siblings Quest Bug

    I cannot complete the quest "Siblings" because the game will not allow me to place the bomb. I go to the location the quest shows and I can see the outline for the bomb to be placed, but I am never given and option to place it. The usual button for object interaction does not show up. I am at 33% game completion and 25% story completion. I have tried restarting the quest and starting over from the previous quest, but neither fixes the issue. I am playing on Xbox 1.
  14. imperious1

    Quest Won't Progress

    Alright so I have a problem, last night I exited the game while it was in the "press spacebar" to load next scene phase and my game loads with the mission objective completed and no way to get out of this mission zone, it is in a building with literally NO EXIT besides the main quest continuing and I cannot exit it, I'm completely stuck and I have no other saves I don't think. What do I do? Is there a way to reset the quests or perhaps exit this mission and re-do it? I'm like totally screwed here...I'm a good 30% into the story and losing all this progress would literally mean I'm DONE playing this game, no way I'm redoing all of that again.