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Found 8 results

  1. Pete Donnelly

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Hey Everyone! We are working hard to get BTZ completed for "The Following" release and are diligently squashing any bugs we may find. The problem is, we may not always catch them all and that's where we could use your help! This post here is where I'd like everyone to write about any bugs, glitches or exploits they may have come across while playing BTZ. Let us know about them now so we can do our best to kill 'em off in time for The Following! Here a list of some things that I can already to you are fixed/tuned for BTZ in general when 'The Following' releases. 1. Fixed an issue with the Shield negating stuck spits. 2. Bullet damage to Nests reduced 3. 2 Handed Heavy damage to Nests reduced 4. Tackle Damage to Nests reduced 5. Hunters "UV Heal" skill is much quicker (I really like this allows for some new tricks) 6. Survivors flare cooldown cost is only applied if the flare was successfully thrown 7. Grappling hook cooldown cost increased 8. Fixed Grappling hook 1hit zombie defenders 9. Timeout loss for AFK 10.Timeout loss for Non-interaction (Survivors don't attack nests or interact with Hunter) 11. Survivors have 0% chance of winning Invasion rewards until at least 1 nest is destroyed 12. Outside damage mitigated while in PVP grab states (tackle, dropkick, pounce etc.) 13. DFA commitment. Survivors cannot quick roll out of a DFA attempt. 14. Fixed an issue with the Hunters 'cancel grounpound' input not being read if initiated early. 15. Fixed Hunter being blocked by Survival packages 16. Fixed Hunter Groundpound input not registering 17. Fixed Hunter UV block timer pausing while in PVP grab states. (would allow the Hunter to have the UV Block skill active longer than intended) 18. Fixed an issue with Shield NOT blocking a spit when it should (was checking angle to other player instead of angle to the spit itself) 19. Fixed an issue where Survivors could use the 'forward roll' skill to negate fall damage from a Tackle 20. AOE knockdown on successful tackle (Hunter) 21. Reduced wall hit stun for Survivors after being hit from a Groundpound 22. Fixed Hunter not receiving the win bonus XP for Humans cowering in fear Lot's more has been tweaked as well! Feel free to PM me if you want to let me know of some exploit but don't want to post it for everyone to see! (Please don't post "-So and so- is a Hacker!!!! PLZ bring Banhammer!!!" We are just looking for bugs in this post. Thanks!!!!) (edited to show additional fixes)
  2. Dear Techland, the new update for BTZ is too overpowered!!!!The humans don't have any chance of winning. Blinking the U.V light drains it fast is too overpowered, like what are we supposed to do!?! We only have two flares but the spit recharge rate is too strong, you basically spit run and spit again because of how fast the recharge rate is. And DFA height increased to 8 meters?? Are you insane!?! Just leave it how it was in the pre-patched version, look i know that your doing this to make Dying Light better but good players on all consels hate this update. Its basically promoting human players to actually play BTZ instead of human because of how overpowered the zombie is. So if you please get rid of this update that would be great. (P.S please test your own updates before you release it to the public.)
  3. Jcorella17

    Hacker In Vac Secure Game

    So, I joined a VAC SECURE game and encountered a hacker/exploiter. He had infinite health and teleported around the map as he instakilled nests... Audio was removed because I had friends talking in the background that were louder than the in game sounds.
  4. I visit other forums now and then and saw a player suggest to other human players to just "dupe survivor packages" to max out their survivor rank. Ignoring all the other ridiculous advantages that duping gives human players in BtZ, why should humans get to rank up in seconds while it takes the hunter weeks of continuous playing to max out? I just don't get why this isnt a higher priority. Why is the progression system, among other things, allowed to be so heavily unbalanced?
  5. FolksyTarsier

    Newest Survivor Glitch

    Dear techland here is the newest glitch that's loved by survivors: After you swing a heavy weapon that's damaged and press the repairbutton and swing rightaway so you can swing your heavy weapon super fast using this trick they are able to kills nests in around 1,5 seconds and also they can just spam the heavy weapon against nighthunters instead of waiting between each swing. The problem with this is that if you die once (missed gp example) when you respawn the nest is already destroyed and they hve already arrived at the next one. I found this issue on xbox one. I hope you guys will fix this issue in the following update
  6. I am tired of this, I would like to know what is being done about this. I was playing Be the Hunter and I ran into two people, separate times, that were standing in a glitch, on the "third floor", inside of the tower. The game does not kick them and a few are able to shoot out of it. I would prefer people that can't play by the rules be banned, but so many people and companies are opposed to that, so I at least say they should have their ranks reset every time they are caught cheating. I have two videos on youtube, but it would seem that your link option on here isn't working, so how else can I go about reporting these two players?
  7. I do not know if anybody else has found this but I have just figured out how to duplicate ammo in Dying Light. It seems to only work with the assault rifles. Or at least the police rifle which is the one I can manage to do it with, haven't tried other varieties of rifles as I do not have them. This seems to only work when you have pretty close to 120 bullets, won't work if you have only a few. So what I do is I shoot around 5 or 6 shots, then press the drop button to drop the gun which seems to put all of it's ammo back into my inventory but when I pick it back up it still has the extra bullets still in the magazine, so I end up getting the x120 bullets again. Just wanting to let somebody know about this so it can hopefully be fixed. ***edit*** this is on PC by the way.
  8. Hey, so I recently watched a video about Be the Zombie mode and I realized, couldn't it be exploited? For example, what would happen if one of them suddenly disconnects or if the person being the zombie was friends with the player and more or less just joins to give him the ingredients and not attack the player at all? Not sure if exploit but what if someone just played the game offline so they don't get invaded only going online when he wants the ingredients? Also, is there even like an option to pick if you can be invaded? Like can it be set to friends only or something? Is there any systems in place to stop people from exploiting it?