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Found 12 results

  1. Barack-obamin-dat-azz

    Recruitment for Bozak Horde

    Hey, I need some help completing the Bozak Horde on ps4. My gamer tag is MrMaddest-Hatter. Prefer someone with a microphone. If you can help me beat it in under 31 minutes tho, no microhone is fine. Thanks!
  2. JeffroSuperfly

    Ps4 - Bozak And General

    Looking for someone willing to play and help out with Bozak and/or eventual game completion. The catch being I have cerebral palsy and am using the game to improve my dexterity, so ideally/and most probable you'll be better than me at the game and patient enough not to let it bother you. I do have another friend I play with who is much better than I am and more than willing to help, but we need a third player so that he has a little more help. My PSN is the name as my user name: jeffrosuperfly. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.
  3. Hey guys, here I have challenge I set out for myself to attempt bozak horde at a bare minimum level, this is recorded directly after prologue only 3 skill points used dodge, stun and melee throw and can say it's definitely not as hard as it makes itself out out to be. EDIT- had a theory that you become underpowered when levelling up and that it affected bozak horde or so it seemed to me, completing it before on ng+ and later at standard level 8 found it alot easier, had to be the lower level dealing more damage I thought, but I see that ng+ affects you in bozak with the demolisher where he seems like his health is amped not your level, testing later a standard level 25 not ng+ to confirm and he was not amped in health. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. I own the Dying Light base game and the Bozak Horde DLC. My question is, is it still worth buying the season pass? I will definitely be buying the following DLC when it is released, but if there are more DLC's to be released which will be included in the season pass, then I will buy the season pass rather than the DLC separately?
  5. need help with bozak horde on xbox one please gamertag is NinjahhXD thank you!
  6. Alleywaygames on YouTube have been working hard at their complete game play through on the hardest difficulty while also being on new game plus. check out the adventure yourself. we will be posting much more on the game seeing how much fun it is. please remember to like and subscribe for more cool games and great laughable moments. we love you guys and as always stay out of jail!
  7. Hello, Recently I have completed the Bozak Horde DLC I have however not been able to get the blue Bozak Pet Outfit or the blue Bozak Mask Outfit. I have the lime green Bozak Pet and the lime green Bozak Mask Outfit (which is all i have seen in-game). But in the trailer and the message from the developers there is a blue Bozak Mask Outfit and Blue Bozak Pet Outfit Is it possible to actually possible to get these or were the cut from Development? If you can get them how would one get these? Sorry for this being a really long post
  8. Tokyo Dragon

    Plz Help

    I need help with Bozak Horde... Also looking for trading and people to do missions with... My PSN is Tokyodragon67976
  9. Hi, I recently got back into Dying Light and I need some help with the Bozak Horde, I can't find anyone in the matchmaking section ingame. I would be very grateful if someone could help me run through it. My gamertag is Jedediaah. Thank you in advance!
  10. tvdaXD

    Better Bozak Bow

    The Bozak Horde bow is awesome, I got it and it's just amazing to shoot it! But unfortunately it is really bad, I play on Hard Mode+ and in Hard Mode and Hard Mode+ it just doesn't perform like it should. I don't know how it is in Normal, but I have to shoot so many arrows in heads to kill! Shouldn't a arrow that goes trough your head kill you instantly? It's a pretty useless weapon now. So I request the developers to look at it's damage, so it is a little bit better at harder game modes, and also make it a 1 hit kill when I make a headshot.
  11. How can I equip arrows for Bozak's bow? I've seen it in some youtube videos but they were all on console played with gamepad and I'm playing with keyboard. PLS HELP...
  12. Wondering if there is any info about this..... Currently completed Bozak Horde in 25:37 Solo. Upon completion there is a line of text stating, (Ultimate Trial bonus --:--)...... How do you acquire this bonus ? Does this remove Time from your overall score ? If so, how much ? Thanks for your replies "Ganjr" -XboxOne-