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Found 7 results

  1. Soulborn141


    Is there any way we can see a proper anti cheat engine in dying light? This program has come out called "Infinity" which allows players to mod and cheat in their game and it is being abused in dying light pvp and for some reason VAC security wont detect it. 90% of the time for some reason i cant report them on steam, and it will say an error has occurred. (Not like they will do anything about it). This is possibly also the reason matchmaking in BTZ with VAC secure game on is near impossible. Can something please be done about this?
  2. beginner3

    Cheater in Dying Light

    This guy was just spamming uv and toxic spits all of the time. He sucks at this mode, and the sad thing is, he climed to the widow maker rank by doing this...
  3. Amberg22

    Cheater Caught On Tape Starts at 3:05 Don't know where else to report this kind of game ruining occurrances, so I'm putting it here. Feels like reporting players from their steam accounts don't help much, but I might be wrong? The cheater's steam profile:
  4. I visit other forums now and then and saw a player suggest to other human players to just "dupe survivor packages" to max out their survivor rank. Ignoring all the other ridiculous advantages that duping gives human players in BtZ, why should humans get to rank up in seconds while it takes the hunter weeks of continuous playing to max out? I just don't get why this isnt a higher priority. Why is the progression system, among other things, allowed to be so heavily unbalanced?
  5. Hey guys, I had some gameplay I wanted to bring to everyone's attention, mainly the Devs. I've encountered warping Humans once before in BtZ, but I've never encountered a dedicated team of it to this extent. The video was over 20 minutes long, so I needed to cut it up now and then between scenes where nothing goes on besides my deaths and me flying around Spiderman-style. To offset this, I've written up a play-by-play to point out exactly where each occurrence of cheating occurs. You can use this to jump from instance to instance. Each Human player uses a cheat/exploit at least once during the match, namely the warping. 0:30 – Massive duped Airstrike spam. A fun way to start off the match. 2:10 – Ham_Ninja dies to his own Airstrike. 2:28 – Ham_Ninja spawns away from the others. At 2:30, he warps back into the building. 2:55 – Ham_Ninja is Pounced. Strange animation plays after the Pounce resolves. No name appears at first, but the kill registers. 3:01 – Ham_Ninja's death registers twice on the same kill (watch the lives above). “You Pounced…†finally shows up below. 3:30 – Ham_Ninja is Pounced. Kill registers, but no “You Pounced…†message is shown again. 3:45 – Ham_Ninja's death is reversed. The Humans actually gain a life back. Ham_Ninja was immediately warped to the other upon death. 4:00 – Ham_Ninja is Pounced. Strange animation, no message. Death reverses again at 4:17, and Ham_Ninja is once again warped back to the other Humans. 4:30 – Ham_Ninja and Flaminjalapeno are both Pounced. Both deaths register, but are reversed around 4:45 and mid-death, respectively. 4:44 – Ham_Ninja warps back into the building so quickly he comes out immediately after I Pounce Flaminjalapeno. He then uses EXPcalibur glitch to OHKO. Flaminjalapeno also warped back into the building upon death. 5:35 – Ham_Ninja Pounced. Death registers and FINALLY stays, but he glitches out of the death and is actually standing up immediately afterward. Warps downstairs, comes back up and uses EXPcalibur glitch to OHKO. 6:05 – lues21 is Pounced. Death takes a short time to “register†twice, “You Pounced…†message does not show up until the second ping. 6:39 – lues21 spawns, immediately warps back to the others. 6:50 – lues21 uses EXPcalibur glitch to OHKO. 7:44 – Airstrike spam. 8:26 – Flares are not destroyed by UV Spit (could have just been the angle) 8:45 – Nickvetro419 is Ground Pounded. Body disappears, but the kill is not registered. Nickvetro419 then warps to the others. At this point, everyone has officially warped at least once. 9:30 – Flaminjalapeno is hit with the Horde Spit. At 9:39, he warps back to the others to avoid dying to the exploders. 10:08 – Flares are not destroyed by Ground Pound. No angle here – it's an enclosed room. 10:16 - Nickvetro419 dies, lues21 uses EXPcalibur glitch to OHKO so he can revive him. 11:20 – Flaminjalapeno is Pounced. No message. He warps back to the others, and his death is reversed at 11:35. 11:43 – lues21 and Flaminjalapeno are both Pounced. Kills register and are not reversed! Must've taken them by surpise. 12:45 – Ham_Ninja is Pounced, and lues21 blows up Flaminjalapeno with his Airstrike (Heh). The game SHOULD be over, and the music even stops at 12:56. However, one of the deaths is reversed, and the game continues. Astounding. 14:23 – Ham_Ninja leaves the game, causing a final kill to register and ending the match. Victory! So that's about it. I figured this was as good a place as any to drop off this video, especially considering the scope of the cheats employed. Since the patch will be dropped soon, the last thing we need are new, pretty blatant cheats to replace the old exploits. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it would be great if this could be looked into, and the players in question removed from the equation. For the sake of legitimate Night Hunters/Humans, we don't need them encouraging others or continuing this charade against fellow Hunters. All it will do is encourage further nerfs on the Humans side, a consequence I'm sure Humans players don't want to continue going through. Thanks for reading!
  6. hinke

    Spawner Mod

    A spawner mod, a mod that'd allow a player from a small menu to spawn enemies or friendlies near them. This could allow for some pretty large and epic battles between AI Humans and zombies. It'd allow you to pick a weapon for the spawned AI as well as the player model/skin the ai would have.
  7. LastRights

    Cheat Protection

    will there be something like punkbuster or anything like that people have to run in the background so we can keep everyone honest? that would be awesome! thanks!