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Found 13 results

  1. thebobman

    Co Op Challenge Glitch

    Okay guys, This is a glitch that I found a while back in 1.4. I'm not sure if they fixed it on 1.5 since I haven't had a lot of time to test for old glitches or if for any new ones either. Anyways, something I noticed in 1.4 was that when you go to do a challenge when playing Co Op, it will wait for the players to join how they normally would before the challenge starts. After a while, a really annoying bug happens where only one person becomes able to do the challenge. It doesn't open up that little mini lobby thing before it starts or anything. It just starts on its own and only whoever started it first can do it. Then other players can't join until the current player is done. Also, people who are not in the challenge can actually interfere with it too. Say the mission is get 50 kills with that special sword. Since the zombies are spawned for the mission, if you are not part of the challenge, you will be able to go down to the challenge area and actually mess kill zombies which will NOT count for the other person. Two things I recommend that can fix this bug are: 1) Fix the mini lobby menu bug where it just starts the mission for the first person who activates it. 2) If someone doesn't want to participate, create an alternate version of the area that only participants can be in (as in looks exactly the same, but is the challenge area that non-participants can't access). Like I said, I'm not sure if this was fixed in 1.5 or not since I never saw it get addressed by anyone or the 1.5 update specs. When I get time, I will try to see if it still happens or not.
  2. So me and my mate play challenges like dying lunch and all that but now and again it only put one off us in it, how do I make it so we both go in and get entered please help
  3. buster14169

    Cross Platform Support?

    Hello, I would love to play this with my friend but unfrotunatly he doesnt have a pc powerful enough, but he does have a ps4. Unfortunately I do not. Is there any support for cross platform coop play between PC and Playstation? Will there be any support for it in the future? Same question for Ps3, can it be played between ps3 and ps4? If not why and will there be any support for this in the future? Thanks you
  4. aaron_smith94

    Xbox One Co-Op

    I'm looking for some players to help me complete the game on hard mode? Gamertag: azzaspliff
  5. BeTheZombieUnbalancedAsFu

    Suggestions For Pvp Mode "bethe(Loser)Zombie"

    ( This is my experience with the mode and it is based on my opinion about how the mode should be enjoyable for both, the hunter and the human. All the numbers are balance parameters and can be changed if needed) Changes in RED for the hunter and in GREEN for the human. All changes scale with the amount of humans according to the following: (1,2,3+) humans Dying Light is a game, that gives the player tools and tips on how to kill the zombies. So I knew there must be problems if the PvP mode lets you play as the zombie against humans full of tools to make your life miserable. And I was correct, the human is horribly exploitable and totally unbalanced. First I thought about doing a review on dying light's only PvP mode, The BeTheZombie mode. After getting to Zombie level 20 I decided to give the dev's a little bit more time to polish the mode, as its quite unbalanced as it is now. Here I will write some suggestions on how to improve the mode. Hunter Buffs: 1. "Unseen Predator" near nests. The hunter gains invisibility to survivor sense near nests if the hunter hasn't been in combat in 17 seconds or hasn't been seen in the last 13 seconds. The buff lasts for (7.5, 15, 22.5 seconds, depending on the amount of humans). The buff wears out after 45 seconds or if the hunter gets within (40, 30, 20 meters) of the humans. After the buff ends, hunter gains immunity to all disables for 10 seconds and immunity to UV for 5 seconds (UV immunity ends instantly upon the use of Pounce.). Buff resets after 5 kills or death. Hunter takes 15% increased damage from all sources during the buff. Hunter leaves a dark red trail during the buff, the trail fades after 2 seconds. (To give humans a chance to avoid the incoming threat) 2. "UV Resistant Skin" If 2 or more UV sources are present (I felt like the constant spam of UV makes your energy drain a bit too fast if you aren't that good at playing the hunter and the insane amount of mobility the hunter loses is enough itself to punish players eating the UV) If the hunter is getting shot at with 2 or more (max 4) UV lights, the speed of the energy drain is reduced for 12.5% (total max reduction 50%) per UV source. 3. Skill Tree Improvements Improved Spits: Spits now fly more faster and have their blast radius increased by (25, 22.5, 20%) Improved Ground Pound: If you don't hit anything with Ground Pound, its recovery time is reduced by 50% and cooldown by 25% Human Nerfs: (ONLY APPLY DURING THE INVASION) 1. "Cooldown for Dropkicks, Grappling Hooks now make you exhausted if they are used too often" Dropkick: This stops humans from spamming Dropkick which disables and stuns you without any counterplay mechanics. Adding a cooldown of 3.5 seconds. (If you dropkick a hunter at the same time he is Ground Pounding the hunter will be disabled and his ability cancelled. Which makes Ground Pound basicly useless in close combat.) After this change Dropkick would still cancel Ground Pound, but would make the hunter immune to disables for the next 3 seconds to prevent chain Dropkicking. Grappling Hook: The fact that hunter has no mobility without energy paired with the fact that Grappling Hook has almost no cooldown can make the things go upside down, i've seen humans chase hunters around with nearly the same mobility as them while spamming UV which makes the energy recovery a bit too challenging. If you try to Ground Pound the incoming enemies, you will get Dropkick spammed most of the time. You can also change utilities while travelling with Grappling Hook. Grappling Hook now has a cooldown of 5 seconds, and if you use 2 charges within 5 seconds, you will be exhausted for 3.5 second (If the Grappling Hook doesn't hit its target or hits the hunter, no charges will be count towards the exhaustion) Drop Attack: The hunter has a small time to counter the Drop Attack (0.75 seconds) to only reduce you to 30% of your health instead of oneshotting you without any counterplay. (During an incoming Drop Attack, the hunters screen will flash white and if he presses X in 0.75 seconds, hunter takes reduced damage.) 2. UV Flashlight cooldown and using the flashlight while being knocked back by the hunter The UV Flashlight now drains 50% quicker and recharges 25% slower (Intention of this change is to make the usage of the flashlight more of a considered thing instead of the constant spam from annoyingly long range.) If the human is knocked back by the hunter, he can't use the UV Flashlight while airborne. Final Notes: Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope some of these changes will be implemented in some form to make the mode more balanced. Sometimes I (the hunter) feel like being hunted instead of being the hunter.
  6. Airsickhydra

    Starting A New Game On Hard

    Morning all Had a gaming date with one of my Bros last night, a good 5-6 hours of a fresh save on the harder difficulty setting. If anyone is currently playing hard on your old / max level character then i'd really encourage you to start again and ditch your max level. I'm not good at formulating sentences so here are some bullet points! - POW Quarantine zones are tough as nails. Volatiles are nearly unkillable and multiple virals are very dangerous. Hell even the occasional zombie was taking 10-20 head-smacks to kill. Without the grapple and free running skills the night time slows down to a real stealth game. Outrunning enemies isn't guaranteed anymore and engaging is far more stressful. Less items to craft things, so starting with 0 items means you don't walk in with a clear advantage. Having the ability to heal your teammate to 100% but not yourself really makes for some better co-op / sticking together moments. Rais's men are just that little bit more dangerous and tougher, giving you real incentive to run like hell for airdrops. In a nut shell hard mode plays like how the game should be for the competitive gamer. Don't go into it guns blazing with your airstrikes and max level angel sword as you miss out on so much of the survival vibe. Hopefully this message gets through to at least one person
  7. After the update i connected just fine two times and was playing for a solid minute each game, but the game still crashed. I'm also still experiencing trouble with the whole story, and the now it's safe trophies. Any help is much appriecated. Thanks to everyone in advance.
  8. i bought dying light hoping i could play with friends but once i join my friends game it crashes after a few minutes it has gotten me to the point where i don't even want to play the game anymore please fix this issue
  9. There are 2 ps4s in my house and we both bought Dying Light. We can play co op together but it won't let others join us. We can play online with others but not when we are together in the same game. When we are in the same game it shows others trying to join but they get rejected but we can still get invaded even when we are in the same game.
  10. My roommate and I both have a ps4 and we both bought Dying Light. When we are playing together on co op no one can join us. When one of us is playing online with other players the other one can't join them. Our router is a Linksys EA6900. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I cannot play join an online match no matter what. Everytime i try to join a match it says one either one of the two following statements, "Unable to join the game" and "Connection to the game you have tried to join could not be established." Random players have joined me while i was in single player and turned it into co op. But no matter what i cannot play online, i was really looking forward to the Be The Zombie online mode. I can play the zombie tutorial but thats it, it displays games in the find match option but when i try to join backs me out to the zombie tutorial and says one of those statements i mentioned earlier Please help
  12. On the Playstation 4. Every single time I join someone or they join me, within a minute I get sent to a blue screen. This problem is already being documented on other posts, however I wanted to make sure it's still making rounds. This is an extremely annoying problem that obviously is not on our ends. A quick patch would be great please and thank you! You can't sell a game as co-op centered but yet it's broken.
  13. Is there going to be a digital version for the ps4? And i think you guy should have more then just 4 player co op...maybe 6 or 8....i also think "be the zombie" should have more then 1v4...make it 4v4..or even 4v8....or even 2v4 because mostly when we play we want to play with friends