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Found 35 results

  1. Hi ! i'm a newbie so if i missed a couple of topics i'm sorry.. i am building a map since a few days on dev tools, my pc is up to date of all drivers my game is installed and all files are verified. it went well until 3 days ago when i tried to build the map and play it i got a crash right after the small windows asking to "start". i reloaded everything and tried to remove last objects i added but nothing i delete seems to avoid the crash. i tried what many tried in forums like using older back up maps and none of my ba1/ 2 /3 or 4 or .bak allows the map to load properly when i build it i looked at the crash logs and removed many objects where errrors were found, but it seems there's a lot of errors and maybe 500 WARN s :( idk if someone can help me to find out which error is causing the crashes but it would be greatly appreciated here is a link to my last crash log on dropbox : thx in advance
  2. Hi! I have been working on a map for over 3 weeks now and so far everything had worked perfectly. Today I added some dynamic lights with lamps that turn on at night (not sure if they are the cause) and the game started crashing when loading my map. Tried validating and finding errors, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Can anyone help with resolving the issue? For a moment I though it might be because of duplication of the lights (I copied the first one that I made to save time). Any help would be appreciated. I also added some FX here and there, before it started crashing. (dust, hot air refraction, etc) Could they be the reason?
  3. Alhazredd

    Game Crashing Above is the original Steam discussions thread I made, detailing the solutions I've attempted to fix this issue. My game crashes in multiplayer and singleplayer, usually 20-40 minutes into the game, I notice it when I'm trying to perform an action mostly melee attacks, the screen will freeze, I'll still get audio for a split second and then it cuts out. I'm not sure if the melee attacks actually have anything to do with it crashing or if it's just coincidentally happening at the same time. Anyone run into this issue before?
  4. Xx_FRoST_xX

    Developer tool not work.

    Hello everybody. Today I'm faced with one problem that does not allow me to create maps. Every time I try make refresh files, add script string ,movie _ "name" my Tool is crushing. I also asked some friends to do the same thing, and found out that not only I have a similar problem. I tried to reinstall it, but it did not help. Tell me what to do? Maybe can wait for a patch?
  5. Mam problem jak próbuję nałożyć miecz machete itp ponad 500 obrażeń laguje sie całkowicie gra i crashuje jest ktoś w stanie mi tutaj pomóc?
  6. Pisze tutaj z powodu takiego że jak próbuję nałożyć byle jaką broń która ma ponad 500 obrażeń nagle lag gry i crash. Jest ktoś w stanie mi tutaj pomóc? Z góry dziękuje
  7. samuraixsiwy

    Crash gry

    Wyskakuje mi APPCRASH i taki problem chyba z plikiem rd3d11_x64_rwdi.dll i jakiś kod nie wiem czy potrzebny : Exception code: 0xc0000005 Gra crashuje mi raz po 20 min raz po 5 raz po 10 różnie i nie wiem jak to naprawić pomóżcie prosze ! ! !
  8. Wszystko było OK to pewnego momentu.... gdy chciałem sobie porobić strefy kwarantanny. Już podczas samego ładowania gra ,że tak to ujmę "wywaliła mnie z kapci", ponieważ jak już wcześniej napisałem podczas ładowania gra po prostu się zcrashowała. Myślałem, że wina leży po stronie gry ale jednak wszystko to się zaczęło robić po nowych sterownikach NVIDIA (nr. sterowników to 378.92) jednak nie jestem w 100% pewien więc tutaj piszę. Mój sprzęt: -AMD FX-8150 3.8 GHz -Gigabyte GTX 1060 Windforce OC 6 GB -ASRock 970A-G/3.1 - Patriot Viper Xtreme Division 4 4x4
  9. Everytime I Alt+Tab out of Dying Light while I'm playing the game crashes when I go back to it. I'm thinking it's an issue with the installation files. I'm probably just going to uninstall and reinstall but I dont want to if there's another solution. If anyone could help I would appreciate it, thanks!
  10. LyndsW

    Editor Crash On Map Load

    Loading one of my maps will crash the editor. All other maps work properly. This happens after starting the loading process from the initial list of maps. Deleting the assets_pc folder will allow the map to load, compile, share and play. When the map loads, all terrain flashes yellow. Unlocking the terrain blocks makes the painted textures appear. The terrain needs a small portion repainted to show up properly in game. The problem is that this happens when reopening the map. links - partial section of initial crash log - subsequent crash log I've verified the editor and game files through steam, and file system with OS tools. Anyone know how to fix this properly or have suggestions of what else I could try? Edit: This also happens with the map after it's shared to steam and redownloaded.
  11. ToxicTropex


    I've noticed that after i rebuilded my database (2 times) on ps4, my game started crashing more often. It crashes sometimes when i try to get out of the buggy. And sometimes when i try to invade multiple people as a night hunter.
  12. Shxgy Haz Kush

    Game Crashes When Loading Save

    So I recently installed Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition on my PC and started a new game on Nightmare difficulty and It was working all the way up to the point of Loading The Awakening Quest in the prologue. It crashes right after Krane Explains his mission on the loading screen. It never did this on the vanilla version of Dying Light. Any one else have this issue? Anyone know of a fix?
  13. kermit


    Please devs fix dying light. after the update of the following, my game stops working when i change random items in inventory, or randomly in-game!. dxdiag file.
  14. Scripts18

    Custom Animation + Debugging

    So I started playing around with the editor and a phew questions popped out here they are: Is it possible to export / import custom animations, if so how? If not, is it a possibility? Are there any logs or console / debugging tools (when playing my game crashes at a specific moment, launching from editor of course and I would like to know why) Are custom scripts possible? Again if so how? If not, is it a possibility? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello everyone, i've been trying to play Dying Light since release but i keep facing the same problem even after installing the latest patch available, basically it was working fine when playing the first version (1.0) after playing for about 4-5 hours then something weird happened during a cutscene basically the game freezes, the screen goes brown with darker shades of brown lines on going vertically, audio goes on but nothing else works and i have to restart or unplug my pc, it's not the first time i get this same thing happened with farcry 3 which i just ignored since i already finished it twice on xbox. Here's what i tried to solve the issue. Update drivers, Check Reinstall, Check Update, Check Lower graphics, Check Return GPU overclock to standard, Check Lower GPU lock, Check sadly non worked, it actually caused more problems with other games crashing every now and then i thought it could be that my GPU was not getting enough power so i tried to unplug all fans but 2 and unplug the CD drive, as you would've guessed it didn't work here's my specs : AMD FX-6350 3.9GHz Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 G.Skill Sniper 8GB Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
  16. Hello! First off, as you read by the title, I'm talking about the optimisation of the game on PC. I'm going to say right now I'm not going to be one of the plebs that just constantly say the devs suck and such because I'm getting ONE bug or a little lag. I have so much respect for Techland, as they even say in game that they put their heart and their soul into bringing me this title, and they thanked me for buying it. I've never seen a game thank the consumer for buying it before. I've logged 20+ hours on Steam in just two days. I love this game to pieces and will support the hell out of it. So, yeah, optimisation. I'm going to start with my specs- CPU: AMD FX-8320 @ 4 GHz (Overclocked) RAM: 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws X - 1333-ish Hz GPU: AMD Radeon 7770 1GB vRAM Motherboard: MSI 970A-G43 OS: Windows 7 64 Bit (If it matters, which I doubt it does-) HDD: 1 Terabyte Western Digital Blue, about 80% Free. Yeah, like, NOTHING on my PC. This is a fairly decent computer for gaming. Dying Light is the first game i ran into issues with, but right after the new patch on Steam, I went from about 5 FPS to 40 FPS, no exaggeration. I went from not playable, to playable. One of the reasons I freaking LOVE THE DEVS. Thank you, Techland! (This is all on lowest settings. 5FPS lowest settings, to 40 FPS lowest settings.) This still doesn't completely fix performance (for me, at least) fully. I've tried everything- From lowest settings to overclocking. I just really need that constant 60 FPS, or just the ability to turn the graphics up a little bit. Does anyone have any ideas on increasing FPS (A lot!?)? Yeah, I suppose this is in a way asking the devs for optimisation, but I'm not going to chupacabra and moan like other people over one trophy or something. As I stated the game is PLAYABLE. Thank you, and have a good day. TL;DR: I have a nice computer, game ran awful, patch, runs well, but on super low settings. Ideas on more FPS, I'm not going to be that guy who constantly chupacabra and moans. Thanks, bai EDIT: They censor words with random words. That's.. quite funny actually
  17. Caterina


    Witam! Mój problem polega na tym, iż po 2-10 minutach gra zawiesza się, pojawia się czarny ekran, a następnie wyskakuje okno o treści "CrashExit... ResizeBuffers failed device removed - device hung". Sterowniki zaktualizowane, vcredist oraz DirectX aktualne. Najnowszy patch nic nie dał, reinstalacja+zmiana dysku również. Zgłoszenie do pomocy technicznej wysłałam dwa dni temu i jak na razie nic. Mój sprzęt: i5-4690K 3.5 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 8,00 GB RAM Za pomoc z góry dziękuje i pozdrawiam
  18. Everytime I try to host or join a coop game with anyone on the PS4 the game will crash with an error. The Error is ce-34878-0. I did everything to try and fix this, Initializing the ps4, redownloading the game, restoring licences, you name it. Still nothing. I think its a bug with the game its self not the ps4 considering other people are having the same issue. I don't know but all I know is that if there is anything you guys can do to patch it or fix it please do so. Me and other people cannot enjoy the multiplayer at all as it stands.
  19. TheUnknown

    Important Question..

    Am I the only one having issues to where joining one friend is a problem. Me and this friend were able to play this co op since launch day, but since last week, Everytime I try to join his game, or he joins mine, after a couple seconds it kicks us out and says connection could not be established blah blah blah. Then while we're in a party on PS4, it cuts his mic out then says cannot voice chat because of NAT type issues..
  20. After the update i connected just fine two times and was playing for a solid minute each game, but the game still crashed. I'm also still experiencing trouble with the whole story, and the now it's safe trophies. Any help is much appriecated. Thanks to everyone in advance.
  21. JoKe

    Crash Gry Dying Light

    Witam jw. gra crashuje nie w losowych momentach, lecz w odstępach ok. 15 minut od rozpoczęcia gry (tzn od załadowania się świata) W linku (---> ) znajduje się rar logów ze wszystkich crashy gry.
  22. As per title, I am getting a crash everytime I go inside the tower elevator from street level. It happens during loading screen. Windows error logs mention something like: Faulting module name: gamedll_x64_rwdi.dll Story line point is before meeting Reiss I need to turn in Gazi side quest Crash is repeatable, cannot do nothing atm, I will try to advance story or go by night. Anyone has any knowledge about this issue? cheers
  23. Crash is not happening to me just my friends who play. We are sick and tired of seeing patch and other pinned issues but no response to game crashing during online play. What gives?
  24. Sethizzle10

    Fix The Coop Crashing On Ps4

    The game has been out for almost two weeks now and I still CANNOT play a game with anyone. All of my friends have beat the game without me, because I wasn't trying to ruin their coop experience. Hundreds of people are having the crashing issue and yet there's NO response from the company. I'm going to spam the chupacabra out of their forums until they figure out a way to FIX the problem, or reimburse me for this broken game.
  25. This has been happening since the digital release. I have changed modems and tried port forwarding. I have not once been able to successfully join a game since release. Please help Is this a common issue or are we waiting for techland or psn to pull their head out of their A$$. I keep getting the error "Cannot Establish connection to server". I have tried Restarting modem Resetting modem Resetting Ps4 Resetting Licenses on ps4 Different modems Forwarding ports What else is there?