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Found 48 results

  1. The Following has wide open areas, but the balance around this is a bit lacking. The spawn rate of volatiles is comparable to inside Harran, but line of sights are much larger in The Following due to a lack of buildings to obscure vision. Additionally, safe zones are extremely far apart. There's nothing inherently wrong with either of these things, but both volatiles and virals have been lifting weights and are even more dangerous than they used to be. Chiefly: 1. They both can keep up with the buggy without nitro (and even with nitro, at least for the first few levels). 2. Volatiles can spit on you from extremely far distances. It also seems like they do not miss unless there is something blocking their line of sight. 3. It is almost impossible to deagro volatiles once you are detected by them, short of reaching a safe zone. There's simply not enough buildings to juke them unless you happen to be near a more urban area. 4. The slightest bit of noise seems to trigger virals from impossibly long distances. It takes far more noise to kill them, which in turn tends to attract even more virals. Things are much more spread out in the countryside, so it makes sense the agro range for virals is much larger. However, if you do almost anything, a swarm of 5 virals will attack. And then many more, when you make even more noise dealing with the mess. For example, I was killing a single lone zombie near a police van. I did so fairly quietly (a few melee hits), and then I start picking a lock. There are no zombies within 100 meters of me. Next thing I know, 5 virals are attacking me, seemingly from the noise generated from the lock picking. And they inevitably drag more zombies to them. While on foot, I was evading volatiles at night (can't really do that with the buggy). I was doing so fairly successfully, but somehow one of them went off. No matter, I'll just use the hills and ridge to lose them. I clear a ridge and have a decent amount of distance between me and the volatiles (50 meters, at least). And then they both spit on me and I die anyways. Never mind the fact I'm moving on foot and very quickly, then both hit me with laser accuracy. This is probably the best case escape scenario you can get in the countryside on foot, and it is essentially rigged in favor of the volatiles. So to sum things up: Techland way overbuffed volatiles, and to a lesser degree the virals. There's almost no incentive to be outside at night on legendary, where even if you do manage to outrun them, you're probably going to die anyways because the odds are stacked so far in their favor. I typically die in less than a minute if I get spotted in the countryside, and the nearest safe zone is usually at least 10 minutes on foot and 2-3 minutes with driving. And safe zones are effectively the only reliable way to get away from volatiles since there are not enough ways to escape volatiles with parkour.
  2. Nevermind, tried new strategy, worked first time, smh... Dont know how to delete this topic..
  3. Traveling through the Country side and found an odd Drawing in one of the safehouses. It's in the attic of the safehouse. Someone helped me saying that it needs Glowing Rocks. Went and found one of them at the Dam and you can place it on it. Anyone know anything of this? I cant find anything to do with this online. Any other further information: -My gamertag is: bushcatcher on XBOX ONE. -Made a video of it on youtube:
  4. Hey guys, just got three bugs that are killin me: 1. Going Postal; The van at what I'm assuming is the end of the mission glitches every time I try to open it, as there will be an exact door behind it, except what do you know, it doesn't have the option to open it, so that mission is not finishable. 2. Adam's apartment in the Ghost Town; Still says search for clues, but I read all 4 pieces of paper along with all the other clues you could look at, and I quadruple checked. I will add that I read FOUR pieces of paper nailed on the wall in the one room, but only have THREE places to go search, IDK if it's supposed to be just three or if the fourth paper was supposed to give you another location to search and it just didn't work, which would explain why it still says to "Search The Apartment For Clues" still. 3. Quartermaster: Can't remember his name, but the quartermaster dude at the gas station, is not giving me Survivor points for turning in drops, tried a few times after restarting the game, still persists. Wasn't happening the day the DLC came out though, its as of last night. So I have to go back to the OG game to turn drops in, which makes me feel better that the tower is getting some supplies, but Lena is gonna be pissed when she finds out I've been back bringing drops to Spike, and not letting her know, or keeping her updated with whats going on in the Countryside.... If an update to fix these few things and the minor problems that occur when in multiplayer, like Fatin being twisted in an angle human spines literally can't do, but then as soon as you interact he stands up regular, or sometimes AI's you save fall down randomly after you've already saved them, or do other weird things, that'd be greeeeaaaaat......
  5. flamesofwar81

    The Following Map Hole

    The Following DLC : Quest: The Thrill Of The Chase: Sea From Way Up High" You are to look for a cave under the lighthouse and I came across an hole in the map. didn't affect my game and was able to leave the map and return to normal and hooking out. I have uploaded the detailed video from the PS4 Version on youtube. is there going to be a fix?
  6. Gram w trybie kooperacji z dwoma kumplami na ps4, problem nastąpił kiedy przeszliśmy kilka misji, ja jako host zakończyłem grę, po czym jednego z kolegów wywaliło i nie może kontynuować gry od tego miejsca w którym skończyliśmy, Tylko od wejścia z tunelu. A drugi kolega może kontynuować tam gdzie skończyliśmy. Dlaczego tak się dzieje? ktoś ma jakieś wskazówki? Pozdrawiam
  7. Congregett

    Bounties Not Appearing

    Bounties aren't appearing on my map at all and i can't see anything on the dart boards. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? My friends can see it but not me. I am on Xbox One.
  8. I'm playing The Following DLC on PS4. When I try to repair a part of my vehicle using screws, it repairs it to 100%, then I move my cursor to another vehicle part, and back to the part I just repaired, and it returns to the original damaged percentage. My repairs do nothing to the vehicle parts. I cannot repair my vehicle. This makes me sad.
  9. PlaywitJay

    Update Is Live On Psn!

    Just got the update notification on my PS4 My digital copy started DL'ing update 1.09 at about 9:30pm est it's 8 gigs whoo hoo, so I'll be on before midnite hopefully! thanks Techland for letting us game owners start dling before 12am, hope the season pass updates too!
  10. I just wanna know if the game is midnight release tonight, I'm in the US, on PS4. I plan on going over to my friends house and both play it tonight, but I wanna make sure that i don't need to just wait until I wake up Tuesday morning.
  11. Hi Techland I would like to ask you about the download size as it is very important for me to know due to my internet having a cap for every month? I'm on pc, steam platform.
  12. I'm not sure what's to come in terms of the 9th of Febuary in the sense of achievements but the achievements that where shown are a little, lacklustre. Will there be more achievements perhaps for the following it self or the enhanced edition?
  13. How far into the game do you need to be to be able to access The Following? I've already finished the game but started a NG+ and I don't want to have to finish the story again before I can access the new areas. Thanks
  14. Hey Techland! So, I have really enjoyed "Be the Zombie" mode in Dying Light. I was wondering, what new events will be taking us to "The Following" DLC? Mainly, my question is, will people be able to play as the Night Hunter in the Countryside? I know this is a pretty vast map, not with a whole lot of buildings and trees to use the tentacle locomotion, but maybe their could be some "tweaking" involved, to improve the night hunter's skills. Since in the trailer, where the volatileshave mutated... why not the night hunter? Instead, give him a different origin perhaps? Any feedback on this topic will be most appreciated!
  15. Hi folks! I wanted to share with you an interview we published with Tymon Smektala, producer at Techland. There's a few interesting details about The Following & Enhanced Edition and I thought it could be interesting for you guys. Cheers, and happy Holidays!
  16. I own the Dying Light base game and the Bozak Horde DLC. My question is, is it still worth buying the season pass? I will definitely be buying the following DLC when it is released, but if there are more DLC's to be released which will be included in the season pass, then I will buy the season pass rather than the DLC separately?
  17. Loockk

    The Following

    Hi , I'm writing the premiere of the appendix " The Following " the game dying light . I do not know exactly when is the premiere because it was different , now everywhere says that the 9 February 2016 which made me terribly Dołuje , while some shops have slowly begun selling boxed addition to the signature that will be of sent Dec. 30 . And I wonder when in the end is the premiere addition, the February 9, 2016 and December 8, 2015 ( tomorrow ) as it was written some time ago. Thank you in advance for giving information salute .
  18. I heard you guys were adding 50 gold weapons in Dying Light:The Following. Can you confirm this? Also, i'd like to know which one's, if possible? Or possibly how many of each type? ex. hammers/swords/wrenches/hatchets If you cannot share that's okay, I like the suspense.
  19. Hi guys, first time I'm making a post on here, sorry it wasn't sooner but I didn't wanna sound like I didn't know enough of the game. When Destiny came out I put in a few forums and because I really analyze games and write up "professional reviews, cough cough..." pretty much everything I asked for was fixed. Except Spaceship Battles, they haven't seemed to pick that up yet. So here we go.... First, I wanna say that this game is so far still my favorite game on next gen systems. It was done all too well, It's scary, it's fun, it's got good sarcasm and so many good references. I just realized Bites Motel (Bates Motel) last night, very good. The game has some of the best graphics and is usually pretty fluent in playing, most of the time. All in all, Techland went way over the top with this game and really did make it the best game in modern gaming, at least in my opinion. The free roam, the missions, the side missions, the side side missions, the secret areas and easter eggs, the realism of the zombie virus, the realism of how some work together and others go mad, just the overall realism in general, makes this game feel like you're really there, and almost wish a zombie apocalypse would just effing happen X0 . So all this flattering is obviously going somewhere, but before I write an essay on why this game is awesome, lets get to the point. The Following. Not just the DLC (Mostly the DLC) but what happens after that, I have some really good ideas, considering Destiny gets old, but Dying Light never will. I'm sure whatever you have for The Following is already genious, full of easter eggs and references, speaking of references just to be out there, you should put a Star Wars reference, and a reference to Mad Max as well considering it's an apocalypse and now we're gonna have cars. So continuing to wait I can tell you is driving me mad, and I'm the kind of guy who doesn't give up on video games, even for the first year the makers come out and say they give up. Let me tell you something, "Do or do not, there is no try" does not apply to such a good video game, its just do at this point. So that being said... All I can tell you to include in the DLC is to have lots of missions to keep people busy for a long time. Have lots of references, a few easter eggs, more blueprints and weapons, and maybe even something like you can get on the ship from Dead Island, and maybe make the map about the size of both Old Town and Slums combined, only because it's the back woods type stuff. Make sure there's actually forests to go into, because its creepy, and lots of hidden places and secret places. I would like to add, that I feel the best way to get here, should be to go to the Antenna, climb up the big radio tower there, and have to zipline down the wire that currently can't be ziplined down right now, to the top of the dam. And also make a safe house at the big Antenna, because I seem to get caught there at night and the enemies are a little harder to take down there sometimes so Iv'e noticed. But so, you zipline down to the top of the dam, and walk down the road a ways, and that would bring you to the new place. Plus that would make the most sense because it leads off to somewhere, and there's already trash to jump from the dam down to land safely, or you could jump to the water if you wanted. You might already have this in mind, but I felt that needed to be said. Of course its your game and you'll put it where ever you want to get there, but that makes the most sense to me and you would be able to add new things in the Antenna area as well. Including another stupid mission for the brothers and Volcan. Maybe we could watch Volcan trust them to actually build a jet pack and watch him explode trying to get over the wall. Just to watch desperation fail drastically and hilariously. Also the last thing that I think needs to be said that needs to be added to the Following, is making it much easier to join people's games, not invading, joining. Me and my friend always play the game together, but it seems to me that you both have to be in safe zones. I don't like that simply just because if I'm getting destroyed by zombies or human enemies, it'd be nice if he could just spawn and save me. Also, I don't like how you can't both progress together. You can only help the other. So if we're in his game, and he got the mission to launch Volcan's Submarine, it wasn't completed on my game, now I have to go back and do that. Which for that mission doesn't matter, but I'm trying to get him caught up and we've come across several missions that we're done in my game so he had to just redo them. A smaller thing I'd like to add, is that it is kinda weird seeing a bunch of differently dressed Kyle Crane's. I think you should add character customization and make it very detailed like Skyrim. Make it so when you do story mode you just go find Kyle somewhere on the map, probably the Tower, and just switch to him to play story stuff. This idea might not work too well, or maybe you could add customization but it still be Kyle Crane, but there's just not much originality to the main character you play as opposed to the rest of the game. Also, in the Following I think we should start seeing new zombie mutliations, harder zombies, like different versions of the night hunter that might appear on your map differently to indicate what they are, or not, but just to add new variety. And lastly in this small paragraph, of course with character customization, way more clothes to wear. Some cool, some funny, some creepy, whatever, just to make the sense of being original, instead of 5 people playing together all wearing the same uniform by coincidence lol. That's pretty much all I have to say for the Following, because I can already assume there will be fast travel to it from both towers, and levels in agility, power, and survivor will have a new level cap. What I really wanted to say to you guys about what happens next, is do like Destiny, don't make a sequel. You have this giant place called Harran, and it seems the game takes place at the center of everything, by the stadium. The back woods will be a dream come true, but what about the rest of the city? Why does a lot of the place have power? Who's out there doing what? Is there a huge group of survivors who might need help? Are there more bad guys? Does Rais have a little brother who wants to avenge his big brothers death? I don't think the game will be complete until we can traverse the entire city of Harran, so I think you guys at Techland should seriously consider making new DLC come out one at a time to introduce new story and create the entire Harran. And as much as I like getting the Following for free with the season pass, if I read that right, that's a complete mistake. I understand if you feel bad that we've waited so long, but with more money means a bigger game. This closes my 2 cents I felt like I had to add to the game. I beg that you take all this into consideration, as I am a huge fan of the game. And there is still a big group of people who play. If you start releasing DLC frequently, to make the game that much better, I think you'll find this game to be as big as Destiny currently is right now. Although I know i feel Destiny is getting old with the way they've started pushing things in this new direction. You have a class A game that I will never get rid of. Even when the game IS all said and done, I will still play it. So please please please please, and again, please, keep the game going in the direction it is, Dying Light shall forever be remembered, as well as those lost trying to save other survivors in the city of Harran.
  20. So you guys just showed it at Gamescom , Where is news or a video for us about The Following expansion ???????? I saw one preview online and it looks like you made them take it down WTF! Give your customers some info maybe ???
  21. Hey guys! So I was at Gamescom this year and managed to find the Techland booth.. I tried to ask from the front desk if it would be possible to make an interview with them and they happily agreed They also let me play the expansion for 15minutes in Co-Op and it was a lot of fun! So yeah, here is my interview with the producer on The Following Tymon Smektala! Check it out and leave me some feedback