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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I've just started replaying Dying Light on the PlayStation 4 Pro and would appreciate it if Techland could work on a Patch for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X to utilize their extra Hardware Power to improve the Performance for the Game or Visuals/Resolution, thanks.
  2. geøstigma

    LOW END Config/Mod Question

    Hey there! This is my first post and I know i'm posting in the wrong section but "General Discussion" is grayed out for me so I hope an admin can see this and reposition it. Sorry. Now to what actually matters. First off, I love this game. It's one of the more interesting concepts that I've ever came across and I've played it around 80 hours already. The thing is, I want to play it much, much more but not without my buddy in co-op. So I went on and got him a copy of the game through Steam and we played for some time but, I didn't knew that his PC would struggle to maintain 20 FPS at the lowest possible game settings. Luckily, there seems to be the modification for people with low end systems that allows the game to be played simply by tweaking some of the game's setting, making them go below the standard lowest preset. So my question is, is this OK? If my friend was to use this modification in order to be able to play the game with me with an acceptable FPS, would he get banned and/or penalized by Steam's VAC? He doesn't want to do it until the developers confirm that it's it perfectly fine to do this and he already asked around Twitter but got no reply. Please let me know, we are anxious to continue to explore Harran and the countryside carefree. P.S. This is the modification in question that he would use.
  3. Sattelschwein

    Performance on Xbox

    Pls. Make a Vetter Performance on Console. My XBOX One S is so laggy on playing.
  4. MiraiDematro

    Guide: Performance Optimisation

    It is very important that your map runs well on every machine capable of handeling the base game. If your map isn't optimized properly, this might not be the case. You'll run the chance of others having a less exiting and emersive experience, then you wanted to evoke with your map. "I don't care if everyone has a great experience playing my map!" said no decent modder ever. At least think of the negative ratings and comments you could possibly risk by not optimizing your map. I've played some community maps that ran considerably worse (20fps) compared to the base game(50fps). It made me not finish those particular maps simply because they were downright unplayable to me. It is very good practice to always uncheck all the collision flags on a decal. Why? Nothing has to collide with a decal, ever; so you shouldn't ask your computer to be calculating collisions for it -right? Also check the 'NavMesh transparent' Flag while your at it. Applying these same settings to very small objects should also give your map a slight increase in performance. These settings have been applied to most of the objects in this example image like the documents, food and toilet-paper as well as the decals: Objects that aren't ever going to be visible to the player, should be deleted. You should be aware of this one. Less objects=better performance; so try to delete as many unnecessary objects as possible! It is commonly forgotten, but this includes grounds underneath houses and buildings that have been joined together. You should avoid very large open areas at all times! The game only visually renders objects/AI visible to the player at any given time; hence your framerate goes up when you look directly up or down. (Your not looking at many objects this way) So you can imagine what could happen on certain machines when the player enters an open area; lag spikes. Want to create a large horde of zombies? Use a crowd spawner. Not only is it way more convenient to use a crowd spawner instead of a regular spawner to create a large group of scattered zombies, it is also the best way performance wise. The engine has to parse way more calculations for your individual zombies as opossed to when they are placed in a crowd; thus giving them all the exact same atributes/handled the same way. Optimisation gets more difficult the Higher your own PC specs are. Just because you are able to run a certain environment at 60 fps without issues doesn't mean that everyone can! Try to test your map on multiple computers if possible; Maybe your friends could help out with this? Beta Testers? I hope you found this guide usefull! Good luck optimizing your maps! Note: I will continue to add to this guide when I have more to share. Feel free to share your own tips on optimisation. Special Thanks: - Rabid Squirrel
  5. Hey there, I am in the process of making a forest map playing around with the terrain editor and what it can do. Anyway, the floor of the forest looks extremely bland if you leave it without sufficient grass cover. So I have used large amounts of foliage_grass_a.msh to pad up the ground and make it look more believable. The issue with this is that I now experience extreme frame rate lag in the editor (it is actually fine in 'Dying Light Custom Game' - about 50+) but I suspect that people with lesser machines may experience some serious frame rate lag when playing. So what I would like to know is: Is there a way to reduce the performance hit of these meshes without reducing the amount? Thanks in Advance, Squirrel.
  6. So my roommate has dying light and ive played it on his computer and its tons of fun so of course I want to buy it. However it runs very poorly on his computer and my computer is identical to his, so I am afraid I will have the same problems with fps. He runs with absolute minimum settings (everything possible set to off or low) even view distance. His framerate is extremely variable. In buildings like the tower, or out in the ocean, fps is around 70-100. However as soon as he goes in an area with zombies and runs around the frame rate fluctuates between 30-40 fps!! He in no way has a bad computer, here are his specs (which are almost the same as mine) AMD FX-8350 running at 4.2 Ghz CM Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 (not overclocked) (Latest Nvidia Driver) G.Skill 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Asus M5A99X EVO Samsung 840 EVO 120 GB SSD CORSAIR CX600M PSU Another note: His game is completely up to date with patch 1.4. I have done research and know this game is horrible with AMD cpus but is this normal? Is everyone else with an 8350 getting performance this bad!?
  7. EDIT: THANK YOU DEVELOPERS FOR FIXING ALL LISTED ISSUES! GAME IS SUPER SMOOTH NOW! Even playable on 4k with single 980!!!! thank you!!! super gameplay! 1.2.1 benchmark: MINFPS: 3 MAXFPS: 156 AVGFPS: 79 1.4 benchmark: minfps: 68 maxfps: 143 avg fps: 91 huge change in min fps as you see, this means no more lags, stutters , freezes! Dram usage also reduced with 50% !!!!!!!!!!! from 7,2-3 gb to 3-4 gb even after 2 hours of playing!! I'm looking forward to dying light 2 with a 2x- 3x longer story mode! but when it comes please only release with patch 1.4 ! ;DDDD Hello all, so i'm " playing " the game,the patch 1.2.1 is installed and actually i would enjoy it, because it could be a realy really good game, the fight system is amazing, parkour, combat moves,story is nice too, it even scares me sometimes at night. so it's very good game. BUT game performance is even worse than ac unity unpatched version LOL First problem: FREEZES. Benchmark results: MINFPS: 3 MAXFPS: 156 AVGFPS: 79 THIS IS RIDICOLUS!!!!!! I have 70+ fps most of time , but game laggs, screen is freezing at start of every animation( like when zombie spits green chupacabra on you, or you start a quest and yoiu have a cutscene, or when zombie grabs you, or when you cut head off zombie. Also when i start running game lags out, screen freezes, and fraps still says i have 70+ fps and it lags like hell. and the options doesn't matter. no matter if i use vsync or don't no matter what energy management i have no matter if i use forced triple buffering or not. Trust me i've tried everything, it's the game's fault. The game is nearly unplayable because of these frequent screen freezes. Second problem: GPU USAGE Ok so i've tested this for hours with msi afterburner. the game engine doesn't utilize my graphics card properly ( not just mine if you check youtube there are tons of videos of this problem.) So GPU USAGe changes depending on where are you looking with the camera. ( not cpu bottleneck cpu is maximum on 60% all time) Example: If i stand on a rooftop and i look in a certain direction gpu usage is 95% and i have 120 fps ( for example i'm looking at the ground or other direction) then i move the camera and look in a far distance, fps goes down to 65 and GPU USAGE to 50% WHAT?:??????? 50% GPU USAGE????? WHY??????? cpu still on same 60% .......... omg what is this what are you doing?!?!?!?!? Just to make it clear i have vsynch off before some very cleaver man starts telling me to switch it off........... Third problem: possible memory leak( i'm not 100% sure about this, but i'll till write my experience maybe it will help devs) So the game starts at around 5,5gb ram usage, then after 2-3 hours of playing it reaches even 7 gb. I'm not 100% sure but this could be possibly because of wrong usage of dinamic memory allocation? so called memory leak ( maybe this can cause the freezes and unplayable lags in related to first problem?) my spec is far over the recommended: i7-4790 gtx980 z97-k coolermaster silencio 650 fsp raider 650 8gb hyperX 1866mhz 1 more thing: no other game have similar issues. I play farcry 4, ac unity, shadow mordor, all 100% stable, 98% gpu usage all time, no lags, no freezes, just fluid smooth gameplay. I really hope you fix these issues, because Dying Light is the best zombie killer horror game i ever played. The last " similar " game i enjoyed so much was FEAR 1, and that was ages ago.
  8. Dying Light has Major Performance Issues when a lot of Zombies are Onscreen. In paticular when the Player is fighting them. Suggestion for Fix: When a lot of Zombies are localised in an Area and the Player is Fighting them. Lower the Visible Draw Distance and Disable or Scale back some of the Special Effects. This would somewhat lessen the Burden on the Console. As pretty as Dying Light is. I'm sure all Players would prefer smoother Gameplay over a Pretty but Choppy Game. Thank You.
  9. Any ETA on this. I have a GTX 770 2GB, AMD 8150 & 8GB Ram. I can barely keep a steady 30 FPS with low settings. Only when I use the manager can I get 50-60 fps, and this is when the shadows are ALL off. The game looks like chupacabra then. Any info on this is appreciated.
  10. Dying Light Bugs Poor performance on AMD GPUs. Unable to reach Survivor Rank 25; quests and air drops no longer give EXP at rank 24. Use key (F) sometimes stops working, making it impossible to pick up items or turn in quests. Exiting to main menu and resuming the game seems to fix this. The Whole Story Achievement is bugged; it gets stuck at 43/44. Waypoint for the quest “The house with the red smoke pouring out of it†is never removed from the map. The Poster challenges in Old Town cannot be completed; it is either bugged or it is not showing certain challenges on the map. If anyone else has a bug, please post it and I will add it to the list.
  11. Hello Techland team I patched the game to 1.2.1 but my FPS aren't really better and it is still stuttering with my “Nvida Geforce 780 SLI (overclocked)â€, “Intel Core i7 3820 4.2Ghz (overclocked)†and "16GB RAM" system. They are jumping around at 48 – 92 and change like crazy depending where I'm looking. 1920x1080 144hz viewing distance: 0% shadow quality: high fov: +7 (everything else maxed out) I tried to lower all sorts of options, everything at the lowest etc. but the FPS can't move up in a playable/enjoyable minimum of 60 + FPS. I saw some videos with people using the 970 in SLI and they are getting a lot better performance than my system, their FPS are around 70 – 135. But this can't be normal because my 780 SLI and their 970 SLI are normaly on the same level with the performance. So there must be some kind of issue with the CPU or the multi GPU settings in game. (looked my CPU while playing up after the patch there is not one single core maxed out), Is therefore a patch in planning? I read something about a planned multi GPU performance patch incoming? (Want to play this game sooo badly but at the same time not with these FPS drops and stutters making my eyes dizzy ...) Here my complete System: Greetings from Germany
  12. As soon as I turn this game on I get insane heat coming from my computer Also i get the usual fps freezes during cut-scenes, character interaction and getting attacked by zombies. The promised patch fixed nothing - it's still the same. I love this game, but I love my PC more and I dont want to buy new one just because your game is poorly optimized. Spec: i5-4770k with Thermalright Macho radiator (even with turned off OC) GTX780 220GB SSD Windows 7 x64 Professional
  13. Hi y'all! So, alot of ppl, based on reviews and my own experience, are having troubles running the PC version of Dying Light with their AMD graphics cards. My piece is the recommended AMD R9280 with 3GB GDDR5. A brand new one, picked from a store today, with adequate drivers. The FPS varies, as does anyone else's. Mine is usually 50-60 inside and around 20-30 outside, with high settings and no extra turned on. ESPECIALLY the view distance seems to affect this, alot. Hopefully Techland looks into this thing soon.. Anyone else having same kind of issues? Are Nvidia cards doing that much better?
  14. The game's performance drops every time I get hit by the toad's projectile attack. The fps will drop from 60+ to downright unplayable 5-15 fps. This lasts less than 3 seconds, however, it occurs every single time. It is hard to play the game when I've got multiple toads around shooting me. Hopefully this can be addressed sooner than later. My current specs are as follow: Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Processor: Intel® Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM --- Card name: ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 STRIX Chip type: GeForce GTX 970 Display Memory: 4095 MB