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Found 7 results

  1. I am the worst with horror games. This was no different, especially with flashbacks of PT memories coming back to me as I wandered through the house. Have you guys played it? What did you think? Did you manage to make it to the end?
  2. wunwegwundarwun

    My #1 Steam Review

    Hey Everyone, I know many of you who own the game and love it don't read the reviews for DL (why would you?), but I have had great feedback on Steam for this review and would love to share it with you. Please enjoy! Cheers to all the great work on DL and I am excited to play and review The Following
  3. Mark-e-mark

    Dying Light Slums Action
  4. CloseCallGames

    Sweet Electric Slide

    Check out this survivors… electric slide. its at 20 seconds, had me laughing for awhile.
  5. I'm glad I caught this one, because I'll be damned if it wasn't one hell of a good time. It actually starts out as a 1 Vs. 1, but quickly shifts into the mayhem that is 1 Vs. 2. I get lucky right in the beginning and snag an early "looking the other way" kill, which pretty much sets up two more. one of the best things you can do in any mode that is 1 Vs. 2+ is to split up the Humans. And I don't just mean separating them with the Horde; I mean keeping each engagement simple (1 Vs. 1) by leveraging respawn times. By killing one Human, then another after a short pause, you effectively create a cycle in which one Human is always coming after you while his friend(s) is/are still respawning. It turns any 1 Vs. 2+ match into 1 Vs. 1, but with a slight difference: your Spits and UV Block regenerate much faster, letting you start off every confrontation fresh. You haven't had much experience with me in PVP matches, I'm sure, but if you knew me, you'd know I'm not the best guy to tea-bag at. Or maybe I am? Teabagging gets my blood boiling like... Well, like a hot cup of tea, I'd say. Needless to say, I wasn't going to have any of this tea-bagging, Safe House-camping nonsense. Not on my show. Sure, I could have waited them out, but what's the fun in that? Homies have no place in this world. No, I'd much rather fire a UV Spit through three windows and stick the wall behind these guys, then rush in like a majestic lion and tear their tasty heads off. With 5 health left, I can say I'm quite thankful that Pounce and Leapfrog are not affected by the "death state" of having 0 HP. It makes for some really, really fun kills. Like this one! I... don't know why I said it was like eating the Mona Lisa. I think I was referring to the ordeal being like a painting, and I just went on a tangent from there. That's what you get when I try to do whole-match commentary, guys - you get nonsense. Remember, guys. Safe Houses are not Safe. I mean, what is "safe" anyway? That's just a word. Hope you all enjoyed!
  6. cubanpetecrew

    Dying Light Mario Easter Egg

    hello all me and my friend have found a Mario world easter egg. you can see how to do it here it wont allow to paste the video link. once on my channel its my newest video.
  7. SlammedSloth

    Dying Light Fan Forums

    So I was trying to find the forums earlier and couldn't find it for some reason so looked it up on google and found the fan forums lol