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Found 29 results

  1. What is the name of the Soundtrack in the Dying Light Drop Content #0 Trailer?
  2. So I was under the impression that this option was coming with the new DLC/Update, but unfortunately it appears that I'm wrong. In my opinion, the chromatic aberration effect is simply annoying. After all, in real life chromatic aberration is an effect caused by an error where the camera lens fails to focus all colours to the same convergence point. Quite simply put... I don't want my GPU wasting effort trying to render a graphical error that I think looks hideous anyway. I did look into a mod that disables it, but it requires motion-blur to be turned on... which Is an effect that I also dislike. For anyone that doesn't know what chromatic aberration looks like :
  3. Hello everyone! I've bought Dying Light on the weekend (Saturday more precisely) on the site G2A, and I've played 22 hours so far, completing the game. I was wondering about the Developer Tools, and when I looked after it, it wasn't in the Tools tab. After some research, I've seen that it SHOULD be there, but it's not there. I read that other people has the same problem too. Any suggestions? (I've checked it NOT ONCE, it's not there, believe me.) Also, I heard that the game has a workshop, but I don't have that either. Here are some screenshots of my Tools library: Even after searching for "Dying", it did not appear: EDIT: I do not have "The Following" DLC, just the plain game, maybe that is the problem?
  4. Witam, mam dość krótkie i treściwe pytanie. Czy mógłbym prosić o obraz mapy z The Following? Lub chociaż instrukcję (jeśli to możliwe) wyizolowania jej z plików gry. Potrzebna jest mi ona, gdyż robię spis znajdowanych prze zemnie planów broni. Chwilowo umieszczam je na screenie i to przy najmniejszej rozdzielczości 16:9, więc czterech liter nie urywa (delikatnie mówiąc). Wiadomo: znaczniki, niezbadane obszary, mała rozdzielczość. Oczywiście, nawet przy maksymalnym oddaleniu nie obejmujemy całej mapy, a nawet gdyby, to nie dałoby się precyzyjnie umieścić znacznika z dokładnym położeniem planu. Trzeba byłoby szukać w pewnym obszarze. (który nawiasem mówiąc nie byłby mały).
  5. Why is there no method to create and share own creations like in FarCry. Its totally easy and 100 % possible... They have the tools, they have the options but why arent they doing it?!
  6. Alright. Hey, Techland, if you're reading this. So, I can already see myself that this game is practically dead. There's only about 1k people playing this game right now, and nearly every other hub I go to it's at least that times five. Grand theft auto V almost breaches 50k. You guys aren't patching the game too much, and when you do, it's just little bug fixes for bugs I've never encountered. Every bug that happens nearly EVERY SINGLE SESSION is still there SINCE I BOUGHT THE GAME. None have been fixed, and I am not going to bother reporting them, as I doubt anything will be done about them. There is a good amount of content to the game, but the first DLC.. Bozak Horde.. it was awful. Me and every person I knew hated it. It was hard, boring, and not rewarding at all. Nobody I knew could solo it, either. For all the leaderboards, every global time for anything is always 0.000 seconds, so our scores don't matter either. I beat the game three times now, and I have an AMD GPU and CPU. I'm still getting absolutely terrible performance to this day, since day 1, and nothing has been done about it. It seems you guys only care about money, and that sucks, because this game is wonderful, It has so much potential even after everything already in it, and you aren't doing anything with it. You don't take the community's ideas either. Anybody agree?
  7. Hi all, Just a post to say that if you're still waiting for another tutorial, Rabid Squirrel ( has released a video tutorial: Make sure you check it out if you're still a bit iffy about some of the stuff the dev's have already covered or even animation. It'll really help you out, especially until the devs release another tutorial! Thanks, Sparkhead95
  8. thebobman

    Story Glitch

    Okay, so I have recently started a new file in my game since I got bored of my maxed account with unlimited supplies. Anyways, while doing the new playthrough, I noticed an issue that has probably existed since the beginning of the games release that no one has come across, or maybe it could be new. Basically, as I was playing it, once I got to the point in the story where I had to loot a Bolter for Dr. Zere, I decided to do some sidequests before moving on in order to train my character a bit more. I took my time at it so I didn't do everything in one sitting. Since every time i would load up to work on the sidequests, the game would make a small glitch and change the main story objective between going out and getting the sample to actually turning it in to Dr. Zere. I found it strange and from other playthroughs that I have done, you get to keep your samples so the game doesn't look for you to have the item, but rather kill the Bolter and loot it (which I haven't done a single time in this file yet). I thought that since I haven't looted nor killed a bolter in this playthrough, it wouldn't let me actually turn in the sample until I get one. Wellllll, I was wrong. It's not a game breaking glitch or anything that bothers me, but I thought you guys should know since it is part of the main story none the least and might ruin the point of the first Bolter experience if the game skips over that part of the game for others.
  9. Dying light HARD mode opinions I am 32 years old and I call my self old school gamer, I love dying light and yes I though the game was easy and not so challenging. But this hard mode is good and bad. Here is why. People were asking developers to make a game a little harder and little more challenging, Somethings bother me, somethings are great. BAD THINGS: 1.Survivor sense no longer shows anything except weapons and violates at night. This is chupacabra, this is not harder this is just time wasting! I need to go around the edges and walls of each room and stare at random stuff until I see action button, and when I kill 15 zombies on a pile I should check every individual zombie that I see, that is not harder, than is just annoying and time wasting. 2. Med-kit is almost useless I am not talking about 100 HP vs 50 HP that is ok, the biggest problem is healing you slowly, which is pointless. I get the idea, you need to escape and heal. So if I run away then I have ran away and I'm safe, than I can heal for two days, it is irrelevant. I need at least something instant. Better solution would be to heal 30 hp instantly, and 20 hp slowly. 3. You receive to much damage from anything (for some enemies I agree they should inflict more damage, but not this much, this is just too much) GOOD STUFF: 1. Minimap / radar no longer displays any enemies, this is great at night, you must rely on hearing, vision, and flashlight. This by is the best change. 2. Shops sell only weapons, you can no longer (already at the beginning) buy 99 firecrackers (most useful item) , 99 lock-picks, and than every time you visit every store buy additional two Medkits. So now more looting, investigating and crafting is needed, which is great. 3. Zombies have around 25/30% more HP. Definitely a good thing. I manage to finish the game on normal, all main missions all side mission all quarantine zones with just 1 death, here are my stats: but I don't think that is possible on hard mode. What do you think guys?
  10. Witam Mam problem po uruchomieni gry wszystko pięknie działa pojawia się okno z "naciśnij aby kontynuować" naciskam i jest następne okno z tą informacją że gra automatycznie się zapisuje bla bla bla....... i wyskakuje taki komunikat Podpis problemu: Nazwa zdarzenia problemu: APPCRASH Nazwa aplikacji: DyingLightGame.exe Wersja aplikacji: Sygnatura czasowa aplikacji: 54fd8a0e Nazwa modułu z błędem: gamedll_x64_rwdi.dll Wersja modułu z błędem: Sygnatura czasowa modułu z błędem: 54fd89e1 Kod wyjątku: c0000005 Przesunięcie wyjątku: 0000000000685084 Wersja systemu operacyjnego: 6.1.7600. Identyfikator ustawień regionalnych: 1045 Dodatkowe informacje 1: 8d72 Dodatkowe informacje 2: 8d722323652c655b323f52d5541a401b Dodatkowe informacje 3: 2001 Dodatkowe informacje 4: 2001592dd863db2846257eb5a3e535f2 Czy wie ktoś co to znaczy dostałem tą grę w prezencie i nie znam się zbytno na PC moje dane PC to: Karta graficzna:ASUS HD7770 Series Procesor:Intel Core i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz kontroler dzwięku gier video:AMD High Definition Audio Device i Realtek Hight Definition auto oraz 4GB ramu i win7 (64bit) Bardzo proszę o pomoc!
  11. Sam Powers

    My Rating

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to look into this post. I recently realized that when i joined these forums i never laid down a foundation of what i thought about dying light, i just delve right into throwing my opinions out there! So this post is for me to lay down that foundation! I like to rate games based on my own little rating system, similar to gameinformers rating system, accept mines a little different. In a day and age where many many games have the same basic theme (zombie games, war games, sports), its hard to find a good quality game that introduces new things each year, as expected, with so many game developers out there, gaming is a large, and growing, industry. The good games today, ive noticed, have something different about them. For example, Call of duty's zombie mode, or madden and fifa's and others sports games online team mode, or how about destiny altogether! These games are made great by what they do that separates them from the other games along the same theme. So in my rating system, i award a point in different categories that the game does differently and well. if a game has multiplayer, but theres nothing special about it, it gets no points. for instance, call of duty's multiplayer from MW2 to MW3 hardly changed, therefore i would give MW3 no points in the multiplayer category. heres how i break it down: Rating System Gameplay (2 points available) Storyline (3 points available) Multiplayer (3 points max) Realism (1 point) Miscellaneous (1 point) important, most games that i think are good end up with a rating of 5, because of the weird way i rate them. Now that you know how my rating system works, lets jump into the Review. Im gonna start by saying that Dying Light is one of my most favorite games of all time, among those of Call of Duty, Destiny, and other tier 1 games. its got good gameplay, feels realistic and has a very different kind of multiplayer. As for gameplay, a zombie game cant be a zombie game in third person, its just not the same. Every zombie gamer loves the close relationships and personal feelings they have with their beloved zombies. Techland only put a few guns in this game, usually used to dispatch Rais's men, and occasionally to get over that goon or demolisher youre struggling with, but melee weapons are always of the favor in this game that combines hack and slash with free running movements. and might i metion, Techland did a PHENOMENAL job at combining these two elements. Although this game has its fair share of glitches, its gameplay is nearly glitch free. now the storyline, or "campaign" if you must insist. In my opinion the storyline to this game is absolutely phenomenal as well. just the right amounts of twists and turns, but overall giving you a good idea of what direction the game is going. the bad guys stay bad and the good guys stay good, but there are often times when you find yourself as the gamer questioning whether or not a, certain character, will take a trip on the merry-go-round-and-dont-come-back. With its wide selection of side missions to keep the gamer busy after completion of the main story, its re playable X 10, not only that, but there are challenges as well and a great wide open world to explore, and PLENTY of collectibles for those gamers. Multiplayer. Ohhhhh multiplayer... listen techland, the co-op is great, you did a really good job with it. This game is great with friends. And we all love the co-op challenges that pop up in game (sorry drawing a blank on those thingses names). And were all happy that you made us able to change their frequency and change our game to friends only or public. yah did good. But please, please, continue your work on the Be the Zombie mode. Many gamers are unhappy with it, including myself, yet i still have so much fun with it when it goes well. I know youre working on a patch, and that fixing BTZ is a process, i just cant wait for that process to be complete! Realism. the good thing about dying light, and a big reason i fell in love with it so quickly, is that the characters lines are actually kind of realistic. only a few stupid lines, compared to most games nearly all of their lines are dumb. and the engine you used was very realistic, heck its definitely got the right name, "natural movement." Miscellaneous. the game has quite a few what i call menu glitches. such as save glitches and those pesky duplication glitches. i usually allow a game a few glitches, but when it interferes with the quality of the game... The Verdict Gameplay scores 2 out of 2 for having a great engine, and combining hack n slash and parkour perfectly. Storyline scores 3 out of 3 for having a storyline with just the right amount of twists and turns, and a great ending, along with plenty of interesting side quests Multiplayer scores 1 out of 3 for having fantastic co-op, and a different sort of (great idea) multiplayer. however i took one point away for poorly creating that multiplayer. Realism scores 1 out of 1 with natural movement and realistic lines Miscellaneous scores -1 out of 1 for having many menu glitches that interfere with game quality. Overall Dying Light scores a 6 If the developers can fix the glitches, improve the be the zombie mode, and score one more point in miscellaneous, itd be a perfect game! Thanks for reading Sam Powers
  12. Sam Powers

    Co-Op Team

    Hi guys, my names Sam and I'm looking for some xbox one dying light gamers to play some co-op with. Before I get into it, lemme give you some background info about my gaming. Platform: Xbox one Gamer tag: Tactic Sticks Games of choice: Dying Light, COD, Destiny, RPGs Time Zone: GMT - 5 (eastern US) Age: 17 I'm making this post in order to find people to play co-op with in dying light. Whether that means main story quests, side quests, challenges, co op challenges or BTZ mode, I play it all. Id like to get as many people involved as I can to compete against each other in BTZ because I know the matchmaking is well, pretty bad (sorry devs), and itd be easier and more fun to get a game going with a party. Id like to start a "team" or "clan" such as the ones you see in cod and destiny and other games alike. If you have any questions or would like to be the first person (well second, I've got one guy I always play with) to join the team, contact me, ill leave my info below! Xbox live (one) gamer tag: Tactic Sticks Dying light forums name: Sam Powers Twitter: @powersam97
  13. thebobman

    1.4 Update Issues

    The 1.4 update has helped me with some of my issues, but there are still some problems that need to be fixed. 1) Film Grain: The film grain option has been wonderful. It get's rid of the thing that graphically ruins the game. I used a film grain mod in order for it to go away, but with the update, i know the mod won't work with 1.4. The feature to turn it off works great...that is unless you switch zones or sleep or anything that reloads the map in some way, then it comes back even if the option is selected off. Conclusion: Useful feature that doesn't work right. Please do something about this guys. 2) Toygar Quests: Toygar's quests are pretty simple, but at some point there is a glitch where you can no longer talk to him. I have three different quests to do for him as well as a reward to pick up from him. Although I can join a LAN game that isn't that far and wait to redo the quest that way, it's too much work for something so simple. With this glitch that I have had since 1.3 at least, He has a that little target picture as well as a trophy picture in his location saying that I have to receive a reward as well as turn in some stuff for other rewards. Sadly, when I come up to him, the game says to press "X" (I'm playing with a controller) to interact with a small black empty box next to it. When I press "X", nothing happens. He does all his automatic lines that don't require interaction, but anything else to do with him doesn't work. Conclusion: This is annoying and I have seen questions about this before. Please look into this as this is not a new issue, simply something that should have been fixed for this update. Closing statements: There have been some good things in this update and the game is getting closer to something that should be worth the money. With the way this game was released, it has been pretty embarrassing on you guys to call it a sellable product. I personally love it for what it is, but in the future, please consider making sure the most simplest/important things work right before putting it on the market. That way you don't get trash talked by fans when the product is garbage compared to what was expected.
  14. Alireza_

    Add Selfi Camera

    add selfi camera in multi player- (co-op) take selfi pictures with zombies
  15. I began downloading DL at around 6:30 this evening and it is now midnight. It's been stuck at 45% for the last half hour, and previously 40% an hour before. Strangely, before it got to 40%, it was at 14%, then it jumped to 37%. Skipping all the numbers in between. Thats not always bad, but only when you were stuck at 14% for 3 hours. Is there something wrong on my end, or what's going on? By the way, it's not my connection, because I've downloaded the likes of Destiny, Advanced Warfare, and Forza, and all in good amounts of time; this meaning, 30 minutes to an hour. Please help.
  16. cubanpetecrew

    Dying Light Mario Easter Egg

    hello all me and my friend have found a Mario world easter egg. you can see how to do it here it wont allow to paste the video link. once on my channel its my newest video.
  17. I know that like me you lost all your stuff and there are a lot of post about it. But i do not think it's normal to buy 80€ a game and losing everything after 20h of game. Besides I finished the solo but my progress is blocked from the beginning to 11% I have not the dlc that are included with de season pass. The worst part about it is that de CM does not respond. I do not understand we're thousands to complain and yes I impressions they behave as if everytghing was ok. We could at least know whether or not we will retrive our stuff. Because '' save game issues '' do not mean things. And excuse my French
  18. Aloha everyone, this is Hawaiianguygaming here and I would like to invite you to watch me play Dying Light! Game is pretty amazing so far and I hope yall will enjoy this thrilling adventure with me! Link to the Video: If you want to subscribe: Please leave me feedback, I want to improve, so i can keep entertaining all you lovely ladies and gents. Mahalo!
  19. SlammedSloth

    Pre-Load Now Available!

    Just wanted to announce that the Steam Pre-Load is now available for those who were wondering! YEAH ONLY 2 DAYS AND SOMETHING HOURS! And it's 11.3 GB so make sure you've got space on your computer!
  20. NetoJON


    So I was seeing this video: and then at 8:53 a perfect soundtrack started... does anyone knows the name of this track? Pls =) Oh and I just want to thank the dev for this awsome soundtrack... its breathtaking... Ill just want to be caught at night just to hear it *-*
  21. SlammedSloth

    Dying Light Fan Forums

    So I was trying to find the forums earlier and couldn't find it for some reason so looked it up on google and found the fan forums lol
  22. NetoJON

    Possible Easter Egg

    If you guys have seen the video called Steve The Zombie Consultant in the main website, you should look at 1:08, it actualy shows steve in game... now I dont believe they made all zombie models the same, so maybe there realy is a steve to be found in game, and maybe even get an achievement for finding him ^^ So what you guys think? Am I crazy to think that?
  23. NetoJON

    Xbox1 Update?

    so tonight I just saw that the game is Updating, anyone knows what it is? Is there an official word about it, like day one patch?
  24. SlammedSloth

    Steam Workshop

    Steam Workshop I am curious to know if there will be any plans in the future to add a Steam Workshop element. If not or you are considering it here are some reasons there should be a Workshop: The Steam Workshop offers so many features that the community can help with When a game has Workshop capabilities it helps keep the community alive with most games Many people would love to see all the awesome idea's people in the community would come up with and create Many people get bored of games quickly after they beat a game and don't want to just max out there character (I know there are plans for a DLC) but in the mean time players can download some add-on's from the workshop to mess around with such as Weapons Abilities New sections and maps to explore​ New characters New enemies New zombies Or maybe just some fun things to add and mess around! ​There are endless possibilities and reasons people would love to have a workshop, why not add one? Of course the game is coming out on the 27th and this just might be a little to late; but if you could add this on after the release people would love it! Please consider it. Thank you.
  25. Able to call in a horde of zombies? Check. Able to do something against the flashlight? Check. Let the world domination begin!