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Found 15 results

  1. The PS4 is infested with modified items that are ruining the PvP experience. Players are using INFINITE AND SEMI INFINITE UV light (it's the same uv light as the btz lobby and uv light from the main game but Gold and with elemental effects) golden infinite hooks, crossbow with infinite ammo and golden flares 1 hit kills nests, orange flares that last longer duration and flares with infinite duration, SMGs, Shotguns, pistols, bow with high damage 30k and meele weapons above 60k damage. There are still thousands of other non-legitimate items being shared within the game. They are modifying the saves by the "Save wizard" program, they bring everything from the PC and try to reproduce it on PS4, so they share ... There are also items created and shared on PS4 Jailbreak. Recently the BTZ update is great, but it is impossible to play because of these items that are ruining the PVP experience.
  2. Here's your first look at how modding will work in Pure Farming 2018 on PC. Get creative with your preferred 3D software and add your own tractors, harvesters, trailers, trucks and more to the game. Look out for more updates on our plans for modding tools after launch.
  3. Hello, i'm looking Pure Farming 2018 mod creators. I pay for your mods, you can just convert mods from Farming Simulator 17 and that's it. Only thing, this mod should work on Pure Farming 2018. Contact email:
  4. Kaze

    to techland staff

    The latest update broke mods they no longer function. This is frustrating to no end and I want to know if this is going to be fixed or if it's just going to be left alone.
  5. CajunWoman

    Not working since update

    Since the new update the mods to files that were placed in data3.pak are no longer recognized. I was literally playing with a working mod... exited the game, it updated then mod quit working. Since the update, are the files being pulled elsewhere? I've even modded data0.pak with no luck. Game plays fine but mods aren't recognized. HELP I'm on pc
  6. Conquistador713

    Mods For Game Consoles

    I overheard that pc players could use modes . are plans in the works for Dying Light: Enhanced Xbox One players or PS 4 players to get and use mods?
  7. Dear devs, I'm writing as the designer of the mod I Am Legion, a total conversation mod that I've been updating and supporting since game release. I'm writing because since the latest update, the animation files for the zombies seems to be recreated, and I can't figure out how to recreate my mod using the new system. No matter what files I add/edit under AI/Zombie/ in Data3.pak, no change seems to occur. Are you able to let me know what has changed and what files are now dependent and if I need to add the modified files to another location other than data3.pak now?
  8. Now that the deveveloper tools are being released and Techland supports mods, we need a modding focused threat to help people with the editor of the game and the data files to edit values, constants and variables. I my self am starting to get involved in this but as a new comer to modding this game I struggled while making some changes to the damage values, specifically to the mele damage of the fists. So if anyone knows the where abouts of the file where I can edit this help me please, aslo I'm willing to help and sopport other inexperienced modders. Cheers!
  9. JasonMonteCarlo

    I Am Legion

    Hey guys, I need your help! I have created "I Am Legion", an up-and-coming mod for Dying Light and I need your help to review and help me improve it! This mod was created for the inner survivor and people that wanted a real challenge! Please let me know your experiences and lets make something great out of Dying Light. Happy gaming everyone!
  10. EAWatkins

    Z Tower

    I don't think a horde mode is the right idea for this game, but my idea is to have a large skyscraper added to the game. This tower could have been on lockdown and something went wrong. The citizens couldn't get out after some turned. Now the tower is level after level of crazy challenges and requirements. Loot increases with each successful floor completed. Difficulty increases with each player. Side missions outside allow access to higher floors with the objective to understand what happened. Tho could be a directive given to the player by the GRE.
  11. BlazeDraicx

    I Need Help! Co-Op Mods

    Erm, as the title above says, I need help with a mod for co-op. I changed some values for the Expcalibur (it felt weak! and it's a legendary weapon from the myths!) and placed the edited files in the Data3.pak file. It works like a dream, but not in co-op. I've been using teamwiever to do the exact same process on my friend's PC but it doesn't work. What am i/we doing wrong? We tried changing the files in Data0.pak as well, still works like a dream in SP, but not in co-op
  12. Okay, so I know that we have some sort of control over bot accounts and spammers on the forums, but I swear it's getting worse everyday. I stop by this forum at least once a day on a regular basis to see what's new, but as of today, I have finally gotten tired of the spammers. Literally, the first two pages of threads have been just spam. I report a spam account as soon as I see it and I feel like all I do on these forums is actually submit reports more than actually read the normal threads. I guess what I am asking for is harsher and stricter control over threads. Maybe making filters for thread titles and content that would red flag it before it even shows up so that it doesn't need to be reported in the first place. Making certain degree of red flags could result in automatic account bans because of how obvious it is. Another thing I would recommend is implementing a system that reads new threads and if two or three seem to match by at least 70% or more, all the threads get banned with the user. Once again this would result in less spamming in the threads and less reports to deal with. The last idea I would recommend is giving slight mod powers to active members that are on here often to ban threads/accounts without needing reports. Not that I am trying to convince you guys to let me be one such person that would be able to do that, sometimes I do wish I could do it myself instead of having to file a report every time with the amount of time I spend here.
  13. I generally like being able to mod games. As a Game designer it adds a new atmosphere, but how about releasing the games Engine SDK, allowing people to mod the game as if it was like Skyrim... It would be a newer idea, and if you get it to work like Skyrim's I could see it being a higher rated game. Sadly I'm already bored of it, it had a very disappointing story, and I would love to see custom stories and maybe more attachable characters.
  14. BathtubBarracuda

    "upgrading" The Tower [Suggestion]

    I loved Dying Light and still play and intend to play for quite awhile. But I want to sort of "upgrade" The Tower. You can do the quests but it isn't as filling as full-on adding upgrades. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you could purchase upgrades to your house like Alchemy Lab, Master Bedroom, etc etc for a certain price (Ex: Bedroom for 2000 gold) I sort of feel like this could be incorporated into Dying Light, where you can use metal parts, household supplies, other normal items and unique items to add on upgrades, like Overall Cleanup, Upgraded Medical Bay, Upgraded Stores/Workshops, and stuff like that. You could also add random survivors that you save to the Tower and find them around the Tower and that would be sort of cool. This is sort of broad, but I've been wanting this ever since the game came out. It makes the player feel more unique if you can customize your home base. Maybe this could be a mod as well, I just sorta want it. Sorry for the short post.
  15. SlammedSloth

    Steam Workshop

    Steam Workshop I am curious to know if there will be any plans in the future to add a Steam Workshop element. If not or you are considering it here are some reasons there should be a Workshop: The Steam Workshop offers so many features that the community can help with When a game has Workshop capabilities it helps keep the community alive with most games Many people would love to see all the awesome idea's people in the community would come up with and create Many people get bored of games quickly after they beat a game and don't want to just max out there character (I know there are plans for a DLC) but in the mean time players can download some add-on's from the workshop to mess around with such as Weapons Abilities New sections and maps to explore​ New characters New enemies New zombies Or maybe just some fun things to add and mess around! ​There are endless possibilities and reasons people would love to have a workshop, why not add one? Of course the game is coming out on the 27th and this just might be a little to late; but if you could add this on after the release people would love it! Please consider it. Thank you.