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Found 10 results

  1. Sattelschwein

    Performance on Xbox

    Pls. Make a Vetter Performance on Console. My XBOX One S is so laggy on playing.
  2. christopherhi

    Can This Be Available On Console

    Okay forgive me if I am way off base here but I love Dying Light. I don't have a PC but I have PS4 and I love console games much better then PC(sorry) Its just my preference. I love the idea of making custom maps and playing others maps, unfortunately this feature is currently only available on PC (Steam). I would like to know why this wasn't made available on console. We love to have this option and I really think it should be available to all platforms. I don't know much about coding so again forgive me however I have heard its not possible. That said I do not see how it wouldn't be possible. Little Big Planet 3 has a feature where you can create your own little planet with various levels. I know little Big Planet is a much smaller game but is it really not possible to bring in something similar to Dying Light on console? Please Techland bring this feature to console!
  3. Hello there. Just requesting something very simple, and that is the option to disable the slow motion feature when you charge a hit to a normal zombie's head. It's somewhat annoying, and it makes the Night Hunter warp from the human's point of view. Please add the option, thanks Edit: for consoles, mainly. I think the pc people already have a way
  4. Dyinglightboi

    Map editor on console

    So I am a big fan of dying light yet my pc does not have enough power to run dying light and I don't know how to build pcs...that angers me because I LOVE the dev tools and I am sad they are not on console. I understand that you didn't make the game on consoles so it can't be realeased but all I want is a simple map creator like the ones from farcrys 3 and 4 please make this happen and lots of console users would be really happy and it would make dying light relevant again. Thank you for your time
  5. ativegamers

    And The Consoles?

    You are making multiple updates to the PC as a tool for developers and that update April 1. But what about the console? Most players are playing in the PS4 and Xbox One and we have no more updates. We have to wait months for DLC that comes with little content. If this keeps up who plays on the islands will no longer play the game. Dying Light was the best zombie game I've ever played, but unfortunately missing content for consoles. We have no updates for a long time, even buying the season pass. Why not Providing this creation tool for those who bought the season pass on the console? I know it's more complicated to put this tool and mods on consoles, but if they do so the game will die. More updates to the islands, please do not leave us the islands without constant updates, you are destroying the game as well. I hope you can solve this.
  6. Hi. I read the changelog on the official website and wondered if Xbox has the same features or if there is more on PC. Example from latest patchnotes on PC: - Parkour Fever - ten parkour challenges with online leaderboards - Revamped Quarantine Zones - Additional national outfits + community designed t-shirt Do we have these changes on Xbox too? Or is it in the enhanced edtion/future updates? Or is the changelog for Xbox just outdated?
  7. Why is there no method to create and share own creations like in FarCry. Its totally easy and 100 % possible... They have the tools, they have the options but why arent they doing it?!
  8. Are you serious with the xbox one controls layout? RB for jump??? Have you ever played with the gamepad? 99% of games has A for jump. Why is it not possible to switch to this option???
  9. Sean-E-Boy

    Urgent Co-Op Help Ps4!

    Hey guys i have beaten dying light and almost have all trophies for the ps4 version of dying light. I started a campaign + and i need help. I play coop with my cousin on dying light and we need 2 more players with mics who speak english on the ps4 to help us get the 4 player coop mission trophies. We are really good at the game and have exp boosting strategies incase your a low level. We dont care about what level you are because we can help you guys rank up and you just have to listen to us since we know what we are doing. If you are looking to have fun rank up quickly and get the 4 player coop trophies and become better just add my psn: Sean-E-Boy or my Cousins PSN SlimShea-T. Please help us! We are currently playing and will probably be playing most of the da since we live in Canada and there is a ton of snow today (snow day for school and our houses are snowed in) so we will be on all day. Send us friend requests and we will accept and send you a party invite asap
  10. Hello Techland, I appreciate that you guys have attempted to fix the multiplayer issues via patch 1.03 HOWEVER, if I had seen an improvement as you have listed I would not be here writing what I am about to write. In fact, knowing how many issues there were, I tend to focus on the good and applaud the work that many do to satisfy their consumers. Within an hour time frame I have timed out and was sent back to the main menu of PS4 (game crashed completely) a total of 4 times. This is actually WORSE than what it was before. I know there has been wild fire on social media about these issues but this HALF chupacabra'd attempt at shutting them up (this is my opinion on your "patch") is now really pissing me off. For someone that is usually less vocal about this, because I have worked in the technical industry before (and customer service for that matter), this has been the worse experience I have had for a game. Not only have you ignored and not acknowledged complaints, but at this point, I'm thinking there's NOT MUCH YOU CAN DO that will not prevent people from using your game disc as a coaster for their dog's food bowl. Just for those that might come back and BLAME THE CONSUMER for these issues... Trust me, I know the term P.I.C.N.I.C. very well (Problem In Customer Not In Computer) here is a list of things me and my husband have done in attempt to trouble shoot this issue. -deleted the game, and re-downloaded it -deleted the game, and re-downloaded it, then waited for the download to complete before tried to start up the game -changed the router settings -restored the router and used the port settings that you have suggested -complete restore of PS4 (two different playstation) -we are both hardwired (50mbps down, 50 mbps up), but switched to wifi for chupacabra and giggles with no change. -rented a disc version and tried it -played with only 3 friends instead of 4 -played alone works! BUT if you try to stream it through a capture card the game takes a chupacabra -played alone and tried streaming through the PS4 via Twitch the game will still take a chupacabra -played co-op online with just each other and it takes a chupacabra -played co-op online with OTHER people (just me playing with an online friend) and it takes a chupacabra SO PLEASE. Don't you DARE give us more troubleshooting because I have LOST FAITH in any troubleshooting. I am going to give you guys the line that cowardly jerks use: It's not me, IT'S YOU. Someone needs to STOP passing the blame, and I hope PLAYSTATION is reading this also. If you guys cannot WORK TOWARDS A COMMON GOAL and FIX THIS for the consumers that create jobs for both of you guys... might I suggest that you take the CASH you are paying the people that are responsible for software patches and feed the hungry children in 3rd world countries instead. At least then, you can at least feel better about yourselves as people and not as technicians. Yours truly, Mrs. Ballz