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Found 9 results

  1. Jcorella17

    The Main Problem With Btz

    In a nutshell, this little 11 second video. When players have really high ping times.
  2. MiraiDematro

    Guide: Performance Optimisation

    It is very important that your map runs well on every machine capable of handeling the base game. If your map isn't optimized properly, this might not be the case. You'll run the chance of others having a less exiting and emersive experience, then you wanted to evoke with your map. "I don't care if everyone has a great experience playing my map!" said no decent modder ever. At least think of the negative ratings and comments you could possibly risk by not optimizing your map. I've played some community maps that ran considerably worse (20fps) compared to the base game(50fps). It made me not finish those particular maps simply because they were downright unplayable to me. It is very good practice to always uncheck all the collision flags on a decal. Why? Nothing has to collide with a decal, ever; so you shouldn't ask your computer to be calculating collisions for it -right? Also check the 'NavMesh transparent' Flag while your at it. Applying these same settings to very small objects should also give your map a slight increase in performance. These settings have been applied to most of the objects in this example image like the documents, food and toilet-paper as well as the decals: Objects that aren't ever going to be visible to the player, should be deleted. You should be aware of this one. Less objects=better performance; so try to delete as many unnecessary objects as possible! It is commonly forgotten, but this includes grounds underneath houses and buildings that have been joined together. You should avoid very large open areas at all times! The game only visually renders objects/AI visible to the player at any given time; hence your framerate goes up when you look directly up or down. (Your not looking at many objects this way) So you can imagine what could happen on certain machines when the player enters an open area; lag spikes. Want to create a large horde of zombies? Use a crowd spawner. Not only is it way more convenient to use a crowd spawner instead of a regular spawner to create a large group of scattered zombies, it is also the best way performance wise. The engine has to parse way more calculations for your individual zombies as opossed to when they are placed in a crowd; thus giving them all the exact same atributes/handled the same way. Optimisation gets more difficult the Higher your own PC specs are. Just because you are able to run a certain environment at 60 fps without issues doesn't mean that everyone can! Try to test your map on multiple computers if possible; Maybe your friends could help out with this? Beta Testers? I hope you found this guide usefull! Good luck optimizing your maps! Note: I will continue to add to this guide when I have more to share. Feel free to share your own tips on optimisation. Special Thanks: - Rabid Squirrel
  3. Reece


    Yesterday I had a match with a 4 random people and notice terrible lag, not only connection lag but gameplay lag! If anyone else has gotten this type of lag tell me and hopefully we can get Techland to do something about it, then again I've kind of almost gave up on this game.
  4. To the point, my game performance is still ALOT lower than it should be on my pc. The 1.5 patch did make it so that it's playable, but just barely so. The problem is that i still can't look at anything that might remotely interest me without the game looking like a slideshow at times, and i have submitted a DxDiag file etc way back when the game was unplayable for many AMD users. Anyone else having the same issue?
  5. Hello! First off, as you read by the title, I'm talking about the optimisation of the game on PC. I'm going to say right now I'm not going to be one of the plebs that just constantly say the devs suck and such because I'm getting ONE bug or a little lag. I have so much respect for Techland, as they even say in game that they put their heart and their soul into bringing me this title, and they thanked me for buying it. I've never seen a game thank the consumer for buying it before. I've logged 20+ hours on Steam in just two days. I love this game to pieces and will support the hell out of it. So, yeah, optimisation. I'm going to start with my specs- CPU: AMD FX-8320 @ 4 GHz (Overclocked) RAM: 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws X - 1333-ish Hz GPU: AMD Radeon 7770 1GB vRAM Motherboard: MSI 970A-G43 OS: Windows 7 64 Bit (If it matters, which I doubt it does-) HDD: 1 Terabyte Western Digital Blue, about 80% Free. Yeah, like, NOTHING on my PC. This is a fairly decent computer for gaming. Dying Light is the first game i ran into issues with, but right after the new patch on Steam, I went from about 5 FPS to 40 FPS, no exaggeration. I went from not playable, to playable. One of the reasons I freaking LOVE THE DEVS. Thank you, Techland! (This is all on lowest settings. 5FPS lowest settings, to 40 FPS lowest settings.) This still doesn't completely fix performance (for me, at least) fully. I've tried everything- From lowest settings to overclocking. I just really need that constant 60 FPS, or just the ability to turn the graphics up a little bit. Does anyone have any ideas on increasing FPS (A lot!?)? Yeah, I suppose this is in a way asking the devs for optimisation, but I'm not going to chupacabra and moan like other people over one trophy or something. As I stated the game is PLAYABLE. Thank you, and have a good day. TL;DR: I have a nice computer, game ran awful, patch, runs well, but on super low settings. Ideas on more FPS, I'm not going to be that guy who constantly chupacabra and moans. Thanks, bai EDIT: They censor words with random words. That's.. quite funny actually
  6. EDIT: THANK YOU DEVELOPERS FOR FIXING ALL LISTED ISSUES! GAME IS SUPER SMOOTH NOW! Even playable on 4k with single 980!!!! thank you!!! super gameplay! 1.2.1 benchmark: MINFPS: 3 MAXFPS: 156 AVGFPS: 79 1.4 benchmark: minfps: 68 maxfps: 143 avg fps: 91 huge change in min fps as you see, this means no more lags, stutters , freezes! Dram usage also reduced with 50% !!!!!!!!!!! from 7,2-3 gb to 3-4 gb even after 2 hours of playing!! I'm looking forward to dying light 2 with a 2x- 3x longer story mode! but when it comes please only release with patch 1.4 ! ;DDDD Hello all, so i'm " playing " the game,the patch 1.2.1 is installed and actually i would enjoy it, because it could be a realy really good game, the fight system is amazing, parkour, combat moves,story is nice too, it even scares me sometimes at night. so it's very good game. BUT game performance is even worse than ac unity unpatched version LOL First problem: FREEZES. Benchmark results: MINFPS: 3 MAXFPS: 156 AVGFPS: 79 THIS IS RIDICOLUS!!!!!! I have 70+ fps most of time , but game laggs, screen is freezing at start of every animation( like when zombie spits green chupacabra on you, or you start a quest and yoiu have a cutscene, or when zombie grabs you, or when you cut head off zombie. Also when i start running game lags out, screen freezes, and fraps still says i have 70+ fps and it lags like hell. and the options doesn't matter. no matter if i use vsync or don't no matter what energy management i have no matter if i use forced triple buffering or not. Trust me i've tried everything, it's the game's fault. The game is nearly unplayable because of these frequent screen freezes. Second problem: GPU USAGE Ok so i've tested this for hours with msi afterburner. the game engine doesn't utilize my graphics card properly ( not just mine if you check youtube there are tons of videos of this problem.) So GPU USAGe changes depending on where are you looking with the camera. ( not cpu bottleneck cpu is maximum on 60% all time) Example: If i stand on a rooftop and i look in a certain direction gpu usage is 95% and i have 120 fps ( for example i'm looking at the ground or other direction) then i move the camera and look in a far distance, fps goes down to 65 and GPU USAGE to 50% WHAT?:??????? 50% GPU USAGE????? WHY??????? cpu still on same 60% .......... omg what is this what are you doing?!?!?!?!? Just to make it clear i have vsynch off before some very cleaver man starts telling me to switch it off........... Third problem: possible memory leak( i'm not 100% sure about this, but i'll till write my experience maybe it will help devs) So the game starts at around 5,5gb ram usage, then after 2-3 hours of playing it reaches even 7 gb. I'm not 100% sure but this could be possibly because of wrong usage of dinamic memory allocation? so called memory leak ( maybe this can cause the freezes and unplayable lags in related to first problem?) my spec is far over the recommended: i7-4790 gtx980 z97-k coolermaster silencio 650 fsp raider 650 8gb hyperX 1866mhz 1 more thing: no other game have similar issues. I play farcry 4, ac unity, shadow mordor, all 100% stable, 98% gpu usage all time, no lags, no freezes, just fluid smooth gameplay. I really hope you fix these issues, because Dying Light is the best zombie killer horror game i ever played. The last " similar " game i enjoyed so much was FEAR 1, and that was ages ago.
  7. SelectedSilence

    The Game Won't Work!

    Hi, I am really excited about this new game but I've run into a major problem. I play on PC and my specs are pretty decent. I can't run the game on the lowest settings at all, it lags so much to the point of me being unable to turn. Is there anything I can possibly do? I really want to play this game so badly...
  8. Chem

    Image Trail/lag/?

    Anyone notice image trails? Or is it just me. It kinda looks likes when you get buzzed and your eyes reaction time is slower. If you have never gotten buzzed before then it kinda looks like a mouse trail but with the entire game. It's kinda noticeable if you focus on it. I get 40+100fps some areas, when I look at a certain area I stoop down to 10-25. I tried testing it around the 60+ fps areas still noticing that affect, even tried turning everything off and low still see trails. Specs: Windows 8.1 AMD FX 8310 (3.2, 4.2 Turbocore) 8GB DDR3 GTX 970
  9. The game's performance drops every time I get hit by the toad's projectile attack. The fps will drop from 60+ to downright unplayable 5-15 fps. This lasts less than 3 seconds, however, it occurs every single time. It is hard to play the game when I've got multiple toads around shooting me. Hopefully this can be addressed sooner than later. My current specs are as follow: Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Processor: IntelĀ® Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM --- Card name: ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 STRIX Chip type: GeForce GTX 970 Display Memory: 4095 MB