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Found 93 results

  1. Clemouton

    MAKE IT EQUAL!!!!!!

    Why the zombie need to be the chupacabra of the survivors all the time
  2. Hi everyone, I've finally decided to come here to explain the current state of Dying Light. More specificially: BTZ (Be The Zombie). And how it can be saved. As most of you already know/should have noticed: Dying Light has no active developement. They are focusing on Bad Blood and Dying Light 2. We, as a small BTZ Community, all play this game or had played for all the same enjoyment of BTZ. With no active developement nor developers this is hard to maintain playerbase. But that's why i've come here today. To tell everyone that i want to help this game more "competitive". Over the past 3/4 months i have been reworking and updating the game with all kinds of players (Omni, LucasK, Noviex, Nubling, Hank J. Wimbleton, CartierC, the list goes on) to make the game into a better place. To make our community bigger; but also bring back enjoyment for everyone. Furthermore, features that people asked for a long time ago is also what i brought in. I know what i'm doing right now is late in the developement cycle. But still, i believe that we can make it together: i just need help if the developers actually approve this. I'll write some features that people will expect: - Weapon Variety: Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns have all been reworked so that they also can be of use. I miss having variety in terms of weapon equipement in such a expanded game of weapons. I want players to choose their own playstyle, which is what i'm creating. - Equipment Variety: As sais above, this should count for equipement items aswell. Things like speed boosters, resistance boosters and stamina boosters are usefull now. - Autobalance: Removed. This is something that people wished to be removed, simply because the system handicaps survivors and hunters for playing at a bad hand. - Camera changes: Removed. For the looks, getting kills with the zoom in and slow motion and all looks really cool, but in a BTZ enviroment this doesn't take place. So i removed them. - Magnets: Also a long time suggestion from people: I personally was also against this feature, so i don't see a reason why not. Having magnets for fall dampening is out of place for a fast-paced game. - Sense Spit: I completely reworked this spit. A lot of people in the community asked for this. Sense Spit was a cool concept: but it isn't really affective. Spits should be something to watch out for: this spit was not the case. Thus, the rework. - Melee Variety: Heavy weapons, Knives, Heavy One Handed Weapons and one handed weapons are all adjusted. Heavy Weapons get a damage reduction, as well as the one handed's. But the knives and heavy one-handed weapons get a buff. Every weapon has a different meaning this way. So, there's a lot more i could list up, but that's not what i came to say only. Would each and all of you would like to see a upcoming update like this? Do you want to see a new meta in Dying Light? Do you want Dying Light to be updated? Do you want to enjoy BTZ again in a different experience? I'm leaving the chance to all of you in the comments. I contacted a lot of developers already about this concept: but i am a sole person suggesting this: so i need the help, support and votes for people that want this to become true. More voices is better than one. So let me know what you people think. @James Gallagher @Pete Donnelly this is a chance for you developers to take. But i've taken each day the time to make this game into a better place. I sincerely hope that this will happen, but once again i need help from all of you people. Best Regards, - Fear.
  3. Pete Donnelly

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Hey Everyone! We are working hard to get BTZ completed for "The Following" release and are diligently squashing any bugs we may find. The problem is, we may not always catch them all and that's where we could use your help! This post here is where I'd like everyone to write about any bugs, glitches or exploits they may have come across while playing BTZ. Let us know about them now so we can do our best to kill 'em off in time for The Following! Here a list of some things that I can already to you are fixed/tuned for BTZ in general when 'The Following' releases. 1. Fixed an issue with the Shield negating stuck spits. 2. Bullet damage to Nests reduced 3. 2 Handed Heavy damage to Nests reduced 4. Tackle Damage to Nests reduced 5. Hunters "UV Heal" skill is much quicker (I really like this allows for some new tricks) 6. Survivors flare cooldown cost is only applied if the flare was successfully thrown 7. Grappling hook cooldown cost increased 8. Fixed Grappling hook 1hit zombie defenders 9. Timeout loss for AFK 10.Timeout loss for Non-interaction (Survivors don't attack nests or interact with Hunter) 11. Survivors have 0% chance of winning Invasion rewards until at least 1 nest is destroyed 12. Outside damage mitigated while in PVP grab states (tackle, dropkick, pounce etc.) 13. DFA commitment. Survivors cannot quick roll out of a DFA attempt. 14. Fixed an issue with the Hunters 'cancel grounpound' input not being read if initiated early. 15. Fixed Hunter being blocked by Survival packages 16. Fixed Hunter Groundpound input not registering 17. Fixed Hunter UV block timer pausing while in PVP grab states. (would allow the Hunter to have the UV Block skill active longer than intended) 18. Fixed an issue with Shield NOT blocking a spit when it should (was checking angle to other player instead of angle to the spit itself) 19. Fixed an issue where Survivors could use the 'forward roll' skill to negate fall damage from a Tackle 20. AOE knockdown on successful tackle (Hunter) 21. Reduced wall hit stun for Survivors after being hit from a Groundpound 22. Fixed Hunter not receiving the win bonus XP for Humans cowering in fear Lot's more has been tweaked as well! Feel free to PM me if you want to let me know of some exploit but don't want to post it for everyone to see! (Please don't post "-So and so- is a Hacker!!!! PLZ bring Banhammer!!!" We are just looking for bugs in this post. Thanks!!!!) (edited to show additional fixes)
  4. so i was playing with my friend, until a hunter joined. We didnt care because we liked being invaded. the first thing this guy tells us is if we didnt give him out flares he would keep killing us. we didnt care as we thought it was a bluff but he was for real :/. the video is too big to put in here
  5. Pete Donnelly

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Gonna start fresh! Post your BTZ matches here!!! Or, if you're a Survivor, post your Invasion matches here!
  6. Clemouton


    Help me!!! XD I have 6h on the mode with the Night Hunter and the Humans have SOOOO MUCH advantage because i don t have any skill....the Night Hunter is so squishy in like 2 hit it died and the UV interrupt during the animation is just too OP you can't grind EXP win with efficiency! I NEED ADVISE FOR BEING LESS chupacabra XD
  7. bartezo998

    problem z be the zombie

    witam mam kłopoz z be the zombie otwieram gre klikam GRAJ potem ZOSTAN ZOMBIE wybieram save czyli łazik 59 lvl i otwiera mi się gra tak jakbym chciał przechodzić fabułe. mam ten kłopot tez gdy chce dołączyć do znajomych jako łowca
  8. So I have had this problem ever since I have played as a zombie Everytime I do anything that envlolves spitting (spitting or spit smash) my night hunter would glitch and stop walking or hitting, and all I could do is use my tendril or pounce please help me, finding a person to invade is already hard enough.
  9. Hey everyone, Towards the end of last year we asked for your feedback on the general balance of Be the Zombie mode. We were hearing that you felt the Night Hunter was underpowered, but we wanted hear your specific points on what you'd like to see us change. Thanks for all of your input - based on what you told us we have made some changes to BtZ. These changes are now live: Drop Attack (AKA 'Death from Above') Height required increased Grab distance reduced UV Flashlight Distance reduced (in 2 vs. 1 to 4 vs. 1 matches) Cool down time increased Initial cost increased (so that flicking the flashlight on and off repeatedly drains it more quickly) Spits Explosion radius increased Explosion delay reduced Effect duration for Control The Horde and Light Disable increased Cool down times decreased (in 3 vs. 1 and 4 vs. 1 matches) Survivor Sense Night Hunter now appears on Survivors' mini-map(s) for less time Misc. Auto-balance reduced overall. We hope these changes make Btz even more enjoyable for everyone and, of course, please let us know what you think. James
  10. I have just paid+subscribed to ps+ for the 1st time while playing DL for almost a year. I'm maxed out though my legend still needs a dozen or 2 levels to max, I'll be online frequently so if anyone wants to join me(I need help with a few things that require more than one player) my gamertag is Alex FreeRunner:)
  11. Pete Donnelly

    Btz Fixes In The Next Patch

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know of some BTZ fixes that will be included in the next patch: 1. Fixed issue where bombers deal less damage than they should 2. Fixed issue of Hunter spawning in safe zone 3. Fixed issue of Hunter being able to spawn a buggy 4. Fixed issue of Bombers not spawning in certain areas 5. Fixed issue where Volatile spawn is locked in a train car 6. Fixed issue allowing Hunter to instantly pounce after a spit 7. Fixed issue allowing Hunter to instantly cancel out of the start of UV Heal state 8. Fixed issue allowing Nests to be killed in 1 shot 9. Fixed issue causing Hunter to sometimes move backwards in tendril locomotion 10. Reduced and fine tuned rubberbanding values across all settings from 1v1 to 4v1 Thanks to everyone who helped bring some of these to our attention quickly! Cheers!
  12. Soulborn141

    BTZ January 2018 update

    So after playing the game after the btz update for a couple weeks, i have a few things to say. -The DFA nerf was a necessary nerf, It never felt good to just jump off a bus and pull off a DFA, but reducing the grab distance needed for performing a DFA might have been going too far. Auto coursing (Automatically moving the player towards a soft landing such as a car) is still a thing and it is very frustrating to be robbed of a DFA because the game wants to throw you away from the hunter, rather then allowing you to sit on top of him and ready yourself for a DFA, and makes DFAs near impossible to pull off. -Spit buffs. Im not entirely sure about this one. I wouldn't have a problem with it if the telebomber glitch was patched. I think that should be #1 Priority at this point. The uv suppressor spit can easily be countered if your playing with a good teammate. Toxic spits need to be nerfed heavily. The amount of ground they cover and the amount of damage they do is absurd. 4v1 the hunter can have possibly over 5 toxic puddles around the players, making is very difficult to move around and fight the hunter because your battling against not stepping in it more then your fighting against the hunter, and the hunter coming and trying to tackle and slam you into the toxic doesn't help. Sense suppressor spits, lets be honest. These are not effective at all. Their easily countered by having good headphones/surround sound, or having good teammates with good communication. The weapon scaling nerf for 2v1s. This was needed, don't get me wrong. but its annoying and obnoxious to hit the hunter and constantly have him getting away with 3 hp. Simple counter to this is always carrying a gun on you, so not too bothered by this. The main problem with this is throwing your 2 handed weapon doesn't 1 hit anymore, and unless the hunter misses a gp, your almost never gonna land a 2 handed throw. my main way for punishing the hunter for missing a gp was tackle then throw a 1 handed, which usually killed him, but now it leaves him with what im guessing is 3-6 hp left, which is very annoying. This nerf was needed, and allows for 2 people to actually work together, and not have 1 carry the other to victory. The uv light nerf was completely unnecessary to be honest. flickering the uv light never really hurt the hunter that much anyways. nerfing it for 3v1 and 4v1 is understandable, but in 1v1 and 2v1 situations, you cant keep the hunter grounded long enough to be able to get a kill on him. Its not worth the effort to try and get the hunter to 0 energy anymore, its only good to keep him from being able to pounce you. Additional things: The amount of virals and goons that spawn in on a nest is absurd. sometimes in 1v1s and 2v1s up to 4 goons will spawn on a single nest, and we can never catch a break from the virals around it either. This definitely needs to be changed. Auto coursing was mentioned before in the DFA nerf, but i honestly feel like this game mechanic needs to be removed from the game entirely. Even playing the pve side of the game its so annoying to deal with. There is also a bug in the game where during invasions, i cant walk through teammates. This needs to be patched because it makes big issues with teamwork.\ In conclusion, with this update, winning as the zombie isn't rewarding in any way and allows for noob hunters with little skill to take down a group of well experienced players with ease, and playing as the survivor honestly isn't fun anymore.
  13. Pete Donnelly

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    OK... It turns out I am not able to fix the "instant tackle" and "instant spit stick" without a full patch The good news is that there is a new tuner released that does make the following changes: NIGHTHUNTER Increased duration of Sense Suppress Spit Increased damage and duration of Toxic Spit Increased NightHunters energy regen speed while ducking Increased NightHunters knockback impulse from melee attack Reduced Elemental damage on NightHunter Reduced Arrow and Crossbow damage to NightHunter body (BODY:5 hits, HEAD:3 hits) HUMAN Increased Human respawn times in 3v1 and 4v1 Gift "Zaid Flares" on respawn in BTZ Changed Flare cost and cooldown (2 flares thrown within 10 secs will incur a 30 cooldown) Added cooldown to Molotovs Increased cooldown on Potions Reduced damage from charged melee attacks on nests Reduced elemental damage on Nests Added 3 second cooldown to nightsense pulse GENERAL Reduced damage while in PVP paired anim states (NightHunter and Human) After you've had a chance to check it out, let us know your thoughts on the new tuning in the comments below!
  14. beginner3

    Cheater in Dying Light

    This guy was just spamming uv and toxic spits all of the time. He sucks at this mode, and the sad thing is, he climed to the widow maker rank by doing this...
  15. Hunter Removed "Insta-tackle" (Hunter turning after a failed tackle or pounce to start another tackle immediately) Reduced time in recovery state for UV Heal Survivor Fix for "Autocrossbow" mod Separate flare usage costs and cooldowns for 1v1-4v1
  16. Hello everyone I recently thought of a rather interesting idea that deviates from the instant tackle debate or the ground pound spit concerns. This idea concerns the reward system after you win an invasion match as a human. I would like to hear what people think about this idea, so please, give your honest opinion if you would like to. The current reward system seems rather outdated/useless for most veteran players. Winning gold weapons after a match really isn't all that useful anymore due to most players having a huge player stash of weapons from invasion matches. For me personally and for the majority of players that I play with, all of them toss their won weapons immedietally after a match or just end up selling them. Typically, most veteran players have one or two weapons that they will use every single match because they personally prefer using that weapon during invasions rendering all other weapons they have in their stash/inventory pretty much useless. I feel as if the reward system needs to change so that winning an invasion match feels well... more rewarding. Since duping has been patched (thank you guys for patching it seriously) everyone must craft their own materials or get them from other people. In order to make this easier and for the game to feel more rewarding, instead of winning gold weapons from a match, why not a bunch of medkits/flares/equipment? I feel like this would match the upkeep for using these items during an invasion match. Or perhaps you could win a mix of weapons and equipment For example, the higher rank the hunter, the more items you would win. I haven't thought of the exact numbers though. However, I understand some of you might feel differently about this. It doesn't have to be exactly like how I said it, I just wanted to get the general idea out there, let me know what you guys think about this as I feel this would only benefit the invasion mode in this game.
  17. Hi guys, as you can see i am facing 4 players and i get the same damage like in 1v1 mode, imagine 4 guys with double or triple crossbow setups..... ABSOLUTELY NO BALANCE, this game is a bad joke, I noticed that since the 2017-02-22 hunter gets the same damage in all modes like in 1v1. Sth has been changed and there was no official information from techland about this. I would really recommend to not play this game techland fix this bug. Players who are still playing the game regardless of those horrible bugs are big part of the problem. Where is the challenge for humans, they dont even have to think while playing, they are lighting you with uv and shooting with crossbows... no stratedy at all. Serious players dont play 3,4 v1 mode now, there are only kids left who think they can win because they are so good xd.Btw, I wonder why players are not posting numerous posts on techland forum regarding be the zombie issues, do they want to waste their time on unfinished, unbalanced mode instead of drop the game until it will be fixed ? I also noticed that there is no answer from techland regarding numerous bugs to this day, just some really stupid, evasive answers. Ii think it tells us somethig realy nasty about Techland. They dont give a damn about us players who gave our money to them and I dont think they deserve our money and our trust.
  18. Sorry for making another thread, but thread with bugs and exploits turned into sth really bad, what barely resembles serious thread, just too much stupid people arguing about different things. I am going toward the core problems with gameplay. #1 one of the most unfair glitches used by "pro" hunters. As you can see i died after being tackled in water even after cancelling pounce with uv light. Landing into water saves you from dead, but when combiend with pounce makes a deadly glitchy combo which kills human faster than intended. #2 and #3 In this video we have 2 sequences. In first you can see a move which allows you to rain death from above on hunter in places where it shouldn't be allowed, for example on a roofs where there is no walls or poles to use a ghook. To recreate it, you have to press JUMP, just after JUMP you have to use grappling hook on an enemy to execute an extremely weird rocket like jump. Second cut shows a known exploit called "repair-slice" which allows human to kill a hunter in a split of a second, quicker than intended. To recreate it you have to hold repair just after swinging with partially broken sword and press attack again as soon as you see repair animation. $4 Cherry on the top. Surely the most ridiculous exploit found in game while playing human side. Fire damage from molotov is ok, explosive damage is also ok, but combined are killing nests entirely. When there are 2,3,4 players hunter has literally no options to win. My proposition to fix this issue is simple, remove the additional damage from the equation. Leave just fire and explosive. The most fair way to kill nests was using weapons with fire and electricity, human had to do a 60 % of damage with swinging, additional effects were taking the rest.
  19. Tochotto

    New Night Hunter's Ranks

    This may contain some spoilers (if you don't want to know all ranks) @Full Edit Hello! I found all new ranks in game files (aslo new Survivors ranks) Here is the list (its "OLD" -> "NEW") -Night Hunter- 1. "Walker" -> "Ravenous Walker" 2. "Runner" -> "Viscous Runner" 3. "Biter" -> "Brutal Biter" 4. "Bolter" -> "Brutal Bolter" 5. "Stalker" -> "Ferocious Stalker" 6. "Beast" -> "Volatile Beast" 7. "Mauler" -> "Merciless Mauler" 8. "Juggernaut" -> "Murderous Juggernaut" 9. "Widow Maker" -> "Savage Widow Maker" 10. "Carnivore" -> "Barbaric Carnivore" 11. "Hunter" -> "Visceral Hunter" 12. "Apex Predator" -> "Indisputable Apex Predator" -Survivor (ranks with losed community event)- 1. "Prey" -> "Mutilated Prey" 2. "Casualty" -> "Mutilated Casualty" 3. "Endangered" -> "Endangered Snack" 4. "Underdog" -> "Crippled Underdog" 5. "Runner" -> "Crippled Runnger" 6. "Contender" -> "Mangled Contender" 7. "Challenger" -> "Mangled Challenger" 8. "Fighter" -> "Maimed Fighter" 9. "Dominant" -> "Dominant Food" 10. "Ruthless" -> "Ruthless Food" 11. "Indomitable" -> "Indomitable Food" 12. "Ultimate Survivor" -> "Hunted Ultimate Survivor" -Other ranks from Zombiefest video- "Hunted Hunter" "Ruthless Killer" "Crippled Carnivore" "Superior Challenger" Thanks for help @nickmad92
  20. I'm starting to see a pattern in almost all my games as an NH...(I've been playing on the xbox one since day 1 and I know pretty much everything about BTZ mode thanks to Dr purrington's videos, this forum and my personal training, I actually give some tips to new players who just started the game.) Some of my online friends who play has an NH are living this regulary Step 1: Since there is no option to choose my game like on PS4 and PC, I have to wait an average 3-5 minutes to even try to join a game (1 time out of 3 either they abort immediatly or the joining fails). How in the world did the devs not implement actual matchmaking on the Xbox one version?! Step 2: I eventually invade a game and I start 2 km away from the survivors, but since they are very strong and can hold their own in the game, they are often already separated and I sometime spawned extremly close to 1 or 2 survivor, getting attacked/UVed in a matter of 20-40 seconds in, or worse, in a few instances a nest actually spawned near one of them. Step 3: Since I can't choose my game I end up against 2-4 endgame players who most likely, duped so they got legend rank maxed in record time. and abuse the few bugs that came with some updates. (Ex: new weapons that can OHK nests/NH, somehow sometime dodging tackle in mid-air etc...) Step 4: Since they can see me at all times and I'm actually the one being chased around the map, I use the only attack that has more range than their melee attacks: groundpound to give me space before dropping a spit at my feet and then Spider-man my way out of their reach. Most of the time, this tactic earns me a few sighs and the occasional complaint/insult over the mic/message for...reasons? Step 5: the games goes on and I get the occasional lucky kill because they got careless (Ex: a Horde spit that actually worked because the guy thought that he could outrun the Horde with his potions/somehow surviving an impact with an exploding zombie, a lucky pounce because the guy thought I was too scared to swing my way back to a roof I just left while he had his back turned etc...) Most of these kills rewards me with a text that says "bs" or something along those lines... Step 6: Usually by the end they still have 3-6 lives left and they are on my last nest. So I leave my principles aside and I use the GP more often (GP + Jump + Spit + GP... sometime a tackles if they are in falling off something because of a GP) to keep them occupied elsewhere than my nests. I know I CANNOT die now or I lose since 1 death=1 nest. Even when I kill a guy he come back 20 seconds later since humans respawn faster and far closer to nests than Night Hunters. Last step: 4 times out of 5 they manage to either kill me or chase me away with 2 persons while the rest destroy the nest. They obviously win (since I'm now too weak/far away/waiting an eternity to respawn...1 km away). But losing is not the thing that bothers me since I know my chances were slim to begin with. The thing that bothers me is that after most matches, not only do I discover that at least one of them had the "Avoid me" or "needs work" reputation, but I end up with 3-4 messages saying things like "ground pound spammer" "exploiting groundpound+tackle off the roof" or "reported you" etc... I don't answer because there is no point. Point is: either implement real matchmaking or improve the mode more because even if we lose the game, we also lose reputation for nothing and some Hunters can't play anymore because they got unjustifyably reported many times. Real matchmaking would enable us to play with people we know won't insult or report us, thus making new online friends, thus making BTZ more enjoyable. I know that it takes time and costs money to get people to work on the game/online functions and it may take a while. But I know there is less and less NH out there. As a human I'm getting almost no invasions because most hunters are bored and/or have a bad Rep because survivors reported them (and before you say this, I have a good Reputation online, it's not the reason people don't join). I love this game and this mode even though it's broken. I don't want this game mode to die because endgame players can't handle Hunters having to use the same attack often to have a chance to kill them...
  21. too late techland dosnt care, do you see them replying to anything about this? they messed up and now they are just waiting for us to forget about the zombie is geared towards cod losers BECAUSE 1. humans can see you through walls???!?! WTF? terrible and absolute bad call. the guy that thought he should implement survival sense in mp should dragged into the street and booted bloody. 2.take hunter out of the name. please do it now because many hunters want their prey to see them on the other side of the map. soooo dumb. do you have hunting in poland? pretty sure you lets ALSO give that prey the ability to A. drop kick you because even tho your strong enough to jump off building and ground pound, your dmg is useless.i could go on. B. UV lights dont do jack after so many feet unless you have alot of power....godammit techland read first for survival scav game dont you think a UV that powerfull should run out and need more batteries? oh wait i forgot theres a cord you cant see attached to his light! LOL.....make them have to find batteries for the UV light, jesus IT MUST BE NICE TO JUMP INTO A SURVIVAL GAME AT NIGHT AND ALL YOU NEED IS A WEAPON AND A SUPER UV LIGHT, THERE DONT BE WORRIED. SO now with an update you give us a mere survival nerf spit that probably has a cooldown as long as the lets brake this down.... the guy making this stuff dosnt read from reviews and gives us that predicted . "I DONT CARE WHAT THE FANS LIKE OR WANT, THIS IS OUR GAME YOU DONT DARE TELL US WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! WHO ARE YOU TO SUGGEST WAY BETTER THINGS!? THATS OFFENSIVE, HOW DARE YOU WE ARE TECHLAND...." This is what you need to do before you multiplayer gets a very bad reputation. -hard mode should have limited sense from both sides....this is hard mode not "OH I CANT SEE THE HUNTER/HUMAN OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY! MY ANXIETY AND SENSE OF SURPRISE AND ADVENTURE IS TOO MUCH" -PROJECTILE DAMAGE as someone has mentioned, something to pick at -UV BLOCK needs some sort of gave us a heal? thats it? are you completely serious? MAKE A BLIND FLASH FOR THE HUNTER blinding opponents -ONLY NIGHT TIME HUNTER? damn im getting tired of this weird night stuff. i understand that hes sensitive to light like a vampire but way weaker. super weak. HAVE you not made enough MONEY of your suckered fan base that you cant go back to WORK and create more content? yes PICK UP YOU OVERPRICED CELL and go back to work and give us a challange, give us a feel of want and excitement. becuase im getting tired of 10 year olds that shouldnt be playing this game to begin with a reason to support all these things." WAHHH WAHHH I CANT SEE A CAMO NIGHT BEAST FLING THROUGH THE AIR....." your not suppose to!!!!!!! unless your good. its night. you have eyes and ears, let alone 4 people..... use them. "WAHHH WAHHH I CANT SEE THEM COMMING IN PITCH BLACK 4 FOOTBALL FIELDS AWAY WAHHH..." enough said -HUMAN SIDESTEP - really you can sidestep your whole body length and more? not sure if the hunter can even sidestep...anyway that inhuman gross looking bad quality futuristic i got hoverpacks in my boots sidestep is too much. i realised u designed that just for the SOLE PURPOSE for the big guy that charges but you forgot how useless spit is at a low lvl. even as a human i can make it impossible for spit to hit me because.. A.theres barely zombies around to support the hunter, b humans are almost par agility wise and strength is a joke for hunters -DAY ZOMBIE... now this was expected at launch but hey every company is doing false ads why not techland? WE NEED a zombie type runner, THIS CHARACTER SHOULD - be able to climb,sneak,stalk, be silent,tackle,hold other players in place or have zombie minions that you can tell what to do, have them follow you, be able to duck into sewers and MOST OF ALL BLEND IN WITH OTHER ZOMBIES, imagine being able to get close in a horde because he dosnt know who or what your really are until he goes for the regular chop.... BUT STEALTH IS KEY, and stealth is best option for melee only chars> HOW DID THEY NOT UNDERSTAND THIS?!?! -ADD MORE ZOMBIES these guys run around at night with no fear of an actual horde....must be nice to just be able to run looking to the sky for hunters with no real fear for being grabbed or walking into a spike pit.ITS LIKE once the hunter joins the game zombies are non existent unless you use the spit. -ADD MORE ZOMBIE PLAYERS....LIKE 4v2 so to sum up this angry tiff.....get rid of the human sense in hard mode, or nerf it to 20ft, or a massive cooldown. create a day chaters with more zombie players can join like 2v2 or 4vs4. create chaos and fear for this side. because cod kids can show up here and ruin the immersive quality by drop kicking a monster zombie with no fear? if that were me and some brainless peon tried to do that id use tendrils to rip him like a wishbone. it feels like you let your kids design the difficulty of the game. so thats it for, ill be back to rant until this game is fixed if not ill be on a crusade to ruin this company with every game it releases and walks away from. its been almost a year, what are you guys doing?
  22. Okay, this is my first post on Techland forums, and I know there has been a quadrillion posts before me regarding the balance issue, but I think the problem hasn't been taken seriously at all. The human is still incredibly overpowered, because the skill ratio you need to win as the Night Hunter is 2:1. Yes, double the skill as humans just to win. Therefore I made an account in Techland forums, because I really enjoy this game and BTZ is also really awesome, but I just think everything would tense up for the humans and stuff would become more fun for everyone. I'm going to copy and paste my own thread from the Steam discussions, so if you've read it before, you will know where it came from. (start of post)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------(start of post) Balance "Be the Zombie" mode! There are so many balance issues with this mode, and I'll list each one of them. I've faced lots of scenarios and played lots of matches as the Night Hunter as well as the survivor. I'll explain the issues. Typical scenario: The survivor in the 1 v 1 knows everything of the game (extremely skilled) so knows how to counter every one of my moves. I do the random-locomotion tactic to tackle him, but he dodges that every single time, because all he simply has to do is press W + S / A / D and he can dodge every single move except the pounce, which he can counter simply by pressing the UV Light button. I try to groundpound him, which looks 99% safe to do, but he dodges it at the last moment and I get killed because the Night Hunter gets punished that hard for such a small failure. THREE SECOND ANIMATION FOR A SILLY ATTACK THAT ONLY TAKES LIKE 1/5TH OF A HUMAN'S LIFE??? SERIOUSLY??? Oh and what about 'accidentally' fighting a bunch of 12 year old survivors on the streets in a 3 v 1 where one manages to semi-teleport to a roof to jump off it without suffering any kind of fall damage so he can magically magnetically stick to my body where he will proceed to hit me in the head, a move called 'Rain Death From Above'? Wasn't I SUPPOSED to fight those peasants? Yes I could have gotten to a higher place, BUT FOR WHAT? To stand there and watch them destroy my nests? Since we are at the combat issues anyways, the hunter is supposed to be a STEALTH CHARACTER! What is this 'stealth character' able to do? Run / Tendril to a group of survivors so they can instantly turn their heads towards you, because they can spam their ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t survivor sense AT A STEALTH CHARACTER. Makes sense? If the hunter weren't a stealth character, he would have to be a 'power character' right? NOPE, WRONG! HA PRANK! He has SPITS which he HAS TO ACTUALLY STICK TO A HUMAN IN ORDER TO ACTUALLY WORK, BECAUSE 99.99% OF THE TIME THE PLAYER YOU ARE FACING IS ANY WACKO-IN-THE-HEAD AVERAGE PEASANT WHO KNOWS HOW TO PRESS W + S / A / D! In short, if you CAN'T STICK A SPIT, you've basically completely wasted it. Supposed solution? Spit slam. NOPE, nice prank again Techland! TWO SPITS WHICH WORKS EXACTLY IN THE WAY LIKE ONE, ONLY IN THE FORM OF A GROUNDPOUND, WHICH WILL RESULT IN YOUR DEATH ANYWAY IN EVERY MATCH AGAINST AVERAGE PEASANTS, BECAUSE THEY KNOW HOW 'DODGE' WORKS. AND IN A 1 V 1 IT WILL TAKE F-O-R-E-V-E-R TO CHARGE UP 2 SPITS, because you are absolutely obliged to use one in the meantime, because otherwise you will be standing on a roof watching your nests get destroyed. Dropkick! The unavoidable, magnetic kick which you WILL die from if you happen to be infront of a bunch of spikes! But YOUR boy called tackle? ALWAYS DODGEABLE, SAME DAMAGE AS THE DROPKICK! Ha, if this weren't enough, we move on to the UV lights! An insane 50-feet light which has a battery 5x as big as the hunter's stamina bar! To close the distance and kill your foe, you are once again OBLIGED to face the UV flashlight! You have a set-timer in which period you'd either have to kill your foe OR FLEE! Because once you're out of stamina, you are a defenseless hopping bunny with nothing but a groundpound and your set of chihuahua claws. Oh and when you've temporarily transformed into the hopping bunny, the survivor can just rain crossbow bolts on you, which is the only balanced weapon in the game, despite it's very high damage, because you'd have to actually be good at aiming to make it useful. Your only chance out of this scenario is by using your precious UV shield! Which is very precious indeed, because of it's incredible cooldown! And UV heal, YOU HAVE TO ESCAPE THE SCENE USING A UV SHIELD, TO BE ABLE TO USE YOUR SPARE UV SHIELD TO HEAL YOURSELF SO YOU GET BACK INTO THE FIGHT WITHOUT UV SHIELDS? And I haven't even talked about the insta-heal problem yet! In normal-mode, when you've finally managed to get a survivor to low health, all he has to do is press H to heal himself to full HP. So he basically pressed a reset button on your progress. Seriously, pressing H was ALL IT TOOK! Dear reader / techland developer I hope the imbalance is VERY CLEAR, and I only need 1 issue to be fixed and that is that the night hunter A.K.A. the STEALTH hunter, ACTUALLY HAS TO HAVE STEALTH FEATURES! In otherwords: add permanent camouflage, while the survivor sense should be able to create an arrow of the direction of the night hunter SO ACTUAL TEAMWORK / YOUR OWN SENSES ARE ACTUALLY USED! Since you can hear the night hunter from a mile away anyways: his breathing, heavy footsteps, tendril locomotion, etc etc etc. I'd be really thankful if this were to be added, as the rest of the issues don't matter that much to me compared to this major issue. If this were to be added, then I'm pretty sure the tense in the survivors would improve a whole lot and it would make the game actually fun instead of "A hunter joined? Alright let's do this boys.". It would change it into: "♥♥♥♥ GUYS A HUNTER JOINED! WHAT DO WE DO?". I certainly hope you agree. TL;DR: I only want permanent camouflage added AS AN ABSOLUTE MUST! while the survivor sense should point the direction of the Night Hunter, with a cooldown, and I, and the rest of the night hunters will be eternally grateful already, since the rest of the issues aren't mandatory and if every one of my issues gets fixed then the NH will become extremely overpowered. Thanks alot if you've read all the way through, I know I've been on a massive rant, but I hope you understand my serious frustration, and if you are another Night Hunter player like me and facing the same issues, please post something too and if you happen to be a Techland Developer, I'd be really really really thankful if this were to be fixed. (end of post) -------------------------------------------------------------------- (end of post) Before you tell me to get good, I've played countless hours of Dying Light and have played the game since a half year after it's launch. ********************************MUST READ NOTE**************************************** DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT EXPECT a friendly reaction if you disagree with me using arguments with NO logical and / or no experience basis. Expect some serious insults, because the last thing I want is that this issue is going to be taken like a joke. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! *********************************************************************************************** I've seen slight improvements in the BTZ balance, but it hasn't been nearly enough. Here is a link to the unbalance demonstration: So for the players' fun sake, please take this issue seriously!
  23. ColonelJayce

    Nh Is Far Too Weak Right Now

    I consider myself a good NH, and I've played quite a bit of both sides, it's obvious that the night hunter is at an tremendously extreme disadvantage. The NH defenses have very long cooldowns, using both spits will essentially leave you vulnerable and pathetic for around 90 seconds, this leaves more than enough time to clear a nest. However the humans have no real disadvantages when they use up a defensive ability. Out of UV? Throw a flare. NH trying to ground pound flare? Pull out the gun, take a step back, and blow him away while he tries to recover from his completely under powered and slow ground pound. Night hunter tries to tackle human? HAH! LOL!... LMAO JK. Who gets hit by tackles anyways? It takes a new level of bad to be hit by a NH tackle. Its sad to say that the human is actually faster than the NH on short distance sprints upon taking an extremely common speed potion. This makes it very difficult for a NH to escape a clutch situation, and leaves no room for error, since there is a cast time for tendril locomotion, ground pound, ect. Even with UV immunity. Speaking of which, why can't the NH use melee attacks? Sure sure you are thinking "But Jayce the NH does have melee attacks dur". Yeah? Really? Tell me how many times you have dealt more than 25 damage against a human in a head to head melee brawl. I mean sure the NH shouldn't be better than the human at everything, but at least let him hold his own! I mean really, a runner zombie deals more damage with his melee attacks than a NH. TLDR: My suggestion. Remove both hunter vision, and Zombie sense. OR Add a 15 minute timer to human players so that they cannot just camp a single area until the NH has been killed, and then move up. OR Make the NH more responsive (Faster cast times, better projectile speed, Faster movement, and less ability interruptions) OR My personal favorite. Remove the ability to counter the NH so aggressively. Take away the ability to dodge his tackle, increase NH health so that making a mistake doesn't mean certain death, and make it so that landing yellow spit on the player actually does something useful. I cannot tell you how many times I have done everything right, landed that yellow spit, and remained completely unable to get a kill because there are so many ways to exploit the NH abilities and counter him. Anyways, we all agree that the NH needs a lot of works/buffs. I'm surprised techland hasn't done anything about it yet.
  24. I've been playing this game since January 2015 and it always had a lot of bugs despite the several hot fixes that were released, yes you recently expanded the game with the new DLC, The Following, but are you planning to fix the vast majority of the bugs this game has? I play this game in PC and i regularly play invasion and this are some of the bugs that annoy me the most: 1.- Game crashes quite often to point i have got my save file corrupted. 2.- Game freezes constantly when playing in cooperative and invasion, in single player those screen freezes don't occur. 3.- If i get killed or pounced at least 1 time during invasion i have noticed many times my buggy gets all of it's parts reset with level 1 parts and the accessories i had like the "UV Safe zone" or the "Electric Cage" get removed too and i have to put them again, VERY ANNOYING! 4.- I can have the buggy with the gas tank full, i get invaded and even if i never used the buggy at all once the invasion ends, my buggy has magically somehow the tank empty. (Maybe a ghost took my buggy for a ride while i was busy fighting the hunter and destroying the nests until he emptied my gas tank, which is dumb because according to the game tips the fuel tank never gets empty during invasion). 5.- If an horde spit explodes on me or on a teammate even if i get at the very top of a tower somehow a hazmat gets magically spawned on me and i die, also i have got the same issue while buying some consumables on a safe zone or getting some stuff from my stash a hazmat magically spawns in that safe zone and i die. 6.- Also when playing as hunter i have also noticed there are some spots where the horde won't even appear, so being that said i think Techland should check their code for possible errors on the programming of the horde. 7.- This game has now some horrible fps rate drops, i can have the game running at some smooth 95-98 fps and when playing in cooperative i can see sometimes that rate dropping to 15 or 20 fps and then after a minute it goes back to 95-98 fps, now must of the people i've played with in this last week have told they are getting too those fps rate drops and random screen freezes (the game freezes sometimes for 5 seconds and other times about 10 seconds which is enough time to get killed or pounced). 8.- Another thing that has annoyed me is the way this game spawns players, i can join another game with invasion and either i got spawned really far (2 Km away) or either i got spawned too close to the point that sometimes i don't even get second to turn around and interrupt the pounce or not a chance to pull a flare. 9.- The game physics really need some fixes too, specially with the buggy which i have noticed several errors like: a.- Sometimes after recalling the buggy from a Safe zone i see the buggy glitched and it starts jumping up and down until it finally flips around. b.- Also once i had this issue where after jumping from a ramp with the buggy it glitched and i started floating in the air with the buggy and when i looked around i was already out of the map, i had to quit and load the game again. c.- Also the other day after testing the Car Alarm the zombies started hitting the buggy and suddenly the front wheels of the buggy started sinking on the ground and i had to use the option to respawn it,because trying to drive it forward or backwards was useless the buggy was stuck and maybe this one is not a big deal, but it show there is something weird going on with the game physics. 10.- Volatiles get spawned too in safe zones. 11.- Hunters can magically tackle through walls. And i'm almost sure there are several bugs more, so the question is, are you planning to fix all of this? Because it's really annoying and i don't want to be offensive, but do you even bother testing your game and your hot fixes or updates before releasing them? I have the feeling you don't, you just finish programming those updates and you immediately release them, it's like you had no Testers, like if you wanted to save that money and let your customers be the unlucky Beta Testers. And i hope you understand your game has some serious performance issues and several annoying bugs and if you don't believe me please check the discussion section for your game in Steam and check how many people are complaining about the several errors/bugs your game has: So are you planning to fix this game? or you will simply turn around and do nothing? This is one of the most bugged games of 2015-2016. Update: I captured some screenshots where i demonstrate that Hazmats do actually spawn in Safe Zones, here is the proof: And i also found some other users who have this issues too, something is really wrong with the programming of the Hazmats: And just like i commented a while ago, there is something really wrong with the physics of the game, the buggy can also sink on the ground, here is the proof: So Techland, do i need more screenshots to demonstrate your game has a lot of annoying bugs that impact the gameplay? And i believe you should pin this thread and start addressing this issues, let me remind you that this bugs are REAL, they exist and this bugs are not a myth, you have to patch them as soon as possible.
  25. ToxicTropex

    I Can't Find Any Matches

    In be the zombie (ON PS4), whenever i go to search for games the result will always be : No matches found. No matter how hard i try i can't find anyone on my level 50 mutation 3 apex predator hunter. I even tried to make a new zombie and find matches but that didn't work either. Oh and my NAT type is 2. Please fix this Techland. And when i quick join the game finds a match just for it to say unable to connect over and over again. This is absolutely ridiculous!