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Found 36 results

  1. ProsteFilip

    About co-op

    Hello. Can i play the following co-op with my friend when im the only one who has the dlc ?
  2. okay so ive had Dying Ligt since it came out on xbox one and I used to be able to play co-op with friends when i get the urge to kill some zombies. Everytime I try to invite friends it takes a really long time to load and stays at a black screen only to say “ Your game session is not available” ive looked everywhere on how to try and fix this ive deleted the game and redownloaded prob 2-3 times hoping it would fix. Ive restarted my router many times and this is supposively supposed to be the solution and it doesnt work. Can anyone help me how to fix this before i write this company off entirely and never buy another game from them. Which is kinda sad because i actually did like playing dying light. Techland has also refused to answer back with anything also
  3. okay so ive had Dying Ligt since it came out on xbox one and I used to be able to play co-op with friends when i get the urge to kill some zombies. Everytime I try to invite friends it takes a really long time to load and stays at a black screen only to say “ Your game session is not available” ive looked everywhere on how to try and fix this ive deleted the game and redownloaded prob 2-3 times hoping it would fix. Ive restarted my router many times and this is supposively supposed to be the solution and it doesnt work. Can anyone help me how to fix this before i write this company off entirely and never buy another game from them. Which is kinda sad because i actually did like playing dying light. Techland has also refused to answer back with anything also
  4. I have just paid+subscribed to ps+ for the 1st time while playing DL for almost a year. I'm maxed out though my legend still needs a dozen or 2 levels to max, I'll be online frequently so if anyone wants to join me(I need help with a few things that require more than one player) my gamertag is Alex FreeRunner:)
  5. GongBackSR

    I can't play co-op

    hi, i'm a korean steam user. I played multiplayer without any problems. However, suddenly this phrase starts from one moment and does not play co-op. 'You can not join the VAC security game session because it is not in normal authentication status.' I am a regular steam user, I have never used illegal programs, I have never used unusual items from illegal program users. I thought it was a simple mistake, but I have not played co-op for a few days. What is the problem and how can I solve it? I am very frustrated because I can not play co-op. My Steam account name is 'deepdarkdragon', and My steam nickname is '「空白」' Please solve the problem. ps. I played co-op with VAC security turned on normally.
  6. Dying light is an amazing game, But there is some things that i've realised would make the game a lot better: *New Guns, Especially SNIPERS and RPGs *A REWARD for completing ALL SIDE QUESTS, like a special outfit or some crazy new weapons! I was really disappointed when i didn't receive anything for all my effort and time i spent on doing this! *A PvP gamemode unlocked after the main story where you can hold up in buildings and fight against, not only the infected but other players! E.g when you die you drop all your stuff and people can loot your body etc (Almost like the DayZ Standalone game on steam) I undersand this would be a lot of work for techland but i think it would make the game one million times better! *New map? This is something i wouldn't be to surprised about being a DLC. I think it would be amazing to have a little change in scenery for a little extra money! Slums and OT get pretty boring after a while! So a small, fun map with some bonus quests would be great! If Techland see this, i want you to know, Congratulations on what you have created and you should feel proud as heck to say you developed this game! The suggestions above are (like i said) suggestions that WILL bring more players to the game, and for me, the PvP gamemode would be amazing, as an xbox player, there isn't a game or gamemode on any console game like that (i dont think)! PS if the PvP gamemode does get created, please dont make it for PC only. I beg Thanks for reading, i really appreciate it!
  7. Between the time of 1/27/2015 5:40:34 P.M. to the time of this post I have encountered this error a total of 38 times. Typically this will happen every few minutes if I attempt to play co-op. With two people I may get lucky and last an hour without being booted but that is incredibly rare. I have yet to blue screen while playing solo so that is something I suppose. The PS4 error is CE-34878-0 It is interesting that if I play with three people as soon as the third joins I instantly get the blue screen error. My first attempt to fix it was to delete and reinstall the game. When that did not work I deleted it, restored my licenses, then reinstalled it again. I have reverted to a previous save (to test it) with no luck. When these all failed I deleted the game again, went to to download the game from a website (found this supposed fix online) which also did not help me in the end. Not sure if this helps but the majority of my kicks happened while a lot of things were going on in the game. For instance surrounded by zombies, taking damage, dealing damage, with two people results in me being kicked a lot of the time. However, sometimes we could just be free running in the dark, with little to no zombies near us and I will still blue screen. I have yet to see anyone who has this problem as much as I do. I am using the digital copy purchased from the PSN store. A few friends of mine have been blue screening as well (they own physical copies) but no where near as frequent as I do. I see this game as being a co-op game, and I am unable to do this because I am afraid of being kicked which is a total bummer for me because a lot of my friends have been inviting me and I am unable to accept them because of an unknown issue with the game. I honestly would have taken it back by now if I owned the physical copy. I never do see any frame-rate drops, or any other visual indicators that it is going to happen. It just happens. PSN: XV_Drop_Shot_XV
  8. Barack-obamin-dat-azz

    Recruitment for Bozak Horde

    Hey, I need some help completing the Bozak Horde on ps4. My gamer tag is MrMaddest-Hatter. Prefer someone with a microphone. If you can help me beat it in under 31 minutes tho, no microhone is fine. Thanks!
  9. GLoRToR

    Co-Op Online Play?

    Bought the game the other day and after having to reinstall it to even make it work, I notice that not a lot of people play it online at all. Is the game dead?
  10. Since May 2015, the GNU/Linux version of the game has been completely broken, at least all related to multiplayer/online gaming. The games always disconnect us instantaneously, so it's completely impossible to play the game. If you are trying to play online, the game always crashes. I opened a support ticket months ago and nobody gave me an answer or, at least, not a real one, just random messages non-related to the issue and "wait". "Wait. The next patch will fix that", "Wait. The enhanced edition will fix that"... May 2016 and the game is still completely broken. There is no patch, there is no answer and we are still "waiting". So the question is. If we can't play the game, because is still broken, and the patch won't exist, because Techland never worked on it and they never will... Where and how to ask for a refund?
  11. do anybody have this weird issue that wile VAC is turnt off youre getting kicked because youre or somebody have not been successfully authenticated ? well i have.. co-op has no problem at all i can play for hours but after a 3 guy joint it will take around 15 a 30 min before the first guy is getting kicked yes the first guy because when the 2 guys will play together after the 3 guy is kicked the 2e guy CAN be kicked also, some backgrond info all people has/have not been banned use no mods at all and never did it dont use cheats all use steam steam has been authenticated white e-mail all in same country some questions i dont know why are we kicked and always has something to do whit VAC? why is VAC causing it wile it is off!! ​why is it working for around a half hour and suddenly not anymore? after 2 weeks i found a fix for pc using Hamachi (lan on the internet) ​my question is are we 3 the only one because i cant find on the internet an a similarly problem do anybody have a different fix for it? do anybody have this problem? if so i can post the fix i used in around 2 days but i dont know if you can still play whit other people that have not used the same fix if you know let me please know if you haven't noticed i am not good at engles and used google a lot
  12. Rick Grimes

    Co-Op For Workshop Maps?

    I am sorry if this has already been answered but is it possible for multiplayer connection to workshop maps yet? If so how do you do that? If now when will it be available if ever? Thank you. I've released one without it and I am getting ready to release another but want to support co-op since people are asking about it.
  13. Damien324

    Co-Op Partners!

    Who want's to split some zombie in half on pc!!
  14. Hey, you want to do be the zombie together! Just add my psn: Laugio Hope I will see you then! you can also reply your psn And I will add you, remember, this is PS4
  15. As the title says if anyone is around now it would be great, probably better for me to join someone elses game as im near the end of the storyline
  16. Broxibear_1872

    Ps4 Co-Op Hard Mode

    Looking for people to play Dying Light hard mode with on PS4. If you are interested just add me: Broxibear_1872 or leave you PSN name below and no time wasters please.
  17. I have went out and bought an Ethernet switch and two "cat 6 Ethernet cables" for my friend and I to try play Dying Light in Offline co-op. I was just wondering if I set up the IP and everything right, does this game support offline local co-op and if so/not, will/does the game require any third party software to-allow/for this to work? Also it is imperative that this will need to stay offline as I need to use a satellite broadband (since I live out in the sticks) which has a 0.8 second PING, which I'm sure you's will know is not ideal for any game that requires any fast reactions. (Like Dying Light) - I was just going to use a standard IP address on each of the machines which will be manually added to the Local area connection via the switch. IP's used will be & Both with a subnet mask of (Due to them both being level "C" IP's) - I have not set up the local area connection between my machines and my friends yet as I wanted to make sure this will work before I get my friend to cart his computer 10 miles up the road to my house But I should be able to get these computers to PING each-other fine as I have been doing this with a couple of my home computers all ready through the wireless internet connection (Via the HUB). Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
  18. I'm posting this on the DL forums because I assume the issue is from the game not Ventrilo When I'm trying to play on co-op with my friend, the DL based voice chat cuts out a lot and isn't amazing, so we are trying to use ventrilo to communicate It works, but for some reason it seems like Dying Light lowers the volume of other programs whenever you have it open. Its enough of a change that its almost impossible to hear my friend from vent over the ambient sounds of the game. I looked in the game settings and there was nothing that would indicate I can stop DL from dampening other sounds, but I'm wondering if there is some settings file that I can edit in order to stop this from happening. The sound is fine until I open the DL game and actually start the campaign. It even sounds fine with no dampening on the DL main menu. Bonus points if the issue is obviously coming from the vent side of things and you can tell me what to do to fix this. Im new to using vent and we are using my own server.
  19. XBOX ONE Polyamory Achievement, looking for 2 more players. Reply with GT if interested.
  20. BlazeDraicx

    I Need Help! Co-Op Mods

    Erm, as the title above says, I need help with a mod for co-op. I changed some values for the Expcalibur (it felt weak! and it's a legendary weapon from the myths!) and placed the edited files in the Data3.pak file. It works like a dream, but not in co-op. I've been using teamwiever to do the exact same process on my friend's PC but it doesn't work. What am i/we doing wrong? We tried changing the files in Data0.pak as well, still works like a dream in SP, but not in co-op
  21. Title sums it up pretty much. Using elgato game capture HD device was trying to stream some dying light last night with a pal of mine through my PC instead of the native Xbox One twitch application streaming however his voice wouldn't go through both in the xbox one party chat (which it doesn't seem to do with anything) but mainly the problem is it wasn't appearing when we switched to in-game chat either. This has worked on the other games I have tried and appears specific to Dying Light. I do have a headphone hooked into my controller so as to hear the game and him and talk to him. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem or not but if anyone has some ideas as to how to fix it that would be great =D
  22. I'm looking for some people to play with. I'm not very far in the campaign and I'm looking for newer players or players who wont spoil the surprise. I'm around lvl 8 and 9. My gamer tag is Racza1. Mic required
  23. Sam Powers

    Co-Op Team

    Hi guys, my names Sam and I'm looking for some xbox one dying light gamers to play some co-op with. Before I get into it, lemme give you some background info about my gaming. Platform: Xbox one Gamer tag: Tactic Sticks Games of choice: Dying Light, COD, Destiny, RPGs Time Zone: GMT - 5 (eastern US) Age: 17 I'm making this post in order to find people to play co-op with in dying light. Whether that means main story quests, side quests, challenges, co op challenges or BTZ mode, I play it all. Id like to get as many people involved as I can to compete against each other in BTZ because I know the matchmaking is well, pretty bad (sorry devs), and itd be easier and more fun to get a game going with a party. Id like to start a "team" or "clan" such as the ones you see in cod and destiny and other games alike. If you have any questions or would like to be the first person (well second, I've got one guy I always play with) to join the team, contact me, ill leave my info below! Xbox live (one) gamer tag: Tactic Sticks Dying light forums name: Sam Powers Twitter: @powersam97
  24. Sean-E-Boy

    Urgent Co-Op Help Ps4!

    Hey guys i have beaten dying light and almost have all trophies for the ps4 version of dying light. I started a campaign + and i need help. I play coop with my cousin on dying light and we need 2 more players with mics who speak english on the ps4 to help us get the 4 player coop mission trophies. We are really good at the game and have exp boosting strategies incase your a low level. We dont care about what level you are because we can help you guys rank up and you just have to listen to us since we know what we are doing. If you are looking to have fun rank up quickly and get the 4 player coop trophies and become better just add my psn: Sean-E-Boy or my Cousins PSN SlimShea-T. Please help us! We are currently playing and will probably be playing most of the da since we live in Canada and there is a ton of snow today (snow day for school and our houses are snowed in) so we will be on all day. Send us friend requests and we will accept and send you a party invite asap
  25. Hey guys just wondering if anyone fancys running through the campaign with me on xbox one? im curerently on the mission siblings and im just looking for someone to run through the game with! So if anyone wants to join just hit me up with a message my GT is AoD Viperz x. cheers!