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Found 12 results

  1. Ma ktoś problem z przejściem bozaka na new gamę plus? Próbuje zrobić Go jeszcze raz, bo po patchu nie mam schematu na łuk i wybuchowe strzały. Ktoś ma podobny problem?
  2. kakurenboxo

    Ps4 Can't Beat Bozak

    Hello, as the title leads I am absolutely awful at anything put on a timer. Is there anyone out there kind enough to craft me a Bozak Bow? I realize there is a bow in the following however I know it is a lot weaker. I have been trying for quite some time and just can't do it. I would greatly appreciate someone crafting me a bow! PSN name is same as forum kakurenboxo
  3. Sayoru

    Xbox One Need Help

    Can any experienced players help me with bozak horde please
  4. My PSN is the same as my forums user. Feel free to add me and be sure to have a message saying something about the Bozaks Trials! I have been through the trials numerous times and have plenty of experience helping those that were in need of completing the trials to acquire the amazing (AMAZING) Bozaks bow. I am willing to work with you and give the support needed to overcome the trials. I know all the little tricks and placements of objectives to complete all trials in under the time needed to acquire the explosive arrows as well. Once again feel free to add me as my PSN is as above. All I ask is for you to Mic up because it will go A LOT smoother with communication. See ya in game!
  5. So I am playing on HARD+ I know it takes more damage to kill enemies, especially the demolishers (Which seem unkillable unless you use conducting or flammable liquid in combination with a fire or electricity upgrade,) but for some reason, an arrow, that goes straight trough a skull, doesn't kill some enemies instantly, while those enemies would die instantly if it was a bullet instead of an arrow. The health some zombies, and especially Rias men have, makes a bow so useless! You need about 25 headshots with arrows to kill them, it looks really stupid after finally killing one enemy with so many arrows! They end op looking like porcupines... So if you, the developers could maybe take another look on the damage model, for the bow especially, that would be nice.
  6. Rick Grimes

    Together Till The End

    I've completed the Together Till the End achievement 4 times now. Still it does not reward me with the mask nor does give me the achievement. I've read this is very bugged for some people. Anyone know how to fix this? Bozak is a such a grind to not get the achievement over and over.
  7. my console is PS4. already installed the Bozak DLC. in old city tower, i can see the Bozak post, but can not touch (not active ) or get in the DLC game what should i do ? thank u very much !
  8. How can I equip arrows for Bozak's bow? I've seen it in some youtube videos but they were all on console played with gamepad and I'm playing with keyboard. PLS HELP...
  9. So I've done the Bozak mission by myself a few times, and the highest I've gonen to is level 14, and I really want the Bozak Bow ..So I'm wondering if I can do it on multiplayer, and still get it?
  10. Wondering if there is any info about this..... Currently completed Bozak Horde in 25:37 Solo. Upon completion there is a line of text stating, (Ultimate Trial bonus --:--)...... How do you acquire this bonus ? Does this remove Time from your overall score ? If so, how much ? Thanks for your replies "Ganjr" -XboxOne-
  11. mcbride19

    Bozak Horde Demolisher

    In many forums a lot of players think that the final demolisher, in the bozak horde, is too strong. I've tried many times with many diffrent methods, but haven't been able to beat it, also in coop mode with a friend. So when are you going make an update that will made the final demolisher(s) more easy to beat ???
  12. Jelyy

    Bozak Horde Request

    Techland, I want to start by saying that this is the best game I've played in a long time. Zombies, parkour, and melee weapons all appeal to me and this game is perfect. Now, in regards to the Bozak Horde, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it so we can start at any trial that we've beaten. If you can't do that, then make a feature where you can add 3 more chances but only if it adds 10 minutes on to your overall time. There has to be some way we can play through this DLC without it counting for the leaderboard. I hate how every time I want to play this DLC I have no chance to just progress through every trial, just 3 chances to pass everything. I want to have fun and explore with this DLC, not just running from Bozak's bullshit.