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Found 14 results

  1. Hello. Since I started playing my first custom map, every map looked like this. Particles, wate, lights and shaders are all fine except for the rest of it. No colors on models, no texture. It's hard to enjoy maps if it looks like a crappy beta version of it's own full version. Nothing really feels 'real'. I have asked a few friends of mine and in the developer tools Discord but none of them knew what could possibly solve this issue. I tried reinstalling the game and checking the integrity of all files, though nothing has changed. It would really mean a lot to me if someone has a solution to this. I also thank everyone in advance who tries to help.
  2. I added some friendly Rais AI who shoot at zombies, but while playtesting, no sound came out of the guns, but all other sounds were fine. I really need help, thanks!
  3. Hi, I have recently begun play dying light again after about a years time, and i am experiencing some lag/chopiness with the mouse cursor ingame (fine in menu). Play with a controller works just fine (no FPS issues) but it's just not the same, there are also very specific angles i can look at without the mouse lagging. Thank you for your response in advance. Edit: I have changed my GPU since the last time i played from a Nvidia GTX 760 to an AMD Radeon RX 480
  4. Hello everyone, I'm having a issue when I want to play in coop mode. I got connected to my friend's game (we were both in the same point of the game/history) and had no problem getting connected. We played for about 2 or 3 hours and did several missions together. Some of them were side mission and some of the main history. We stoped playing, disconnect each other and that's it. The problem was that the next day when I get in to my game to continue (without my friend) playing where we left the game, my surprice was that all the missions were not saved in my story or my game. I had to do them again all over and that keeps happening every single time that I play with someone. Any clues? Has anyone have the same issue? Is there a way to solve this?? Tks!!!
  5. imnotmatthew

    Where Do I Report Bugs?

    So I got Dying Light right? On steam and It's updating endlessly, it never stops EVER and I can't paus it or anything or change anything and while Dying light is installed I can't install anything else on steam. Dunno if this is a dev prob or a steam prob. Can someone help? And yes I have done anything possible like reinstalled it and so on but it doesn't help. that's why I'm here. Thanks <3
  6. thebobman

    Story Glitch

    Okay, so I have recently started a new file in my game since I got bored of my maxed account with unlimited supplies. Anyways, while doing the new playthrough, I noticed an issue that has probably existed since the beginning of the games release that no one has come across, or maybe it could be new. Basically, as I was playing it, once I got to the point in the story where I had to loot a Bolter for Dr. Zere, I decided to do some sidequests before moving on in order to train my character a bit more. I took my time at it so I didn't do everything in one sitting. Since every time i would load up to work on the sidequests, the game would make a small glitch and change the main story objective between going out and getting the sample to actually turning it in to Dr. Zere. I found it strange and from other playthroughs that I have done, you get to keep your samples so the game doesn't look for you to have the item, but rather kill the Bolter and loot it (which I haven't done a single time in this file yet). I thought that since I haven't looted nor killed a bolter in this playthrough, it wouldn't let me actually turn in the sample until I get one. Wellllll, I was wrong. It's not a game breaking glitch or anything that bothers me, but I thought you guys should know since it is part of the main story none the least and might ruin the point of the first Bolter experience if the game skips over that part of the game for others.
  7. Hi. Firstly I would just like to say congratulations on the game. It is a beautiful piece of art and its been a while since I have had this much fun and appreciated a game this much. I just have one, albeit small issue that I've encountered a couple of times. When playing the game, I tend to use my controller until the battery runs out and dies. What I've encountered, was that when you are busy playing, whether it's a mission or just having fun and your controller dies, it does not enter the pause menu. This often leads to unnecessary deaths and loss of Survivor Points because the game does not pause and you then have to either get another controller and power it on, or charge the one that died before you can pause the game. It would be really nice that, if your controller got disconnected, that the game could automatically enter the pause screen to avoid unnecessary deaths and loss of survivor points.
  8. Hello! Since there's no bug report section, I'm going to make a topic here. You guys should really add that to the forum.. Anyways, I don't know if this is an issue on console, as I'm playing on PC. Sometimes when I go to craft something, I swear on my life I am clicking the right thing and hitting enter on that item, and sometimes it'll switch to another item and make it. I swear, I KNOW I hit enter on a medkit or throwing stars, and it would switch up one or two bars and make flammable liquid or something. Anyone else getting this on PC (Or console?)? Thanks! -Grik
  9. Hello! First off, as you read by the title, I'm talking about the optimisation of the game on PC. I'm going to say right now I'm not going to be one of the plebs that just constantly say the devs suck and such because I'm getting ONE bug or a little lag. I have so much respect for Techland, as they even say in game that they put their heart and their soul into bringing me this title, and they thanked me for buying it. I've never seen a game thank the consumer for buying it before. I've logged 20+ hours on Steam in just two days. I love this game to pieces and will support the hell out of it. So, yeah, optimisation. I'm going to start with my specs- CPU: AMD FX-8320 @ 4 GHz (Overclocked) RAM: 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws X - 1333-ish Hz GPU: AMD Radeon 7770 1GB vRAM Motherboard: MSI 970A-G43 OS: Windows 7 64 Bit (If it matters, which I doubt it does-) HDD: 1 Terabyte Western Digital Blue, about 80% Free. Yeah, like, NOTHING on my PC. This is a fairly decent computer for gaming. Dying Light is the first game i ran into issues with, but right after the new patch on Steam, I went from about 5 FPS to 40 FPS, no exaggeration. I went from not playable, to playable. One of the reasons I freaking LOVE THE DEVS. Thank you, Techland! (This is all on lowest settings. 5FPS lowest settings, to 40 FPS lowest settings.) This still doesn't completely fix performance (for me, at least) fully. I've tried everything- From lowest settings to overclocking. I just really need that constant 60 FPS, or just the ability to turn the graphics up a little bit. Does anyone have any ideas on increasing FPS (A lot!?)? Yeah, I suppose this is in a way asking the devs for optimisation, but I'm not going to chupacabra and moan like other people over one trophy or something. As I stated the game is PLAYABLE. Thank you, and have a good day. TL;DR: I have a nice computer, game ran awful, patch, runs well, but on super low settings. Ideas on more FPS, I'm not going to be that guy who constantly chupacabra and moans. Thanks, bai EDIT: They censor words with random words. That's.. quite funny actually
  10. I don`t know if the devs read steam forum posts so I`m making it available over here. There is a lot of chupacabra in this thread but also some very valid points.
  11. Hello Hunters. I remember that on Tuesday I had a lot of matches. Usually didnt have to wait more then 1-2 mins with a quick join and could find sometimes up to 4 games in a browser. Yesterday I didn`t find a single match neither by quick join or the browser. Today the same. No games. I`ve not made any changes to my pc recently. Can PC players tell me if you have same issue? Also I`m thinking about reinstall. Won`t I lose my progress?
  12. Techland Developers and Support, I have successfully installed patch 1.4.0 to my Dying Light in my Steam account, yet after playing the game, a number of my achievements remain stuck, and unable to be unlocked. The achievements that are not functioning properly are Now It's Safe (stuck at 11/17) and The Whole Story (stuck at 41/44). Hopefully, there will soon be a patch to fix this issue, but if there will not be, please help me find a different fix, as I would love to fully complete the game. Regards, Jman Also, if there is a fix among the DL community, please help!
  13. I couldn`t sleep last night so turned up the pc hoping to have some fun as NH. In 20 mins Ia found only one match (guy from Europe). Why can`t we get access to the other parts of the globe where peeps still play it? I administrate a few servers like RO2 and A3 and there is no restrictions. If I agree to play with higher ping then why not? Also question to the devs - what kind of hit detection DL uses - client or server?
  14. Hello Techland or any one else with this issue, one of my favorite things to do with PS4 is play my own background music using the built in player.For some reason this is the only game ive played, out of dozens ive tried, that doesnt work with the usb player. Is this a bug you can fix? Or was this a design decision? As id like to have thd option.