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Found 30 results

  1. SnowFarmer

    Virus on Mod Site.

    Hi: I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is a safe site to download mods for the game.. Link I was downloading a couple of mods when I came up with one of those annoying viruses that was telling me my PC was infected and if I left the page before I called they would have to lock my PC out to protect their servers. Of coarse I couldn't back out or alt, ctrl, delete.. But I had to shut my PC down at the switch. Has anyone ever had this problem as well? Thanks!
  2. Hello, i'm looking Pure Farming 2018 mod creators. I pay for your mods, you can just convert mods from Farming Simulator 17 and that's it. Only thing, this mod should work on Pure Farming 2018. Contact email:
  3. Soulborn141


    Is there any way we can see a proper anti cheat engine in dying light? This program has come out called "Infinity" which allows players to mod and cheat in their game and it is being abused in dying light pvp and for some reason VAC security wont detect it. 90% of the time for some reason i cant report them on steam, and it will say an error has occurred. (Not like they will do anything about it). This is possibly also the reason matchmaking in BTZ with VAC secure game on is near impossible. Can something please be done about this?
  4. Dear devs, I'm writing as the designer of the mod I Am Legion, a total conversation mod that I've been updating and supporting since game release. I'm writing because since the latest update, the animation files for the zombies seems to be recreated, and I can't figure out how to recreate my mod using the new system. No matter what files I add/edit under AI/Zombie/ in Data3.pak, no change seems to occur. Are you able to let me know what has changed and what files are now dependent and if I need to add the modified files to another location other than data3.pak now?
  5. Hi my name is Rebelff, In quake 2 we had this mod were the one guys is the zombie or monster and we hunted it like evole game. when you killed it...whoever killed it, turned into the zombie. Then we hunted that guy down we spent hours playing that.
  6. Now that the deveveloper tools are being released and Techland supports mods, we need a modding focused threat to help people with the editor of the game and the data files to edit values, constants and variables. I my self am starting to get involved in this but as a new comer to modding this game I struggled while making some changes to the damage values, specifically to the mele damage of the fists. So if anyone knows the where abouts of the file where I can edit this help me please, aslo I'm willing to help and sopport other inexperienced modders. Cheers!
  7. JasonMonteCarlo

    I Am Legion

    Hey guys, I need your help! I have created "I Am Legion", an up-and-coming mod for Dying Light and I need your help to review and help me improve it! This mod was created for the inner survivor and people that wanted a real challenge! Please let me know your experiences and lets make something great out of Dying Light. Happy gaming everyone!
  8. Moim zdaniem ciekawie by było móc wykorzystać liczne kanistry z paliwem, które znajduje bardzo często. Na przykład paliwo można by wlewać do baków pojazdów i próbować uruchamiać silnik. W razie niepowodzenia podnosić maskę samochodu i próbować naprawiać pojazd za pomocą jakiejś mini gierki. Do samochodów można by montować jakieś pługi i inne gadżety by jeszcze skuteczniej eliminować zombiaki :-).
  9. 11wolfmen11

    Pomysł Na Moda

    Witam mam pare propozycji 1) Jest to dosc trudny i ambitny pomysl aczkolwiek wydaje mi sie ze warty uwagi a chodzi mi o serwery RP (Roleplay-gra gdzie odgrywamy jakas role (raz wieksza raz mniejsza )) Serwery musialby byc 10-30 slotowe i gdzie gracz wybiera/dostaje role jaka chce odgrywac. 2) Wiecej zombie. Gra gdy masz bron 300dmg+ staje sie banalnie prosta i jedyny sposob by zginac to spotkanie sie z 4 koszmarami lub zwyczajna glupota 3) Survival mode dodawalby ze musielibysmy pic/jesc/spac + zombie sa w stane uslyszec wiecej/my wiecej mozemy na halasowac i podczas snu mozemy zostac zaatakowani 4)Wieksza mapa i wiecej questow 4)Dodanie osobnej kampani "alternatywny swiat" gdzie fabularna wieza i rise upadaja i kazdy jest sobie wrogiem. A na zrzuty czeka mnostwo osob.Mod dodawalby jeszcze dodatkowo wieksze drzewko ( lub nowe ? ) do skradania sie gdzie mozemy zakradac sie do wrogich miejscowek ( a ich byloby duzo poczawszy od 3/5 osobowek do 10-20 )i wykradac potrzebne nam rzeczy ( ciekawe polaczenie byloby z pkt 1 i 3 ) 5) wiekszy crafting Licze na komentarze ze strony graczy jak i samego Techlanda EDIT : 6) Potrzeba brania antyzyny 7) Fale zombie ktore przychodza w randomowych momentach i musismy rozbudowywac i kryjowke lub nawet uciekac z niej i isc do innej Wszystkie moje pomysly mozna polaczyc ze soba w dosc ciekawe sposoby wiec nadal licze ze ktos z szanownego techlanda wypowie sie na kazdy z tych punktow
  10. As you can see they have a bat AND I don't know what they used for the bat, the one im looking for is there is metal warped around the bat. I have I bat but want to make it look like that so can you guys help me ASAP?
  11. godlatro

    More Swarm Zombie Spawn

    Hi, developers! I hope you can help me to create mod for Dying Light. in the game on the bridge (or mission electro-station) are a lot of zombie, And this is COOL! But in city i see 1-3 max 6-14 zombies. I want to change they spawn value to 50 maybe in one zone for all zones in game. How can i change it? I try to change common_spawn.scr but it no effect. IntensityCurve("main_begin") { UseCondition("Day;DeadZone_Far;Escorted_NPC_Far") MaxChapterAndProgressCondition(1, 0) DisallowedMaps("old_town_outposts_radio") DisallowedMaps("slums_cs") PoolType("base") IntensityKey(1, 500) Wait(1) IntensityKey(1, 15) Wait(1) IntensityKey(1, 500) WaitForPlayerMove(60, 30) Wait(1) } Where can i change the amount of zombies? Help please
  12. BlazeDraicx

    I Need Help! Co-Op Mods

    Erm, as the title above says, I need help with a mod for co-op. I changed some values for the Expcalibur (it felt weak! and it's a legendary weapon from the myths!) and placed the edited files in the Data3.pak file. It works like a dream, but not in co-op. I've been using teamwiever to do the exact same process on my friend's PC but it doesn't work. What am i/we doing wrong? We tried changing the files in Data0.pak as well, still works like a dream in SP, but not in co-op
  13. Copy pasta from my nexus file This mod aim for Dying Light "trailer like" gameplay where everything look threatening enough at day, while the night are only meant for seasoned runner. Current mod achievement (so far) New Night Mode system, your action will produce sound that attract more Night Walker (night viral type). Either go stealth, GO LOUD!!, or go home. Survivor event at night, are you willing to risk your life for saving random night?? Hostile Survivor, some people are desperate enough to get what they need in order to survive. Brand new loot tier system, Instead of getting current weapon level tier over and over. the weapon you get will be randomized, where the higher the weapon tier, the harder the percentage to get it. Huge nerf to melee weapon, now top tier two-handed weapon only does 300 damage max. Firearms adjusting making pistol type worth using (Hitting enemy in arm and leg now also do bonus damage). Also swapping police rifle characteristic with military rifle. Increase Rifle Ammo to 150, Pistol to 80. Explosive, Increasing explosive damage while limiting the max ammount of explosive you can carry to 5 only. Remove day Viral icon on radar. Now you have to depend on the voice. Preview Skill (for testing purpose, will be removed later on) Enable Takedown (stomp, front & back takedown) at power lv. Enable charge attack at power lv.2 On Progress Specialization skill (Planned, still working on it), make your character doing better at some stuff, while reducing the the other stat. Also special thx to techland to make modding possible (and fun ofc). I hope the modding tool allow us to access certain data that require hexcode or other complicated stuff that i don't undertand Feel free to post about feedback and stuff here
  14. I can't wait for Techland to release the modding tools for Dying Light. But in the meantime I already started modifying some of the AI Behaviour files to create a much more hostile enviroment and aggressive gameplay. I kinda got bored a little by how easy the normal "Biters" react in the game once I hit the higher levels. So while I was getting closer to the endgame content of dying light I started messing around with the AI and found a few ways to make the normal zombies (Biters) a lot more aggressive toward the player(s). Anyway, the result of modifying the AI is now a much harder game in my opinion, I also like fast zombies a little bit more and having that pressure of getting away from a situation where you start to feel to be overrun by zombies. Imagine World War Z or 28 Days later and you'll get the idea... with this mod all zombies will be: much faster climbing walls and obstacles alarm nearby zombies have a much higher and increased aggro range won't stop chasing you so easily and so on... changelog 0.03: removed virals added bandits with rifles / melee weapons more zombies less spawntime If you're up for a challenge, give it a try. Gameplay Super Aggressive Zombies Mod v0.03 Super Aggressive Zombies Mod v0.02 Download and Install Instructions latest version:
  15. Neceros

    [Request] Life Mod

    Hey guys. How hard would it be to change the game to deal with living people, rather than undead. I understand this would require a large overhaul. Is it feasible to vastly decrease (or segregate more) undead and increase survivors and citizens? Include more neutral people, too? Thanks in advance!
  16. Xeronious

    Night Hunter During The Day

    i would like to have a zombieinvasion without starting that game mode the nighthunter will be able to walk around freely around in the invaded world (including day time) trying to kill every living thing there is During the day the night hunter will change into a Viral (or something els) Cant tendril locomotion Cant howl Can pounce but not with ur tendril locomotion Cant be detected by the player (if the player gets close to him the player wont react to his pressence and the music do not change) and all ur attacks will be weaker During the night u get all ur powers back but with slight changes (or if u find a good dark place) u cant insta kill with ur pounce (and the living will be able to push u off) ur melee attack will be stronger cant be detected on the radar the night will be longer (same length as daytime) the human player is freely to what he wants (sleep,quests) exept going to a diffrent place (for story/side quests) doing so will disconnect u from the zombie invasion. and all zombie's and human's AI are back unlike the normal zombie invasion feel free to make some sugestions
  17. The Survival mod is intended to make life a little more like a survival game by reducing a lot of factors that make Dying Light too much of an arcade game for me and my coop friends. Now you'll have to spend more time scavaging parts you need and crafting should mean using your resources wisely. I have a lot planned to make this a more fleshed out mod, so I'll keep adding content and I'm happy to implement ideas the community has that would fit the mod. For things like hunger, dehydration and sleep.. I may have to wait for the mod-tools to be available.. but when they are!!! Here are some of the features I currently have working. Please consider that there are many mods available now that currently do the same or similar, we're all tweaking the same files from data0.pak - Increased difficulty: now you'll need to earn more experience to gain the higher level skills. Some skills will require more than 1 point to obtain. - Increased level cap and experience required to get there. Currently up to level 40 in all three skill trees. This means you may not be able to get EVERY skill as this would need 42+ skill points, so spend wisely. This works very well in co-op where you can share the burden of crafting items. - Removed frequency of a lot of loot drops. In many situations, you're just as likely to get an empty cupboard as you were to find something. This also removed certain items from locations that seem out of place. (no more disc blades in kitchen cupboards, for example) - Now the only place to get metal scrap is from weapons you find. Decide if you want to repair your own with the metal scrap, or sell a found item for cash. Loot is dramatically reduced. - Added cooldown to flashlight (45 seconds use, 6 second recharge - Added stamina usage to kick (this seems to only function when stamina is already draining from melee) - Reduced ammo carry capacity for pistol, shotgun and rifle (30, 30, 60 respectfully) - Reduced stack sizes for loot, valuables and throwables (30, 5, 10 respectfully) - More to come...! -Shockr /edit: version 0.8 is available on nexusmods:
  18. Arena Łowcy! Tryb polega na pojedynku łowcy oraz Crane'a. Łowca oraz Crane posiadają po 15/10/5 żyć. Zasady: a)Crane -Nie może używać przedmiotów takich jak: Harpun, Latarka UV, Flary, Ładunki wybuchowe/zamrażające/powdująceefekt, Broń palna/wręcz, Pułapka elektryczna, Wybuchowe Beczki, -Śmierć z góry możliwa tylko po uniknięciu taranowania. -Dozwolone jest taranowanie, kopnięcie z wyskoku, zwykłe kopnięcie, unikanie taranowania, używanie kolców/pułapek-samochodów Łowca -Doskok Niedozwolony -Plucie Niedozwolone -Atak pazurami Niedozwolony -Taranowanie Dozwolone [ użycie kolców również] -Fala uderzeniowa dozwolona [użycie kolców też] Wszystko dzieje się na polu wyznaczonym przez zaatakowanego gracza. Liczę że was to zainteresuję Komentujcie, i mówcie co myślicie na temat tego pomysł u co można jeszcze zmienić i co sie wam podoba
  19. Hi there Techland! Just wanted to drop by and offer my suggestion for mod implementation because 1.4.0 is not the right way to go if you want to keep modders playing. Obviously you're concerned with keeping a non modded gamer happy with the game as well, so allowing modded games to connect to non-modded is an obvious no-no. However, and this is where you guys messed up, most people modding aren't concerned with what mods others are running. We get off on new mods and hearing about what others are playing with. We love the idea of co-op modded gameplay. Currently your setup is causing a schism within online gameplay because any difference in file is causing us to not be able to connect to online games. My suggestion is that you allow modded games to connect to other modded games, period. I know you guys are all talking about this at the office so please bring up this suggestion at the next meeting and see what can be done. Thank you for this awesome game, and thank you for keeping modders in your thoughts. Sincerely, Joffie87 & Other Modders
  20. This is an awesome mod made by me,actually i have completed the game third time and got bored by it so i was thinking for some awesome fun so i made this mod!! (LIKE KILLING ZOMBIES,FACING NIGHT TIME..ETC) Here is the link
  21. dargor5

    Holster Weapon Mod

    For the modders out there if anyone has thought of this please uploaded to the nexus. I know theres already a mod that lets you fight with fists so this must be possible. Who thought that running with a machete in hand was safe anyway?
  22. bsnooch

    Custom Items

    Well I got custom weapons working last night finally. I boot it up today to test and they are no longer working Anybody having any similar issues?
  23. h3X


    I would love to see a total conversion mod where you are fighting dinosaurs instead of zombies. There is a thread on reddit discussing this that you may want to look at.
  24. Superpowers Mod: Crane gets bite by 4 different infected animals what allows him to evolve to powerful half-infected which means he will be a human by day and infected by night. Moreover, every mission can be taken only at the human form. At night, Crane needs to hunt for the humans or other zombies. And there are 4 abbilities/superpowers (few leveled up variations of each): 1. spider bite - ability to release a stream of spider web from the wrists or wrap enemies into cocoons. Crane's hand and fingers look like shaped into spiderlegs-looking hand; 2. hornet sting - ability to release swarm of infected hornets or inject a venom by the handy sting. Hornets are living under our skin. Crane's hand are covered by some larvas as well. 3. wolf claws - ability to transform into powerful, fast and deadly warewolf. I think this one doesn't need any more description for sure. 4. viper jaw - ability to release two vipers connected to Crane's forearms. Special attacks will allow us to penetrate enemy's skull or corps and to bite them of course. Setting rule: only one ability can be taken before the night. To transform to the other form or to level up your current ability you will need to earn some skill points. With the progress of the game, different abilities can be blended up to one unique deadly marvelous Crane monster! THEY ARE MORE POSSIBLE ABILITIES FOR SURE! THESE ARE JUST COUPLE EXAMPLES OF THIS IDEA I HOPE YOU'LL LIKE IT CHEERS! BTW There are some other great ideas for the new mods: 1. Tower Defense & Rushing Crowd Multiplayer Mods 2. Couple of the new skins for the Volatile, Night Hunter and human players 3. Infected animals (like dogs, wolfs, rats, vultures, spiders etc.) 5. Vehicles mod (few cars, scooter, bicycle, motorboat etc.) 6. New zombie type: gloomy (hiding under ground to catch the player or bite him. Sometimes only face or shoulders are visible) At night it transforms to sepulchlar - they're trying to grab player inside their ribs just like the Venus flytrap
  25. I completed the quest modified a weapon with this amazing mod, I got off and then got on later to see it gone, and it still says i have the quest completed, so it wont let me do it again. Has this happened to anyone, and does anyone know how to fix it?