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Found 8 results

  1. Soulborn141

    Matchmaking balancing.

    So i'm a dying light player with roughly 200 hours on the game with little knowledge about the BTZ game mode or other known as the PvP side of the game. When i play as the NH, i'm either getting matched with people with over 1000 hours in the game, or someone that just bought the game and has maybe 10 hours max. And when i'm a survivor taking invasions, its the same concept. I'm never getting matched with people at my skill level. I'm getting sick and tired of the matchmaking with people over 1000 hours, and i just feel bad playing against people who have absolutely no idea whats going on. I mean, whats the point in having ranks if they aren't gonna be used in how you match with other players? Another problem i have while playing as the survivor is having a hunter join in multiple times after beating me to farm as much exp as possible, or just to be a total chupacabra and troll me. This mainly happens when i'm playing with multiple people, and it really gets on my nerves because sometimes i want to play with other people and learn how to deal with other types of play styles, rather than playing against someone with the same one over and over again. Techlands, if you see this post, please do something about it.
  2. ToxicTropex

    I Can't Find Any Matches

    In be the zombie (ON PS4), whenever i go to search for games the result will always be : No matches found. No matter how hard i try i can't find anyone on my level 50 mutation 3 apex predator hunter. I even tried to make a new zombie and find matches but that didn't work either. Oh and my NAT type is 2. Please fix this Techland. And when i quick join the game finds a match just for it to say unable to connect over and over again. This is absolutely ridiculous!
  3. Hey guys (and Devs), I thought I would bring up an issue that, while mentioned previously, hasn't really had too much focused attention. That issue is the Night Hunter's inability to find matches at higher levels. From prior Dev-posts, we've gleaned that Matchmaking is based on an ELO/Skill-type system that is generated based on your current status in the game, subsequently matching you up with Human Survivor players of a somewhat similar level. What that status is (Level, Rank, hidden stat-based values) is currently unknown, but a safe assumption is that your level is a strong factor in determining what "level" of Survivor you fight against. I make this assumption because, as I'm sure we've all noticed, matches are near-inifinite at lower levels and very quickly devolve into patches of 3-4 around level 14-15. I'd like to propose a trial period where this system is either removed, toned down, or altered to allow a greater number of matches to be available to the Hunter. Like all PVP environments, this game has its flaws, but I still enjoy it immensely. The only problem is that I only enjoy it when I'm playing it, which seems few and far between as my Night Hunter continues to level (and re-level). And, honestly, removing a Night Hunter's abilities when they've already reached Apex Predator doesn't suddenly remove their skills. It's not all that fun, or difficult, killing guys who don't know what the UV Light is yet. Truthfully, it seems odd to me that I'm allowed to masquerade as a "noob" upon reset and proceed to farm younglings for kills. I'd like to propose a more flexible method for finding matches for the Night Hunter. When Hunters get into their 30s, 40s, and 50s, ELO simply does not work correctly. It's not doing its job, which is to find us matches. We'll often find ourselves refreshing for 10 to 20 minutes at a time before a match shows up, and that match may not connect if another Night Hunter beats us to the punch. Instead, why not have that ELO radar degrade as the game attempts to find you a match? As in, if the Matchmaking does not find a suitable match, rather than simply "giving up" and showing no matches, it would slowly go down the ELO list until the next-most suitable matches are found? I say "matches" specifically, because if only 1-2 pop up, we're in the same boat as before - Night Hunters fighting each other to get into matches. This way, Night Hunters would always have matches to jump into, regardless of their "Rank." Our matches would still be a top-down filter, so we wouldn't be resorting to Pub-Stomping just to play a match, but we also wouldn't be falling asleep with DS4 indents on our cheeks because we've been wating for a match for an hour. Simply put, the current ELO method isn't working. I, and many other Night Hunters, feel frustrated when we cannot play the game. There are other issues within the mode, yes, but to even experience those, we need to be able to play it. I believe this system would benefit the community in a number of ways. So many, in fact, that I'm including this fancy bulleted list! More matches = happier players. No one likes losing, but people hate losing and having to stew over that loss in the "Waiting for Players" menu for 20 minutes. Many Night Hunter express concerns over the strength of Human players. While many of these complaints are completely founded, others may simply be a skill gap. This exposes more Night Hunters to a greater skill-variation of Human players, possibly encouraging more even matches for players who don't have lightning bolts for fingers. More matches for Night Hunters = Quicker leveling, which = Less frustration over the new "Reset" system. This system would prevent higher-level Night Hunters such as myself from fighting the same players day-in and day-out. I love you guys, but I just don't want to fight you 5 times in a row. I feel like a jerk invading 2-3 times in succession, simply because there's no one else to play. Not forcing mid-level Night Hunters to face only the highest-level Survivors over and over decreases the chance of encountering those who glitch, dupe, or expolit their way to to the top of the food chain. No one respects these players, and frankly, if they aren't going to be banned, no one wants to waste time playing them. This new system would result in more middle players facing more middle players, rather than locking mid-level Hunters out of hundreds of potential fights. More fights = more choice. When's the last time you guys played in Old Town twice in a row? I don't think it's happened to me in months. We like Old Town, devs. We'd like to be able to choose to play where we want to play, not blindly click whichever match pops up first! More fights = less grudges/better experiences. I have a Blacklist, guys. Who else has a blacklist? I bet it's a good number. I know the names of 20+ players who are either blatant dupers, map exploiters, or AFK'ers that I simply don't want to play against, knowing full well I'll spend 30 minutes pretending to be AFK until they come wriggling out of a one-way wall/floor to cap a Nest. I'm sure we can all relate to the frustration of seeing those people's names pop up for hours while we're trying to find normal matches. It would be easier to avoid problem players if we didn't have only a single person appearing on the list over and over. The gist? The current Matchmaking system needs to go, or at least be overhauled. I'm proposing a trial period, if nothing else, where the matchmaking system is either altered or removed entirely. Human players are free to turn on/off their Night Hunter mode as they please. It's time we Night Hunters were given the same freedoms in choosing who we fight and where, and not be locked into empty player lists for exorbitant amounts of time. Thoughts? Suggestions? Money? Preferably that last one. Sincerely, DoctorPurrington
  4. I've been waiting for a BTZ session to start after about fifteen minutes of waiting and was exited when one finally started. I got in a game with one survivor and gave him a hard time destroying my nests. Since I got the best of him he started camping in a safe zone for some time only to LEAVE THE chupacabra GAME mid-session!! What I'm saying is: Don't let survivors be able to quit sessions when a night hunter has already joined! If they don't want me in their session that's fine! But in that case they should turn off Invasion before I join and not after I've been waiting for ten minutes or more! That, and the fact that matchmaking is still utter chupacabra makes BTZ a very frustrating game mode. Such a shame, since it's good fun when it works. Fix it, please!
  5. I just started Dying Light on PS4 and when i spawned (In the Bozak Horde Lobby/Hallway/Starting room) i wanted to start up matchmaking but the option is grayed out. My online options were set on Public, but yet when i start the game It tells me i'm currently in singleplayer. No matter what i try with the options it stays grayed out and i also tried closing the application and restarting Dying Light. Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a way around this? I searched google and there were a couple of posts where people had the same issues, but no helpful answers. I really want to play Bozak Horde but that's not going to work in singleplayer for me Edit: I have finished the campaign and i'm not in a part of the story where matchmaking would be off. So that's not the issue, i saw that in lots of other posts.
  6. Pete Donnelly

    Current Matchmaking Issue

    There is an issue with matchmaking right now on PS4 and PC. It will show (and then fail trying to connect) to 4 player games that are not open to invasions. Until the hotfix is released your best bet is to manually search for and join games of 3 players or less. Avoid using the "Quickjoin" if you are having problems connecting. We are trying to get a fix out to everyone ASAP
  7. hey guys, when i try to play be the zpmbie, the searchng for game sits there for usually around 10 mins, then will either come up with no games found (which i dont mind) or it will join me into a game just to come up on the saide saying they polayers have all left and i cant connect to the session. anyuone else have this problem? my nets fine, my other games all work online so its definitely the game, and my nat setting and all that are in the proper places
  8. Sam Powers

    Matchmaking Not Available?

    Hey guys I was watching some youtube videos on DL and I noticed that on their pause screen in game, under "quick join" was an option that said "matchmaking." However I don't have that option on my pause screen. Is this not a feature on the xbox one? Thanks for any help