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Found 31 results

  1. Pete Donnelly

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    The new BTZ/Invasion balance patch should be live now! Details below: Survivors increased flare duration 3 flares and 3 medkits gifted each respawn medkits/ammo/craft parts can be looted from hives additional gold tier weapon rewards (previously, only fantasy weapons could be won) slight increase in uv light distance for 2v1-4v1 Hunter reduced knockback from hunter melee explosion range for uv disable spit and horde spit returned to previous values increased spit/uv block cooldowns in 3v1, 4v1
  2. Pete Donnelly

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Hey Everyone! We are working hard to get BTZ completed for "The Following" release and are diligently squashing any bugs we may find. The problem is, we may not always catch them all and that's where we could use your help! This post here is where I'd like everyone to write about any bugs, glitches or exploits they may have come across while playing BTZ. Let us know about them now so we can do our best to kill 'em off in time for The Following! Here a list of some things that I can already to you are fixed/tuned for BTZ in general when 'The Following' releases. 1. Fixed an issue with the Shield negating stuck spits. 2. Bullet damage to Nests reduced 3. 2 Handed Heavy damage to Nests reduced 4. Tackle Damage to Nests reduced 5. Hunters "UV Heal" skill is much quicker (I really like this allows for some new tricks) 6. Survivors flare cooldown cost is only applied if the flare was successfully thrown 7. Grappling hook cooldown cost increased 8. Fixed Grappling hook 1hit zombie defenders 9. Timeout loss for AFK 10.Timeout loss for Non-interaction (Survivors don't attack nests or interact with Hunter) 11. Survivors have 0% chance of winning Invasion rewards until at least 1 nest is destroyed 12. Outside damage mitigated while in PVP grab states (tackle, dropkick, pounce etc.) 13. DFA commitment. Survivors cannot quick roll out of a DFA attempt. 14. Fixed an issue with the Hunters 'cancel grounpound' input not being read if initiated early. 15. Fixed Hunter being blocked by Survival packages 16. Fixed Hunter Groundpound input not registering 17. Fixed Hunter UV block timer pausing while in PVP grab states. (would allow the Hunter to have the UV Block skill active longer than intended) 18. Fixed an issue with Shield NOT blocking a spit when it should (was checking angle to other player instead of angle to the spit itself) 19. Fixed an issue where Survivors could use the 'forward roll' skill to negate fall damage from a Tackle 20. AOE knockdown on successful tackle (Hunter) 21. Reduced wall hit stun for Survivors after being hit from a Groundpound 22. Fixed Hunter not receiving the win bonus XP for Humans cowering in fear Lot's more has been tweaked as well! Feel free to PM me if you want to let me know of some exploit but don't want to post it for everyone to see! (Please don't post "-So and so- is a Hacker!!!! PLZ bring Banhammer!!!" We are just looking for bugs in this post. Thanks!!!!) (edited to show additional fixes)
  3. Pete Donnelly

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    I just want to start by saying I've gone through the forum and read a lot of the feedback you have all posted recently. I've been playing the game in it's current state and have opinions of my own as well. We're looking at putting out another tuning patch soon and I want to create this post to gather some input. To make this as effective as possible, and to ensure that your opinion is heard, please use this template for all responses in this thread: WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: #1 thing that bugs me: WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER #1 thing I like: #1 thing that bugs me: OVERALL #1 thing I want: I will be reading other posts so if you want to get into discussions about specific aspects of the game, please create a new topic in the forum. I will read it. If it is written in an civil and constructive manner, I'll be sure to comment...if it's written in a whiny, hate mongering manner...I'll probably just ignore it. And please remember: Survivors and Hunters need each other... or else there is no game... let's not try to alienate or demonize either side with our critiques. ...and yes, I know telebombers are the worst Thanks everyone!
  4. Developers left out quite a bit of information when announcing the new patch. Spent the last 30 minutes finding this information in detail. Not sure why they did some of the things listed here since no one really left feedback on some of the things changed, but oh well. Enjoy! (: Damage Mapping Nothing Changed Human Buffs Flare Burn Times Regular Flare Burn Time Increased From 10 seconds to 15 seconds Zaid's Flares Burn Time Increased From 15 seconds to 25 seconds Gifted 3 Medkits and 3 Zaid's Flares Upon Death More Gold Tier Weapons are Available as Rewards Instead of only Fantasy Weapons Harvest crafting materials and ammunition from Volatile Nests Spawn times in 4v1 Slightly Increased UV Light Ranges Increased in 2v1 - 4v1 2v1: Increased from 60% maximum light range to 70% maximum light range 3v1: Increased from 50% maximum light range to 65% maximum light range 4v1: Increased from 50% maximum light range to 60% maximum light range Slightly reduced DFA range 1/12/18 Patch: VarFloat("f_btz_jump_attack_min_fall_speed", 13.0) 4/5/18 Patch: VarFloat("f_btz_jump_attack_min_fall_speed", 11.0) Reduced Regeneration Times of Flares in 3v1 and 4v1 3v1: 24 second cooldown to 20 second cooldown 4v1: 30 second cooldown to 25 second cooldown Hunter Nerfs and Buffs Spits and Resource Regeneration Reverted to Old Regeneration Values 1v1: 80 Seconds 2v1: 50 Seconds 3v1: 40 Seconds 4v1: 30 Seconds Reduced Knockback Melee Speed <prop n="PVPKnockBackDamage_Speed" v="10.0"/> to <prop n="PVPKnockBackDamage_Speed" v="5.0"/> <prop n="ZombieMeleeKnockBackSpeed" v="15"/> to <prop n="ZombieMeleeKnockBackSpeed" v="5"/> Claw only knocks humans back by 3 Meters Reverted Spit Radius to the old Radius Made the Control the Horde Effects Shorter Unupgraded Horde lasts only 18 seconds instead of 20 seconds Upgraded Horde lasts only 25 seconds instead of 30 seconds Made the UV Supressor Spit Effects Longer Unupgraded UV Supressor lasts 18 seconds instead of 15 seconds Upgraded UV Supressor continues to last 25 seconds If a moderator or developer could pin this, would be much appreciated.
  5. Pete Donnelly

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Gonna start fresh! Post your BTZ matches here!!! Or, if you're a Survivor, post your Invasion matches here!
  6. Pete Donnelly

    Register for Global Playtest!

    Sign up here for access to the Global Playtest!
  7. Soulborn141

    Ranking bug?

    So i was rank 10/12 (Ruthless) In Dying light, Be the Zombie as a survivor. took a break for about a week, come back and play a few pvp games, and when i rank up i see i'm a casualty now. Lost some games and won some, but there's no way i lost enough to derank to prey in roughly a day. Is this a bug in the game where peoples ranks are being reset, is it a punishment for taking a break, or is the ranks reset every season? This has happened to me a couple times, the last time wasn't as extreme though. Went from 4/12 (underdog) down to casualty. Please help, i am very confused.
  8. Hunter Removed "Insta-tackle" (Hunter turning after a failed tackle or pounce to start another tackle immediately) Reduced time in recovery state for UV Heal Survivor Fix for "Autocrossbow" mod Separate flare usage costs and cooldowns for 1v1-4v1
  9. Pete Donnelly

    Zombiefest #2 Christmas Weekend! BTZ will be modified for Invasions this weekend! Here's a quick rundown: HUNTER: 1. No Howl 2. No Spit 3. No Tackle 4. (2) UV Block/Heal per life SURVIVOR: 1. No Survivor Sense 2. (2) Flares per life Follow the link for more details! Merry Christmas!
  10. Tochotto

    New Night Hunter's Ranks

    This may contain some spoilers (if you don't want to know all ranks) @Full Edit Hello! I found all new ranks in game files (aslo new Survivors ranks) Here is the list (its "OLD" -> "NEW") -Night Hunter- 1. "Walker" -> "Ravenous Walker" 2. "Runner" -> "Viscous Runner" 3. "Biter" -> "Brutal Biter" 4. "Bolter" -> "Brutal Bolter" 5. "Stalker" -> "Ferocious Stalker" 6. "Beast" -> "Volatile Beast" 7. "Mauler" -> "Merciless Mauler" 8. "Juggernaut" -> "Murderous Juggernaut" 9. "Widow Maker" -> "Savage Widow Maker" 10. "Carnivore" -> "Barbaric Carnivore" 11. "Hunter" -> "Visceral Hunter" 12. "Apex Predator" -> "Indisputable Apex Predator" -Survivor (ranks with losed community event)- 1. "Prey" -> "Mutilated Prey" 2. "Casualty" -> "Mutilated Casualty" 3. "Endangered" -> "Endangered Snack" 4. "Underdog" -> "Crippled Underdog" 5. "Runner" -> "Crippled Runnger" 6. "Contender" -> "Mangled Contender" 7. "Challenger" -> "Mangled Challenger" 8. "Fighter" -> "Maimed Fighter" 9. "Dominant" -> "Dominant Food" 10. "Ruthless" -> "Ruthless Food" 11. "Indomitable" -> "Indomitable Food" 12. "Ultimate Survivor" -> "Hunted Ultimate Survivor" -Other ranks from Zombiefest video- "Hunted Hunter" "Ruthless Killer" "Crippled Carnivore" "Superior Challenger" Thanks for help @nickmad92
  11. Hi all, first i would like to thank you Techland for delivering the greatest multiplayer experience i ever had, 1v1 was my addiction for almost a year now. I think it was the only balanced mode, 2,3,4 vs 1 was not balanced in theory. In practice humans are not covering each other all the time, that's why people think 2,3,4 vs 1 was balanced. I also play sometimes as a hunter and flare spam is real in 2,3,4 vs 1. never in 1v1. Decision to give human 1 flare at a time is great for 2,3,4 humans vs hunter. But it completely destroys balance in 1v1. I know that there are not too many people who like to play 1v1 with top hunters so you will probably won't listen to me. I am dying breed and there are maybe 5 % players playing 1v1. I woul like to encourage all of you guys to vote if you want to bring back old cooldowns for falres but only in 1v1. If the game can recognize when other players are joining and increase the ratio of recharging spits on the fly, why it can't allow for 2 flares in 1v1 ? If one flare at a time is here to stay in 1v1 i would like to say goodbye to all my hunter and human friends, it was a f.cking great time to play with you guys, sweet times.
  12. Pete Donnelly

    New 'tunables' Released For Btz

    Hey Everyone! I'd like to share a couple of changes we just released yesterday. These changes are based on feedback we've received and game stats that we've collected. 1. BTZ matchmaking reduced to 2 pools again. 2. 3v1 and 4v1 Damage Scaling. (Survivors damage output is scaled to 2/3 damage in 3v1 and 4v1) 3. Removed added headshot damage from arrows/bolt. (This was never communicated clearly and added damage from special bolts/arrow allowed 1 hit kills)
  13. Be The Zombie is a Great Mode but has much room for Improvement. This however I understand is no easy Task to Achieve. When the Night Hunter is against 2 or more Humans. Cooperation should be a Key Factor in whether You Win or Lose. What I mean by this is, going after The Night Hunter Solo should generally be Suicide. He is a Mutant Super Zombie, that is Faster and Stronger than any Human. So Logic would suggest that going Toe to Toe with the Beast Alone should be a Difficult if not near Impossible Battle. This would promote Closer more Coordinated Team Work. An Example of this would be trying to take on the "Tank" from Left 4 Dead Solo. This Enemy required the whole Team to Attack at the same time. Players that tried to go against the "Tank" Solo were often Dealt a Swift Demise. And once You Died, You was Eliminated until the next Safe House. The Night Hunter should retain His Ability to Climb when Drained of Energy. So He can Retreat and Recharge. As once He is Drained, He is almost always Dead. This is even more of an Issue in 4 VS 1 Games, as more UV Lights keep Him Crippled for longer. Any other Feedback welcome. Please Keep it Constructive though and No Flaming of other Users Please.
  14. I am streaming at twitch right now if anyone wants to join! Be the zombie and challenge me and my friends! Or just hang and have a good time! See you in there!
  15. Pete Donnelly

    Be The Zombie Twitch Streams

    A number of people have asked for help or tips on how to be successful on both sides of BTZ. I thought it would be a good idea to post some twitch feeds here of people that play regularly. I'll start of with 2 players that I have personally seen play and have a good grasp of the mechanics... if anyone wants to be added to this list just send me a personal message! Night Hunters 1. Dr. Purrington: 2. Hertz: 3. FolksyTarsier: 4. jcorella17: 5. Wiggelz: Survivors 1. Dread: 2. Jonnyallen3: 3. Sambones: 4. TwlOnyx: 5. lucmod: A lot of these players play as both sides... If you stream Invasions, or know of someone who does, send me a PM!!! Good Night and Good Hunt!
  16. Hey guys, just wanted to share a simple strategy for those of you who are still leveling up your Hunters via Mutations. Overall, I've found it's actually slightly more effective to simply avoid leveling up your Ground Pound to the point where it has increased distance. By keeping the range short, you can still Ground Pound Humans away from you, but you keep them at an optimal distance to follow your Ground Pound up with a Tackle. I'l post a video when I can, but it's overall effective, and the timing makes it difficult for Humans to Dodge out of the way in response, as they're still landing from the Ground Pound recoil. The distance is also beneficial for top-of-building encounters, as you don't want to Ground Pound Humans off of buildings - they can still respond and negate their damage (via the Roll command) as if they weren't under the effects of recoil. Tackle, on the other hand, does not afford them that luxury, and following up a short-range Ground Pound with a Tackle off a building has resulted in death 100% of the times I've tested it so far. No matter how much it's upgraded, Ground Pound still does full damage, and the GP damage + Tackle damage + fall damage (when it works) has yet to not finish a Survivor off. The strategy obviously accels in 1 Vs. 1, but it offers assistance in higher numbers as well as an ability to safely Tackle a Human out of the picture (always upgrade your Tackle to max range), allowing you to deal with the other Humans or escape with minimal loss of effectiveness Vs. just Ground Pounding everyone around you 20 feet back. As previously mentioned, this works exceptionally well on buildings, as you can very easily chain into a Tackle off a Ground Pound that might normally knock a person off a building for 0 fall damage, resulting in a high chance of netting the kill and less players bothering you at the same time. Not upgrading doesn't negatively affect your ability to Ground Pound Flares or the distance at which your Ground Pound hits Human players in your proximity - it only keeps them closer after they do it and allows for quick chaining. Thoughts? Questions? Feel free to comment/post videos if it's not working as effectively for you as it is on my end - I got pretty lazy with Mutations and could only do this because my Hunter wasn't full on skills yet for a long time.
  17. Dear Dying Light Team. i have sent email about Dying Light PvP multiplay mod to techland a few month ago This game has incredible graphics and the caracters movement is flawless Especially, It was most intense and thoroughly enjoy to combat with bandit(human) using dodge skill So i want to added PvP(Player vs Player) mod in Dying Light the fallowing a few month ago, i have played the Civalry:medieval warfare, i enjoy to combat with players Could you add PvP multiplay mod in Dying Light the fallowing? Best regards.
  18. Hey guys (and Devs), I thought I would bring up an issue that, while mentioned previously, hasn't really had too much focused attention. That issue is the Night Hunter's inability to find matches at higher levels. From prior Dev-posts, we've gleaned that Matchmaking is based on an ELO/Skill-type system that is generated based on your current status in the game, subsequently matching you up with Human Survivor players of a somewhat similar level. What that status is (Level, Rank, hidden stat-based values) is currently unknown, but a safe assumption is that your level is a strong factor in determining what "level" of Survivor you fight against. I make this assumption because, as I'm sure we've all noticed, matches are near-inifinite at lower levels and very quickly devolve into patches of 3-4 around level 14-15. I'd like to propose a trial period where this system is either removed, toned down, or altered to allow a greater number of matches to be available to the Hunter. Like all PVP environments, this game has its flaws, but I still enjoy it immensely. The only problem is that I only enjoy it when I'm playing it, which seems few and far between as my Night Hunter continues to level (and re-level). And, honestly, removing a Night Hunter's abilities when they've already reached Apex Predator doesn't suddenly remove their skills. It's not all that fun, or difficult, killing guys who don't know what the UV Light is yet. Truthfully, it seems odd to me that I'm allowed to masquerade as a "noob" upon reset and proceed to farm younglings for kills. I'd like to propose a more flexible method for finding matches for the Night Hunter. When Hunters get into their 30s, 40s, and 50s, ELO simply does not work correctly. It's not doing its job, which is to find us matches. We'll often find ourselves refreshing for 10 to 20 minutes at a time before a match shows up, and that match may not connect if another Night Hunter beats us to the punch. Instead, why not have that ELO radar degrade as the game attempts to find you a match? As in, if the Matchmaking does not find a suitable match, rather than simply "giving up" and showing no matches, it would slowly go down the ELO list until the next-most suitable matches are found? I say "matches" specifically, because if only 1-2 pop up, we're in the same boat as before - Night Hunters fighting each other to get into matches. This way, Night Hunters would always have matches to jump into, regardless of their "Rank." Our matches would still be a top-down filter, so we wouldn't be resorting to Pub-Stomping just to play a match, but we also wouldn't be falling asleep with DS4 indents on our cheeks because we've been wating for a match for an hour. Simply put, the current ELO method isn't working. I, and many other Night Hunters, feel frustrated when we cannot play the game. There are other issues within the mode, yes, but to even experience those, we need to be able to play it. I believe this system would benefit the community in a number of ways. So many, in fact, that I'm including this fancy bulleted list! More matches = happier players. No one likes losing, but people hate losing and having to stew over that loss in the "Waiting for Players" menu for 20 minutes. Many Night Hunter express concerns over the strength of Human players. While many of these complaints are completely founded, others may simply be a skill gap. This exposes more Night Hunters to a greater skill-variation of Human players, possibly encouraging more even matches for players who don't have lightning bolts for fingers. More matches for Night Hunters = Quicker leveling, which = Less frustration over the new "Reset" system. This system would prevent higher-level Night Hunters such as myself from fighting the same players day-in and day-out. I love you guys, but I just don't want to fight you 5 times in a row. I feel like a jerk invading 2-3 times in succession, simply because there's no one else to play. Not forcing mid-level Night Hunters to face only the highest-level Survivors over and over decreases the chance of encountering those who glitch, dupe, or expolit their way to to the top of the food chain. No one respects these players, and frankly, if they aren't going to be banned, no one wants to waste time playing them. This new system would result in more middle players facing more middle players, rather than locking mid-level Hunters out of hundreds of potential fights. More fights = more choice. When's the last time you guys played in Old Town twice in a row? I don't think it's happened to me in months. We like Old Town, devs. We'd like to be able to choose to play where we want to play, not blindly click whichever match pops up first! More fights = less grudges/better experiences. I have a Blacklist, guys. Who else has a blacklist? I bet it's a good number. I know the names of 20+ players who are either blatant dupers, map exploiters, or AFK'ers that I simply don't want to play against, knowing full well I'll spend 30 minutes pretending to be AFK until they come wriggling out of a one-way wall/floor to cap a Nest. I'm sure we can all relate to the frustration of seeing those people's names pop up for hours while we're trying to find normal matches. It would be easier to avoid problem players if we didn't have only a single person appearing on the list over and over. The gist? The current Matchmaking system needs to go, or at least be overhauled. I'm proposing a trial period, if nothing else, where the matchmaking system is either altered or removed entirely. Human players are free to turn on/off their Night Hunter mode as they please. It's time we Night Hunters were given the same freedoms in choosing who we fight and where, and not be locked into empty player lists for exorbitant amounts of time. Thoughts? Suggestions? Money? Preferably that last one. Sincerely, DoctorPurrington
  19. HighlandElm37


    Im sitting here sighing on my bed, they were MINIMAL BUFFS!!! (Before i go on a rage) im glad they nerfed one of two things that needed downgrading, the one that didnt get nerfed being the survivor sense spam, but still now at least its manageable to get around the uv lights. Now for my rage... NO! WHY? BECAUSE THESE BUFFS ARE RIGHT NEXT TO POINTLESS!!! Now, the uv resistance is, meh. But when you have 4 players constantly rushing and uv spamming, it really is useless. They just... Ew, its ugly. The spam is REAL! Also, what in the flying f**k do i need explosion resistance for? If you were a good player you wouldnt get hit by exploding arrows (they are much more easy to dodge than you think) and you would BE AWARE OF THE F**KIN BARRELS LOCATION AND BLAST RADIUS!!! Last thing, the flare drop cost. Most of the time, im up against good players in 1-2v1 who only use flares if they are cornered and trapped, they are till hard as an erection to defeat. As for spammers, easy solution from before this "balance patch": ask one of your friends to let you kill them repeatedly for infinite NH xp so you can mutate and kick chupacabra with the many more spits that can get past flares. Do you agree with me? If so or not, reply (also check out my topic 5 reasons how BTZ imbalanced and how it can be fixed).
  20. The title pretty much explains itself, just asking the devs, or someone who can remotely know if this is being worked on or not. Already asked on some other topics but since i dont get my questions quite answered i though that i would just create a topic myself. Now, while i only want to know if it is or it isnt being worked on as an answer, i will state here some of the many reasons of why i think this gamemode is unbalanced. 1: Survivors decide location of invasion and can decide too the nest route. This is easily done by just staying in one concrete spot as the game will set a route according to where you are at the moment of the invasion. So, as it is right now, you will see 80% of the games, if not more, on slums as they have a HUGE advantage there because of less cover for the hunter, more opened spaces which are bad for the hunter, and also cannisters near most nests that make killing the nest a childs play. So yeah, from the very beggining they have that pretty huge advantage, not speaking about coop games, that is just hillarous. 2: if a survivor dies once, he has 9 lives remaining. If a hunter dies, he loses a whole nest, meanin its equal to 2 survivor lives. It would be better if nests just had 1 egg on them but we instead had 10 nests very separated from each other, otherwise its kinda pointless to have more, if you ask me. 3: Survivors have pretty much unlimited resources, being those: flares, weapons, even envoirment advantages as cannisters, etc. Let me quickly list what the zombies have: Horde spit: Spit that, if you are good enough to get it to hit a player, will RANDOMLY spawn explosive zombies from fixed spawn points. What this means is that, after a hard work to land the spit, it can be either too useless as spawn points are so far away that survivors dont even get to see the zombies, or too overpowered that they spawn literally underneath them. Therefore, that spit is limited to some locations otherwise its just useless, not speaking that it can be countered by just getting on a bus. UV Spit: This spit, if landed properly, becomes useless as good survivors instantly spam flares all arround the map making the game flareland which just leaves you unable to take advantage of that situation. SS Spit: This one i didnt try that much but im aware of its possibilities, it has great potential specially for how long it lasts, still having to get the skill tree 3 times, each time taking a longer time, just to get all 3 new skills is a silly way to force people to play a game that until now was kinda dead. This spit as i said, is useful but, like all, a good player doesnt really need SS that much anyways, and he will, then again, just spam flares wherever he goes to prevent a surprise attack. You know, survivor skillful tactics, just, put a flare on it and you are ok. Toxic Spit: This one is useful in some diverse situations, like defending nests, fallen survivors, or just dealing damage to camping people. But an easy counter is.. just... healing. You heal in normal from 100 to 200 in 2 secs, and on nests its not even that useful as survivors will just shot the fu** out of the nest with rais gun or just throw a cannister at it, easy peasy. (i mean, skillful, yeah) UV Block: Useful, great for sneaky pounces and to reach the survivors without losing energy. But what is the reality? Once you use it, survivors will just dodge their way out of you with no repercussions at all, they will just step down over and over again until it runs out and you are forced either to leave or die by his mighty UV light. UV Regen: Not that useful in normal as they can heal even quicker than you, making the "surprise them by gettinh into combat faster!" just kinda meaningless, hell, they might even get to you quicker while you heal and surprise you instead. Tackle: Most good survivors know how to dodge this, jsut spam jump or dodge (like they always do, nothing new if you ask me), they even jump tackles that i land from behind them, so really no point in even trying to unless you really want to die. Ground Pound: Useful and much needed, as is one of the only things that allow hunters to actually have a chance against good players. You will often see this stupid tactic in which the hunter keeps ground pounding the hell out of the survivor until he dies, if he doesnt dodge one of the many needed in order to kill him. This is the way hunters are forced to play, as otherwise they will get away in 1 sec and heal all the damage you have dealt to them. So again, hunters need to be an insta-kill machine no matter how, but you just cant let the survivor get away or you would have wasted many resources for nothing. Ground Pound with spit: Only really worth it in coop games, and even then its so hard to actually land that you will probably end up dead anyway. And if you actually land it, if its horde, they will jsut go to a rooftop, if its UVblock just all spam flares, toxic here is pointless, and SS spit would make no sense as they are 4 pair of eyes searching for you. Pounce: Insta-kill, if you actually get to land even one in a good player, as they have teeth that glow UV ligh, they even have UV-Ray vision so you cant get even close to them without turning into a defenseless turtle. What all this means is, that, against a good player, the hunter is forced most of the times to use multiple skills to land a single kill, because the terrain, as always, chosed by the survivor, goes agaisnt them (open terrains, meaning uv light will get you) so even if you DO get the kill, you are left mostly defenseless against his next spawn, in which he probably will kill you and kill a whole nest, taking the advantage as a nest equals 2 of his lives. These are the, i think, basic problems of the hunter, its resource limitations. If you dont want to nerf the survivors maybe you could just buff the hunters giving them more spits so atleast we have more flexible attacks, and not be like "if i dont land this one spit that i have im DEAD", unlike the survivors who can spam practically everything that they have. Because as i said, spits are our only way of winning, as in slums its mostly no cover for the hunter, meaning thay you are so exposed most of the times and a melee fight in open space is just kamikaze. And no, dont tell me "Just fight them in close quarters then like a good predator" because then again, as everything in this gamemode, is chosed by the survivor. THEY chose where to fight, if they dont want to fight you somewhere, they can just (and i have seen this) take the looooong path that is open terrain just to not go into your domain, as he only needs to kill the nests. So yeah, from the very beggining, it looks more like it should be called "Be the hunted" gamemode. You just pop into a game to be onslaughted in the way the survivor sees fit. So yeah, even, in the best of assumptions, you get him to fight in close quarters, land spit on him and even are able to melee him, there can be 2 situations: you kill him, hooray, only 9 lives left. OR he kills you, with elbow +2 melee hit or bow to the face, both combos that are so op comapred to hunters melee that we should have dog paws instead of claws, that way it would look more realistic. Meanwhile, as a survivor player that i am myself (not as much as hunter, but i did get to play agaisnt appex predators on hard) The playstyle its like: Just run for the nest, use hook to get there faster, wait for the voice confirmation of the zombie being near, switch to uv light, light his face like its a party, stay away and spam flares so he has no chances of even thinking on getting close. Get to the nest, the hunter is still alive. No problem, just pick up a can and drop it to the nest, even while the hunter is alive. Kill the nest like its your spare time hobby, do the same with the other egg and proceed for the next nest. If the hunter gets tired of losing and actually tries something, just dodge like you are michael jackson, until he fails a ground smash and then kill him, get to the next nest and repeat. If the hunter actually lands a spit on you: Horde: Most of the times i dont even get to see the horde, if you literally rush to the next nest you wont even see them, if you are already in the nest, just jump into a roof. You might die by this distraction, but then aagain, first you have to get spitted and then, have the hunter to actually be able to do such thing. which is easy to avoid, and even if you die, is just 1 live out of 10, i literally dont care about lives as survivor, i have too many to care. UV block: As survivors do, i just spam flares everywhere and look at the hunter at his eyes like saying "i DARE you to come closer, I DOUBLE DARE YOU" and just wait until it runs out or even run spamming flares over the way like its partyland. SS Spit: Just actually try to take care of the zombie, you know, if you watch the anime "Naruto" it would be like hen Kakashi has to actually stop reading a book to take care of the fight. For those who dont know of the anime, it means that you, for once, have to actually care for where the hunter is. Toxic Spit: Step 1: Locate spit. Step 2: Dont step on it. Step 3: Profit Tackle: Spam jump/dodge until your keyboard yells at you for abuse. If they do somehow manage to tackle you, just heal and repeat. Ground Pound: Just dodge away like you are a rabbit, and wait for him to fail the pound and then proceed to choose from a wide range of possibilities on how to kill the hunter. You can either humiliate him with 3 dropkicks in a row causing him to go in a real life depression or you can just instakill him with a combo that will leave him literally thinking why would he mutate to that monster in the first place, as being a survivor is more scary than a monster Now for the objective of both parts. Hunters: Kill him 10 times. just that, plain simple. Which means he is forced to attack almost always, being forced into bad situations over survivors who just either dont want to fight and just rush nests or just wait for you to take the first step. Survivors: "Kill 5 nests. Dont mind the hunter, its the mother of all those eggs, he might try to kill you but just shine this cool UV light at him and you will be ok. Oh, and dont forget to dodge and jump if he gets close, you will thank me later." So yeah, and what it is like in 2 or more players coop? The hunter has to somehow separate them, which in some situations is impossible. Just figure, its already hard to kill a single flare spammer, think about 2, or 3, or 4! There are more flares than you can count. Experience as the hunter how they fight over who gets to kill you next as they all jump in your head like falling angels and DFA you over and over again, as they rush you and leave you with no energy. If they arent that kind of bullies, they will just rush nests like everyone seems to do, meaning that 1, 2 or even 3 guys will act ias lighthouses for your face in case you dont know where they are and shine you untill you think you are in heaven. And if that isnt confusing and hard enough, they will even spam bows at you making the game look like its designed by Michael Bay. So yeah, these are basically most of the reasons i find this game unbalanced and therefore i want to know if its being worked on, i did get on a comical and sometimes ironic tone as im that kind of guy that just likes to laugh, dont take it on the bad way, i just like to look things from the bright side and laugh at them. There are quite lots of more things that i find unbalanced in this game, but i cant quite remember them all at once here, if i do feel like i will add some later when i have rested. So yeah, are the devs working on some balance patch, or not?
  21. Hey all, just thought I'd throw out a quick request for a detailed overview of the newest patch regarding the "Be the Zombie" changes. The enhancements look extensive, and I'm sure many of us would love an overview similar to what what provided during the last patch! For those who don't know, the Devs here were kind enough to give us a very detailed overview of the details of the last patch. What was previously provided was much more detailed than the actual Patch Notes, and I know I was sincerely grateful for the detailed description of the changes. Since it appears there's a big change in the way the Night Hunter is played, a rundown of new abilities and what this means for current Hunter players would be greatly appreciated! We can use this thread to discuss changes (but let's keep it civil!). It's wonderful that the Devs would put these kinds of core-gameplay changes in, and the request is simply so we all have the most information possible. TL;DR: After the previous patch, the Devs put out a detailed review of the "Be the Zombie" changes on this board. Devs, would you mind doing so again for the new changes?
  22. Scorg

    Be The Sprinter

    Wpadłem właśnie na pomysł, myślę że całkiem ciekawy. Ale to już wy oceńcie. Postaram się pomysł rozbudowywać i dodatkowo umacniać go jakimiś wizualizacjami. Historia Edycji EDIT (25.03.15) Dodaję wizualizację drzewka rozwoju sprintera. EDIT (26.03.15) Dodaję Omówienie umiejętności Sprintera. EDIT (27.03.15) Balans, zmiany u ludzi Gracz który wciela się w zombie zostaje sprinterem, a ludzie muszą go złapać. Tutaj sytuacja jest odwrotna, to sprinter ma ograniczoną liczbę odrodzeń, a ludzie są łowcami. Rozgrywka: na mapie jest (z zależności od ilości ludzi) kilka-kilkanaście miejsc do których mówi dotrzeć sprinter (mogą to być np kawałki mięsa rozrzucone przez Doktora Zere'a). Ludzie widzą wszystkie punkty, ale nie wiedzą które są celem sprintera. Po dotarciu do jedzonka sprinter musi z nim uciec i w wolnej chwili zjeść. Gra kończy się wygraną sprintera po zjedzeniu 5 kawałków mięsa. Sprinter: Ilość odrodzeń ograniczona do 8. Celem jest zjedzenie mięsa. Sprinter ma wyznaczonych 8 celi, musi osiągnąć co najmniej 5 z nich. Po każdym zjedzonym kawałku mięsa Sprinter dostaje procentowy bonus do zwinności (szybkość, szybkość wspinania się, wysokość skoku). Odrodzenie po zgonie następuje w Ciemnej strefie. Proponowany zestaw umiejętności: Sprinter nie porusza się za pomocą macek, umiejętność ta zostaje zastąpiona Zrywem czyli bardzo szybkim skokiem w kierunku biegu (UWAGA! nie jest to taranowanie więc uderzenie w gracza nie robi nic poza użyciem go jak rampy, co przedłuża zryw) zużywa on trochę energii więc trzeba korzystać z tego mądrze bo inaczej samemu sobie uniemożliwi się ucieczkę. Oświetlanie światłem UV powoduje procentowy spadek zdolności biegowych, utrata całej energii to redukcja możliwości do 50% i uniemożliwienie sprintu (można zniwelować umiejętnością Twarda skóra) w momencie oświetlania sprintera przez dłużej niż sekundę jest on oznaczany (od tej pory staje się wykrywalny przez zmysł przetrwania i zaznaczany na minimapie) Oznaczenie można usunąć przez użycie zdolności Kamuflaż albo przez zregenerowanie energii i pozostanie poza zasięgiem latarek UV. Krzyk zastąpiony jest Tropieniem. Tropienie pokazuje cele misji oraz miejsca których ludzie pilnują jako potencjalne cele. Tylko dzięki niemu sprinter może znaleźć swoją zdobycz która niewytropiona jest tylko informacją gdzie mniej więcej szukać (żółta strefa na minimapie). Tropienie pokazuje również pobliskie gryzonie co pozwala lepiej zaplanować ucieczkę. umiejętności pasywne Szaleńczy zryw (dodaje do zrywu efekt odpychającej fali uderzeniowej, nie zadaje obrażeń) Głód (efekt bonusu po zjedzeniu mięsa zwiększa się o 5%) (wymaga umiejętności Szaleńczy zryw) umiejętności aktywne Splunięcie oznaczające (opluty człowiek jest widoczny przez 90s)ulepszenie czasu trwania (120s) Przezroczysty śluz (ludzie nie są świadomi oznaczenia) Lepkie splunięcie (opluty człowiek nie może korzystać ze sprintu przez 10s)ulepszenie efektu (utrzymuje się dodatkowe 3s +człowiek nie może się wspinać) dodatkowe splunięcie plama (ludzie nie trafieni splunięciem poruszają się wolniej po oplutej powierzchni o 20%) Ładowanie splunięcia (wymaga wszystkich ulepszeń Splunięcia oznaczającego i Lepkiego splunięcia) Panika zrywu (szaleńczy zryw wzbogacony zostaje o wybrany efekt splunięcia, analogicznie do eksplozji plwocin u łowcy) (wymaga umiejętności Szaleńczy zryw i Ładowanie splunięcia) Kamuflaż (sprinter zdejmuje z siebie znacznik i nie może być ponownie oznaczony na czas jego trwania)kamuflaż x2 ulepszenie czasu trwania Twarda skóra (tymczasowo zwiększa odporność sprintera)Adrenalina (zmniejsza ubytek energii podczas oświetlania światłem UV) ulepszenie czasu trwania Krzyk (sprinter przez kilka sekund wydaje z siebie krzyk wyjca)Panika (można się poruszać podczas krzyczenia) ogłuszające echo (efekt utrzymuje się jeszcze chwile po krzyku) Tropienie Tropienie jest subtelna formą krzyku Łowcy, Wykrywa pobliskie zombie oraz pokazuje strefy w których znajduje się mięso. Żeby Sprinter mógł zobaczyć gdzie dokładnie jest mięso musi podczas Tropienia znajdować się w strefie (raz wytropione mięso jest już zawsze widoczne). Trzeba pamiętać że kręcenie się przy kawałku mięsa sprawi że ludzie w końcu je znajdą i nie będą odstępować na krok, warto więc pokręcić się trochę przy domniemanych strefach by nie domyślili się gdzie tak naprawdę jest mięso. Tropienie nie wykrywa ludzi. Jedzenie Z każdym zjedzonym kawałkiem mięsa możliwości Sprintera zwiększają się w następujący sposób (liczby w kolorze zielonym są modyfikatorami umiejętności Głód) 1 mięsoprędkość poruszania się +20% (+5%) Prędkość w sprincie +10% (dopiero po przebiegnięciu jakiegoś dystansu) (+5%) prędkość wspinania się +20% skok +1m 2 mięsoprędkość poruszania się +15% (w sumie +35%) (+5%, w sumie +45%) Prędkość w sprincie +10% (dopiero po przebiegnięciu jakiegoś dystansu) (w sumie +20%) (+5%, w sumie +30%) prędkość wspinania się +20% (w sumie +40%) skok +1m 3 mięsoprędkość poruszania się +10% (w sumie +45%) (+5%, w sumie +60%) Prędkość w sprincie +5% (dopiero po przebiegnięciu jakiegoś dystansu) (w sumie +25%) (+5%, w sumie +45%) prędkość wspinania się +10% (w sumie +50%) skok +1m dłuższy Zryw +1m ubytek energii po Zrywie -25% 4 mięsoprędkość poruszania się +10% (w sumie +55%) (w sumie +70%) Prędkość w sprincie +5% (dopiero po przebiegnięciu jakiegoś dystansu) (w sumie +30%) (+5%, w sumie +50%) skok +1m dłuższy Zryw +1m ubytek energii po Zrywie -25% (w sumie -50%) ​Automatycznie wykrywa mięso gdy znajdzie się w pobliżu Zryw Umiejętność analogiczna do "macek" łowcy. podczas sprintu używa część energii (użycie zrywów w małym odstępie czasowym powoduje że każdy następny kosztuje więcej energii). Ma dwa tryby działania które różnią się trochę mechaniką ale idea pozostaje taka sama. Pierwszy, podczas normalnego poruszania się ma mechanikę analogiczną do ludzkiego uniku i służy do unikania ciosów, świateł lub po prostu wzroku przeciwników (dobrze współgra ze splunięciami). Drugi, jest ruchem ucieczkowym, żeby go użyć Sprinter musi być w trakcie sprintu. Działa tylko w stronę biegu i nie można go kontrolować w locie. Gdy na drodze zrywającego się Sprintera pojawi się człowiek lub Gryzoń, Sprinter używa go jako rampy, wydłużając zasięg zrywu i wybija się lekko w powietrze. W połączeniu ze wspinaniem się umiejętność ta sprawia że Sprinter ma sporą przewagę nad przeciwnikiem. Szaleńczy zryw Dodaje do Zrywu efekt odepchnięcia pobliskich ludzi. Dodatkowo człowiek użyty jako rampa zostaje powalony na ziemię. (myślę że umiejętność ta powinna również ogłuszać Gryzonie. Pościg przez tłum i tak będzie wystarczająco trudny) Splunięcie oznaczające Tego chyba nie trzeba tłumaczyć, opluty człowiek jest widoczny (nawet przez ściany), ulepszenie o Przezroczysty śluz likwiduje informację o oznaczeniu. Służy głównie do planowania i sprawdzania pomieszczeń Lepkie splunięcie Sprawia że człowiek lepi się do podłoża przez co nie ma możliwości sprintu, utrudnia mu to pościg lub walkę z gryzoniami. Ulepszenie efektu wydłuża czas i uniemożliwia wspinaczkę. Rozbudowanie o Plamę dodaje zaporę w postaci obszaru spowalniającego goniących ludzi (na plamie nie da się skakać, w przeciwnym razie ludzie wesoło skakali by sobie po śluzie dotykając go tylko w dwóch, góra trzech miejscach). Umiejętność idealna do ucieczek i przeszkadzaniu w walce. Może nawet dzięki temu jacyś ludzie zginą... Ładowanie splunięcia Jak u łowcy. Świetnie się komponuje ze splunięciem oznaczającym. Panika zrywu Sprinter w panice rzyga pod siebie. W momencie użycia Paniki zrywu Sprinter nie traci energii, nie może jednak przez moment używać aktywnego splunięcia jeśli jeszcze ma jakieś w zanadrzu. Najlepiej sprawdza się z Lepkim splunięciem wzbogaconym o Plamę. Eksplozja plwocin w przypadku Lepkiego splunięcia ma miejsce w tylko miejscu w którym uruchomiono zryw, w przypadku splunięcia oznaczającego oznaczona zostaje również osoba której Sprinter użył jako rampy. Kamuflaż Dla Sprintera najważniejsze jest pozostanie w cieniu, jest to jego jedyna szansa na przeżycie, dlatego bardzo istotną dla niego umiejętnością jest kamuflaż. Sprawia on, że wrzody na jego ciele przestają świecić dzięki czemu zdejmuje z siebie znacznik. Działą to niecałą sekundę, więc używając tego Sprunter musi być pewien że jest poza zasięgiem latarek UV (Uwaga światło UV z pułapek również oznacza, na dodatek odbiera energię o wiele szybciej). Ulepszenie czasu trwania daje szanse na przebiegnięcie przez światło i pozostanie niewykrytym (ubytek energii jednak jest dalej dość dotkliwy). Warto pamiętać że ludzie nie muszą mięć oznaczonego celu żeby go zabić, równie dobrze mogą zaufać własnym oczom albo uszom i walczyć równie skutecznie. Twarda skóra Swoisty pancerz dla delikatnego Sprintera. Daje duży bonus do odporności na efekty żywiołowe (ogień, kwas, elektryczność a nawet eksplozje) kosztem jego wykrywalności. Sprinter z aktywnym pancerzem automatycznie pokazuje się na minimapach ludzi. Umiejętność powinna być wykorzystywana przy ucieczkach lub szybkich akcjach rabunkowych na pilnowanym obszarze. Sprinter musi chwilę odczekać aby móc użyć kamuflażu więc lepiej mieć zaplanowaną ucieczkę. Krzyk Ostatnia linia obrony Sprintera. Wydaje on z siebie wrzask podobny do tego jaki wydaje z siebie Wyjec uniemożliwiając atak ludziom na czas jego trwania (3-4s) albo nawet dłużej jeśli aktywna jest umiejętność Ogłuszające echo. Krzyk podobnie jak w przypadku Twardej skory natychmiast zaznacza Sprintera na nimi mapach. Przywołuje on pobliskie Gryzonie i Wirale dzięki czemu może być wykorzystywany nie tylko do ucieczek ale również do wprowadzenia zamieszania i wołania o pomoc. (Podejrzewam że akcje typu pojawił się, wrzasną, a potem jeszcze opluł będą na porządku nocnym) Ludzie: Nieograniczona ilość odrodzeń. Celem jest zebranie 8 próbek ciała sprintera. Po każdym zjedzeniu przez sprintera kawałka mięsa ilość domniemanych stref zmniejsza się zwiększając precyzję akcji. Ludzie szukają sprintera. Nie jest on widoczny dzięki zmysłowi przetrwania z racji jego nietypowej, zmutowanej formy. Żeby go złapać trzeba go oznaczyć. Jest to możliwe dzięki jego wrzodom które po oświetleniu światłem UV zaczynają świecić. Dzięki temu że sprinter nie jest tak niebezpieczny jak nocny łowca gracze mogą, a nawet muszą się rozdzielać by pilnować większego obszaru. Ludzie nie otrzymują informacji o kradzieży mięsa tylko o jego zjedzeniu. Po dokonaniu aktu konsumpcji następuje redukcja domniemanych stref. (system liczony na rozgrywkę 4vs1, w przypadku mniejszej liczby ludzi domniemanych stref jest mniej) Wszystkie kawałki całe (początek gry)ludzie widzą 48 domniemanych stref (po 6 na każdy kawałek) pułapki świetlne są rozbrojone (ogrodzenia i samochody są sprawne) 1 kawałek mięsa zjedzonywykluczenie 13 domniemanych stref (zostaje 35 domniemanych stref, po 5 na każdy kawałek) 2 kawałek mięsa zjedzonywykluczenie 11 domniemanych stref (zostaje 24 domniemanych stref, po 4 na każdy kawałek) 3 kawałek mięsa zjedzonywykluczenie 9 domniemanych stref (zostaje 15 domniemanych stref, po 3 na każdy kawałek) 4 kawałek mięsa zjedzonyStrefy już nie są wykluczane (zostaje 12 domniemanych stref, po 3 na każdy kawałek) uzbrojenie wszystkich pułapek świetlnych 5 kawałek mięsa zjedzony (koniec gry, Przegrana) Usuwanie Splunięcia oznaczającego Człowiek może usunąć oznaczenie używając umiejętności Kamuflaż
  23. Hey guys, Techland just announced the winners for the #HuntByNight video contest! Guess who won? :3
  24. MechaJjang

    Revives In Pvp; Yay Or Nay?

    I would suggest the removal of revives from invasion mode. By all means keep it in normal non pvp co-op play but with the current state of unbalance in Pvp I think it adds an extra level of difficulty that is totally unneeded and in essence gives the survivor a get out of jail free card in terms of life count. Many times in regards to 3v1 and 4v1 (where survivors actually stick together and know how to play which I much prefer) i find myself taking out all but one player then either forced into retreat by low health or killed by the flailing 5m melee range of the last survivor with about 25 health themselves left. Only for the last survivor to then pick up their fallen comrades and lose precisely 0 lives in total. I don't feel that rewards good play at all, especially as the odds are stacked in the survivors favour already. In my opinion, killed should mean killed not lying on the floor revivable. I understand that there are many other issues that need resolving but they are covered in other posts. Just for those who will question it. No, I don't want NH to win every time nor is it impossible to overcome but often it is the difference between winning and losing a good 3 or 4 on 1 battle, and as I said shouldn't killed mean a life taken from the counter, seems very generous not to be. My only suggestion other than removing it would be to keep it but dock a life from the life count for every revive. This would still give the survivors a tactical advantage if they played skillfully but would remove what I consider to be the unfair aspect of not being penalised for being killed. What are other players thoughts on this?
  25. Death Smiles

    Be The Zombie Improvements?

    Alright, so I've seen some other people posting suggestions on how PvP can be better. Techland is fixing the matchmaking process which will make it IMMENSELY better! And while I think this game is amazing overall, there are a few things that I think could be done to make gameplay more fair and fun! What I'll do is post some suggestions for an improvement and a few reasons why I think that's beneficial. Then you can comment and say "yay" or "nay", a reason why, and add your own suggestions! If I and other people like it then I will edit this original post to include it! That way all of the good suggestions can be easily seen. Likewise I will edit out my ideas if they don't seem very popular, or change them as needed! Please leave a comment below of what you think, and hopefully we can get some good idea's that Techland will see! Thanks! Edits will be done in red Additions will be done in green A few of my suggestions (in no particular order): 1. Players can no longer abort immediately. Now this may seem a bit ridiculous since you would basically be making the player play. But here's my logic; - If a player does not want to be put in a BTZ match, then they can turn it off in the online menu, while still leaving multiplayer on for adventures with other players. - Doing so would help people playing as the Hunter find matches with players who would actually be willing to play. - It would help stop people from just leaving their console unpaused at night with the zombie invasion on. Many a time have I found that a player has left the console to do whatever and now I have to wait or abort because I just don't find it sporting to kill a guy who's just standing there My guess is if people are aware that if they leave it on they will be entered into an un-abortable match, they will be less likely to just wander off, at least without turning off the invasion mode. - I would suggest only allowing players to abort if they are going to quit the game. If they abort then they get sent to the main menu. I feel this would make people actually think about if they want invasion mode turned on, and make the matchmaking more effective. 2. Nerf Survivor's drop attack and dropkick. I thought this was nit-picky at first and I haven't had too much trouble with dropkicking, but it's become pretty apparent that this is an issue. I think this would really even out the two sides, and here's why. - A Hunter's pounce is a one hit kill, but can be deflected with UV light, quite easily in fact. A player's drop attack is one hit kill, apparently unavoidable.. - The drop attack has a weird knack for locking on from too far away. This means it takes no real skill or aim to use it and what's worse is that it can be performed off anything, even a park bench. The Survivor can even perform this move after jumping over a Hunter's tackle. Trust me, it's happened to me. - The dropkick seems really OP to me, doing more damage than it should, stunning the Hunter for too long, and is also too easy to chain preventing the Hunter from having a chance of escape/defense. - This would be fixable by a simple button mechanic (such as using the base hit button, perhaps a juke similar to what the survivor does, or a jump). It would be the same thing as the brief second available to deflect a pounce or jump over a tackle. 3. Spit recharge time. It might just be me but it seems like with the new patch they made the recharge time on the Hunter's spits longer. By kind of a lot. Now while some may think that the spits give the Hunter excessive advantage, I don't believe so. Here's why; - The Hunter relies on these to make effective assaults. Given that the Survivor has a UV flashlight and as of right now no limitations on flares, the Survivor can pretty much always deflect a Hunter's pounce. Hunter's need the UV Block spit in order to be able to prevent this, or try to since Survivors can always throw down more... flares... - Hunter's also have the ability to tackle, ground pound, and slap! However tackles can be easily dodged and cause the Hunter to stop running giving the Survivor time to UV and kill it, ground pounds do minimal damage and if miss for some reason make the Hunter stand there like an idiot while he gets chopped up, and slap is about as effective as a Magikarp's splash... All these can really mess up the Hunter, unless he uses the UV shield. Giving him time to make a move effectively and get away. Unless it takes 5 minutes to recharge; another reason why the recharge should not be as long. 4. Survivor Sense. It's vitally important to the Survivor, but maybe too vital? Many a time has it led to awkward staring competitions between the Hunter and the Survivor. And quite frankly I have no idea how to fix that! A comment below explains a bit how NOT having it would probably be unfair to the Survivor, and maybe nothing needs to be done at all. Opinions?? - Someone suggested giving the Hunter the ability to not be detected by Survivor Sense when crouching and I think that's a really cool idea! It gives incentive to the Hunter to be stealthy, the Survivor will still know it's location when it's on the move/attacking, and it would just make the whole think a little bit scarier. The threat of the Hunter stalking the player methodically rather than just relying on combos for kills on skilled players. 5. Hit points & aggression of zombies around nests/Hunter. I noticed this immediately, and it only took a few minutes to annoy the chupacabra out of me. I like the fact that they made them more aggressive and harder to kill, I just think they went a bit excessive. It once took me about 20-30 hits with a machete (dmg about 1800) to kill TWO viles (fast running zombies). My suggestions are pretty simple: - Aggressiveness around the nests should be high, but I don't need to be chased by 30 viles while I go from nest to nest. It doesn't make the game difficult or make you think, it just makes you take longer having to repetitively hit 30 zombies 10-15 times each! I have a Hunter to worry about between nests. At the nests, you can make it rain zombies. - The hit points of regular wimpy Viles should not be 10x more than the Hunter's. I've played a long time to get the amazing weapons I have, and now it seems like I'm hitting them with a teddy bear. I like that they don't get killed in one hit because it makes the game more challenging. But the amount of hit points they have is crazy! It should take me no more than 3-5 hits to kill those zombies. Because while they're attacking me I can't keep on the look out for the Hunter, which makes me an easy target. That... kinda sucks... in like a not well balanced way... - I DO like that the Hunter doesn't take that much damage to kill. It makes it so it's more about the skill of the zombie than just being The Incredible Hulk. I don't really think that needs changing as of now. 2-4 hits on the Hunter is a pretty good number, especially since he can regenerate health. *Footnote: If you type "S-C-R-E-W over" it will replace "S-C-R-E-W" with chupacabra. In fact, I didn't even type chupacabra it's just replacing "S-C-R-E-W" with "chupacabra" as I type. Just a fun fact!