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Found 26 results

  1. Pete Donnelly

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Gonna start fresh! Post your BTZ matches here!!! Or, if you're a Survivor, post your Invasion matches here!
  2. RandomHuntermain

    I'm very confused

    So i'm gonna be one hundred with all of you, I play ps4 dying light and the controls are a bit wonky but I can get used to it, i've been playing for a bit as the night hunter and am at mutation 1 level 2, so why am i getting matched up with max legend level survivors that spam dropkick and death from above? I may just suck but I think there should be different variations of the night hunter, maybe one that focuses on dodging and one mainly for combat, that sorta thing, but as it stands now I may not want to continue since if I play human i'm gonna feel like a jerk for bullying the Night hunters but its also rare for me to find a game with a night hunter anymore, back in the old days it was great to be afraid of the night hunter and actually have a good time, I would get invaded like 3 times in one in-game day but now i'll be waiting for hours and get nothing so, what now??
  3. So I have had this problem ever since I have played as a zombie Everytime I do anything that envlolves spitting (spitting or spit smash) my night hunter would glitch and stop walking or hitting, and all I could do is use my tendril or pounce please help me, finding a person to invade is already hard enough.
  4. Hi guys, as you can see i am facing 4 players and i get the same damage like in 1v1 mode, imagine 4 guys with double or triple crossbow setups..... ABSOLUTELY NO BALANCE, this game is a bad joke, I noticed that since the 2017-02-22 hunter gets the same damage in all modes like in 1v1. Sth has been changed and there was no official information from techland about this. I would really recommend to not play this game techland fix this bug. Players who are still playing the game regardless of those horrible bugs are big part of the problem. Where is the challenge for humans, they dont even have to think while playing, they are lighting you with uv and shooting with crossbows... no stratedy at all. Serious players dont play 3,4 v1 mode now, there are only kids left who think they can win because they are so good xd.Btw, I wonder why players are not posting numerous posts on techland forum regarding be the zombie issues, do they want to waste their time on unfinished, unbalanced mode instead of drop the game until it will be fixed ? I also noticed that there is no answer from techland regarding numerous bugs to this day, just some really stupid, evasive answers. Ii think it tells us somethig realy nasty about Techland. They dont give a damn about us players who gave our money to them and I dont think they deserve our money and our trust.
  5. Tochotto

    New Night Hunter's Ranks

    This may contain some spoilers (if you don't want to know all ranks) @Full Edit Hello! I found all new ranks in game files (aslo new Survivors ranks) Here is the list (its "OLD" -> "NEW") -Night Hunter- 1. "Walker" -> "Ravenous Walker" 2. "Runner" -> "Viscous Runner" 3. "Biter" -> "Brutal Biter" 4. "Bolter" -> "Brutal Bolter" 5. "Stalker" -> "Ferocious Stalker" 6. "Beast" -> "Volatile Beast" 7. "Mauler" -> "Merciless Mauler" 8. "Juggernaut" -> "Murderous Juggernaut" 9. "Widow Maker" -> "Savage Widow Maker" 10. "Carnivore" -> "Barbaric Carnivore" 11. "Hunter" -> "Visceral Hunter" 12. "Apex Predator" -> "Indisputable Apex Predator" -Survivor (ranks with losed community event)- 1. "Prey" -> "Mutilated Prey" 2. "Casualty" -> "Mutilated Casualty" 3. "Endangered" -> "Endangered Snack" 4. "Underdog" -> "Crippled Underdog" 5. "Runner" -> "Crippled Runnger" 6. "Contender" -> "Mangled Contender" 7. "Challenger" -> "Mangled Challenger" 8. "Fighter" -> "Maimed Fighter" 9. "Dominant" -> "Dominant Food" 10. "Ruthless" -> "Ruthless Food" 11. "Indomitable" -> "Indomitable Food" 12. "Ultimate Survivor" -> "Hunted Ultimate Survivor" -Other ranks from Zombiefest video- "Hunted Hunter" "Ruthless Killer" "Crippled Carnivore" "Superior Challenger" Thanks for help @nickmad92
  6. Hi all, first i would like to thank you Techland for delivering the greatest multiplayer experience i ever had, 1v1 was my addiction for almost a year now. I think it was the only balanced mode, 2,3,4 vs 1 was not balanced in theory. In practice humans are not covering each other all the time, that's why people think 2,3,4 vs 1 was balanced. I also play sometimes as a hunter and flare spam is real in 2,3,4 vs 1. never in 1v1. Decision to give human 1 flare at a time is great for 2,3,4 humans vs hunter. But it completely destroys balance in 1v1. I know that there are not too many people who like to play 1v1 with top hunters so you will probably won't listen to me. I am dying breed and there are maybe 5 % players playing 1v1. I woul like to encourage all of you guys to vote if you want to bring back old cooldowns for falres but only in 1v1. If the game can recognize when other players are joining and increase the ratio of recharging spits on the fly, why it can't allow for 2 flares in 1v1 ? If one flare at a time is here to stay in 1v1 i would like to say goodbye to all my hunter and human friends, it was a f.cking great time to play with you guys, sweet times.
  7. ColonelJayce

    Nh Is Far Too Weak Right Now

    I consider myself a good NH, and I've played quite a bit of both sides, it's obvious that the night hunter is at an tremendously extreme disadvantage. The NH defenses have very long cooldowns, using both spits will essentially leave you vulnerable and pathetic for around 90 seconds, this leaves more than enough time to clear a nest. However the humans have no real disadvantages when they use up a defensive ability. Out of UV? Throw a flare. NH trying to ground pound flare? Pull out the gun, take a step back, and blow him away while he tries to recover from his completely under powered and slow ground pound. Night hunter tries to tackle human? HAH! LOL!... LMAO JK. Who gets hit by tackles anyways? It takes a new level of bad to be hit by a NH tackle. Its sad to say that the human is actually faster than the NH on short distance sprints upon taking an extremely common speed potion. This makes it very difficult for a NH to escape a clutch situation, and leaves no room for error, since there is a cast time for tendril locomotion, ground pound, ect. Even with UV immunity. Speaking of which, why can't the NH use melee attacks? Sure sure you are thinking "But Jayce the NH does have melee attacks dur". Yeah? Really? Tell me how many times you have dealt more than 25 damage against a human in a head to head melee brawl. I mean sure the NH shouldn't be better than the human at everything, but at least let him hold his own! I mean really, a runner zombie deals more damage with his melee attacks than a NH. TLDR: My suggestion. Remove both hunter vision, and Zombie sense. OR Add a 15 minute timer to human players so that they cannot just camp a single area until the NH has been killed, and then move up. OR Make the NH more responsive (Faster cast times, better projectile speed, Faster movement, and less ability interruptions) OR My personal favorite. Remove the ability to counter the NH so aggressively. Take away the ability to dodge his tackle, increase NH health so that making a mistake doesn't mean certain death, and make it so that landing yellow spit on the player actually does something useful. I cannot tell you how many times I have done everything right, landed that yellow spit, and remained completely unable to get a kill because there are so many ways to exploit the NH abilities and counter him. Anyways, we all agree that the NH needs a lot of works/buffs. I'm surprised techland hasn't done anything about it yet.
  8. tvdaXD

    An Outfit Idea

    Features: Bulletproof mask, because who wants Night Hunter claw-marks on their face? Bulletproof vest, so you can still breathe easily after you've been tackled. Military-grade wrist watch, waterproof and with radium dials! Military-grade boots, for running countless miles comfortably. Waterproof flashlight, nothing special really. A black shirt to match the outfit, stretchy material for easy movement. Military-grade gloves, so your hands won't bleed after climbing all those buildings. ​Black cargo pants with knee pads, so you can keep making those zombie heads explode without any pain and/or knee damage! That's all, of course this outfit is just an aesthetic item that doesn't add any extra's or better stats to your character. I would love to play against Night Hunters in this outfit. I hope the developers see this and say what they think. On top of that, feel free to say what you like and dislike about this.
  9. Before reading, please take note this is my first post on this forum, and I made an account simply to express my opinion on the pvp aspect of dying light. I think Btz is an awesome gamemode regardless. (it does evolve better than evolve) But I feel some changes are in order . I have been playing a fair share of battles - both as a survivor and a night hunter, and it's become apparent to me how unbalanced the game is in the survivors favour. This is coming from a relatively unbiased point of view, as I enjoy playing as the hunter and the survivor. I could write 10 pages worth of text as with different scenarios I've encountered which has left me puzzeled. But I will keep it short and to the point with what is (IMO) the problems with the game mode. Melee combat In dying light, the Hunter is penalized and punished for mistakes made in the melee department. While the Survivor meets punishment to a much less of an extent comparison 1 Night hunter: If a night hunter misses a ground pound, you are pretty much guaranteed a death against a relatively skilled player, the 3 hit quota is very much used up by the time the animation is finished. Human: if the human tries and fails a drop kick attack (which in most cases hits because of the magnetism in the game, on par with death from above) there is very little chance the survivor will die from that mistake, as the hunters melee attacks are weaker and slower. Comparison 2 Night hunter: Against experienced players, a night hunters attempted tackle is usually met with eating dirt and general dismay, and attempting to kill a human with chaining tackles is not really an option. Human: should the survivor attempt a drop kick on a night hunter, it will undoubtedly hit, even if the night hunter jumps beforehand to avoid the attack the strong gravitational pull of the attacks will most likely pull the night hunter back into the games desired position. and if one drop kick wasn't enough, it's not really a problem. Because for the humans the drop kick is in every right unavoidable and very much repeatable until the night hunter is no more. Now a few people and the devs would argue "oh, nipple. The night hunter is made for stealth and not close quarters, you are not supposed to go toe-to-toe with humans" With your spits used up (which boasts an impressive 90 second(!) recharge time 1v1) and missed due to survivors excessive dodge range & speed,(on a side-note I experience roughly 1/2 of my spit sticks arent detected, maybe due to some invincible frames happening when humans dodge or use medkit?) and your UV depleted because 3 seconds of UV light will leave you limping. What is left to do for the night hunter? melee attacks. and with what I stated above combined with UV light spamming from 1-4 survivors; you do the math. The way it stands now, unless the hunter is willing to delve into melee combat there is not really a viable way for the hunter to combat decent - skilled survivor players. I understand the humans are supposed to have the melee advantage, and the night hunter is supposed to have the stealth advantage, But the survivor gets the melee advantage, and the hunter gets nothing. As they always have the tag on you with constant survivor sense tracking. plainly redicoulus UV range, their very own tendril locomotor in the form of a grappling hook. and the camouflage skill, which I feel would be better suited as a hunter tool. As the balance is quite delicate in multiplayer games, here are a few suggestions: - make the survivor sense, give the direction of the hunter, and make it a cool down. not a long one, but something around 5-10 seconds. - give the night hunter a faster spit recharge - give the uv-light a shorter range, like 30-40% reduction. - give uv light shorter duration Thanks for reading!
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to share a simple strategy for those of you who are still leveling up your Hunters via Mutations. Overall, I've found it's actually slightly more effective to simply avoid leveling up your Ground Pound to the point where it has increased distance. By keeping the range short, you can still Ground Pound Humans away from you, but you keep them at an optimal distance to follow your Ground Pound up with a Tackle. I'l post a video when I can, but it's overall effective, and the timing makes it difficult for Humans to Dodge out of the way in response, as they're still landing from the Ground Pound recoil. The distance is also beneficial for top-of-building encounters, as you don't want to Ground Pound Humans off of buildings - they can still respond and negate their damage (via the Roll command) as if they weren't under the effects of recoil. Tackle, on the other hand, does not afford them that luxury, and following up a short-range Ground Pound with a Tackle off a building has resulted in death 100% of the times I've tested it so far. No matter how much it's upgraded, Ground Pound still does full damage, and the GP damage + Tackle damage + fall damage (when it works) has yet to not finish a Survivor off. The strategy obviously accels in 1 Vs. 1, but it offers assistance in higher numbers as well as an ability to safely Tackle a Human out of the picture (always upgrade your Tackle to max range), allowing you to deal with the other Humans or escape with minimal loss of effectiveness Vs. just Ground Pounding everyone around you 20 feet back. As previously mentioned, this works exceptionally well on buildings, as you can very easily chain into a Tackle off a Ground Pound that might normally knock a person off a building for 0 fall damage, resulting in a high chance of netting the kill and less players bothering you at the same time. Not upgrading doesn't negatively affect your ability to Ground Pound Flares or the distance at which your Ground Pound hits Human players in your proximity - it only keeps them closer after they do it and allows for quick chaining. Thoughts? Questions? Feel free to comment/post videos if it's not working as effectively for you as it is on my end - I got pretty lazy with Mutations and could only do this because my Hunter wasn't full on skills yet for a long time.
  11. So, figuring that I'd get us all away from the more serious and heavy balancing cries I figured I'd ask about cosmetics. As a survivor, whilst your customisation options are nothing groundbreaking, they are indeed fun. And one of dying lights charms for me, is the huge variety in how zombies look. Night Hunters fall rather short in this area, with only three appearance variations. My question is both for the devs, could we ever see something like this come about, and for my fellow hunters, what would you like to see to customise your Night Hunter?
  12. GrappleButterFingers

    Virals Night Hunter

    I love playing as human against the Night Hunter but when I'm SOLO I have 4 Virals on me annoying the heck out of me. I try to throw my flare but every time they hit me it cancels the throw, while this is happening the Night Hunter already recovered all of their energy, so the Night Hunter has an opportunity to pounce on me. What also enrages me is the effing Grappling hook. I'm tagged by Horde Spit; quickly look for a roof, grapple on to it and it just DOESN'T WANT TO GRAB the damn ledge as I hold R1/RB and fall down back to the ground with the entire Horde under me. Tackling is BS right when your mid-air after the Night Hunter has successfully knocked you back from a Ground Pound. Tackling should only work when the human is on their two feet. The UV Spit Explodes too fast to be able to pull out flares and defend yourself. I think they should rebalance the game if you're on your own.
  13. Kamikaze watermelon

    Night Hunter Not Be Able To Move

    I was playing some be the zombie mode last night. For some reason everytime I tried to use a spit the night hunter locked up. All i could do was use the tentacles, pounce and howl. Is anybody else experiencing this. Or is it just me?
  14. Hey all, just thought I'd throw out a quick request for a detailed overview of the newest patch regarding the "Be the Zombie" changes. The enhancements look extensive, and I'm sure many of us would love an overview similar to what what provided during the last patch! For those who don't know, the Devs here were kind enough to give us a very detailed overview of the details of the last patch. What was previously provided was much more detailed than the actual Patch Notes, and I know I was sincerely grateful for the detailed description of the changes. Since it appears there's a big change in the way the Night Hunter is played, a rundown of new abilities and what this means for current Hunter players would be greatly appreciated! We can use this thread to discuss changes (but let's keep it civil!). It's wonderful that the Devs would put these kinds of core-gameplay changes in, and the request is simply so we all have the most information possible. TL;DR: After the previous patch, the Devs put out a detailed review of the "Be the Zombie" changes on this board. Devs, would you mind doing so again for the new changes?
  15. Ahardie

    A Bug Since Patch

    So this morning, I look at my PS4 notification window, and it lets me know an update for dying light is downloading. Which I think is great, since i've been away from it for a while. But once I download it, ALL my night hunter abilities are locked, and he wasn't maxed out as it is. I can't even use a spit.Can anyone help? The upgrades still register as there, just unusable.
  16. Broko

    Problems With The Hunter

    The unavoidable Hunter technique is the technique I used to get the spit on him. Not the kill, as the kill can easily be avoided (in a few occasions). With the game breaking technique you either interrupt the pounce and the spit will explode on you, or you don't interrupt it and die by the pounce. That's why the technique is unavoidable (regarding getting hit by the spit). The tackle through the building was still in the air but it was still stupid. You can't dodge in the air making these tackles unavoidable. Hopefully the developers can fix these issues. All these clips are recorded with my friend just to show the issue on video except for the last clip. The last clip was with randoms.
  17. Hey guys, Techland just announced the winners for the #HuntByNight video contest! Guess who won? :3
  18. Hi, my name is Matthew. Before you read this I would like to record that I did thoroughly enjoy Dying Light. No other zombie game can compare. I don't care about your forum trolls putting in their two cents. Even for what it is worth, simply put... I don't care. With that being said, when are you going to fix your game? I assumed when the announcement of a "hard mode" coming to the game it would at least balance the 'Be The Zombie' multiplayer function. You all have a great platform to work on. It could be great. However right now, as the game stands. It's a game where you play it through once and you leave bored of it. Of course, it gets you going. You are excited to play it. It is a scary game. Then you start crafting weird weapons that could only come from the imagination of Pee-Wee Herman (yes, I threw that in there so you know I am not a cry baby kid who still plays with Play-Doh and Lego's). You soon find yourself king of Harran. This is fine, great or dandy if you want to end it there. This leaves me with the multiplayer aspect. It sucks. 'Be The Zombie' mode is undeniably unbalanced (this is the part where the forum trolls come in). To be completely honest, if you think you are an awesome one man army and you think you are the best survivor out there. Then you are only basking in the shadows of children. I am talking about those annoying Halo children. A game where they toss you a softball and you have to hit it. You know that softball is coming. Mommy tossed it. I have been on both sides of Harran; I prefer to be the zombie. Why? It's a challenge. I can play endless match after match as a survivor and win every time. That is not a game. It's kind of like watching your favorite sports team beat the worse team in the league. Yes, sometimes they get beat, but we all know it's just a morale booster game. It's a workout to play as the zombie. I have found my thumbs and fingers sore after playing several matches. I don't have any time to relax and smoke a little weed. Honestly, I think I wore out a controller because 'Be The Zombie' is that vigorous. As the survivor, all I need is my uv light and a rooftop. The UV light. Really? It's the same intensity no matter the effective distance. It wears down the Night Hunters shield so quickly it becomes a frustrating battle of hide and seek. You need to seriously re-think this over powered flashlight. It needs to either be nurfed where the survivors will only conserve it or give the Night Hunter more stamina time. Survivor sense? I don't think dolphins have this good of a locating ability. I have watched countless replays of people who spam the chupacabra out of this to the point it looks like a light show on their mini map. Why call him a Night Hunter if the survivor knows its location every second of the game? Gamma adjustment? I see this abused by everyone. Either most people need a crutch or they are too afraid of the dark. I have see videos where the Survivor sees better in the dark than the Night Hunter. You should have put a little bit more thought into it. This game is amazing when you can't see a damn thing. When you have it set properly, it's almost like being in the dark. However, you don't give a guide on how to set it properly. Become the hunted. Like myself, when I used to think kicking some Night Hunter butt was awesome. I went after the Night Hunter. I would leave one nest alive just so I could mess around longer. There is no fear factor. All I have to worry about is the Night Hunter, where it is and how to mess with it. Right now I am a level 41 Night Hunter with only 24 hours of playing time behind it. Once all of the skills are unlocked, that it. The rest of the Xp accumulated are just numbers. The Night Hunter does not get stronger. It just shows how much you have played. To be honest, the people that gloat about being great at defeating the Night Hunter have no value. Anyone can do it. It's really easy. Why did you, the ones that "put their heart and soul" into the game drop the ball this bad? This is where my rant ends. Hopefully you enjoyed it. I won't be back to respond because I know the man won't see it. I hope it at least this raises some points. Maybe that softball will start rolling. Thanks for your time, Matthew
  19. No_Other_xD

    Survives The Night [My Tips]

    Hello everyone, I want to start this topic saying sorry for my orthography, english is not my main language, any correction is welcome (but secretly hated xD) This is my first time EVER making a topic (guide) like this, so please be kind xD also keep in mind that this is to help, most people don't know everything like others do, If i miss something, feel free to leave a comment with your tip and i will added it Let's get started... Be always ready before the night comes: -Things in your Backpack Obligatiry: UV Flashlight Flare's Medkit Weapons of choice Secondary: Firearm Potions Explosives Firecrackers ​ -Things at your hands Weapons: The weapons of choice but always have a firearm and a heavy melee weaponEquipment UV Flashlight Flare's Whatever you want or need Whatever you want or need In the order that you like...BUT always keep the Flare's next to the UV Flashlight, If you get hit with a UV Spit you just have to click one bottom and the Flare's are ready to use, Be fast Being invaded: ALWAYS stop the game and check the Night Hunter level...Let's be honest, When you see a level 8 is not the same when you see a level know that the level 57 have more experience and will be a pain in the...head Have potions ready to use if you want to Check your playground, Don't stay in rooftops too much time, a Ground Pound can kill you or do enough damage for a easy kill and avoid closed areas for the same reason and because is easy for the Hunter to get you with a Spit or Pounce Don't rush to the Nest Always look at your Mini Map while using Survivor Sense And always lisent what Kyle says "Something Not Right, I Can Feel it." Use the Weather in your favor, if is raining, use a weapon with electricity, because your enemy is wet, the electricity is going to help you alot The Night Hunter: First, Think like a Night Hunter Don't let them get close with all energy Remember any tactic, How he kill you the first time Fool him, stay still a few seconds, he will not resist try to stuck a spit on you, Dodge Take advantage of any mistakes, Missed Ground Pound, Close Corners, Dodge a Tackle in front Spikes, Stand in front of Spikes The Nest: Scout the area for a few seconds IF you can, Look for Gas Tanks or Spikes Kill the Bitters FIRST without attack the Nest Easy way to deal with Bitters around the Nests: Sneak > Takedown = Kill Slide > Leg Breaker = Immobile Tackle > Stomp = Kill Dropkick > Stomp = Kill Instant Escape > Stun Kill = Kill Vault Stun > Stun Kill = Kill ​Or just xD Go the fashion way and get dirty aaaaaaand is 4:02am and Im tired so lets skip to the good part (i think) Here some videos that I hope help you to be a better Survivor Like i say before, watch your surroundings, look for any gas tank and be smart, with a gas tank you can destroy one Volatile in seconds Again, Watch your surroundings, look for gasoline barrels and have a firearm ready to use Have a Heavy Melee Weapon, Wait for the right moment and throw it, ex: a missed Ground Pound Practic your speed at throwing weapons, aim and be careful, dont keep your hands empty A super easy and faster way to Kill the Night Hunter, Tackle + Heavy Melee Weapon, Drain his energy first so he cant run away Flares, use your flares as a wall no like a room, dont stay in the middle, keep the flare between you and the Night Hunter, RUN if you have to, SPAM flares IF you have to Again, Know your playground, Harram is our home...The Night Hunter is a Intruder, Be fast, Pay attention Something that I learn from Battlefield 3 ALWAYS look the Mini Map Again, Watch your Surroundings, Be creative, Scout the area and use it Have your Flares next to the UV Flashlight, Pay attention and RUN BOY RUN Like i say, Pay attention, Watch how your enemy play, Take advantage of his mistakes be ready, aim and throw Think fast, Watch your surroundings and dont be afraid of heights xD Another easy and fast way to kill the Night Hunter, pay attention to this one...some Hunter use a popular tactic...UV Block+Spit and Pounce, try to drain his energy befire he activates his UV Block and if you have time...throw a Flare and be ready for what next Also here a full gameplay against a good Night Hunter ^-^ in this videos you can see all my tactics in accion Part.1 Part.2 Right now i dont know what else type =\ so...What you guys think? let your tips to make this topic better Be Save, Good Night, Good Luck.
  20. Today I'm bringing you guys a match that kept me on the edge of my seat from the first minute to the last. Honestly, I was getting a bit disheartened as the fight went on, since, as you'll see, it becomes relatively one-side one we get to the halfway point. And that's when Night Hunter mode kicks in. Like a proverbial Night Hunter potion, all your stats kick it into high gear. No longer are you the hunted, but the HUNTER. And damnit, you should be. Because once you enter Night Hunter mode, there's no turning back. I've had a good "clutch" match before, but this one goes to a whole 'nother level of cutting it close. Not going to lie - luck had a big part of it. But keeping the Human distracted and using abilities at the right time, even if they appear wasted, puts a lot of pressure on the fleshy meatbags trying to take you down. Never forget who the monster is. Don't be afraid to engage to disrupt a strategy. Not everyone thinks a mile a minute, and sometimes all it takes is a little push to knock someone off their game. Speaking of disruptions, the 5th death is now clear to me - not only did he die from the explosive barrel kill, but it very much counted, which accounts for his being unable to reach the Nests in time. The things that go on when I'm not paying attention! It's also very important to understand your opponents' weaknesses. You'll see, later in the match, I take advantage of the Human's desire to rush to see opportunities to get "free Pounces" when I would normally just get UV'd. A dodge and a UV Light can be used relatively simultaneously, but that doesn't mean it's EASY to do so. That's why distractions and pressure are so important. I might be a Night Hunter and he might be a seasoned government agent, but that doesn't mean there isn't a normal person on the other side of both our screens. Adrenaline affects us all. It's unfortunate that he felt he had to "Abort," which essentially means he pulled his plug/Internet in frustration. I'd be frustrated too, but unless someone is outright cheating, there's no reason to deny them the kill. Regardless, the Night Hunter doesn't get anything for winning, so it's an empty gesture. I still sent him a message of good will afterward to let him know there were no hard feelings. Regardless, the match ended in my victory, and I'll take it as such. Roar unto the night, bretheren. Tonight, we feast as if we were at death's door. For truly, we stood at the welcome mat and brushed the filth off our feet.
  21. LivingDarkness

    Night Hunter Tactics

    So, I've read many posts on how some say the Night Hunter is OP or UP, depending on who you talk to. Some people aren't very good, or are going through a rough patch(UP), while others say that the Night Hunter is extremely powerful, and that said players can go on 30 match win-streaks. So, I propose this, a discussion page where players can share their personal methods of hunting. This might help less skilled players become better and allow BtZ veterans to pick up small little things to enhance their skills even further. And, if you want to discuss this with me at greater lengths, hit me up on Xbox LIVE at UnholySpirit447.
  22. Basically, the idea is to lure multiple Humans to their deaths by using a downed (reviveable) Human as live bait. By drawing the Human(s) close together with a common goal other than killing you, you open up the possibility to get multiple free kills. By using the Night Hunter's UV Spit at the moment a Human begins reviving his companion, you've essentially set up a bomb to go off the moment both Humans start to stand up. Since they are, essentially, in mid-animation recovery from the revive, there's little they can do to prevent - much less dodge - the exploding UV Spit. Once it has taken effect, you can leap down for a free, uninterrupted Pounce, followed by another via Leapfrog. Shockwave is useful, but not necessary. Both Humans should be unable to do anything in the time between getting up and your UV-assured Pounce. However, it does help, since it prevents them from moving for a short time. And, if they do manage to have enough time to begin an action, you can interrupt it. Keep in mind that you can hit "downed" players with Spits. If, for instance, you don't have a UV Spit but still want to delay a revive without entering a confrontation, you can use a Horde Spit to discourage other Humans from approaching their dead friend... unless they enjoy blowing up. That's about it! Let me know if you guys have ever used Humans as bait - it's quite fun.
  23. Who among you feels downtrodden beneath the Humans' blood-stained boots? Their rugged leather stamped cleanly upon your brow; swords of legend, forged in fire, nestled comely between your eyes. Who among you raises your tendril-slathered fists to the moon and cries once upon each fortnight, "Goddamn Humans!" No more. Now, we have our own weapon. They have Flares, but will they use them in time? They have guns, but are their fingers quick enough to slay you? They are not, and nay, they are not. Using your UV Block, approach the Human with extreme prejudice. Leap. Leap into the night like the majestic lion you are. And look down upon the face of your meal. Look down upon it like a hungry man looks down upon the face of a cooked lobster and says, "I don't care if you have eyes. You're already dead." Essentially, the Pounce ability can be used safely as long as you are directly behind a person. Humans do not "snap" to you, despite how the animation looks, unless you are to the side or in front of them. With this method, you escape the Human's "Dead Zone" of vision by actually Pouncing when you are, for all intents and purposes, behind the Human. Because you are still allowed to Pounce, you prevent the Human from being able to turn quickly enough to UV you and home in for the kill. Now this, of course, does NOT work if there is already a Flare on the ground. But if you approach the Human before they can do anything preventative (i.e. throw a Flare), it's a flawless Pounce. And the best part about this strategy? It's hyper-aggressive, in-your-face fun. No longer will you be the hunted. You are the Night Hunter. Now take back the night, goddamnit.
  24. Night hunter is really really really weak I've never lost against the night hunter seriously I chase him not him it's like the hunter became the hunted it will be great if you make the night hunter more powerful
  25. Let me say this first. I was the victim of the night hunter dozens of times, and my opinion was that the mode was balanced (granted I never used survivor sense because I didn't even know about it). After playing as the hunter for a while to get some perspective, my opinion has changed. Let me start with survivor sense... absolute stupidity on the person who added it to this mode. It's ridiculous when all 4 humans are looking directly at you for the entire match and theres nothing you can do about it. The idea of a hunter in any aspect is to be stealthy and avoid detection by your prey. In this mode, the hunter often times because the hunted simply by being flashed with a UV light for half a second. This is what I think needs to happen: Survivor sense needs to be either completely removed from this mode or be seriously reworked. It has no purpose other than to show the hunters exact location. It should have a cooldown of 20 seconds, and it should only show the direction that the hunter is in. On top of that, the duration of the effect (showing the direction of the hunter) should only last for 2 seconds tops. It's range should also be severely limited. The best thing to do would be to show the hunters map icon on the edge of the radar to show its direction. UV light... this is a big one. It's drain rate is far too slow. I've been in 10-15 second long chases (where I, the HUNTER, am being chased) where the humans have no issue keeping their UV light on me the entire time. It should last for 6-7 seconds on a full charge, and it should not start recharging for 5 seconds after the UV light is turned off. It's range also needs to be reduced dramatically. It's range coupled with survivor sense makes it impossible to pounce a player who is always staring in your direction with their UV light turned on. It needs at LEAST a 30-40% reduction in range. Spawning... good GOD... When a hunter dies, it literally spawns them 10-15 seconds away from the nearest nest (this is after the 10 second loading screen wait, of course). Also I can't tell you how many times I've went after a group of people, kill one of them, only to have him spawn 300 meters away within spitting distance of the nests. By the time I even get there, he's already gotten to the nests, destroyed them, and is waiting for me with his UV light pointed in my exact direction. If a survivor dies, for whatever reason, it should NOT spawn him closer to the nests. Spits... now before I go into this, be aware I'm only a level 7-8 hunter, so I do not have all the skills unlocked. Now, the length of time it takes spits to explode is ridiculous. You can land a spit 2 feet away from someone, and they can be 30 feet away before it goes off. If there is a skill that reduces that time, disregard this part. People hiding in unreachable places... here's a story from last night (TL;DR at the end). I joined a session of 4 people who were playing in Old Town. As soon as I joined, I see all 4 of them running for a few second and then they stopped. Upon reaching them, they're all 4 hiding inside of a safe house (whose only entrance was through a hole in the roof), inside of a closet with the door closed. The second I would get remotely near this hole, they would run out with UV lights blaring and chase me off. I tried spitting a horde spawn into the hole, but they would simply close the door. Same with the UV disruptor. So eventually I backed off, hoping they would leave and I could have a chance of killing them. They finally grew a pair (or so I had thought) and decided to come out. I started after them, only to be met with constant UV lights in my direction. Then they proceeded to run up onto a tower. This tower was extremely tall and in the middle of the open, meaning I couldn't get near them from any angle. I tried climbing up the side of the tower and spitting at them from below. Nope, UV light over the edge and off I went (they were throwing flares like mad men as well). there was absolutely nothing I could do. Horde spit? They're on a tower, so even if I did tag them it wouldn't matter. UV disruptor was useless, because they were already throwing flares and I hadn't even hit them yet. This continued for about 10 minutes. I had come to the realization that they were terrified of a video game, and were trying to get me to leave. I was not about to let them win so easily, so I stuck around. To my surprise, they actually came down. By that I mean they all ziplined at the same time, covering half the distance to the nests. By the time I reached them, they had already cleared out the nest and were hiding (again) in what looked like a small store, with the door closed. I managed to tag them a few times with horde spit (they opened the door occasionally to hit me with their UV lights) but they would simply close the door until it was over. Long story short, they hid in the room for a few minutes and then proceeded to clear out the nests one by one, as I sit helplessly on the rooftops as they constantly shone their UV lights directly at me at all times. I tried spitting, but it was old town... so hordes are useless, and they were throwing flares basically the entire time (even when they weren't hit with UV disruptor). TL;DR: Group of 4 players hides for 20 minutes, then cowardly clears each nest by hiding in any room they could find until I backed off a little (or they decided to come chase me, which is not hard considering the UV lights range). All the times that I had been hunted by the night hunter, I never used survivor sense, nor did anyone that I played with (that I'm aware of). It made the game a lot more fun and to me it seemed balanced. However, I have a few matches under my belt while using survivor sense, and I can tell you that it's unbalanced. I will not be playing the hunter any more until they balance this game mode. On a final note, if you people don't want a hunter to join your session (the people who immediately leave because they're scared, or alone) then please turn off your zombie invasion setting.