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Found 34 results

  1. DeadlyMax

    Localized text dosen't exist

    <<<?xml version="1.0"?>>> QuestsDefinitions -level=wdl_01 quest Crash quest CrashEpilog -parent=Crash -final=true ,wait <<wait 5seconds>> 5 ,goto <<go>> ModelObject strasse 1 -distance=5 -obj=&CrashEpilog_Go Localizied text dosen't exist : CrashEpilog_Go ,semaphore <<No credits>> !String(s,s) String("Crash_Name", "Crash") String("CrashEpilog_Name", "Epilog") String("Crash_Desc", "You've crashed, take your Stuff and find a save place") String("CrashEpilog_Desc", "You've crashed! Take your Stuff and find a save place") String("Crash_Item_Pistol", "My Pistol") String("Crash_Take", "Take your Weapons") String("Crash_Go", "Find a save Place") String("CrashEpilog_Go", "Find 'The Fortress'") What went wrong?...I can't the the Mistake And also when I wrote &Crash_Item_Pistol& in the destription of the Quest Item (Pistol) The name dosen´t change to "My Pistol" Thank for your help Guys ^^ Cheers Max
  2. Witam! Od kilku dni podczas próby uruchomienia gry na platformie Steam, pojawia mi się komunikat "Application error". Nie mam pojęcia czym to jest spowodowane, ponieważ wcześnie gra działała bez problemu. Mam nadzieję, że ktoś mi podsunie jakieś rozwiązanie, pomijając opcję reinstalacji gry, weryfikowania plików czy usuwania katalogu z zapisem (już to robiłem i nie przyniosło to żadnego efektu). Pozdrawiam i z góry dziękuję za pomoc. P.S. Dorzucam plik z diagnostyki DirectX, tak na wszelki wypadek. DxDiag.txt
  3. I am currently experiencing very bad pixelation when driving thru any water, and also almost all npc character faces are messed up with either bad texture pixelation or a strange green coloration. Also some objects such as bags and boxes and plants are pixelated/Green. I am currently playing the most up to date version of Dying Light the Following Enhanced Edition on Xbox One. Any suggestions on a fix is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Between the time of 1/27/2015 5:40:34 P.M. to the time of this post I have encountered this error a total of 38 times. Typically this will happen every few minutes if I attempt to play co-op. With two people I may get lucky and last an hour without being booted but that is incredibly rare. I have yet to blue screen while playing solo so that is something I suppose. The PS4 error is CE-34878-0 It is interesting that if I play with three people as soon as the third joins I instantly get the blue screen error. My first attempt to fix it was to delete and reinstall the game. When that did not work I deleted it, restored my licenses, then reinstalled it again. I have reverted to a previous save (to test it) with no luck. When these all failed I deleted the game again, went to to download the game from a website (found this supposed fix online) which also did not help me in the end. Not sure if this helps but the majority of my kicks happened while a lot of things were going on in the game. For instance surrounded by zombies, taking damage, dealing damage, with two people results in me being kicked a lot of the time. However, sometimes we could just be free running in the dark, with little to no zombies near us and I will still blue screen. I have yet to see anyone who has this problem as much as I do. I am using the digital copy purchased from the PSN store. A few friends of mine have been blue screening as well (they own physical copies) but no where near as frequent as I do. I see this game as being a co-op game, and I am unable to do this because I am afraid of being kicked which is a total bummer for me because a lot of my friends have been inviting me and I am unable to accept them because of an unknown issue with the game. I honestly would have taken it back by now if I owned the physical copy. I never do see any frame-rate drops, or any other visual indicators that it is going to happen. It just happens. PSN: XV_Drop_Shot_XV
  5. Hi, I am using Dying Light Companion App. I tried to send a package, added items to package and clicked ''send package'' button, It said package is sent. But when go to missions or map section and go back to inventory section in companion app, the items that I sent recently are still there like I've never sent them and of course I never receive them in-game please help.
  6. Hi, I am using Dying Light Companion App. I tried to send a package, added items to package and clicked ''send package'' button, It said package is sent. But when go to missions or map section and go back to inventory section in companion app, the items that I sent recently are still there like I've never sent them please help.
  7. Fipplarn

    Quest Editing Error

    Hello! I just created an account here on techland forum cuz I need help, And I need it now.. I choosed to create my own map on Dying Light in the Dev tools as my degree project and I only got a week left to finish it.. Anyway... Today I was about to create my own quest so I looked around on some clips to learn more about it and when I was done writing my own quest I got theese wierd errors sying it can´t find the text script I created (It says:"Localized text doesn´t exist" when I write: -obj=(Name of the text Im reffering too in the text script). ) And I just can´t find a solution to the problem. The text script is in the correct folder and I am writing all the names correctly. Someone that knows the problem and how I can fix it? it is kinda crucial that I get this to work.. Please help.
  8. Hello, Ever since the following was released I have not been able to even launch the game. I was able to play before the expansion (the week prior was just fine). However it gives the following error when I try to play through steam - Dying Light logo pops up and then the error follows: Steam Not Initialized (title of error) Steam is required to play Dying Light. So far I have: - Restarted Steam - Restarted Computer - Updated graphics drivers - Verified integrity (multiple times) - Deleted & reinstalled game - Submitted support ticket I have not had any response to the support ticket or any success with the above. Still the same error. I bought the game through steam and have always played it through steam. Every other steam game in my library works. Googling fails to show anyone else with this issue so I'm really stuck here. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Xbox One So, after a good 8 hours of gameplay, I exited the game in a safe area. logging back on a few hours later, I found that my skills had been reset to 1 each, my inventory and money completely removed, and even items vital and unattainable such as the UV flashlight, gone. I had done NONE of the following Experience any connection issues, lag, or interference in xbox live service Tamper with the save file in any way Manipulate any in game options Now, I am at the same point I was before in the story, this progression remains after the start of the siblings quest. Seeing this problem across many boards and topics, I had hoped the admin team would at least acknowledge the issue and let us know that they would seek a solution, no such luck instead I have seen replies to posts with as much value to game development and maintenance as your average facebook post so, until this issue is resolved I advise you simply do not play the game, at the risk of losing everything, and potentially leading to a restart of the game (across all platforms this issue has occured) at least until this issue is addressed And on that note, back to Destiny, and waiting for Evolve to be released. games with proper teams of developers and administrators
  10. Hi there, I've purchased game recently and I see in the right half part of my screen a quite big bunch of pixels which increases when I am running or jumping. It only happens when I am playing at 2K resolution, graphic options in every setting tried, only happen when game is loaded, not in main screen. Last AMD drivers and beta one tried. Running Windows 8.1 Specs: Intel i5 3570K AsRock Z77 Pro4 8GB RAM Corsair Vengeance 1600 Sapphire AMD R9 290 TriX Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 Samsung 850 EVO Acer XG270HU, 2K res AMD FreeSync
  11. Ok so I just bought the game (Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition) and I started to play the campaign. I have been liking the game so far but there is a problem that kept me all night trying to solve and I couldn't. When I reached the side quest "Goodnight Mr.Bahir", I got to a part in which the player needed to kill the bandits of the old pharmacy and I died trying to do it, but when I respawned and went back to the site, there were no bandits but I could still see them on the mini map. The objective was still to kill the bandits. I was getting frustrated, I left the game and got back in in order to solve it. It did respawn the bandits, but when they killed me again, the same problem happened. When I left the game and got back in again I was very careful not to die, but in an attempt to get consumables I left the site and walked about 5-10 meters away. When I was back, the same problem happened. I don't know how to fix this but I hope that the devs see this as soon as possible and get it patched up. If someone knows how to fix this or if it has been fixed please let me know. Regards Postscript: I always have loved games developed by Techland, I have played and loved Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide and now Dying Light. Great job!
  12. Freyleyes

    Stuck At Loading Screen

    Has there been any updates on the loading screen stuck error that allot of people are having? This is getting annoying now, I haven't been able to play for 3 days now. Has any one found a work-around on this? People are suggesting getting a copy from a torrent site and install it, then add it to steam, unfortunately my internet is to crappy to re download a 18GB file that might work. Kind Regards, Frey
  13. Started to glitch, crash and clip outside of the map since I started playing on the Old Town. Deleted. Installed. Still crashing. Update video drivers. Still crashing. Deleted. Installed. Starts on black screen. How can I refund???????????? Side notes: running on a Dell XPS 8700, i7-4790, 16GB DDR3, 1TB SATA, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 745 4GB DDR3
  14. Hey there, My weapons and blueprints defined in my default_player_setup.scr are not showing up when I enter the game. The default_player_setup.scr file was taken directly from another mission I made and works fine there, but on a new map I created it is throwing tons of bugs. Another one of those bugs is that all the complex containers (Cars, drops etc.) are not playing their animations or spawning loot. Thanks in Advance, Squirrel. My default_player_setup.scr: sub SkillsAgility() { Skill("Dodge"); Skill("Slide"); Skill("NageWaza"); Skill("Lookback"); Skill("runningprof1"); Skill("JumpOverZombie"); Skill("Pursuit"); Skill("SafeLanding"); Skill("FastBreak"); Skill("Tackle"); Skill("HealthRegen1"); Skill("SafeLanding2"); Skill("LegBreaker"); Skill("FastBreak2"); Skill("NageWaza2"); Skill("runningprof2"); Skill("HealthRegen2"); Skill("JumpOverZombie2"); Skill("Tackle2"); Skill("FastBreak3"); Skill("WallRun"); } sub SkillsPower(){ Skill("Momentum"); Skill("StunAttacks"); Skill("WeaponThrow"); Skill("Health1"); Skill("combatprof1"); Skill("DropKick"); Skill("ChargeAttack"); Skill("Stunning"); Skill("WeaponProficiency"); Skill("DeathFromAbove"); Skill("Overpowered2b"); Skill("Multithrow"); Skill("Stomp"); Skill("Health2"); Skill("combatprof2"); Skill("DropKick2"); Skill("SpinAttack"); Skill("GroundPound"); Skill("SilentKill"); Skill("KillFrenzy"); Skill("Finisher"); Skill("SpinAttack2"); Skill("Health3"); } sub SkillsStatus(){ Skill("Survival101"); Skill("BackpackUpgrade2"); Skill("BlueprintsKnives"); Skill("Potions"); Skill("ShopDiscount1"); Skill("craftingexpertise"); Skill("StatusTraps1"); Skill("StatusShield"); Skill("StatusTraps2"); Skill("BackpackUpgrade3"); Skill("StatusHook"); Skill("BlueprintsGrenades"); Skill("ShopDiscount2"); Skill("RepairLuck"); Skill("BlueprintsFirecrackers"); Skill("StatusCamouflage"); Skill("ShopDiscount3"); Skill("NimbleHands"); Skill("StatusCamouflage2"); } sub Items_Common(){ CraftedItem("Blue", "zzz_Melee_BaseballBatAGenGr", ""); CraftedItem("Blue", "Firearm_PistolAGen", ""); CraftedItem("Blue", "Melee_ShortAxeDGen", ""); Item("Throwable_Decoy", 30); Item("Medkit_HealthPackLarge", 5); Item("Craft_MetalScrap", 5); Item("LockpickItem", 5); Item("Craftplan_MedKit_Large_Healing", 1); } sub main() { Chapter(0) //--- Prologue --- { LevelFighter(20); LevelRunner(24); LevelStatus(20); use Items_Common(); use SkillsStatus(); use SkillsAgility(); use SkillsPower(); } }
  15. Hi there, For a long while I've been trying to fix my navmesh, which does not seem to want to work in areas of my map. The whole map is inside the playable grid. I believe that this is because I (somehow) didn't delete the water properly as there is still evidence that there the game thinks there is water there... And this is why I think my navmesh won't work as the areas of the map that won't build a navmesh are below where the water used to be. So is there a way to see a list of placed objects on the map, so I can delete the water (if it's still there)? If you don't understand here's what I did to delete the water: 1) Took the filter off in order for me to select it 2) Highlighted an area of water (when the water was selected, the horizon was automatically selected too; I couldn't separate them so I just deleted them both (which is ok because I didn't need the horizon anyway). 3) Deleted it Reasons I believe the game thinks the water is still there: 1) The floating water debris is still there (grass etc.) 2) In the editor, when you go from below the water and come above it, the blurry eyes from the water effect comes 3) navmesh wont work below that level! I have already tried pulling the whole map upwards, but this seems to pull the (invisible) water up too. Thanks! Sparkhead
  16. Hi there, I just wrote out a huge explanation and my pc switched off so I lost it all therefore I'm going to make this as brief as I can. The first two issues will be addressing the below screenshot: 1) The blood objects I've placed on my maps (only 3 at this point) are throwing this error "object has wrong flags" and I'm not sure why/how to fix it. They still show up on the map fine, but validator doesn't like them. 2) In my spawn box, I've specified more than 1 zombie to be in it, however it assumes "dialogue speaker" is set to something. It is not: 3) This is a big one. My navmesh will not build on parts of my map. I have reason to believe that this is because said parts of the map are below the water that USED to be there (I deleted the water, but the debris that floats on top of water (e.g grass) remains. Also, when in the dev tools, when working on the part of the map (below where the water used to be), if I go up (above where the water used to be), I will get the watery effect on the camera. The whole floating debris issue isn't my problem here; I dont mind about that. I just want a navmesh so that my zombies will function properly. Thanks for your help in advance, and i'm sorry if I didn't explain this very well. If you have any questions please let me know, I'd like to get this fixed. I can also offer more screenshots if needed. Sparkhead.
  17. Hello :> I have been working on a map and just started doing quest scripting... when i loaded the program and try to open my map the loading gets stuck and doesn't respond If anyone knows how to fix or has any ideas please let me know as i have put allot of work into this map :/ Thanks.
  18. Joluk

    Navmesh Error?

    Hay there. Since yesterday I'm getting this new error, when i want to build the navmesh: "The system can't find the given path/file". Picture: Repairing the tools with steam doesn't help Have some ideas or maybe a solution? I'm working on something big. Greetings Joluk
  19. AntarcticFrost

    Co-Op Problem

    Why can't i do the last level on co-op? The game says i can co-op play and then at the final level to my surprise it says single player only. I don't want to do it on single player I WANT TO DO IT IN CO-OP with my friends. The box doesn't say anything about the final level being single player, it says the game can be played with 2-5 players. which you clearly don't deliver. Please fix this! Second issue: when after swimming in water or getting blood on me, my vision goes out of focus and doesn't return until i stop the game and go back in. That there is bulls*** and a waste of time. Please fix this! Here is to giving your game a bad rating because of these issues. Especially the false advertising part about co-op! Regards, Chris.
  20. Guys im in lvl 25 now and I can't find ANY blunt weapons at all in this game, I had alot earlier but not they just stopped existing?? Dafuq? If this is your doing, developers, I would very much like to know why! Because why would you now want to use that two handed sledgehammer and see the zombies go flying? Do you really hate blunt weapons this much? Please put them back in, this doesn't make any sense at all man :/
  21. Hello again Everyone, I am posting about an issue, in Dying light COOP. We know there was recently an update patch a few weeks ago which was meant to FIX Coop crashing Permanently. However I am facing this problem every day. Here's the thing, I can play Coop with almost anyone EXCEPT my best friend "Hemo9999", Every time I try to play coop with him the game CRASHES. As SOON as he joins my session the game crashes with in 5 seconds and takes me to the PS4 homepage and gives me an error code, However my friend just simply gets teleported back to his game and does NOT get an error code and doesn't get taken to the PS4 Homepage WITHOUT crashing. that means I'm the only one getting the error message and I'm the only one who's game shuts down and takes me to the error message screen Now both me and my friend own Digital Copies of Dying light and love playing it. But we can't play with each other at all because of this COOP CRASHING Problem. ~Can anyone "PLEASE" help us with this problem and possibly give suggestions to fix this issue??? -Thankyou for reading.
  22. Everytime I try to host or join a coop game with anyone on the PS4 the game will crash with an error. The Error is ce-34878-0. I did everything to try and fix this, Initializing the ps4, redownloading the game, restoring licences, you name it. Still nothing. I think its a bug with the game its self not the ps4 considering other people are having the same issue. I don't know but all I know is that if there is anything you guys can do to patch it or fix it please do so. Me and other people cannot enjoy the multiplayer at all as it stands.
  23. TheUnknown

    Important Question..

    Am I the only one having issues to where joining one friend is a problem. Me and this friend were able to play this co op since launch day, but since last week, Everytime I try to join his game, or he joins mine, after a couple seconds it kicks us out and says connection could not be established blah blah blah. Then while we're in a party on PS4, it cuts his mic out then says cannot voice chat because of NAT type issues..
  24. TheUnknown

    Important Question..

    Am I the only one having issues to where joining one friend is a problem. Me and this friend were able to play this co op since launch day, but since last week, Everytime I try to join his game, or he joins mine, after a couple seconds it kicks us out and says connection could not be established blah blah blah. Then while we're in a party on PS4, it cuts his mic out then says cannot voice chat because of NAT type issues..
  25. Im running CentOS 7 on and i7 2600k Nvidia gtx 560 with 20Gb ram running the latest nvidia drivers When launching the game I get the following: Materials database was not correctly initialized. Please make sure that global_*.mp files are present in Assets_XXX (platform specific) folder or in build Data folder. This is only happening on my linux install, runs fine on windows but want to get it working on linux too i did a search on the forum and didn't find a post similar to this, but found one on the steam forums, but no way to fix it. Is this a known issue and does anyone know a workaround? Cheers