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Found 20 results

  1. George_Ars

    empty selection

    hi everybody. For the umpteenth time, I notice that empty selection occurs in DLDT. Previously, I did not attach any importance to this and simply restored them. Now when the number of objects in my project becomes more and more, I want to foresee the appearance of all kinds of errors and failures, and for this it is necessary to know their nature. My question is: Why do empty selection arise?
  2. DeadlyMax

    Localized text dosen't exist

    <<<?xml version="1.0"?>>> QuestsDefinitions -level=wdl_01 quest Crash quest CrashEpilog -parent=Crash -final=true ,wait <<wait 5seconds>> 5 ,goto <<go>> ModelObject strasse 1 -distance=5 -obj=&CrashEpilog_Go Localizied text dosen't exist : CrashEpilog_Go ,semaphore <<No credits>> !String(s,s) String("Crash_Name", "Crash") String("CrashEpilog_Name", "Epilog") String("Crash_Desc", "You've crashed, take your Stuff and find a save place") String("CrashEpilog_Desc", "You've crashed! Take your Stuff and find a save place") String("Crash_Item_Pistol", "My Pistol") String("Crash_Take", "Take your Weapons") String("Crash_Go", "Find a save Place") String("CrashEpilog_Go", "Find 'The Fortress'") What went wrong?...I can't the the Mistake And also when I wrote &Crash_Item_Pistol& in the destription of the Quest Item (Pistol) The name dosenĀ“t change to "My Pistol" Thank for your help Guys ^^ Cheers Max
  3. soichiro

    [Linux] Developer Tools

    Hello Techland, I am writing to you because I was wondering if you are planning to release the Developer Tools for Linux because if you do, I will go ahead and buy Dying Light this instance. Please let me know.
  4. christopherhi

    Can This Be Available On Console

    Okay forgive me if I am way off base here but I love Dying Light. I don't have a PC but I have PS4 and I love console games much better then PC(sorry) Its just my preference. I love the idea of making custom maps and playing others maps, unfortunately this feature is currently only available on PC (Steam). I would like to know why this wasn't made available on console. We love to have this option and I really think it should be available to all platforms. I don't know much about coding so again forgive me however I have heard its not possible. That said I do not see how it wouldn't be possible. Little Big Planet 3 has a feature where you can create your own little planet with various levels. I know little Big Planet is a much smaller game but is it really not possible to bring in something similar to Dying Light on console? Please Techland bring this feature to console!
  5. I have started a Discord Channel For The following people 1. Map Makers 2. People trying to make maps 3. Followers of said map makers 4 Anyone interested in custom maps. Come join us! Want to get feedback for your map you are working on or released we have a room for that. Want to to just talk about the game we have a room for that. Need help in finding an asset or something in the tools we have a room for that too.
  6. Hello everyone, it's Werewolf and today I'd like to address an issue right now with Developer Tools. Now, I ain't sure if Techland had implemented the new DLC weapons such as the Marksman Rifle, into the Developer Tools for usage, but for some reason I cannot use any DLC weapons outside of ones in The Following and The Bozak Horde. And this goes in regards to things like the Wrench Kiss, Marksman Rifle, Punk Queen, etc. For some reason, even though I have the DLC for those example weapons the Developer Tools for some reason won't accept me to use them. I'm not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but it's happening to me and I would really like it if one of the members from Techland or anyone on this forum help me out with this problem. I'd really appreciate it if you do though.
  7. avatarstany

    How Do I Animate A Npc

    I was trying to make a small map so I thought of making a Survivor look like Dying. I browsed through internet and found this Tutorial: seems to be it doesn't work! When ever I tried to launch my map into the game the NPC just stands their Normally without any bruises and the animation I applied! Please it's a kind of Urgent I am totally new to this software. Please guide me every inch if possible or a link would be awesome thank you.
  8. So i am making a horror map, and i would like to know how to disable flashlight and hud while ingame, and make some nifty jumpscares. Shoot your ideas and solutions!
  9. Hey everyone! JoeysWorldTour aka WerewolfNightmare here. I got two questions for you guys to hopefully help me out with. The first one is about the Biters. Now these Biters I'm talking about are the ones that are initially on the ground and looking like they are dead, but when you go up to them they begin to rise up and attack. Now you've maybe encountered these in the game, but I was wondering where can I find these biters in Developer Tools to spawn in with. The second question, is about Rais's Men's weapons that they are equipped with. Now there seems to be a glitch where they would spawn with early tier weapons such as planks and sticks, and after they respawn they are equipped with the right weapons like hatchets and machetes. Is there any chance of this being modified where they can spawn in with an equipped weapon of selection? for example, instead of them spawning with sticks, they can spawn with machetes in the first place or so?
  10. Hey everyone, Moaning Guy aka WerewolfNightmare here. Now this topic today I've been thinking for a while now, but now figuring with the process me of making my own private map, I wanted to know if there was a way to remove Decals in the map such as Blood, Bullet Shells, Debris, etc. For some reason, I've tried to click on them, but they won't activate like an object does and they are almost like permanent there or something. It's been kind of bothering me for quite a while now, and I was wondering if there's a way for me to remove accidentally placed Decals on the map.
  11. Hey guys, Roger Ebert aka WerewolfNightmare here and back at it again with another question for you guys. Now in the process of making my private map, I went to check on the Harran The Ride map for help and ideas. I noticed there was a Viral being pinned with Military Throwing Knives and I found out that the reason why the body is positioned to look pinned is because there's a Loop Animation tab in the Fields Section. However, what I want to know is how am I able to edit any animations in general or know which ones to choose? Any help out this?
  12. Hey guys, Johnny Wishbone aka WerewolfNightmare here. You know in Old Town, on the roofs there are those like door-like catwalks you are able to walk on? Well, I'm trying to find that in Developer Tools because I'm trying to connect two nearby buildings with a catwalk like in Old Town, but I really don't know where to find them in meshes and such. Any help me with this?
  13. Heyo! While I was making a map on the Dying Light Developer Tools using the Example Map, I noticed that there were no .eds files when I was searching under the Default section of the Data under the Assets box. So for example, I want to get the Airdrop Crate with the Antizin put into it, and I remember I seen this on The Hunter map. When I went onto my map (again, the map is a modified version of the Developer Tools Example map) and searched for it, nothing can up. (It did came up on The Hunter map) Anyone have a clue about this?
  14. In Developer Tools, does anyone know how to change the outfits for both Rais's Men and the Player? For the Player, I want to wear the Canadian Outfit at the start of the game (that, or the Survivor outfit) instead of the default Juggernaut outfit for example. I think this is personally a big one for me, and anyone that knows how to change the player outfit would be very much appreciated to me. ^^ For Rais' Men, I'd also want to change the outfits for them too. For example, I'd like to have some of the bandits looking like the early-game styled bandits and not the ones where they have like the Bonnie and are armoured and all. Again, anyone that can help me with this as much as possible is very much appreciated to me.
  15. WerewolfNightmare

    Developer Tools Bug?

    Hey everyone! For a while now, I've been noticing that my Developer Tools has been acting kind of odd. For example, When loading a map that I created, it will freeze for a while at SpeechData (if clicking on it will crash the game), and then it resume normally for some reason. Also, I tried looking for some assets like dead bodies (you know, the infected corpses that have like a cut on their shoulder and can be seen on the ground or against a wall) on one of my maps (set on the Example template map), but nothing popped up. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've re-installed and verified, but nothing seems to work. :/
  16. MiraiDematro

    Trash Can?

    Does someone know how to create a searchable trash can? I tried giving the model the 'TrashcanObject' class, but this didn't seem to work. I've also asked this question on the steam forums, but weren't able to fetch a reply.
  17. Title says it all really, can't find anything online.
  18. Now that the deveveloper tools are being released and Techland supports mods, we need a modding focused threat to help people with the editor of the game and the data files to edit values, constants and variables. I my self am starting to get involved in this but as a new comer to modding this game I struggled while making some changes to the damage values, specifically to the mele damage of the fists. So if anyone knows the where abouts of the file where I can edit this help me please, aslo I'm willing to help and sopport other inexperienced modders. Cheers!
  19. Developer Tools: Camera Glitch ----------------------------------------------- While using the Dying Light Developer Tools, I have been experiencing what I believe to be a glitch with my view. I have looked through all of the options of this Developer Tool and can not find a fix. I am stuck in a top-down type view of the map. It happens in any map I create or try to edit. Here is a picture show you the glitch:
  20. Rick Grimes

    Tower Of Screams

    TOWER OF SCREAMS FEATURES: -No Grap Hook -Limited level -Mini safe areas -Night time rain setting -Objective Kill the Screamers -Special Zombies that were not used in the game -Hundreds and hundreds of zombies Adding: -Multiple Quests ranging different times of day. -Balanced loot system. -Multi-player support. LINK TO THE MAP You need developer tools in order to play this.