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Found 17 results

  1. Dear Techland, the new update for BTZ is too overpowered!!!!The humans don't have any chance of winning. Blinking the U.V light drains it fast is too overpowered, like what are we supposed to do!?! We only have two flares but the spit recharge rate is too strong, you basically spit run and spit again because of how fast the recharge rate is. And DFA height increased to 8 meters?? Are you insane!?! Just leave it how it was in the pre-patched version, look i know that your doing this to make Dying Light better but good players on all consels hate this update. Its basically promoting human players to actually play BTZ instead of human because of how overpowered the zombie is. So if you please get rid of this update that would be great. (P.S please test your own updates before you release it to the public.)
  2. So you know when survivors are getting eaten by a zombie and you're supposed to save them or when one of Raises men are getting eaten? Well when you cant save them and/or you don't want to, and after they die, could it be possible that after they die, the virus rots them and it resseructs them into a slow walker? I get that when people get bit they turn into virals, but these guys are dead and already starting to rot. I just think that it would be cool to see them get bitten, die, wait a minute or two, and see them rise up as a rotten, walking dead. Even if you don't do this, I think it's great that you're doing cool stuff for the many people who play this game.
  3. do anybody have this weird issue that wile VAC is turnt off youre getting kicked because youre or somebody have not been successfully authenticated ? well i have.. co-op has no problem at all i can play for hours but after a 3 guy joint it will take around 15 a 30 min before the first guy is getting kicked yes the first guy because when the 2 guys will play together after the 3 guy is kicked the 2e guy CAN be kicked also, some backgrond info all people has/have not been banned use no mods at all and never did it dont use cheats all use steam steam has been authenticated white e-mail all in same country some questions i dont know why are we kicked and always has something to do whit VAC? why is VAC causing it wile it is off!! ​why is it working for around a half hour and suddenly not anymore? after 2 weeks i found a fix for pc using Hamachi (lan on the internet) ​my question is are we 3 the only one because i cant find on the internet an a similarly problem do anybody have a different fix for it? do anybody have this problem? if so i can post the fix i used in around 2 days but i dont know if you can still play whit other people that have not used the same fix if you know let me please know if you haven't noticed i am not good at engles and used google a lot
  4. My issue shouldn't even be an issue. I feel lied to. They said we would be able to disable the hud. It's simply not true. You can disable most of the hud, not all of it. During the day your game will be hud free. However, at night eyeball icons will appear over enemies heads. These icons warn you that you are about to be spotted while revealing the enemies location. These icons are very much part of a "heads up display". They are in fact, giving me a heads up while appearing on my display. I don't know if this is an over-sight, a glitch or just plain laziness on the developers side. Though I feel obligated to say... Don't get my hopes up by telling me that I can disable the hud if I can't disable ALL of the hud. Those icons at night ruin the game in a very fundamental way. If you play the game on nightmare and disable your hud. You will discover that day time is now more difficult than night time. Why? Because virals move fast, climb buildings and you get NO WARNINGS! At night, the most dangerous creature in the game is constantly being tagged before it becomes a real threat. I find myself experiencing some relief when the sun goes down because now dangerous enemies will be tagged for me. Even though I really really really don't want them to be. So I request that you FIX the BROKEN "disable hud" option. Thank you for your time. PS: I just want what you said I was gonna get.
  5. Ericfernandez

    An Easy Fix

    Okay, this post is meant to discuss Be The Zombie mode. I want to start by saying, this mode is dope. It definitely has the potential to start a new survival horror MMO genre. It has problems with match-making and balance though, and these flaws make an, otherwise great game mode, into an unplayable disaster. Now in my mind there are a few fixes. 1.) DO NOT SHOW LOBBIES THAT ARE ALREADY TAKEN: I spend more time trying to find a lobby that isn't full rather than playing the actual game. This is annoying, so if a lobby is full or already invaded, don't allow it to show up in find a match or try to connect you to it in Quick Find. 2.) Turn off invasion mode for players who do not use it: I can't count how many times I've been disconnected from a lobby by a player who does not want their lobby to be invaded, only to find myself reconnecting to the same lobby, or having it show up. Again, and again, and again in the find a match selection. After disconnecting so many times, just auto-turnoff their invasion settings, that way they don't show up as a match available for joining. 3.) Put in a penalty for players that consistently abort matches or just wait inside a safe zone for the duration of a match: Again, I can't count how many times I've joined a Lobby just to have the player abort the instant it starts or as soon as they die a couple times. If they want to quit out, fine, let them, but for the love of God, penalize them for it. Take away any XP they might have earned or decrease their XP for doing so. In addition to that, if it consistently happens then restrict their coop and multiplayer functions for a period of time to discourage quitting out of competitive play. 4.) reduce the range of the uv light or its use duration: with the UV being able to hit you from a mile away and seemingly having an unlimited battery supply, getting close to the enemy is not plausible, as they can spam the hell out of their survival senses and flash you the instant you're within twelve blocks of them. This is especially a problem when there is more than one player. This way they can have one person that keeps you several miles away while the rest go nest to nest without any problems. In addition to this, using spits on experienced players won't work very well as it takes a while to explode and the human is capable of spamming the dodge function, making it almost impossible to hit them with a spit to disable their UV light. 5.) Sweet baby Jesus it takes forever to respond, I counted a little over 15 seconds to respond, by that point the human could have destroyed a nest and then made it to the next one by the time you respond and are able to get to them. I understand the human needs an upper hand over the zombie, otherwise it won't be fun and nobody would enable invasions, but it's insane to allow them enough time to destroy 1/4th of the necessary nests in between the zombies spawns. Again, a problem because the human is able to destroy any chance of escape or attack through the use of the extraordinary range of the uv light, and then are able to kill you in 4 hits or less, depending on the weapon they have. 6.) put a time gap in between the humans (and zombies) use of senses: The human being able to constantly see you takes any sense of tension or challenge away from the game mode. The spit should only extend the time in which the human can't use their survival senses, not as the only way to disable their infinite usage of the sense. 7.) I'm not entirely sure how to solve this one, but the horde is ineffective, especially on old town because all the human needs to do is climb a ledge and wait it out, all the while using the uv light to keep you at bay. This destroys the purpose of the horde and enables experienced players to get on a ledge and spam their death from above ability. Again, not sure how it could be fixed, but it's a problem I run into CONSTANTLY while trying to use the horde to distract an enemy player. These are some of the more major problems I've run into while trying to play this mode. This game kicks a** but there are some very serious imbalances in game, as well as connectivity and match making issues. And let's not forget the player abuse of the quit out options or their ability to refuse invasions, despite having the option on and showing up as an available lobby for invasion. I hope somehow this makes it to someone, because with some minor tweaking, this game mode option would be one of the best features of the game. Give the hunter a little more power and the human a little less. Not so much that the human is at such a disadvantage that no one wants to play, but the field needs to be balanced a little more because as of now, I spend more time looking for lobbies and getting continueslly blocked or aborted on. That or I'll get into a lobby with someone who doesn't know how to play the game yet and just get absolutely destroyed by invaders, OR I'll find a lobby with players that know the imbalances in the game too well and use it to easily murder the zombie. Some know these imbalances so well they don't even bother destroying the nests and just set up camp somewhere and farm the Hunters for experience and supplies.
  6. Guys im in lvl 25 now and I can't find ANY blunt weapons at all in this game, I had alot earlier but not they just stopped existing?? Dafuq? If this is your doing, developers, I would very much like to know why! Because why would you now want to use that two handed sledgehammer and see the zombies go flying? Do you really hate blunt weapons this much? Please put them back in, this doesn't make any sense at all man :/
  7. So I really love Dying light, been playing it for hours. I have my agility at Rank 22 and my strength at 24. But my survivor Rank is stuck at 24 (max is 25) it says I have 474000 XP and nex level is in 475000 and I won't gain/lose any XP for that Rank... Please tell me they will patch this right away I wish to not start over... plus this whole fear of my characters stats, inventory, and storage resetting (As people are talking about) I am eager that they find a fix for all of this right away. Anyone else having this issue? Also this happened to me on Xbox One
  8. Techland Developers and Support, I have successfully installed patch 1.4.0 to my Dying Light in my Steam account, yet after playing the game, a number of my achievements remain stuck, and unable to be unlocked. The achievements that are not functioning properly are Now It's Safe (stuck at 11/17) and The Whole Story (stuck at 41/44). Hopefully, there will soon be a patch to fix this issue, but if there will not be, please help me find a different fix, as I would love to fully complete the game. Regards, Jman Also, if there is a fix among the DL community, please help!
  9. Lost all my stuff

    Fix Your Game

    Well isn't this just great? I poured over 7 hours into this game, I found a gun, got some good melee weapons, even a grappling hook. Then I come back and I find a level one character there. How does a glitch of these size get past you? I paied sixty bucks for this game, wait, it's not even a game, just a beta. You better give us a bag of gear or something amazingly useful, because I had payed for a game, not a reskined version of dead island mixed into a milkshake filled with glitches.
  10. Toygar has been having mental issues in my game. I have several side quest missions completed and ready to turn into him but he doesn't have an option to talk to anymore. I'm not sure why. It wasn't my positioning I jumped all around him to see if there was a special spot to get a dialog option with him but nope. In any case I have made it to the second area of the game so i'm not sure if that's what caused him to stop rewarding my finished side quests or what. For now I'll see if I can hop onto a friends world and do some of these missions but it would be nice to get a patch for this guy. Something that resets him when you enter the building so that he can't get stuck in a non responsive state or something. That's all I really care about as I'd like to turn these bounties in but until I get a patch for him I dunno how much productivity I can pull out of my magic hat in the meantime. On the side here are a few other known issues with the game: Zombies freezing in mid air after one or more of their ligaments have been cut off. Grappling hook takes you to places where you are unable to grab the ledge and end up falling to your death frequently. Wall run ability doesn't work very often, often times won't activate at all even on surfaces in which it looks like it shouldn't have any problems on. Projectiles from enemy's (throwing stars, spitter acid, etc.) will quite literally go through doors and walls and still hurt the player. Molotov Cocktails thrown from other online players rapidly kills the user if caught in the crossfire (especially annoying when dealing with trolls whom purposely kill you with them repetitively) Some survivors won't reward you for saving their chupacabra. Some survivors get attacked by invisible zombies. Rias's men dodge all of your swinging attacks even when you have them trapped in a corner and there is no possible way for them to jump out of the way of your blow. New Jefferson Town after blowing up sill has the glow of the UV lights at night yet the lights aren't on and it doesn't count as a safe zone nor does it repel the special nighttime zombies. The game also has trouble joining other peoples games when they are in combat and or in a cut scene. (rather than making the joining player get kicked back out to the main menu why not just have a waiting list for getting into a game in which the host is in combat or watching a cut scene). That's about all I can think of at the moment.
  11. Airsickhydra

    Lost Item/level Fix!

    Just to note, yesterday when joining a friend's game. My level, items and experience were wiped clean. Of course I instantly assumed I was hit by this dreaded curse that seems to have afflicted so many people. What I did next was to go back to the home screen, attempt to join another game, on the loading selection I re selected my old save and noticed for no good reason it had created a new save for me. Hopefully this helps a few others, I may be wrong but is it possible that there isn't even a progress wipe bug, people are just being forced into a new save and don't know how to re load their old one? Peace to you all. Love the game.
  12. I'm surer this has addresses in many places. But multiplayer is odd, sometimes I can't play with a friend sometimes I can play with him, it's all very very random, and confusing, also would like to know where the suggestion thread is.
  13. TomTheZambieSlayer

    Xbox One Black Screen. Please Help!

    I preloaded dying light onto my xbox one not long ago and I haven't been able to play the game since. The reason for this is because every time I 'press start' after the introduction video my game goes to a black screen and the screen doesn't go away... I really want to play this game and it's upset me that this bug has been effecting me for so long. I will try to get in touch with techland today but does anyone else know how to sort this out for now.
  14. Hey guys, I started playing dying light multi-player yesterday with a group of friends and when ever my gf (same house both using wireless connections) joins people start randomly getting disconnected to a point were its just me alone . If my gf is not in the game the 3 of us can play fine for hours if we so please. When she joins chaos breaks loose! We haven't tried her joining them without me yet as we got fed up last night so we will try that to eliminate her being the issue later when people are on. We have tried each person in party hosting the game but it happens regardless who is host we found. I am left to believe it is either the fact we are using the same external ip address or there is an issue with our wireless but mine seems to work fine. Has anyone else encountered this issue or does anyone have any ideas? I have a switch here with me so I am gonna try bridging my connection with my gf rather than her using wireless but we cannot both use wired connection to router as the router is only accessible by wireless at the moment so bridging a wireless connection via wire is my only option for her to not use wireless. I will also add we had the exact same issue with both dead island and dead island riptide so if anyone managed to fix that issue I would greatly appreciate knowing how hopefully without not using wireless as its a requirement atm.
  15. Ok after hours of exhausting all possible fixes and options I decided to redownload the game one last time this time letting the game its self download completely. That's downloading the first 5 gigs then the rest downloading in the background. After all 17 gigs was finished I then installed the update. everytime before I would install the update right after the first 5 gigs would get done. To my surprise it actually worked.. I couldnt believe it. I am currently in a coop game and its been over half an hour and so far no problems. I will keep you all posted. I don't know if this will work for everyone but it worked for me. So just to recap. Redownload the game and only install the update and dlc after the game has finished by its self.
  16. Nemo3404

    Increase Font Size

    Can you please increase the font size within the game? It is very hard to see at a normal living room size (approx 6 ft from tv). Also the icons are very small as well and are hard to see. The icons to open objects. Please fix and I will be forever grateful. (FYI: I do not need/ nor wear glasses- I actually have great eye sight but dang that font is small)