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Found 13 results

  1. Hi ! i'm a newbie so if i missed a couple of topics i'm sorry.. i am building a map since a few days on dev tools, my pc is up to date of all drivers my game is installed and all files are verified. it went well until 3 days ago when i tried to build the map and play it i got a crash right after the small windows asking to "start". i reloaded everything and tried to remove last objects i added but nothing i delete seems to avoid the crash. i tried what many tried in forums like using older back up maps and none of my ba1/ 2 /3 or 4 or .bak allows the map to load properly when i build it i looked at the crash logs and removed many objects where errrors were found, but it seems there's a lot of errors and maybe 500 WARN s :( idk if someone can help me to find out which error is causing the crashes but it would be greatly appreciated here is a link to my last crash log on dropbox : thx in advance
  2. I am seeking someone to help me on the following items for my map.. 1. Dialogue / movie setup ( I can provide the voice acting or if you wish to have a voice acted character yourself you are more than welcome to) 2. scripts and triggers My Vision: Movie plays on join (once per session) Zombies are chasing the player then the player runs inside a building closing the door, A dialogue is triggered from an npc inside. The npc talks to the player ( some stuff happens here) Then it ends with the player inside this building and the npc gone. Lots of other quests/dialogues. Rest doesn't have to be movies, just the main intro. Fix up working safezone to include having to kill zombies inside & close the door. possibly help with landscape to make it look more natural ( optional) If someone just helps me with intro they will get credit for intro, If someone helps me with the rest of the stuff they will get half the credit. Either reply or send me an email to
  3. techrandy

    City of Harran - Map WIP

    I am currently working on recreating The slums in the developer tools. It will have it's own story. If anyone wishes to help out let me know. This project is going to take me a long time to complete. It will be 1:1 scale of the Slums. though it might not be exactly the same it will be very close. I have brecken's tower and the sourounding area that I am working on. the tower is 75% done.
  4. LyndsW

    Editor Crash On Map Load

    Loading one of my maps will crash the editor. All other maps work properly. This happens after starting the loading process from the initial list of maps. Deleting the assets_pc folder will allow the map to load, compile, share and play. When the map loads, all terrain flashes yellow. Unlocking the terrain blocks makes the painted textures appear. The terrain needs a small portion repainted to show up properly in game. The problem is that this happens when reopening the map. links - partial section of initial crash log - subsequent crash log I've verified the editor and game files through steam, and file system with OS tools. Anyone know how to fix this properly or have suggestions of what else I could try? Edit: This also happens with the map after it's shared to steam and redownloaded.
  5. I didn't like the Map that Techland gave us, so I tried to put a few Screenshots together but this didn't work out quite well, since the map has this stupid perspective. So I worked a more than a few hours in photoshop (I don't really have skill in this) but tried the best I could to make it look kinda ok. I'm planning to add every Blueprint, Outfit, Mystery Box, Nest, Freak, Collectable, Flag, Mask and everything useful to the map - for now there are only the Paintjobs, Blueprints, Unknown Stones and a few other things. I still have 100 of Screenshots of Places that I will put on the map in the following days. If you have something that I should add just copy the URL here and add it to the Map (especially for Flags, Racing Trophies and Notes) You can right click Item to mark then as collected (the counter on the sidebar will count) If you want to share Links just right-click anywhere and share the URL Press F5 from time to time - you may find new Items, since I'm adding them over time
  6. flamesofwar81

    The Following Map Hole

    The Following DLC : Quest: The Thrill Of The Chase: Sea From Way Up High" You are to look for a cave under the lighthouse and I came across an hole in the map. didn't affect my game and was able to leave the map and return to normal and hooking out. I have uploaded the detailed video from the PS4 Version on youtube. is there going to be a fix?
  7. techrandy


    I wish There was a way to have the slums in the tools as an example map. I wouldn't mind seing how they did a few things as well as get reference id's from objects. Is there a reason why we can't have the singleplayer maps in dev tools? Sorry if this has been asked before. I did a quick search.
  8. Medgardd

    Local Portals

    Hi everyone, As i'm new to the forums and dev tools i've got some problems. I placed 2 local map doors in my map. Door 1 = ''Door_1'' Door 2 = ''Door_2'' I've also placed two respawn points for them. Door_1 is linked to ''Door_spawn_2'' Door_2 is linked to ''Door_spawn_1'' So theoraticly i should be able to use Door_1 to be able to teleport to Door_spawn_2 which is located at Door_2. And vice versa. However, this is not the case for me. When i use Door_1 i teleport nowhere (first use) but when i use it another time (same play session) i do go to Door_2 But when i use Door_2 to go back to Door_1, nothing happens and i keep teleporting at Door_2. So it looks like this: Door_1 -> Door_1 -> Door_2. Door_2 -> Door_2 -> Door_2. I hope that i've made it easy for anyone to understand. So, my question is: How do i use the Local Map Teleport properly? Thanks in advance!
  9. Rabid Squirrel

    Map Sizes

    Hi all, So I noticed Yesterday, while I was putting together a build for a map I am working on, that groups using base game assets actually take up space in your map folder. As far as I can make of it, these groups scale in size depending on how many assets are contained in the group. So I guess my question is really to the developers on this one: If your assets are grouped do they make your mission file bigger?I suppose that is a little vague... let's try an example to explain my question better: If I place trees all over my map, and then place them all in a group called "TreeGroup001.eds". Then say there are 1000 trees in that group, would the mission file be smaller or the same size if I removed them from "TreeGroup001.eds" and placed them in group "Main"? Thanks in Advance, Squirrel. PS: I am not quite sure if I have explained myself correctly, so if you would like me to elaborate I would be happy to.
  10. FallenNinja

    Map Compile Crashes Editor.

    Whenever I try to compile the map or lock the terrain the editor hangs up and stays in not-responding mode indefinitely. This started to happen when the terrain editor was added. Any reason or guesses why this might be happening?
  11. Rick Grimes

    Tower Of Screams

    TOWER OF SCREAMS FEATURES: -No Grap Hook -Limited level -Mini safe areas -Night time rain setting -Objective Kill the Screamers -Special Zombies that were not used in the game -Hundreds and hundreds of zombies Adding: -Multiple Quests ranging different times of day. -Balanced loot system. -Multi-player support. LINK TO THE MAP You need developer tools in order to play this.
  12. rogerhnn

    Dying Light Map

    Hello everyone, I was searching for a high resolution map of this game but couldn't find anything (like the one ign made for skyrim for example). So I am making two maps, one using screens of the companion app and other using prints of the ingame map, the first one (ingame) I made using screenshots and adjusting it perspective in photoshop to make it flat. The other map, using the companion app screens I had to create part of the map in photoshop cause it is cropped, its hard but almost done as you can see in the screenshot: Anyone found a map, or found a way to extract the ingame map?

    Map Size?

    We haven't really had enough information about the map size, I have seen two areas, a slum area and an 'Old Town' are both of these maps going to be in the game? Or just give us an idea of the size of the map. I hope its bigger than Dead Islands.