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Found 8 results

  1. kakurenboxo

    Ps4 Can't Beat Bozak

    Hello, as the title leads I am absolutely awful at anything put on a timer. Is there anyone out there kind enough to craft me a Bozak Bow? I realize there is a bow in the following however I know it is a lot weaker. I have been trying for quite some time and just can't do it. I would greatly appreciate someone crafting me a bow! PSN name is same as forum kakurenboxo
  2. Has anyone else lost their bow blueprint that they fought so hard to retrieve after completing that maddening; Boak Horde? I don't know about anyone else, but it took me FOREVER, and I mean, FREAKING FOREVER to complete that DLC and as much as I enjoyed playing it, (when I wasn't almost destroying things in frustration) I don't feel like doing it again to gain something I already fought so hard to achieve. I recently traded my xbox one console, for the elite model and once the game was reinstalled, and updated and all of DLC reinstalled, my bozak bow blue print was gone. Needless to say, that made me very frustrated. Almost to the point that I don't even want to game anymore because I'm tired of things not working the way they are supposed to. I am a very understanding individual. I understand that things go wrong once and a while. But what I want to know is this: is there anything you guys are willing to do to help people like me out? Thank you
  3. FEATURE REQUEST!! (Bow / Crossbow) [impalement Mechanics] I wanted to say that I've truly enjoyed this game SO. MUCH. since it came out, and I wanted to thank you for taking your jobs seriously unlike a few Game Companies out there.. It's really nice to have some Decent Devs these days. Free Enhanced Edition and all? ♥♥♥♥ Yes, I'll take that, and you really see the difference between normal and enhanced! Atleast I know I did So here's the thing, it's about the Bow & Crossbow. You see, The Bow & Crossbow were pretty hard to get but in the end.. somewhat didn't feel like it was worth getting. It's lacking something... It's lacking.. Impalement Mechanics. There are SO. MANY. POSSIBILITIES when there are Impalement Mechanics. Funny Glitches (Don't Fix Those, lmao) and everything, it's just so much fun, but with these kinds of weapons, Impalement Mechanics are pretty much the only thing that REALLY makes it worth using. I wish more games had Impalement Mechanics.. but those games don't listen to their community. I don't know how many times I will have to ask you, but I know one thing, I Won't Stop Until This Happens!! I don't want to be a bummer for you guys but you know, you're amongst the few most Decent Devs out there and it's a really nice thing to have around these days. Please grant my request!! (Sorry Bad English) =SOMEONE MAKE A DAMN HARPOON GUN - WE ALL KNOW THIS HAS TO HAPPEN= - A Fan Whoever wants to see Impalement Mechanics on the Bow & Crossbow, help make sure this Post reaches the devs!! Thank you all <3
  4. Good day, love the game, have been playing for quite some time. But there are two (3?) issues I would like to address. 1)I've recently unlocked Bozak Bow and have experienced such parts in the game where no arrows are left stuck in enemies at all. I was doing the escort salesman quest and all of the arrows that hit the zombies just vanished. They disappear throughout the entire game on regular basis, just not THAT often. 2) The entirety of my firearms ammo disappeared after going to Bozak. And it's not the firs time it's doing it. The same happened before I started doing Bozak too. I've been doing some challenges, yes. So ammo for that weapon type could have been wasted, But pistol ammo disappears too. Really annoying. 3) On PC arrow inventory doesn't always come up when you hold R. Same goes for quick arrow change. It's really inconsistent. Also how the heck are we supposed to get electric arrows from Bozak? I get one regular arrow pack spawn per 10 runs. Sorry if this is a double, I searched "arrows" first.
  5. So I am playing on HARD+ I know it takes more damage to kill enemies, especially the demolishers (Which seem unkillable unless you use conducting or flammable liquid in combination with a fire or electricity upgrade,) but for some reason, an arrow, that goes straight trough a skull, doesn't kill some enemies instantly, while those enemies would die instantly if it was a bullet instead of an arrow. The health some zombies, and especially Rias men have, makes a bow so useless! You need about 25 headshots with arrows to kill them, it looks really stupid after finally killing one enemy with so many arrows! They end op looking like porcupines... So if you, the developers could maybe take another look on the damage model, for the bow especially, that would be nice.
  6. tvdaXD

    Better Bozak Bow

    The Bozak Horde bow is awesome, I got it and it's just amazing to shoot it! But unfortunately it is really bad, I play on Hard Mode+ and in Hard Mode and Hard Mode+ it just doesn't perform like it should. I don't know how it is in Normal, but I have to shoot so many arrows in heads to kill! Shouldn't a arrow that goes trough your head kill you instantly? It's a pretty useless weapon now. So I request the developers to look at it's damage, so it is a little bit better at harder game modes, and also make it a 1 hit kill when I make a headshot.
  7. How can I equip arrows for Bozak's bow? I've seen it in some youtube videos but they were all on console played with gamepad and I'm playing with keyboard. PLS HELP...
  8. Hey I'm looking for the Bozaks bow, haven't been able to get past 14 trials in the Horde missions, if you have and want to trade I have a few gold tier Fantasy weapons, my psn is walkbyfaith76