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Found 17 results

  1. I pre-ordered dying light from eb games(gamestop), to get the weapon dockets. I wanted to wait till I was a higher level to use it because I heard you only get one and you chances of getting a higher tier weapon would be greater. Anyway, I tried to enter the promo code on the dying light website and it's telling me that my codes invalid. Did my pre-order code expire? If so, can I get another? Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  2. I also posted this issue on reddit (, but maybe someone here has the answer to this: I managed to download Dying Light to my PS4 using the workaround someone posted before (-> visit the PSN store on my pc and there select the option to download the game to my PS4). That did the trick. That is, the main game can be installed this way... But the addons 'Be the zombie' and 'Master Scavenger' cannot be installed using this workaround. So I still have the issue that my PS4 says the addons are already installed, when actually they are not. Can't find anything to fix this. Anyone got a solution? Kind regards, A.
  3. I have discovered a solution to the install problems just after the prologue mission when you are required to enter the elevator on the digital pre-order version. I had similar issues with Farcry 4 not loading content even after the game was fully installed. - SOLUTION: (while still in the game) press the PS button to access the home screen. Leave Home Screen open and leave for as long as required. I checked back at intervals to see the progress and my internet connection was loading at a 10% per hour ratio and took about 3 hours to fully install. but may work quicker if your Ethernet cable is connected directly to your PS4 i was going direct wifi from my router. I am now playing this game finally with no issues that i have encountered yet. GOOD LUCK
  4. I preorder my dying light copy and picked it up yesterday. After entering my codes i received all items but the secret agent outfit. (Ninja Outfit obtained). Is there a error some where? I'm curious to why it said I'll obtain both but only received the ninja outfit. Thanks in advance.
  5. VerinInvictus

    About The Pre-Orders

    Hey everyone. First off, HI! Now. Some stuff here n there. The pre-order bonus that was "Be the zombie'' is now free DLC for any/all players. This being Techlands answer to issues with the release. What with all the delays (I think) Though that doesn't mean you pre-ordered for nothing. Go to --> There you can get weapon dockets by showing the pre-order number and tying the dockets to your psn/ xboxlive/ or steam account. ^^ I think the normal number to get is 6. These give you chances at higher tier weapons that will sit comfortably with the Quarter Master until you're ready for them. I also think those that pre-ordered will get some other DLC for free, though I'm not completely sure. I hope this helps! ^^
  6. Hi I pre ordered dying light on ps4 and after completing the prologue, the dockets don't show with the quartermaster. The account is linked.
  7. Alright, now some may not care but to a few of us or more it does. This is bulls**t. The ninja skin for best buy pre order is not fair. Make this an item we can all purchase.. Ninja suit or scavenger suit... like really guys... Common. Who does not want a ninja suit. It is the best suit you could have, most of all for this game. I don't want to look like a bicyclist or a homeless hobo with a bunch of small backpacks on me. I want to be a damn ninja throwing ninja stars and using a katana. And you took that away from me and many others. Now we have to wait god knows how long to be able to purchase it. And by that time. It will not be cool anymore. That was a definite deep silver move.. Really low guys.. Really damn low.. I would never do this to you.. AND I am hurt and wounded by such betrayal.. I hope you know that!
  8. SlammedSloth

    Anyone Know How To 3D Model?

    So anyone know how to 3D model and texture a weapon? I know this might sound a bit off topic but I tend to play a bit of Garry's Mod TTT and was wondering if by any chance would make an amazing model of this weapon: It would be super amazing spectacular and awesome all in one for a model. And if you want to take it a step further you can give it special effects such as Fire/Electical/Toxic/ Whatever else it comes out with. It would make an awesome T weapon, D weapon or Donator weapon. Just saying it would be sweet and would love for someone to upload this to the Steam Workshop
  9. Hi All, Hoping someone official from Techland can confirm this for me or someone else who is in the know but what is the actual digital release day for Dying light on ps4 digital in the UK? Originally it said the 30th January on their psn store, then after Techland's announcement of a "global release on the 27th January" the store date was updated correctly to show the 27th for release. Now today the date has changed again to the 28th January. After calling up Sony's not so helpful helpline in the UK they said "because the store says it's the 28th it must be correct".!/en-gb/games/addons/dying-light-preorder/cid=EP1018-CUSA02010_00-DYINGLIGHTPREOR2 To be honest I have little faith in the store or Sony so can anyone confirm officially what day this game is actually being digitally released in the UK? If the European digital release day has been delayed to the 28th just so that the Americans can have their usual "get everything earlier than everyone else" time this is completely unacceptable in my opinion and Techland should have ensured this did not happen. Especially considering we have already had to deal with physical copy delays in the UK.
  10. I have pre-ordered my xbox one copy of Dying Light for some time, as stated on your website the be the zombie dlc was a pre-order incentive. This has been on order for a while and have now noticed uk website like amazon have displayed another version with the be the zombie pre order sticker on the main cover and a little bit more expensive. i want to clarify that now there seems to be 2 preorder versions of this game. i and i believe many others thought that if you preordered this game before its release date meant you would have access to the DLC. will this DLC be available separately to purchase also in the near future. i am sure i will purchase the season pass as well. many thanks
  11. Hi. I have successfully registered my pre-order of Dying Light for the advance weapon dockets, but when i have attempted to link my xbox account on my PC i get this message: "There were some problems with fetching your data. Please try again in a few moments. If this problem persists please contact us". I have tried for 3 days now and get the same message. I have tried on different PCs and get the same message. Can anyone advise how to help me please? Thanks
  12. Disorderly scot


    Hi i preordered and questioned about the be the zombie mode no being apart of the package but i dont wish to take the chances but i am worried that if i cancel my preorder that i will lose the dockets from when i first preordered So My question is if i cancel my preorder and purchase it through steam will i lose my current dockets? Also on amazon apparantly this is the only change im wondering if this has be the zombie mode in it Exclusive - Zombie Pack DownloadEdit: Just checked you dont get the be the zombie code even if you preorder unless you purchase the more expensive version
  13. Disorderly scot


    I bought a £20 copy of dying light for preorder from amazon but they just sent me something saying i need to upgrade to a £35 copy to get the preorder weapon and the be the zombie gamemode i dont know if this is true because i though i had purchased be the zombie when i preordered it?
  14. Hi. I have successfully registered my pre-order of Dying Light for the advance weapon dockets, but when i have attempted to link my xbox account on my PC i get this message: "There were some problems with fetching your data. Please try again in a few moments. If this problem persists please contact us". I have tried for 3 days now and get the same message. I have tried on different PCs and get the same message. Can anyone advise how to help me please? Thanks
  15. BurdHoos

    Retail Pre-Ordering

    Disclaimer: Sorry if this has already been posted but I couldn't find a thread that noted my particular point. I love the idea of the "Be the Zombie" game mode and do not want to miss out on it. That being said i'm going to pre-purchase, hopefully from a retailer rather than steam, because the prices are soooo much better. (Tesco/Amazon ect.) Q: Will the retail pre-purchases of the game feature the exclusive pre-purchase deal offered on steam. i.e. Will retail pre-orders include "Be the Zombie" and "Exclusive Weapon: Punk Queen" dlc? Thanks for any feedback, much appreciated. P.S. One other question I'd seen in the forums that hadn't been answered; Q: Will the pre-order eclusives be available at any point after release, or is it completely 'exclusive' to pre-orders only. Once again, thanks for any feedback.
  16. Since I don't see it on the forums, I would like to propose the idea. What does the company, and community, think about this?
  17. lexer


    When u will add preorder in steam?