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Found 19 results

  1. Hello! I really hope the dev team follows the forums. The bug I've been encountering since I bought the game 2 years ago is the following: I have two Keyboard layouts on windows: Bulgarian and English. If I start the game with my Bulgarian layout on and I go online, even when I switch later to English and want chat with other people, all that my messages would consist of is "??????". Every time this happens I have to stop the game, make sure I'm on the English layout and start it again. It's very annoying and I'm pretty sure a lot of people have this problem.
  2. GLoRToR

    Co-Op Online Play?

    Bought the game the other day and after having to reinstall it to even make it work, I notice that not a lot of people play it online at all. Is the game dead?
  3. Pete Donnelly

    Current Matchmaking Issue

    There is an issue with matchmaking right now on PS4 and PC. It will show (and then fail trying to connect) to 4 player games that are not open to invasions. Until the hotfix is released your best bet is to manually search for and join games of 3 players or less. Avoid using the "Quickjoin" if you are having problems connecting. We are trying to get a fix out to everyone ASAP
  4. junkieszbastard

    Cant Matchmaking Or Invite Player

    its kind of weird that i cant matchmaking or invite my friend even though im already connected to my wifi can somebody help me???
  5. As the title says if anyone is around now it would be great, probably better for me to join someone elses game as im near the end of the storyline
  6. All right, since patch I can't join a game trough "invite" or "join", wether it is be the zombie mode or campaign... IS THE SAME THING HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE? If not, do you have any advice to fix this please?
  7. All right, since patch I can't join a game trough "invite" or "join", wether it is be the zombie mode or campaign... IS THE SAME THING HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE? If not, do you have any advice to fix this please?
  8. PoL4k4N

    No Online Stats?

    Hi! So,i've been playing BTZ pretty much lately (and doing pretty good). I just want to know,where can someone see his ONLINE personal statistics?? I'm a pretty good Hunter but have no stats to prove it...???
  9. Mark_Rick

    Online Problems

    I'm at the point that i have the game finale. I want to play co-op with a friend, but both "matchmaking" as settings for online in the "options" menu are disabled. I cannot do anything ingame. I have a good internet connection and in the main menu my internet setting is set on "public". Anyone know how to fix this?
  10. Crash is not happening to me just my friends who play. We are sick and tired of seeing patch and other pinned issues but no response to game crashing during online play. What gives?
  11. There are 2 ps4s in my house and we both bought Dying Light. We can play co op together but it won't let others join us. We can play online with others but not when we are together in the same game. When we are in the same game it shows others trying to join but they get rejected but we can still get invaded even when we are in the same game.
  12. I'm tired of trying my ports its open my nat type:1 Cosole:Ps4 id:PlayZona try and try but i can't play online my internet is so good 10/10
  13. yo Big Mitch

    Help!? What's The Best Weapon?

    Through opinion what is ultimately the best weapon to craft and upgrade!?!? Would love some answers, I've saved up so much money and stuff on this game cause I don't want to waste anything on anything until I am sure on what is a good decision to spend it on. REPLY!
  14. I cannot play join an online match no matter what. Everytime i try to join a match it says one either one of the two following statements, "Unable to join the game" and "Connection to the game you have tried to join could not be established." Random players have joined me while i was in single player and turned it into co op. But no matter what i cannot play online, i was really looking forward to the Be The Zombie online mode. I can play the zombie tutorial but thats it, it displays games in the find match option but when i try to join backs me out to the zombie tutorial and says one of those statements i mentioned earlier Please help
  15. Okay, playing Dying Light co-op is great, with friends.. Quick Join works fine, but the amount of inactive players (people who disappear from their console), are annoying and frustrating when you're trying to active a mission. It's just a suggestion, but my idea was to make it at least half of the players in one session had to be at the waypoint for it to activate. I was in a game the other day, 3 of us where trying to get a mission finished, but 1 guy had gone for a smoke about 10 minutes ago. We was all at the waypoint, apart from this one guy - it was just annoying because we was getting attacked from behind, having to use our repairs on weapons, medkits and recourses, when we was at the waypoint, technically finished. But this one guy was at the tower, away from his console, so we was unable to advance. Thanks for reading and hopefully, developers will figure something out.
  16. So just wanted to know if any of you guys who tried playing be the zombie on the X1 has had any luck joint a game? I read about the PS4 not functioning but I haven't read anything for the X1. Every time I join one an error message appears and says unable to join game.
  17. ive been playing with my friends all day, i reset my ps4 and now when i try to join i get a black screen that just bring me back to single player.
  18. Morphin

    Online Play

    I know I am in the minority, but I have absolutely no desire to play online games with people I do not know. To me, video games are to relax and sadly, that is not what you get when you end up playing with an uninvited person in your game. Most online players are fine, but the jerks I have dealt with from Xbox online play has forever soured me. This is why I like the open world games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim. So I just read that any player have a human controlled hunter enter their game. This is not something that remotely interests me. Can the game be played offline? I was planning to buy a PS4 this weekend so I can play this game; however, I will pass if this is a component of the game that cannot be controlled. Thanks for the help.
  19. estranged520

    Player Tethering

    Hello, Will player characters be tethered to a set distance in cooperative gameplay? I know a lot of open-world games (a current example would be Far Cry 4's co-op mode) do this because of system limitations and to make the game run smoother. I suppose it would be pretty easy to get overwhelmed by zombies if players got separated and it might also be frustrating if your co-op partner was on the other side of the map when you were trying to complete a mission objective. While the freedom of non-tethered co-op could be cool, it seems like it would have a lot of issues that the developers would need to sort out (which they might have already done). I could also see how implementing splitscreen might be difficult if the cooperative play is non-tethered. Speaking of splitscreen, will there be a non-online system link option for players that want to play offline? It would also be good to have for the sake of posterity when the Playstation 4 and Xbox One servers go down for good in a few years. Thanks, estranged520