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Found 9 results

  1. Joseph_nolan777

    Sniper Rifle

    For the longest time I’ve wanted to perch on top of a tall building in old town and take out some zombies with a sniper but the closest thing I have is the police rifle so a sniper would be a god send or at least a scope for the rifles.
  2. Zombie hunter


    First i hope you see this. Second i think you should make a patch for the silencer ammo, because I've searched 20+ police vans+cars and have found none, either that or make them buyable that would be so great i would really appreciate it very much thank you. Third you i would really love it if you could drag your victims out of view that would be amazing to me because of course when doing stealth trips i come across a wide range of problems because of the fact i gotta kick a body into the dark corner or i leave the body and they get alerted. Thank you so much for your time also it would be amazing if you could take silencers off and put it back on, then there's the assault rifle... I would love to see silencers for lots of guns... Goodnight and good luck
  3. Nautiboy187th

    Need Players

    Hey guys whats up I bought dying light like a week ago and i get bored playing by myself so im just looking for someone thats almost in the begining like me and is just looking to have a good time killing some zombies My gamertag for xbox one is : NAUTIBOY187TH and I have many other games we can play too
  4. When finding and useing guns, I have noticed one major flaw about them; they are all the same, every gun with the same name have the exact same stats, no matter their rarity. After playing as a max level for a looong time, I have found/bought (mostly found) a lot of weapons, and nothing annoys me more, than the guns. The price is the same, the damage, RoF, accuracy, magazine size, EVERYTHING is the same, as long as the name is the same, and it's pissing me off, I hope Techland is going to change it a little in the future (like gun mods/attachments, and the rarity decides how many can be attached), but for now it SUCKS. Had the same pistol (a blue german) since level 4, still have it, and haven't found an other german pistol with other stats, it still kills zombies as well as a "level 25" pistol. That was at least better in Dead Island. Allso, please remeber that guns are loud, and therefor attracts virals (many "random" players keep useing guns to fend off virals, but ironically, it just attacts more)
  5. Suggestions for improvements: OPTION TO EDIT HUD ( the gun and hook reticle is really annoying, stamina bar and action indicators that show up in the middle of the screen annoying too, let us remove all, remove partially etc.) IMPROVE STORE SYSTEM (eg. Let us actually see items/weapons we are buying like in GTA, good addition for a sequel) MORE VARIETY TO MELEE COMBAT (block with weapons, analog controls?) MORE TAKEDOWN ANIMATIONS (especially aerial and stealth) REVOLVER and LIGHT MACHINE GUN + BETTER GUNPLAY (controls should be like standard fps shooters + MORE GUNS) SOME SILENCED WEAPONS TOO (so glad there will be bow and arrow, now put a silenced shotgun whoooo) EXPLOSIONS SHOULD BE MORE EXPLOSIVE SURVIVAL MODE (defending your building/area against increasing waves of zombies, you can hide and use silent methods not draw in all zombies but you could also go guns blazing if you wanted as well. ) I'd be psycheddddddd Have a great Day whoever is reading this ! and offer your suggestions too about the guns and melee combat etc.
  6. Jelpot

    Diversity In Guns

    I would love to see more diversion in gun type: - some kind of sniper rifle would be fun; imagine sitting on top of a building looking a couple of 100 meters far shooting zombies, sound fun right? - a stealth kind of gun would be cool as well: like a crossbow or a normal (olympic, recurve) bow - the last thing that would be great are weapon modifications (blueprints) : different kinds of bullet, suppressors, scopes and so on - a more advanced kind of shotgun would be cool like a spas-12 kind of gun I imagine it is hard to get new things in a game but it would be so cool, (good night) good luck
  7. I have a few different things I would like to cover so instead of making a bunch of different threads (I just created this account) I'll lump them together here. Let's get started. QUESTIONS 1. I have a police rifle that is 255 firepower. I do not know how or where I got it, but since then I have only been able to find a rifle with a maximum of 184 firepower (aside from rais's gun). I've had it for quite a while now and its what I use because I'm assuming firepower is related to damage. I would like to know if anyone else has found a gun like this. 2. I met a guy yesterday who claims his shotgun was shooting dragons breath rounds. I would like to know if this is possible, because I have seen some people with weird contraptions that I'm unfamiliar with. 3. What is the best way to acquire household supplies? I have tons of every supply except household supplies. I'm running low on them and I really need some to make flares (a good idea would be for techland to add them to supply drops in multiplayer) in case a night hunter joins. OPINIONS 1. I've read a few topics about the "be the zombie" mode, and a lot of people are asking far too much in terms of nerfing and buffing. Some people were asking for 20 second delays before the UV light starts recharging. Others were asking for the UV light range to be reduced to around 10 feet. Put yourselves in the shoes of the humans (as I have been, dozens of times) and you will see how ridiculous this is. I was not aware that survivor sense would locate the hunter until I read about it on here, and I will admit that it is a little unbalanced. I personally never used it when being hunted and it made it a lot more intense. You rely on sound and sight more than looking at the radar. In my opinion, survivor sense should be removed when a hunter joins. There is no use for survivor sense in the mode anyways. Others were also asking for there to be double the amount of zombies and that there should be volatiles. You're asking far too much. Since I never used survivor sense, I was always on edge, and I was always paying attention to everything around me. Adding more zombies would make it far too easy for the hunter because the humans would always be distracted, and would have absolutely no chance of locating the hunter when they're surrounded (granted they remove survivor sense while the hunter is present). I think survivor sense needs to go, otherwise it is perfectly balanced. 2. Hunters who join lobbies with one player... please stop. In a 1v1 the hunter almost always wins, so I will always leave. If you join with 2-4 people in the lobby, then have it. I enjoy the mode, but it's very annoying when you join a lobby with one person just to get easy points. 3. People who hide in safe houses when a hunter joins. I'm sorry, but you need to grow a pair. It's just a game. People are actually scared to go outside when a hunter joins. It's sad. 4. This isn't so much of an opinion as it is a PSA. STOP RUNNING TO SAFE HOUSES AT NIGHT. By that I mean people who are so scared that they want to wait until morning because they're too scared to go out. You can get huge amounts of survivor points (the most I've gotten is 25k) for surviving the night without sleeping. All you have to do is set up shop on a roof. You can even be within reach of a safe house if you really need to in case you get overrun. I can single handedly survive the entire night using guns and all, I'm sure you can too. _____________________________ Those are some of my questions and opinions regarding the game. The questions I would like answers for, the opinions are there just for you to read. Answers appreciated.
  8. So I haven't done too much investigating into Dying Light's firearms. A gun is a gun. I'm not expecting one to do more damage than the other since there's only a few in the game anyway. The police rifle I'm assuming, being semi-auto, fires a meatier caliber (7.62/.308mm?) than the military rifle (5.56mm?). I'm just guessing here. I don't care. That being said, what is the point of buying a legendary gun if it's only as effective as it's abundant blue and green siblings? What if the colors actually have no effect on the performance of the weapon, but rather how *loud* the gun is? What I mean is: Certain guns, of particular qualities can be fired more consistently after pauses without waking the Virals. It might just be me, but I've held quite a few guns, and I feel like I can shoot more with legendary guns before the Virals burst from their slumber, announced by their familiar recognizable shrieking. If I'm crazy, let me know. But even if this weren't true.. It could very well be the implemented difference.
  9. Wabicks


    Hello Devs! First of all, great game! Although I enjoyed it a lot more when I was just starting the game, I think that this will be one of the best Zombie-Games of the next few years. However, I am a noob! Sadly. I am only around 25% percent through the Main-Story and less through the Side-Quests. I was watching someone stream the game before I purchased it, and he was LESS progressed through the game, and had better weapons than me AND he could buy ammo from the Trade Stations! How! Lol, I love melee in this game, but I really love the peace of mind I get knowing that if chupacabra goes down, I have a fully loaded AR with 2 mags and 1911 clipped to my left leg. How do you unlock the ability to buy ammo/guns? Now I do have guns, I have a few police weapons and a military weapon and I had a pistol but I gave it to the peace of chupacabra that I don't want to give spoiler alerts lol. So I have guns, but how do you buy them/ammo?