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Found 12 results

  1. matt.colqhoun

    Bad Blood Bugs

    As the title says this is a place for us to list any known bugs and/or exploits currently in the game if possible when describing an issue either upload a picture of said bug or a link to a video would be appreciated.
  2. As the title says this topic is so we can make a list of possible tweaks to the game to overall make the game better and/or more fair.
  3. Hello to all Bad Blood players ! I have made this new thread to recapitulate all the information and the rumors which we have about Bad Blood updates and the future updates of Bad Blood . /!\ DUE TO THE DEATH OF BAD BLOOD I'M CLOSING THIS THREAD /!\ (04/09/2019) /!\ Updates order : from bottom to top Merry Christmas all ! The new patch and the new event are invading the place ! ( 20/12/2018 ) Patch 0.2.9 is here and a new event is on the way ! ( 6/12/2018 ) A new in-game event is here ! Stash craze ( and the patch 0.2.8 ) of course . ( 23/11/2018 ) The new patch 0.2.7 is here, fixes are coming ! ( 19/11/2018 ) Sorry, for this very long absence, I lost track of the updates ( 30/12/2018 ) so what we forgot to say in this place ....... 100 YEARS OF POLISH INDEPEDENCE ! PATCH 0.2.6 IS HERE ! ( 06/11/2018 ) Special Bad Blood Halloween Event ( 31/10/2018 ) from October 31 to November 5 More details here : TRICK (F)OR TREAT - the Halloween event in Dying Light: Bad Blood and here : A new cool Halloween Patch for this week is here ! ( 29/10/2018 ) Hi ! Bad Blood players today ( 18/10/2018 ) a new fresh Patch is out ! The Patch 0.2.4 For this week / week end Techland have granted to us a X2 exp bonus ! ( 12/10/2018) Encore update ! Today ( 04/10/2018 ) Techland have released the update 0.2.3, so this is good because Techland released 2 Patch this week And recently Best Gamer Ali have released a video about future Bad Blood's updates . Tuesday ( 02/10/2018 ) a new patch has been out . The roadmap of DL:BB ( released the 28/09/2018 ) Dying Light: Bad Blood Community Update #1 ( 27/09/2018 ) Today ( 19/09/2018 ) Techland have released a Patch : the Patch 0.2.1, an equilibration patch . Here the content : Patch 0.2.1 is here with balance changes and bug fixes Howdy, Founders! It’s been a week since the launch of Bad Blood and this means two things: a better experience for you and even more work for us. Below you will find all the changes and fixes we’ve just made according to your reports and opinions so far. Keep them coming and keep us busy! How it plays better: Shotguns and khukri knives are no longer overpowered. Bows deal less damage in mid-range. Airdrops can now land at 4 additional spots. Airdrops will no longer land next to burning vehicles. If you have already maximum armor, you’ll be notified about it when trying to pick up even more armor. You’ll more often find loot in containers. When looking at a weapon upgrade you’ll now see which weapon can be quickly upgraded. Time needed for equipping and unequipping the Riot Shield is now better balanced. How it works better: You can now use the Borderless Window mode in the visual options. You can now see more HUD elements in the Spectator mode. Colored tiers of weapons are now corrected and consistent with the in-game store. Currency icons are now consistently colored. You can go from the Customisation menu straight to the main menu. You now don’t have to rewatch the opening animation of a loot stash if an error stopped it the first time. We improved the visibility of your in-game wallet. How we squashed the bugs: You’ll no longer see a false “No online connection” notification if you go to the main menu too quickly. We eliminated situations where it was possible to harvest a zombie hive through the wall. Music in the main menu no longer disappears. In the store, the character preview automatically switches to your currently equipped player type. We fixed the animation of using Painkillers when seen in TPP. Your character is always clearly visible in the menus. We added missing geometry near non-playable areas. We fixed the frequency of notifications when there's no online connection. If you are disconnected from the server, you are automatically taken from the game lobby to the main menu. More information and update are coming , stay tune ! Source : Patch 0.2.10 and christmas event Patch 0.2.9 and event Katana Vs. Baseball Patch 0.2.8 and event Stash craze Patch 0.2.7 Patch 0.2.6 Halloween Event ( only from October 31 to November 5 ) (2018) Patch 0.2.5 Patch 0.2.4 Patch/Update 0.2.3 Patch 0.2.1 Patch 0.2.2 Roadmap Bad Blood Bad Blood Website
  4. Is their a minimum time I have to wait until I can sign in for Bad Blood after I created a Techland Account? Because I created a Techland Account, bur if I try to sign in for Bad Blood, it says "User does not exist".
  5. In preparation for the closed playtest this weekend, this thread serves to help out the Developers by letting us give direct feedback about bugs and/or exploits. If you're participating in the private playtest and find some bugs, please either; 1. Capture Footage and Upload to Youtube as unlisted if it is hard to explain 2. Describe the scenario that the bug occured in Or 3. If you know what causes the bug, then describe the issue and explain what causes it. Hope everyone has a good time with the playtest! (: *This thread is here to help out developers, if a mod could pin this for the time being, it would be appreciated.
  6. BECAUSE OF THE OUT OF BAD BLOOD I'M CONSIDERING THIS THREAD CLOSED , SO PLEASE DON'T REPLY TO IT ! Also i have a made a new thread about bad blood updates here's the link : Bad Blood Next Updates Today ( 20/08/2018 ) i've updated this thread with the information we got from Techland . (Encore) Today ( 21/08/2018) new update .... Hi guys today (22/08/2018 ) new update to tell to you that Techland are distributing playtest codes and i have one of it i will can play and told to you more information about Bad Blood its also your last chance to get a part to Bad Blood Today's update (23/08/2018) is concerning some information in the code of Bad Blood i thanks Renfur ( ) for these information . Hello to all , i've created this post for recapitulate what we know about Bad Blood inform you of the news about this gamemode and of course tell you the information . Bad Blood as been annouced since 8 months ( the 7 december of 2017 ) . Here the website where you can see the Bad Blood information : Initially ( at his announcement ) Techland doesn't have show us gameplay of the gamemode . But had the GDC Techland give to the players an Pre-Alpha build of the gamemode . Some players recorded her experiences in Bad Blood, here a good video of Bad Blood gameplay : Bad Blood Gameplay The gamemode seems to be a 6 players gamemode ( all the players are level legend 1 ) and have all the skills of all the skills boards . The players have to recolt samples of blood to reserve a seat a the helicopter who will pick you up . There are differents melee weapons and differents throwables weapons ( grenades,molotov, mines.... (yes chupacabra MINES ! CLAYMORE PARTY xD ) ) . Of course medkit, the players can kill each other to steal the other players objects . Only one player can seat on the helicopter, for that, the player has to have enough blood samples and have killed the other players . There are differents way to recolt blood samples, you can kill zombies or kill players . The helicopter arrive after about 6 minutes after the start of the game . Airdrops landing aleatory during the game they contain good stuff . When the chopper arrives a stressing music is starting. Its all the information we have since the GDC but after E3 ( or during I do not know too much ) new news as been communicated to us : Firstly now Bad Blood will have 12 players instead of 6 initially Secondly they dont have cancelled Bad Blood ( because certain persons were thinking than they will cancel it because dying light 2 will out ) Thirdly they announced (on twitter) than they work hard on Bad Blood and than they will post information about it very soon The tweet : Hi guys ! Today ( 20/08/2018 ) Techland as lauched the steam page of Dying Light : Bad Blood We know that the gamemode will be in early access and will be at 19.99 $ ( he will be free when he will leave the early access ) If you buy the game at early access you will get the Founder's pass wich contain 3 exclusive legendary weapon skins: Golden Neckslicer (dagger), Golden Bonecleaver (machete) and Golden Skullopener (cricket bat) , 3 exclusive legendary skins distributed over 3 months and 1000 Blood bucks ( the money in the game ) and an exclusive founder gold mask . Be careful the founder's pass will not be available at the free out of Bad Blood The Global Playtest for Bad Blood will run through the 25th to the 26th of August for a select few players. Another playtest will run through the 1st to the 2nd of September for everyone who has signed up for the playtest. Hi everyone today ( 21/08/2018 ) a Techland member told to us that the game won't be a "pay to win" and that you can only buy cosmetics with the blood bucks . You can't pay real money for Blood Bucks you just can earn them by playing . So its all Renfur's information(maybe ) we got : •Currently only 1 collectable, it is a mask similar to Acolyte and supposed to be white. This is not the mask in the founders edition. •All Elementals will be returning from the main game including; 1. Fire 2. Toxic 3. Electricity 4. Explosive 5. Freezing 6. Impact •A bow is in the game and allows for the elemental arrows; Fire, Electricity, Explosive. •Shield is returning from Dying Light -You can parry attacks •There are 4 types of extra shield on top of your health value -Tiny - Adds 15 Shield -Small - Adds 30 Shield -Medium - Adds 45 Shield -Large - Adds 60 Shield •In order to get weapon elementals, you must find the elemental upgrade items. They all increase the strength of the elemental to Tier 1. -Ice Upgrade -Bleed Upgrade -Poison Upgrade -Electricity Upgrade -Impact Upgrade •Snacks are returning to the game; -Baklava -Burger -Cookies -Sweets -Pita -Dried Fruit -Nuts -Halva -Energy Bar •The crossbow is returning with all of its elemental bolts; -Steel Bolt -Toxic Bolt -Impact Bolt -Stun Bolt •There are throwable bundles where you get 3 throwing axes for example •Many Grenades are returning and some new ones including; -Molotovs -Mines -Upgraded Mines -Flashbangs -Smoke Grenades -Explosive Grenades •You will be allowed to use environmental traps(modifié) •The Buggy could make a return in the future, the code for the buggy is still in Bad Blood. (Potentially new areas in the future?) •Night Hunter code is all over the game files as well, potentially adding a game mode for Night Hunter in the future. •There are not all kinds of different weapons like in the vanilla game, instead there is one weapon of each type such as Scythe, Wrench, Pipe, etc. and then many skins that can be added on to the weapon. So its all for Bad Blood i will update this thread if i have other information Here the steam store page of Bad Blood : Dying Light: Bad Blood Source :
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to get a thread going with new Bad Blood/PvP suggestions which hopefully will help the Techland devs get us a cooler game faster. Let me start by saying that Bad Blood isnt all that bad. The main problem to me is, its nothing new either. Finding gear, killing zombies, collecting samples, fighting opponents, stealing samples and getting on a chopper all in a timed fashion is a bit repetitive especially if we consider the fact that most people have been doing exactly this for the past 3 years. I understand we want chaos but this is the wrong kind. Lets create some order first. My idea on how to improve Bad Blood is to move objectives around and maybe add a twist. I think: -Players should be able to select a skin and gear up before the game starts. (mainly because its an easy way to make money off skins and itemskins) -Players will have to choose wisely because they can only equip 4 active weapons and 4 types of items/usables under the mousewheel and thats it. -Better loot will drop from enemies accordingly, usables/throwables (ammo, boosts, flares) can be found or crafted in a conventional manner. -Players go outside and start killing zombies and if possible humans as if they were playing Bad Blood. Now lets add a twist: -Everytime you kill a zombie or a human you gain Bloodlust. When your Bloodlustbar is full Kyle will have one of his infamous episodes (hence the titel 'Bad Blood') and transform into the meanest lvl 1 mutation anyone has ever seen. We can go different ways from here so i will give 2 examples: -The mutation is temporary making games shorter and more intense. (Players will skip farming zombies for blood and go straight for the kill while being empowered) -Players can continue to collect bloodlust to level up their mutations which will result in longer more strategic games.(Players are more likely to farm zombies uptill the highest mutation possible before they attack other players) -Players respawn as human if they die. -If a player quits new humans enter the game. -Players can work together or against eachother though only the last one standing wins. Alternative gameplays: -Catch the Virus, whoever "catches" the virus mutates. The player that is hunter longest or clears most objectives wins. -Zombie Rush, all survivors race to the center of the map to battle a huge zombieboss together (YUUUUUGE i say). However, whoever deals the killing blow to the boss will mutate into a hunter and will have to hunt and kill the remaining players. If humans are able to kill the hunter then the human who deals the killing blow to the hunter will mutate. Untill there is only 1 hunter left who wins the match. As you could imagine there are quite some variations one could think of. Final thoughts: I hope this post inspires others to share their idea's too so we can come to something extraordinairy everyone is stoked about. And with that in mind i would like to round up my first post here on Techland Forums. Good Night, Good Luck!
  8. Pete Donnelly

    Register for Global Playtest!

    Sign up here for access to the Global Playtest!
  9. Pedroastrath

    Dying light

    Quero que me envie o dying light bad blood
  10. Getting the forum ready for the Alpha of Bad Blood so there's not an influx of posts regarding bugs and exploits. As well as keeping it somewhat organized for the Developers. *Would be appreciated if a mod could pin this or create a seperate thread for this.*
  11. im just going to assume right off the bat that bad blood wont actually have an open beta for console, because of the completely different coding etc. sure, i can live with that and watch some random youtuber but i have a couple of questions. will the ps4/xbox updates be the same time as pc updates or will they be halted like content drop 0? if we own dying light/have the season pass/etc will we have free access or perhaps a discount to the standalone? and lastly (even though it is not a question) please take your time when making this. ignore all the people asking "where is bad blood, etc". we all know the problems that you've had with btz and hopefully you've learned from them so take your time and polish up this game mode. id rather wait until june of next year and have a fun, balanced game mode thats fun and exciting instead of having it released next February with glitches, bugs, and bad mechanics. wish you luck with this endeavor of yours techland
  12. BECAUSE OF THE OUT OF BAD BLOOD I'M CONSIDERING THIS THREAD CLOSED, SO PLEASE DON'T REPLY TO IT ! Also i have a made a new thread about bad blood updates here's the link : Bad Blood Next Updates Hello i'm a player of Dying light and today (07/12/2017) I saw this post on Twitter : And i'm very happy but I started asking myself questions I've readed the description of the post and i saw "standalone PvP" Also i went here and i've readed the page What do you think of this new gamemode for my part I found it well ^^ Express yourself !