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Found 9 results

  1. yo, just to get this outta the way, this is for dying light on xbox one, not ps4 or pc. if ya looking for ps4 or pc section ya gonna need to look elsewhere. sorry just last forum site i made a thread for this on had people from other systems spam posting on the thread leading to me not getting any help and the site deleting my thread. anyways on to business. yes i know my grammar and spelling could use some work, kinda in a rush to complete this post before my lunch break since im at work. anyhoo. i'm here today in search of new traders and slayers, a.k.a. people i can trade items and people i can kill some zombies with. understand i dont have the dlc, kicking myself cause i so want that compound bow. mind you all i plan to get the season pass asap its just gonna take awhile because being a soul provider to a household makes it difficult to get yourself nice things when every cent seems to go to the house and to others. grr rambling again. continuing, as i stated before i'm in search of traders and slayers. i shall post a list of items i'm in search of and if you happen to have a spare and are interested in trading or being the very rare, generous type, drop your xbox one gamertag in the thread or just add me, my gamertag is the same as my username here, akkadian2009. also, as i stated before, i am in search of slayers, people to kill zombies with. if ya interested well second verse same as the first. so drop them names so we can put them in a herse. i'll edit this more soon note* if you join my game lobby only to showcase your weapons or skills, a.k.a. rub my nose in your glory, gloaters, griefers, all round jerks, i'll give you the boot with a quickness. i need traders and slayers, not jerks. note** I'm usually online around midnight central standard time for usa as always this is akkadian2009, good night good luck.
  2. tonic


    I have some questions about the game. I have the game on my playstation 4 and I wanted to play it on my computer, if I buy the game by steam and link the accounts, at least the items I have in my playstation will also be in the steam game, or it will be like a new normal game? thanks for listening.
  3. thebobman

    Am I Tripping?

    OK guys, is it me or has this already been pointed out before. I just got back into the game after not playing for a while. I started on the second floor of the tower and noticed something shining in cranes room when I went in to put on my hard earned mr skeltl costume. After a closer examination, I noticed that I had snagged a piece of the meteorite that I went looking for earlier when I did the quest for the one guy that gave me that useless gadoid gun. With that in mind, I explored the room and discovered that many significant quest items and other items have appeared in my room that I have never noticed before. Even got the Ray McCall action figure working and the master sword on display right above. I don't know if this has been noticed before or not, but I just realized it. Thought I should share whether it's news or not.
  4. When finding and useing guns, I have noticed one major flaw about them; they are all the same, every gun with the same name have the exact same stats, no matter their rarity. After playing as a max level for a looong time, I have found/bought (mostly found) a lot of weapons, and nothing annoys me more, than the guns. The price is the same, the damage, RoF, accuracy, magazine size, EVERYTHING is the same, as long as the name is the same, and it's pissing me off, I hope Techland is going to change it a little in the future (like gun mods/attachments, and the rarity decides how many can be attached), but for now it SUCKS. Had the same pistol (a blue german) since level 4, still have it, and haven't found an other german pistol with other stats, it still kills zombies as well as a "level 25" pistol. That was at least better in Dead Island. Allso, please remeber that guns are loud, and therefor attracts virals (many "random" players keep useing guns to fend off virals, but ironically, it just attacts more)
  5. Just an idea.. But I think it would be cool if certain safe zones were made a little less safe. Maybe when a player is playing as a zombie, they could use certain skills to blow out the UV lights around the safe zone, bringing a challenge of trying to fix the safe zone, take on the fight or flee to a more secure safe zone, maybe one which has characters stationed within it. Maybe this could open up idea's of special safe zone weapons or defence items.
  6. bsnooch

    Custom Items

    Well I got custom weapons working last night finally. I boot it up today to test and they are no longer working Anybody having any similar issues?
  7. Morning all of you beautiful beautiful people. On Facebook this morning I was pleased to see Techland announce a mod system is in the works for this game. Further evidence which makes me believe they really are trying to make this game have some real staying power. One thing I would like to ask is that would these mods have to be developed on pc? Or will the mod system be usable on the other platforms? As a request, and I sure hope a mod reads this. I would like. to be able to tweak the weapon drop table at level 25 to include some of the weaker weapons. Then to adjust their damage, so some of the older weapons would be usable once more. Lastly, to adjust enemy health so that we go back to the good old days of smashing a zombies head 5-10 times before it finally explodes. Oh and also to increase the grapple hook cool down to at least 1x minute, to keep some stress in the game whilst i'm at it, some other minor things... adjustable bomber damage (make it hurt but not kill) Adjustable spitter visual block (make it really blind you ) adjustable zombie speed / (so that at night, all the biters can move quickly) - or alternatively make all biters into virals at night? health of individual mob types - some of the larger ones in particular. frequency of random events - for when people have completed the game. customization hud options, ie the removal of the map but allowance of markers, removal of ammunition count, hidden levels (especially when max) I honestly hope someone gets to read this but I do appreciate you guys are probably up to your elbows in hard work. Really looking forward to all my friends getting their hard copies in a couple of weeks
  8. Airsickhydra

    Lost Item/level Fix!

    Just to note, yesterday when joining a friend's game. My level, items and experience were wiped clean. Of course I instantly assumed I was hit by this dreaded curse that seems to have afflicted so many people. What I did next was to go back to the home screen, attempt to join another game, on the loading selection I re selected my old save and noticed for no good reason it had created a new save for me. Hopefully this helps a few others, I may be wrong but is it possible that there isn't even a progress wipe bug, people are just being forced into a new save and don't know how to re load their old one? Peace to you all. Love the game.
  9. I know that like me you lost all your stuff and there are a lot of post about it. But i do not think it's normal to buy 80€ a game and losing everything after 20h of game. Besides I finished the solo but my progress is blocked from the beginning to 11% I have not the dlc that are included with de season pass. The worst part about it is that de CM does not respond. I do not understand we're thousands to complain and yes I impressions they behave as if everytghing was ok. We could at least know whether or not we will retrive our stuff. Because '' save game issues '' do not mean things. And excuse my French