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Found 7 results

  1. Pete Donnelly

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Hey Everyone! We are working hard to get BTZ completed for "The Following" release and are diligently squashing any bugs we may find. The problem is, we may not always catch them all and that's where we could use your help! This post here is where I'd like everyone to write about any bugs, glitches or exploits they may have come across while playing BTZ. Let us know about them now so we can do our best to kill 'em off in time for The Following! Here a list of some things that I can already to you are fixed/tuned for BTZ in general when 'The Following' releases. 1. Fixed an issue with the Shield negating stuck spits. 2. Bullet damage to Nests reduced 3. 2 Handed Heavy damage to Nests reduced 4. Tackle Damage to Nests reduced 5. Hunters "UV Heal" skill is much quicker (I really like this allows for some new tricks) 6. Survivors flare cooldown cost is only applied if the flare was successfully thrown 7. Grappling hook cooldown cost increased 8. Fixed Grappling hook 1hit zombie defenders 9. Timeout loss for AFK 10.Timeout loss for Non-interaction (Survivors don't attack nests or interact with Hunter) 11. Survivors have 0% chance of winning Invasion rewards until at least 1 nest is destroyed 12. Outside damage mitigated while in PVP grab states (tackle, dropkick, pounce etc.) 13. DFA commitment. Survivors cannot quick roll out of a DFA attempt. 14. Fixed an issue with the Hunters 'cancel grounpound' input not being read if initiated early. 15. Fixed Hunter being blocked by Survival packages 16. Fixed Hunter Groundpound input not registering 17. Fixed Hunter UV block timer pausing while in PVP grab states. (would allow the Hunter to have the UV Block skill active longer than intended) 18. Fixed an issue with Shield NOT blocking a spit when it should (was checking angle to other player instead of angle to the spit itself) 19. Fixed an issue where Survivors could use the 'forward roll' skill to negate fall damage from a Tackle 20. AOE knockdown on successful tackle (Hunter) 21. Reduced wall hit stun for Survivors after being hit from a Groundpound 22. Fixed Hunter not receiving the win bonus XP for Humans cowering in fear Lot's more has been tweaked as well! Feel free to PM me if you want to let me know of some exploit but don't want to post it for everyone to see! (Please don't post "-So and so- is a Hacker!!!! PLZ bring Banhammer!!!" We are just looking for bugs in this post. Thanks!!!!) (edited to show additional fixes)
  2. Warrie_D

    Bugs And Concerns

    Good say. I recently purchased The Following and have been really enjoying it. This is also the first time back playing the game in a few months. During The Following I encountered a few bugs. The most noticeable bug is enemies clipping in to walls or buildings. On a few occasions where I had to either kill a zombie or human, or had to talk to someone in order to progress with a mission, the Zombie or person bugged in to a wall or building leaving me unable to interact with them. I had to reload the game to fix this, or hope to hit them through the walls. Another issue I have, although I may only be misunderstanding the system, is the new Legend Rank system. I do understand that the Legend Rank is an endgame system for you to work towards, it seems to be taking a very long time gaining decent amounts of experience to get to the next level. Given the fact that with each level more and more experience is required to to level up, it really starts to take absurdly long. I feel that some adjustments need to be made to the Legend Rank system.
  3. RaceyStorm3124

    The Issues With Btz Are Still Here!

    1. UV Range Ma GOSH. Freakin LOWER THE RANGE FOR GODNESS SAKES.Sorry for sounding like I'm raging, but I hate this the MOST. I heard they lowered the range 20%. LIE. The UV renders us USELESS against more than 1 human. Even with 1 we're almost useless! We could do a whole combo just to try to end with a pounce but nah... the player could turn and GLANCE at us with the UV and out uv is down like 10%, we can't pounce. The f***? 2. Firearms and skill 2v1 survivors have firearms = gg for Nh. We're terrible with firearms. The hell dude? We have spits that takes a minute and 30 seconds to recover. In theory, it doesn't sound long, but with competitive players, it's long ASF. This one guy named Nova going around talking about how us hunters need to stop complaining and just get better and use things wisely..bruh... why are WE the ones that have to make VERY MINIMAL mistakes, and have to have all the skill and actually have to worry about using our skills at the right time, ect.. but FREAKIN HUMANS have DUPED ARYTHING, and they have weapons with no stamina, so they don't gotta worry about picking the RIGHT TIME to actually strike(like we have to do with spits) the NH or be beat. And they don't get penalized like we do for making a mistake. 3. Tendril Speed. This isn't actually an issue(except that using in city is quite hard without running into a bucket or something). I was just wondering if we could use tendril speed AND if we're sprinting for a certain amount of time, the NH automatically goes into the speed-sprint mode. Also wondering if you can make the sprint faster than buggies? So we could our-run the buggies since there's not many buildings in Countryside. 4.(I deleted four, it was addressed) 5. NH vs Humans NH: Has stealthy perks, but it's in a devastating battle. It's like hitman in the middle of Battlefield 4. We're the planning side, we plan, we time things, we worry about how we charge in, we worry about our spits and how we use them, and we worry about timing, half our plans go to sh*t anyway because of OP humans. Humans: Reckless people who could make the NH a Bolter. Resources, survivor sense, agility, and have our weakness. How often do they ever actually strategize like us? How often do they actually have to worry about out-side problems like us(e.g. Stamina, resources, cooldown)? They don't have to worry about planning or anything. They just need to spam Surivor Sense and keep the UV on. They just use half-assed tactics. 6. Survivor Sense Do I really need to go over the issues with this? How's the NH gonna live up to it's title if our prey has our location, and our weakness, and have the resources to take us down flat out easily?(I'm a good NH. So it's not like newbie easy, but you get the point). A better idea is - when the NH uses screech to get enemy location, then on the radar of the humans, they ONLY GET AN ARROW telling them where the scream is COMING from. 7. Dodging Instead of making dodge spammable. I'm not saying remove it. Instead, why not have different buttons pop up on-screen for A SHORT PERIOD amount of time that the player has to press before the the NH hits instead of a slow-motion open window that's open for 3 hours straight? And same for NH(of course the NH doesn't lose energy from other UV spamming players and doesn't lose health from other players while in this mode). That way, both sides can tackle, and both sides need skill to do it.
  4. Broko

    Problems With The Hunter

    The unavoidable Hunter technique is the technique I used to get the spit on him. Not the kill, as the kill can easily be avoided (in a few occasions). With the game breaking technique you either interrupt the pounce and the spit will explode on you, or you don't interrupt it and die by the pounce. That's why the technique is unavoidable (regarding getting hit by the spit). The tackle through the building was still in the air but it was still stupid. You can't dodge in the air making these tackles unavoidable. Hopefully the developers can fix these issues. All these clips are recorded with my friend just to show the issue on video except for the last clip. The last clip was with randoms.
  5. DanteYoda

    Coop Empty 24/7

    Hi all When i start my game i check coop and it finds zero games, i look in the list and its empty 24/7 is this normal to have no other game advertising coop? I'm in Australia will i even see American servers? I just wanted to try the game with another player but no one seems to be online or i'm not seeing any other games, i've allowed DL.exe in my firewall.. None of my friends play Dying Light.
  6. Hello, so i updated Dying light and now the grounds missing and things arent the same i just got a new RAM so i could run it at a higher state but the game does this Does anyone know a way to help????
  7. thebobman

    1.4 Update Issues

    The 1.4 update has helped me with some of my issues, but there are still some problems that need to be fixed. 1) Film Grain: The film grain option has been wonderful. It get's rid of the thing that graphically ruins the game. I used a film grain mod in order for it to go away, but with the update, i know the mod won't work with 1.4. The feature to turn it off works great...that is unless you switch zones or sleep or anything that reloads the map in some way, then it comes back even if the option is selected off. Conclusion: Useful feature that doesn't work right. Please do something about this guys. 2) Toygar Quests: Toygar's quests are pretty simple, but at some point there is a glitch where you can no longer talk to him. I have three different quests to do for him as well as a reward to pick up from him. Although I can join a LAN game that isn't that far and wait to redo the quest that way, it's too much work for something so simple. With this glitch that I have had since 1.3 at least, He has a that little target picture as well as a trophy picture in his location saying that I have to receive a reward as well as turn in some stuff for other rewards. Sadly, when I come up to him, the game says to press "X" (I'm playing with a controller) to interact with a small black empty box next to it. When I press "X", nothing happens. He does all his automatic lines that don't require interaction, but anything else to do with him doesn't work. Conclusion: This is annoying and I have seen questions about this before. Please look into this as this is not a new issue, simply something that should have been fixed for this update. Closing statements: There have been some good things in this update and the game is getting closer to something that should be worth the money. With the way this game was released, it has been pretty embarrassing on you guys to call it a sellable product. I personally love it for what it is, but in the future, please consider making sure the most simplest/important things work right before putting it on the market. That way you don't get trash talked by fans when the product is garbage compared to what was expected.