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Found 14 results

  1. xxhouse82xx

    Sniper Rifle Suggestion!!!

    First off I must congratulate you guys on an amazing game. I've never been one to play a platform survival game until now. This game is extraordinary and I really enjoy it. The one thing I would like added to this game which is vital in most other online survival games is a sniper rifle. There is nothing more fun than picking off zombies from over 300 yards. Please add this to the game!!! Thank you very much. Keep up the good work!!!!
  2. I'm starting to see a pattern in almost all my games as an NH...(I've been playing on the xbox one since day 1 and I know pretty much everything about BTZ mode thanks to Dr purrington's videos, this forum and my personal training, I actually give some tips to new players who just started the game.) Some of my online friends who play has an NH are living this regulary Step 1: Since there is no option to choose my game like on PS4 and PC, I have to wait an average 3-5 minutes to even try to join a game (1 time out of 3 either they abort immediatly or the joining fails). How in the world did the devs not implement actual matchmaking on the Xbox one version?! Step 2: I eventually invade a game and I start 2 km away from the survivors, but since they are very strong and can hold their own in the game, they are often already separated and I sometime spawned extremly close to 1 or 2 survivor, getting attacked/UVed in a matter of 20-40 seconds in, or worse, in a few instances a nest actually spawned near one of them. Step 3: Since I can't choose my game I end up against 2-4 endgame players who most likely, duped so they got legend rank maxed in record time. and abuse the few bugs that came with some updates. (Ex: new weapons that can OHK nests/NH, somehow sometime dodging tackle in mid-air etc...) Step 4: Since they can see me at all times and I'm actually the one being chased around the map, I use the only attack that has more range than their melee attacks: groundpound to give me space before dropping a spit at my feet and then Spider-man my way out of their reach. Most of the time, this tactic earns me a few sighs and the occasional complaint/insult over the mic/message for...reasons? Step 5: the games goes on and I get the occasional lucky kill because they got careless (Ex: a Horde spit that actually worked because the guy thought that he could outrun the Horde with his potions/somehow surviving an impact with an exploding zombie, a lucky pounce because the guy thought I was too scared to swing my way back to a roof I just left while he had his back turned etc...) Most of these kills rewards me with a text that says "bs" or something along those lines... Step 6: Usually by the end they still have 3-6 lives left and they are on my last nest. So I leave my principles aside and I use the GP more often (GP + Jump + Spit + GP... sometime a tackles if they are in falling off something because of a GP) to keep them occupied elsewhere than my nests. I know I CANNOT die now or I lose since 1 death=1 nest. Even when I kill a guy he come back 20 seconds later since humans respawn faster and far closer to nests than Night Hunters. Last step: 4 times out of 5 they manage to either kill me or chase me away with 2 persons while the rest destroy the nest. They obviously win (since I'm now too weak/far away/waiting an eternity to respawn...1 km away). But losing is not the thing that bothers me since I know my chances were slim to begin with. The thing that bothers me is that after most matches, not only do I discover that at least one of them had the "Avoid me" or "needs work" reputation, but I end up with 3-4 messages saying things like "ground pound spammer" "exploiting groundpound+tackle off the roof" or "reported you" etc... I don't answer because there is no point. Point is: either implement real matchmaking or improve the mode more because even if we lose the game, we also lose reputation for nothing and some Hunters can't play anymore because they got unjustifyably reported many times. Real matchmaking would enable us to play with people we know won't insult or report us, thus making new online friends, thus making BTZ more enjoyable. I know that it takes time and costs money to get people to work on the game/online functions and it may take a while. But I know there is less and less NH out there. As a human I'm getting almost no invasions because most hunters are bored and/or have a bad Rep because survivors reported them (and before you say this, I have a good Reputation online, it's not the reason people don't join). I love this game and this mode even though it's broken. I don't want this game mode to die because endgame players can't handle Hunters having to use the same attack often to have a chance to kill them...
  3. Okay, before anyone refers me to the technical advice given from Techland support, please note: I installed and re-installed the game under Steam completely tried the log-in, log-out of Steam tried the "-safemode" start tried the "missing *.dll" file too Next, here my PC specs: i5-4670K @ 3,5GHz 8GB DDR3 MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4GB WINDOWS 10 64Bit every component has the newest drivers installed too, I hope a player can help me figure out why the game does not start - the tech.supoport hasn´t answered since 2 days now :-( Oh, maybe its worth mentioning that I bought the Enhanced Version (so just one key installed, not main game first, then the DLC afterwards)
  4. Hi, I was just thinking about this, and mine is Kane & Lynch !! Who other would survive a zombie world, with the attitude & Grace ;-) and they are just badass ;-) So what do you say?, ...NO! , not mario...would`nt last 5 seconds...
  5. mikefromspace

    Game Engine Download And Limits

    I see that some have crashed this game engine's map. Are improved algorithms coming to a version 7 or patch? Where can I download this engine's demo or etc...? Are the limits to mapping polygons lacking scale available in Unigine impossible to be reached, or is it just that Chrome doesn't try to or that the games themselves simply focus too much on details? Has anyone made a comparison chart for polygon rendering capabilities of this and other game engines?
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm a huge zombie survival fan and I have spent countless hours playing dead island and Dying light and I've always wondered why nobody has ever decided to mix it up a little and make a zombie game based in England around the 15th century!? I'd like nothing more than running around England with a bow shooting zombie hordes as they tried to over run my little thatched house! I've thought a little into this and I feel it could be done, the story idea I've come up with is that an illness starts taking over the land and a lot of people originally think it's the plague, until it's too late.. England falls into ruin and all the rich people stay held up in the castle, not willing to venture... This is where you come in as a servant of one of the rich lords. The castle you're in is running low on supply's so you get thrown out of the castle with nothing but a sword. Your aim is to find food etc for the castle. As the game starts to progress you start to find other people held up around the land and you can take additional quests etc.. While out in the world your person should have to eat by finding fruit and stray animals.. You can either find ingredients and eat them for a little health boost or you can combine ingredients to make things like bread which ill give you additional health. Weapons could range from bow and arrows to axes, spears, maces and a variation of swords and shields. Anybody else think that this would be a great sort of genre for zombie survival games to enter? Any other ideas or some things you'd do differently? Let me know!
  7. Alright. Hey, Techland, if you're reading this. So, I can already see myself that this game is practically dead. There's only about 1k people playing this game right now, and nearly every other hub I go to it's at least that times five. Grand theft auto V almost breaches 50k. You guys aren't patching the game too much, and when you do, it's just little bug fixes for bugs I've never encountered. Every bug that happens nearly EVERY SINGLE SESSION is still there SINCE I BOUGHT THE GAME. None have been fixed, and I am not going to bother reporting them, as I doubt anything will be done about them. There is a good amount of content to the game, but the first DLC.. Bozak Horde.. it was awful. Me and every person I knew hated it. It was hard, boring, and not rewarding at all. Nobody I knew could solo it, either. For all the leaderboards, every global time for anything is always 0.000 seconds, so our scores don't matter either. I beat the game three times now, and I have an AMD GPU and CPU. I'm still getting absolutely terrible performance to this day, since day 1, and nothing has been done about it. It seems you guys only care about money, and that sucks, because this game is wonderful, It has so much potential even after everything already in it, and you aren't doing anything with it. You don't take the community's ideas either. Anybody agree?
  8. Hallo Leute, ich öffne diese Sektion dass man Waffen und Items handeln und tauschen kann. Hello guys, today I'm gonna opening this topic to trade weapons and Items. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schreibt einfach hier rein was ihr wollt und vielleicht hat es ja jemand. Just write here what you search any maybe somebody got it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And sorry for my english. PS: ich suche noch ab und zu Mitspieler, bei Interesse einfach melden (ID = AlphaStorm100)
  9. Sam Powers

    My Rating

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to look into this post. I recently realized that when i joined these forums i never laid down a foundation of what i thought about dying light, i just delve right into throwing my opinions out there! So this post is for me to lay down that foundation! I like to rate games based on my own little rating system, similar to gameinformers rating system, accept mines a little different. In a day and age where many many games have the same basic theme (zombie games, war games, sports), its hard to find a good quality game that introduces new things each year, as expected, with so many game developers out there, gaming is a large, and growing, industry. The good games today, ive noticed, have something different about them. For example, Call of duty's zombie mode, or madden and fifa's and others sports games online team mode, or how about destiny altogether! These games are made great by what they do that separates them from the other games along the same theme. So in my rating system, i award a point in different categories that the game does differently and well. if a game has multiplayer, but theres nothing special about it, it gets no points. for instance, call of duty's multiplayer from MW2 to MW3 hardly changed, therefore i would give MW3 no points in the multiplayer category. heres how i break it down: Rating System Gameplay (2 points available) Storyline (3 points available) Multiplayer (3 points max) Realism (1 point) Miscellaneous (1 point) important, most games that i think are good end up with a rating of 5, because of the weird way i rate them. Now that you know how my rating system works, lets jump into the Review. Im gonna start by saying that Dying Light is one of my most favorite games of all time, among those of Call of Duty, Destiny, and other tier 1 games. its got good gameplay, feels realistic and has a very different kind of multiplayer. As for gameplay, a zombie game cant be a zombie game in third person, its just not the same. Every zombie gamer loves the close relationships and personal feelings they have with their beloved zombies. Techland only put a few guns in this game, usually used to dispatch Rais's men, and occasionally to get over that goon or demolisher youre struggling with, but melee weapons are always of the favor in this game that combines hack and slash with free running movements. and might i metion, Techland did a PHENOMENAL job at combining these two elements. Although this game has its fair share of glitches, its gameplay is nearly glitch free. now the storyline, or "campaign" if you must insist. In my opinion the storyline to this game is absolutely phenomenal as well. just the right amounts of twists and turns, but overall giving you a good idea of what direction the game is going. the bad guys stay bad and the good guys stay good, but there are often times when you find yourself as the gamer questioning whether or not a, certain character, will take a trip on the merry-go-round-and-dont-come-back. With its wide selection of side missions to keep the gamer busy after completion of the main story, its re playable X 10, not only that, but there are challenges as well and a great wide open world to explore, and PLENTY of collectibles for those gamers. Multiplayer. Ohhhhh multiplayer... listen techland, the co-op is great, you did a really good job with it. This game is great with friends. And we all love the co-op challenges that pop up in game (sorry drawing a blank on those thingses names). And were all happy that you made us able to change their frequency and change our game to friends only or public. yah did good. But please, please, continue your work on the Be the Zombie mode. Many gamers are unhappy with it, including myself, yet i still have so much fun with it when it goes well. I know youre working on a patch, and that fixing BTZ is a process, i just cant wait for that process to be complete! Realism. the good thing about dying light, and a big reason i fell in love with it so quickly, is that the characters lines are actually kind of realistic. only a few stupid lines, compared to most games nearly all of their lines are dumb. and the engine you used was very realistic, heck its definitely got the right name, "natural movement." Miscellaneous. the game has quite a few what i call menu glitches. such as save glitches and those pesky duplication glitches. i usually allow a game a few glitches, but when it interferes with the quality of the game... The Verdict Gameplay scores 2 out of 2 for having a great engine, and combining hack n slash and parkour perfectly. Storyline scores 3 out of 3 for having a storyline with just the right amount of twists and turns, and a great ending, along with plenty of interesting side quests Multiplayer scores 1 out of 3 for having fantastic co-op, and a different sort of (great idea) multiplayer. however i took one point away for poorly creating that multiplayer. Realism scores 1 out of 1 with natural movement and realistic lines Miscellaneous scores -1 out of 1 for having many menu glitches that interfere with game quality. Overall Dying Light scores a 6 If the developers can fix the glitches, improve the be the zombie mode, and score one more point in miscellaneous, itd be a perfect game! Thanks for reading Sam Powers
  10. Are you ever going to patch this game? 1). You have really sucky save points and no ability to do a hard save in case you have to stop mid-way -- you have to do it all over 2). The bridge has a matrix break in at times. I climbed 8 times and it gave way under me and I found myself in water looking up at trees, houses, land, and everything else ... the way out... power down and start over -- this happened on one of the towers as well. 3). In Extraction while in the tunnels the charcter doesn't always jump on command causing him to fall to his death and the stupid screamer/respawn point is not consitent. I've noticed running problems (yes I tried more than one controller so it is in the game). 4). If you are going to start me over at the starting point I should get to keep all the flares and firecrackers and whatever else I used ... No on like trying something 30 times just to have the matrix fail and or an invisble wall knock the avatar into the pit and back to start point... You have a very good game that could be a very great game if you tweak it a little and clean up some of the bugs. By the way... the special weapons I got for pre-ordering are dorky stupid and fairly worthless...
  11. While waiting for Dying Light, I decided to find out what are people's favorite zombie games and what are their top 5 weapons in each game. Reasons would be appreciated too. Ties are ok too. Here are mine... * Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 1. Grenade Launcher (Because it holds different types of rounds and on of them is a freeze round, which happens to be the most effective on the main enemy, Nemesis, himself. 2. Magnum Revolver with .44 Magnum rounds. (This one is a very effective weapon.) 3. STI Eagle 6.0, Berretta 92FS Handgun, Benelli M3S Shotgun, and the dagger knife. (These help me dispose zombie with ease. The Benelli and Beretta are most lethal when their ammos are enhanced. The knife is so awesome when finishing enemies on the ground. The STI is like a very fast handgun that can make critical kills. 4. M66 Rocket Launcher and Mine Thrower (The best weapons used on the final boss.) 5. Demon of Sword of Paracelsus (The weapon that will make the final finish to the final boss and is a life saver. ) * Zombie Revenge (DAMN I MISS PLAYING THIS GAME!!! ) 1. Hand-to-hand combat and handgun. (I mean I'm always equipped with these even though I need to save the ammo for the handgun. These are the best in this game because all other weapons are dropped and cannot always be used in certain stages. Plus, I love how we can combo with punches, kicks, and grapples.) 2. Hatchet (A nice blade that can be thrown on an enemy.) 3. Drill (Oh these babies are just awesome when it comes for blood and gore.) 4. Shotgun and Machine Gun (These make the job faster even on bosses.) 5. Axe and Iron Pipe (Nice melee weapons to use when fighting enemies.)
  12. SlammedSloth

    Pre-Load Now Available!

    Just wanted to announce that the Steam Pre-Load is now available for those who were wondering! YEAH ONLY 2 DAYS AND SOMETHING HOURS! And it's 11.3 GB so make sure you've got space on your computer!
  13. ZomboidSlayer

    Dying Light Features

    Techland I was wondering if this game is going to include the ability to turn off online features such as the be the zombie night sequences? Also will there be a levelling, skill tree system in the game? And finally is there going to be a time limit on the game dead rising style or will you be able to be able to continue free roam post game?
  14. Witam serdecznie. Czy jest możliwość zakupu u Was pudełkowej wersji gry Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted (PS Vita)?