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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys. Have a problem here I have a trouble when i want to equip any weapon in game. First i was thinking that's the problem when i learning Inventory skill(which gave me +4 inventory slots for weapon). But nope. When i wanna equip any kind of weapon the game is crashed. What it could be ? Does someone know ? What i need to do.
  2. DarkSeeker

    Xbox One Issues

    So I have been playing PF18 since launch. Below you will find the most common issues I have had the pleasure of dealing with. 1. Game crashes while playing in career mode. 2. Pressing X to get out of a tractor or B to remove a trailer does not always work, same with Y to turn on headlights. 3. Workers are retarded!!! 4. The smallest harvester will not turn the rear wheels when a hired worker is running the machine. 5. When releasing some equipment ie (the medium plow) it will still show up but you can drive through it and not ever use it again. You have to sell it and re buy it to use it. 6. When a hired worker that is in a harvester has a full tank of grain it will not always stop and wait for you to empty it, it will continue driving up and down the field as it would if it was still harvesting grain. You have to fire the worker and unload the harvester manually. 7. Hired workers will literally get stuck in a field. You hop in the tractor and it will barely move for about 15-30 seconds. I have seen this happen most often when plowing. It will show that the plow is up in the air, but the game thinks it is still in the ground so you have a hard time turning the tractor, and you can not lift the plow nor release it. As you can not sell equipment that is attached to something I have had to drive both the tractor and the plow into the water so that I could reset them. When I reset the tractor the tractor goes to my shed, but the plow will disappear from the map entirely. I can sell the plow and then buy a new one, but the plow is nowhere to be found after taking a swim is bizarre. Also after drowning the tractor I then have to pay upwards of $9000 to fix the tractor. At that point I just sell the tractor along with the plow. 8. Time in the game is way too fast, I hear that will be patched, so thank you for that. 9. Tractors go way too slow. In comparison to say Farm Sim 17 these tractors move like snails. That keeps me from using a lot of them. 10. You should be able to haul more than one type of item in the semi trailer. 11. When driving down the road straight with the semi and red semi trailer in tow, the trailer will not follow the truck straight. The rear of the trailer will always be slightly to the right. It drives me nuts. 12. When driving a tractor on pavement or dirt by it's self it looks fine. When towing a trailer behind a tractor the tractor and trailer will move side to side a little bit and it is maddening. 13. When plowing a field it will take a long time for straw to disappear, if at all. 14. We need a semi trailer for water. 15. Field stats will not always be correct. Same with stats of silo. I have seen both wheat and barley increase while dumping into the silo, but then later it will show correctly and show all barley. Odd bug. When you drive through a field and then exit the field sometimes the field stats will stay on the screen. 16. We need bigger equipment!!! 17. We need the ability to hire more than one worker per field like in FS17. One worker per field really slows down any job you are trying to complete.
  3. This thread is mostly pointed towards the developers in hope these small yet very annoying model/texture related problems get fixed! The first one is an UV related problem with the Buggy Model: That whole border isn't properly uv-mapped making the texture stretch, and when you're the second rider in the back, that part really is noticeable when you look back (standing of sitting). The second problem are smoothing errors on the Semi-Automatic Shotgun, especially noticeable on the gold tinted version: Another image in low light conditions (facing an uv-problem of a rock): As it's clearly noticeable from that image that the area surrounding the hole of the ironsight has some nasty smoothing errors. I didn't manage to test out everything yet, but these two were the most annoying problems I faced as of yet and really those can be fixed, especially the shotgun's smoothing error! Obviously some random geo problems like these are spread over the entire world but those are pretty normal for such a large open world! Either way thanks for reading and hopefully this might get patched in the near future! Sincerely, Rafaël De Jongh
  4. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone is having any problems with importing custom models with textures into their custom maps. I've tried using 3dsmax and Maya 2014 with fbx import but once everything is imported successfully the textures are replaced with a placeholder. I'm not sure if it is a dds issue or and fbx issue or an ingame problem - or something I'm forgetting to do (e.g missed step along the way). I've rebuilt custom map and saved it, navigated to the original image directory when importing but still just shows a placeholder image?? I've also tried this in the Dying Light provided game map but same problem? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, CH.
  5. Alright, let me start off first by saying that Dying Light is an awesome game! It truly is! The hours of fun had by myself and with friends is something that I am very thankful for! It also makes me very happy to have purchased this game because it is definitely worth it. But, with that being said, there's also those downsides, which are now more prominent at this point in the game for my friends and I than they were before. I guess I should probably throw down some in game stats so that everyone has an idea of where we are in the game; Platform - PS4 Completion - Story 100%, Total Completion 98% Skill Points - Maxed out for months now Hours - 300+ Dupes/Glitches/Cheats Used - 0 (Zero) Gameplay - Normal, Hard, Hard+ Season Pass Holder Gold Weapons - 1 (One) Bozak Bow (Never seen anything else gold) That last one really p!sses me off! I have NEVER seen a gold machete, a gold bat, a gold hammer, knife, you name it! We purchased the Bozak Horde with PROMISES of fantasy weapons (never seen one) and a guaranteed Gold Weapon, the Bozak Bow. Well, within completing the Bozak Horde within the first few hours of purchasing it, and collecting Bozak Dockets over and over, we have still yet to find a fantasy weapon, or gold weapon of any kind. As well, we were told that Gold Weapon drop rates were increased with the last patch, but I'm going to call bull$hit on that because at this point, they don't exist. Sure, I've seen the Youtube videos of people farming the gold weapons via Night Hunter, but why is that THE ONLY way of getting them? What if we don't enjoy Night Hunter mode? We've also played Night Hunter, and my character's level is up to endangered (Or whatever level you're supposedly guaranteed a Gold Weapon) and still, nothing! I've watched the info videos on Youtube that say, "Make sure you play on HARD, kill Demolishers, pick police vans, do Quarantine Zones and pick hard/GRE chests, and play SOLO as you have a better chance to find Gold Weapons that way". Well guess what, done and done, did all that, I even left my system on for 3+ days to see if it would register more time played to increase drop rates, and played all three of those days, and have STILL NOT FOUND A GOLD WEAPON OR FANTASY WEAPON OF ANY KIND! So, really, what's the point of having them in the game, or promising us that they're there and you can get them in the said ways above? Hell, I can't remember the last time I picked up an ORANGE weapon doing any of the above! My best chances for an Orange Weapon are through a trader! That's it! My rewards from doing all the above normally result in a Green or Blue weapon/upgrade, or money. It's incredibly frustrating, and as much as I love looting, hunting, and killing zombies, with no rewards, it's pointless and I have no interest in doing it anymore! PLEASE FIX THE GOLD DROP RATE!!! My next issue, keeping it on weapons, is where's the variety? All i find now are machetes, bats, sledgehammers, and the odd sword. Is that all we can get at this point? The sword variety is small, considering there are thousands of different types of swords. The axe variety is small, considering there are hundreds of different types of axes and hammers, and what about all the other weapons? It'd be nice to have more variety with the weapons! I'd agree that the machetes are nice, and the variety is great for these, but I'm sure there could be more for the other weapons. And, what about better knives? We have a guy in our group that LOVES to throw weapons, but all he can use now are Wicked Daggers because all the other knives and throwing weapons are nowhere near as damaging. So the variety for him is out the door. There's thousands of knives and daggers that could be added, for example, a Japanese Tanto maybe? I feel like they haven't even looked at the cold-steel weaponry from Japan, china, etc. But instead, we find green cricket bats, and blue sledgehammers.... PLEASE ADD MORE VARIETY FOR WEAPONS AT THIS STAGE!!! While still on the topic of weaponry, how about changing the damage models and balancing? How is it that using a big slow sledgehammer is useful, compared to a machete that does almost EXACTLY the same amount of damage, and can get 3 or 4 hits in before the hammer gets one? There's no payoff to using a big heavy weapon! Instead, the axes and sledgehammers should have an EVEN HIGHER damage model, and should impact MUCH more damage and chaos, otherwise why be in the game? It's much more efficient to just use machetes and swing away than look for the big hit from a super heavy weapon. And when the damage is pretty much the same, then being tactical and looking for advantages to get a big hit off is pointless as well. PLEASE FIX THE DAMAGE MODELS FOR BIG, HEAVY WEAPONS!!! Anything else on weaponry? Ohh! I'm so glad you asked! Question - Why in the HELL would we use a fire modification on any of our weapons? After extensive testing between bleeding, toxic, electric, and burning modifications, burning does NOTHING but attract virals! Why is this? Every damn zombie that catches fire normally explodes, and even when they DON'T explode, virals are always attracted! So why would anyone use a burning mod? You're just attracting virals, and there's no way it can be used in stealth attacks or anything. They're pretty much useless! AND! On top of this, THE BOZAK BOW has been pretty much been given the same handicap! Why would you use anything BUT the normal arrows? Not only do the incendiary arrows attract viral attention, but so do the explosive arrows (this one is obvious, and they should attract them) AND the electric arrows! WHY? The electric modifications don't attract Virals! Why do the electric arrows?! Thanks for pretty much making it pointless to use anything but the regular arrows! This is super frustrating as well, especially after paying for the DLC to get this MIGHTY, STEALTH WEAPON! PLEASE FIX THE VIRAL ATTRACTION TO BURNING MODS AND ARROWS!!! Moving on from weaponry; yes, off the weapon issues finally! Let's talk about a little gameplay bug that frustrates me to no end! WHY can our character NOT grab ledges? I mean, sometimes when jumping he just won't grab the ledge in front of him, but I'm mostly talking about when grapple-hooking to a surface, or edge, that we've PURPOSELY chosen? Why would I want to grapple up 5 or 6 stories, and then instantly fall right back down those 5 or 6 stories? That's a pretty crappy escape plan seeing as how you're just feeding yourself to any zombies below, and giving them a better chance to kill you as you'll more than likely take damage from the fall, or even be killed from it! I've read and heard from others that this is a really annoying issue, and I couldn't agree more! PLEASE FIX THE LEDGE GRABBING ISSUE!!! Now on to the DLC - Season pass stuff! Why is it that there's a bug now that when I start my game, I'm on Bozak Horde and have to redo my entire inventory? I haven't even played the Bozak Horde in the last week or so, and sometimes I will still load my game to that mission, and have to select my inventory again when going back in the main game. Even when changing my quests to a repeatable quest, like a quarantine zone, or a challenge, sometimes I still get loaded to the Bozak Horde, and you get to start the game off frustrated! Not how I want to start spending my "leisure, fun time"! PLEASE FIX THE BOZAK HORDE LOADING ISSUE!!! My next big problem with the DLC is the quality/quantity of it! With purchasing the season pass for $20, which is pretty much half the cost of the full game, I feel what we got is nothing CLOSE to what have the game has to offer. 2 extra quarantine zones, which can be completed in 10-15 minutes, taking your time! 3 new character skins and some new weapons! Wait? New weapons? Really? Ohhhhhhh great, look what you did, you got me back on the weaponry issue! WHAT NEW WEAPONS? I haven't seen anything different from the regular game and after getting the season pass! What was supposed to be added, because it seems like I paid $5 for 3 new outfits! Really? That's pretty sad considering $5 got us 2 quarantine zones, which is definitely a better deal than 3 outfits! And as for the Bozak Horde! Sure, it's great, it's fun, but it's actually quite short, and it's not that challenging after you've done it a couple times! Also, Wouldn't it be great if after completing the Bozak Horde, you could go back and replay the Horde but WITH ALL YOUR WEAPONS YOU'VE WORKED SO HARD TO GET?! Why are we limited to what's on the map, especially after it's been completed? It would be great to have our inventory and see if it makes a difference in our time runs to complete it. PLEASE ADD MORE FOR SEASON PASS AND TO BOZAK HORDE!!! Also, what in the world is up with these cryptic KOREK messages, with the gas containers that we can handle beside them? It would be great if we were given at least a clue or hint as to what we're supposed to do with these! As well, what's with these half buried tires that we have been finding around the maps that are USE-able? We activate the "use" feature, but nothing happens. We bend down, pat the tire for being a good tire and listening really well, and then continue on our merry way! Maybe some hints could help players out if these are easter eggs or side missions! WHAT'S UP WITH KOREK ANYWAYS!?!? Anyways, wow, I'm sorry that this is as big as it is! But i'm also not sorry for speaking out about what's dragging me down about what is really an amazing game! I enjoy playing it in my free time, and when we can all get together for co-op, the hilarity always ensues! But I feel if these issues were addressed, I wouldn't be able to stop playing! It would only make the game THAT much more enjoyable, and I wouldn't stop the looting and zombie killing as it would actually feel more rewarding and more interesting to see new weaponry, have smoother gameplay, and not have these frustrating things always staring you in the face! Thanks for your time, and for Dying Light! We love it, but we could also love it THAT much more! Good night, Good Luck! Spiked......
  6. Joluk

    Navmesh Error?

    Hay there. Since yesterday I'm getting this new error, when i want to build the navmesh: "The system can't find the given path/file". Picture: Repairing the tools with steam doesn't help Have some ideas or maybe a solution? I'm working on something big. Greetings Joluk
  7. All right, since patch I can't join a game trough "invite" or "join", wether it is be the zombie mode or campaign... IS THE SAME THING HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE? If not, do you have any advice to fix this please?
  8. Death Smiles

    Connection Issues Between Games

    Ok, so what I've gathered from playing the Be the Zombie mode is there is a serious connection problem for the zombie. I'm not 100% sure what the cause is but please, PLEASE fix this Techland, this is an amazing game and honestly this is the only problem or complaint I have! Also to those who get upset when it appears that a player has quit, don't be mad at them! Half the time it's merely the fact that the game loses connection to the server. That's why sometimes it says "victory" and other times it says "aborted." It gives you a 50-50 chance of winning/losing when it disconnects. Anybody who hears any updates or has any input on this topic please reply! I would love to see lots of comments and maybe Techland will see this as an important issue to resolve!
  9. i have Completed the story line and want to get all of the achievements but i am missing the safe zone for the quest 'survival guide to zombieland" I believe. I don't know why but its not showing up, and that part of the map where it shows the store and stuff is just water. XBOXONE GT Dubbinn
  10. Techland Developers and Support, I have successfully installed patch 1.4.0 to my Dying Light in my Steam account, yet after playing the game, a number of my achievements remain stuck, and unable to be unlocked. The achievements that are not functioning properly are Now It's Safe (stuck at 11/17) and The Whole Story (stuck at 41/44). Hopefully, there will soon be a patch to fix this issue, but if there will not be, please help me find a different fix, as I would love to fully complete the game. Regards, Jman Also, if there is a fix among the DL community, please help!
  11. Mark_Rick

    Online Problems

    I'm at the point that i have the game finale. I want to play co-op with a friend, but both "matchmaking" as settings for online in the "options" menu are disabled. I cannot do anything ingame. I have a good internet connection and in the main menu my internet setting is set on "public". Anyone know how to fix this?
  12. Are you ever going to patch this game? 1). You have really sucky save points and no ability to do a hard save in case you have to stop mid-way -- you have to do it all over 2). The bridge has a matrix break in at times. I climbed 8 times and it gave way under me and I found myself in water looking up at trees, houses, land, and everything else ... the way out... power down and start over -- this happened on one of the towers as well. 3). In Extraction while in the tunnels the charcter doesn't always jump on command causing him to fall to his death and the stupid screamer/respawn point is not consitent. I've noticed running problems (yes I tried more than one controller so it is in the game). 4). If you are going to start me over at the starting point I should get to keep all the flares and firecrackers and whatever else I used ... No on like trying something 30 times just to have the matrix fail and or an invisble wall knock the avatar into the pit and back to start point... You have a very good game that could be a very great game if you tweak it a little and clean up some of the bugs. By the way... the special weapons I got for pre-ordering are dorky stupid and fairly worthless...
  13. So I was going to buy this game, but after reading all the comments on steam I think ill pass it. Well atleast untill some fixing update. Almost 30 pages of users that have prolems with this game, made in almost 2 days. Their's PC configurations, are sometimes so powerfull, that this game should be running on 120 FPS all the time on max settings. Meanwhile some are getting max 40. Are they paying you for making PC ports works like this or something ? All released games lately had same problems, it can't be a coincidence. Anyone else in here has, such problems ?
  14. VenOm_091

    Ps4 Co-Op Issues

    My friends and i have had issues connecting with each other. We cannot connect with more than one partner in co-op. i know it is not our NAT type because all of us have it open. When w log into Destiny, we can play with no issues. Am i the only one having this issue?