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Found 8 results

  1. These are all things I think should be added to keep this game going and alive! 1. People need something to work towards, increase the stat trees from 24-25 to 35 adding even more combos, abilities, ect. 2. Weapons, everyone likes stabbing and beating but why not add more guns? A few ideas are a good bolt action sniper, rpg and a lmg. Also camos could be crafted or bought as dlc for $4.99. 3. Also small boats and helicopters. Reason being let's face it, the roads are to hard to rework but the sky and water is still open. Even possibly add "Divers" a water only zombie that is some what powerful and can break your boat. 4. People love killing zombies, to keep them interested add more new weapons and upgrades. Place new weapons in new places. Create a new small part of Harran. 5. Lastly, people will keep asking for it so add findable food and water to hard mode. Along with that add thirst hunger and injury. None of these except #3 and 5 are to hard to code into the game and would be a nice addition.
  2. thebobman

    Ryder White Throwback

    Hey guys, so I was thinking not too long ago about how back in Dead Island you guys made a DLC where you would play as Ryder White in order to see more of the other side of the story. Although it was very linear, it was also very cool. What I am aiming for in saying is that making an update letting you play the lives of the other characters would be really cool. For starters, I would love to play as Brecken since the original game trailer showed him traversing Harran instead of Crane. Creating a story as to how The Tower was created and what Brecken went through would be just awesome especially if it would include everything from the original trailer. Also the whole thing with the Brecken and the doctor's off screen relationship could be implemented as well ;p Jades story would also be critical in developing the story of the game too. Since we don't really work with her in game, it would be great to see what she was upto before Crane showed up and what she was doing while Crane was doing his work and then while she was hiding from him in Old Town. Rias story would be interesting to see. Obviously it would have to take place before the main campaign. It would be similar to Brecken's story of how things came to be. The last story I could think of that could be added would be something about Troy, but she does't have any major holes in the original story that Brecken, Jade, and Rais have. These could be added as a mix of free and paid DLC's and something I feel like a lot of active players would love to see and players who have just quit playing due to being over-repatative would return for an all new experience. This thread is open to suggestions on what others would like to see new in-game as well as for devs to say what they think of doing a throwback to this kind of expansion like we had in Dead Island.
  3. Nautiboy187th

    Need Players

    Hey guys whats up I bought dying light like a week ago and i get bored playing by myself so im just looking for someone thats almost in the begining like me and is just looking to have a good time killing some zombies My gamertag for xbox one is : NAUTIBOY187TH and I have many other games we can play too
  4. Blackburn123321

    Thankyou So Much Techland...

    Dear Techland, I just wanted to say Thankyou for your hard work and 100% Dedication towards the Dying light Community, you guys are just awesome!, here's is a list of things I wanted to thank you for. 1:- The latest Update patch (Which fixed SO many problems such as (Coop,BTZ,etc) for a lot of people, including me.) 2:- New Outfits, (Love them!) 3:- New Weapons, (Thankyou!!) 4:- Hardcore mode, (Now for this one I want to give you a special Thankyou!!! for making it 100% FREE For the community to play and enjoy!) 5:- Cooperating with and Responding to the community, (You guys do an outstanding job with hearing out our issues, suggestions and complaints here at the forums and I really wanted to thank you ALL at Techland for that) ~Thumbs up for appreciation to Techland!, and thankyou for reading.
  5. thebobman

    Specialty Weapons

    So you all are probably expecting to see the high survivor weapon issue being fixed and I hear that rumors of gold tier weapons. Now this is kind of both question and potentially a request for the devs. Remember in Dead Island how each class of weapon had a specialty orange weapon? Like the hammer was MC Hammer, we had Pick of Destiny, Zeds Demise, etc. Are the the rumors of the Gold tier aiming at just another level of weaponry or are these going to be something fun like this? I haven't seen anything like this yet in the game other than Korek and EXPcalibur and would love to see some kind of throwback towards legitimate legendary weapons like this. Since there hasn't really been any of this and if this is an idea that hasn't been brought up yet, I think that a large part of the community might enjoy something like this.
  6. Copy pasta from my nexus file This mod aim for Dying Light "trailer like" gameplay where everything look threatening enough at day, while the night are only meant for seasoned runner. Current mod achievement (so far) New Night Mode system, your action will produce sound that attract more Night Walker (night viral type). Either go stealth, GO LOUD!!, or go home. Survivor event at night, are you willing to risk your life for saving random night?? Hostile Survivor, some people are desperate enough to get what they need in order to survive. Brand new loot tier system, Instead of getting current weapon level tier over and over. the weapon you get will be randomized, where the higher the weapon tier, the harder the percentage to get it. Huge nerf to melee weapon, now top tier two-handed weapon only does 300 damage max. Firearms adjusting making pistol type worth using (Hitting enemy in arm and leg now also do bonus damage). Also swapping police rifle characteristic with military rifle. Increase Rifle Ammo to 150, Pistol to 80. Explosive, Increasing explosive damage while limiting the max ammount of explosive you can carry to 5 only. Remove day Viral icon on radar. Now you have to depend on the voice. Preview Skill (for testing purpose, will be removed later on) Enable Takedown (stomp, front & back takedown) at power lv. Enable charge attack at power lv.2 On Progress Specialization skill (Planned, still working on it), make your character doing better at some stuff, while reducing the the other stat. Also special thx to techland to make modding possible (and fun ofc). I hope the modding tool allow us to access certain data that require hexcode or other complicated stuff that i don't undertand Feel free to post about feedback and stuff here
  7. Aloha everyone, this is Hawaiianguygaming here and I would like to invite you to watch me play Dying Light! Game is pretty amazing so far and I hope yall will enjoy this thrilling adventure with me! Link to the Video: If you want to subscribe: Please leave me feedback, I want to improve, so i can keep entertaining all you lovely ladies and gents. Mahalo!
  8. SlammedSloth

    Pre-Load Now Available!

    Just wanted to announce that the Steam Pre-Load is now available for those who were wondering! YEAH ONLY 2 DAYS AND SOMETHING HOURS! And it's 11.3 GB so make sure you've got space on your computer!