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Found 13 results

  1. Kaze

    to techland staff

    The latest update broke mods they no longer function. This is frustrating to no end and I want to know if this is going to be fixed or if it's just going to be left alone.
  2. When I playtest my map and test out the barriers if they work, I simply walk through them. And then when I try to walk back to the map it doesn't let me. Do barriers work based on facing a certain way or should they work on every side of the barrier?
  3. Since May 2015, the GNU/Linux version of the game has been completely broken, at least all related to multiplayer/online gaming. The games always disconnect us instantaneously, so it's completely impossible to play the game. If you are trying to play online, the game always crashes. I opened a support ticket months ago and nobody gave me an answer or, at least, not a real one, just random messages non-related to the issue and "wait". "Wait. The next patch will fix that", "Wait. The enhanced edition will fix that"... May 2016 and the game is still completely broken. There is no patch, there is no answer and we are still "waiting". So the question is. If we can't play the game, because is still broken, and the patch won't exist, because Techland never worked on it and they never will... Where and how to ask for a refund?
  4. My issue shouldn't even be an issue. I feel lied to. They said we would be able to disable the hud. It's simply not true. You can disable most of the hud, not all of it. During the day your game will be hud free. However, at night eyeball icons will appear over enemies heads. These icons warn you that you are about to be spotted while revealing the enemies location. These icons are very much part of a "heads up display". They are in fact, giving me a heads up while appearing on my display. I don't know if this is an over-sight, a glitch or just plain laziness on the developers side. Though I feel obligated to say... Don't get my hopes up by telling me that I can disable the hud if I can't disable ALL of the hud. Those icons at night ruin the game in a very fundamental way. If you play the game on nightmare and disable your hud. You will discover that day time is now more difficult than night time. Why? Because virals move fast, climb buildings and you get NO WARNINGS! At night, the most dangerous creature in the game is constantly being tagged before it becomes a real threat. I find myself experiencing some relief when the sun goes down because now dangerous enemies will be tagged for me. Even though I really really really don't want them to be. So I request that you FIX the BROKEN "disable hud" option. Thank you for your time. PS: I just want what you said I was gonna get.
  5. VIDEO: at 2:30 I start wasting my gas with the flamethrower, skip to 5:55 BUG: Buggy - permanent broken engine status (no workaround known) Possible causes: unknown Known affected platforms: PC, Xbox One The bug temporarily stops for the duration of a race challenge after which it resumes. 0:15 - Buggy: replace parts test 1:50 - Buggy: repair parts test 6:05 - Buggy: refuel test 6:52 - Game: Quit & Continue test 7:35 - Buggy: Radio Recall test 7:55 - Buggy: Reset position test 8:50 - Buggy: drive it into the freaking water test 9:45 - Buggy: Radio Recall test 2 What you didn't see that was also done: Steam Integrity Cache check, game restart, PC restart, restart The Following test (to do the get the Buggy quest at the beginning), new Save Game test: destroy and repair engine (no bug, indicating it is stuck to the save game file). Race Challenge test: Quit game while challenge is in progress Note: This is NOT an audio glitch. I repeat, THIS IS NOT AN AUDIO GLITCH! The buggy "thinks" it's engine is broken. The UI "knows" it isn't. The warning light and the beeping both think the engine IS broken when it actually isn't. PLEASE FIX THIS ANNOYING BEEPING!
  6. Hello. I have encountered a broken quest. quest: Sidequest 'Goodnight Mr Bahir' system: Playstation 4, Dying Light Enhanced Edition, day one patch installed network: offline play, solo what happened: The quest asks me to go to the drugstore and kill the bandits. After going there and talking to the npc the fight breaks out. I kill a few of the bandits, but I died in the process. I respawn, walk back, and all bandits are gone. There are still three white arrows stationary on the minimap at the drugstore indicating the npc's but they are not there. (possibly invisible or glitched underground or something?) The quest still states that I have to 'kill all the bandits' but there is noone at the drugstore. The questmarker still points at the three white arrows if I leave the area and return. Switching quests did not help Leaving the region did not help Dying and reloading the game did not help Still three stationary white arrows at the drugstore pointing at nothing and the quest progression is blocked.
  7. HighlandElm37


    Im sitting here sighing on my bed, they were MINIMAL BUFFS!!! (Before i go on a rage) im glad they nerfed one of two things that needed downgrading, the one that didnt get nerfed being the survivor sense spam, but still now at least its manageable to get around the uv lights. Now for my rage... NO! WHY? BECAUSE THESE BUFFS ARE RIGHT NEXT TO POINTLESS!!! Now, the uv resistance is, meh. But when you have 4 players constantly rushing and uv spamming, it really is useless. They just... Ew, its ugly. The spam is REAL! Also, what in the flying f**k do i need explosion resistance for? If you were a good player you wouldnt get hit by exploding arrows (they are much more easy to dodge than you think) and you would BE AWARE OF THE F**KIN BARRELS LOCATION AND BLAST RADIUS!!! Last thing, the flare drop cost. Most of the time, im up against good players in 1-2v1 who only use flares if they are cornered and trapped, they are till hard as an erection to defeat. As for spammers, easy solution from before this "balance patch": ask one of your friends to let you kill them repeatedly for infinite NH xp so you can mutate and kick chupacabra with the many more spits that can get past flares. Do you agree with me? If so or not, reply (also check out my topic 5 reasons how BTZ imbalanced and how it can be fixed).
  8. Anonymous420_1

    My "broken" Game Issues Ps4

    All fence traps have dissapeared from my game entirely. Im on ng+ and have maxed out all my levels. My fence traps and car bombs have dissapeared from the game. Also rendering the trophy requiring you to kill enemies with the fence trap Impossible to unlock. I made a new game, an afted you activate the car bombs fof the first time. When you complete the mission it al reverts and goes back to not working.. ie; fence traps and car bombs dissapeared As well as trespassing and its all I the writing are also broken trophys on my copy as I have even completdd the free Dlc quarantine zones along with the originals. With still no trophy progression I have completed all challenges and all side quests got 100% completion and still no trophy And to top it off The Last of Us easter egg is broke, the clicker when killed will not drop or let you loot the "Clicker blueprint" he only drops a pack of ciggs and $34. Or the clicker spawns as a normal zombie. Or the clicker spawns nothing at all have read many posts on the issues ive been having here and have voted on the poll. Now here is my mess.
  9. Is anyone having the same issue as me? I bought the Dying Light Ultimate Edition on my Xbox One and I can't access the Buzz Killer Weapon Pack, Night Club Weapon Pack, Ninja Outfit, Special Agent Outfit and the Urban Explorer Outfit. it says bundle only. I have purchased the bundle obviously. So how do I get these weapons and outfits?
  10. Toygar has been having mental issues in my game. I have several side quest missions completed and ready to turn into him but he doesn't have an option to talk to anymore. I'm not sure why. It wasn't my positioning I jumped all around him to see if there was a special spot to get a dialog option with him but nope. In any case I have made it to the second area of the game so i'm not sure if that's what caused him to stop rewarding my finished side quests or what. For now I'll see if I can hop onto a friends world and do some of these missions but it would be nice to get a patch for this guy. Something that resets him when you enter the building so that he can't get stuck in a non responsive state or something. That's all I really care about as I'd like to turn these bounties in but until I get a patch for him I dunno how much productivity I can pull out of my magic hat in the meantime. On the side here are a few other known issues with the game: Zombies freezing in mid air after one or more of their ligaments have been cut off. Grappling hook takes you to places where you are unable to grab the ledge and end up falling to your death frequently. Wall run ability doesn't work very often, often times won't activate at all even on surfaces in which it looks like it shouldn't have any problems on. Projectiles from enemy's (throwing stars, spitter acid, etc.) will quite literally go through doors and walls and still hurt the player. Molotov Cocktails thrown from other online players rapidly kills the user if caught in the crossfire (especially annoying when dealing with trolls whom purposely kill you with them repetitively) Some survivors won't reward you for saving their chupacabra. Some survivors get attacked by invisible zombies. Rias's men dodge all of your swinging attacks even when you have them trapped in a corner and there is no possible way for them to jump out of the way of your blow. New Jefferson Town after blowing up sill has the glow of the UV lights at night yet the lights aren't on and it doesn't count as a safe zone nor does it repel the special nighttime zombies. The game also has trouble joining other peoples games when they are in combat and or in a cut scene. (rather than making the joining player get kicked back out to the main menu why not just have a waiting list for getting into a game in which the host is in combat or watching a cut scene). That's about all I can think of at the moment.
  11. I've dumped 31 hours into this title since I brought it home for my better half and I on launch night, and we've loved it since, finally a game that got down the open world, finally a game that understood coop exploration and progression, a rewarding loot and skill tree system. Today we were putting in some gametime before we had to leave the house, and we went and slept to turn night to day, and she pushed the power button on her Xbox one, it kicked me out of her room and back in to my game, only it wasn't loading slums where we were, it loaded old town, and it loaded old town with my 31hr 24/20/24 character only now I am 24 survival, 1 agility and 1 power. To add to the moment my guy is perpetually stuck in blurred vision as if just being spat on. So, standing here at 31 hours in and realizing my entire game has just been wiped out which I find pretty infuriating. I do want to say I loved what I got to play of your game. Sadly I'll never see the end of it because somehow a glaring, absolutely game breaking glitch made it into the final product. I realize you cannot edit my saved game which is now ruined because somewhere along the road your game is broken. I would simply like to know what you're going to do about it, I'd like my 31 hours back.
  12. scottmaverick

    Siblings Quest Bug

    I cannot complete the quest "Siblings" because the game will not allow me to place the bomb. I go to the location the quest shows and I can see the outline for the bomb to be placed, but I am never given and option to place it. The usual button for object interaction does not show up. I am at 33% game completion and 25% story completion. I have tried restarting the quest and starting over from the previous quest, but neither fixes the issue. I am playing on Xbox 1.
  13. Dear, Techland. You've made an excellent game, and it works amazingly well, for the most part! I'm just struggling to see why I should have to restart the game completely just to grab two trophies I've earned. Just let us know if a fix is coming, please.