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Found 68 results

  1. Dying Light Team, There is a glitch for users to get more weapon dockets than they should. If you go to and register your pre-order, you can put Walmart as the place of purchase, and put random numbers on the order number to get 3 extra weapon dockets. Fix this please, this is unfair for the users that actually pre-ordered the game. Thanks for reading.
  2. Rusty Penny

    Stuck At Level 24 Survivor

    Okay so recently I hit level 24 Survivor, i'm currently at 460,000 XP out of 475,000 and cannot gain anymore Survivor XP. I've died trying to lose them, and completed missions/got crates/survived the night trying to gain them and nothing. I've restarted the game, restarted my Xbox One, joined a friend's session, nothing. Please help?
  3. Reposting here : Alright I'm on version 1.03 on PS4 & I've finally got hit with this bug too. I was aware of it & even went to talk to an NPC before logging off for the night. Went to play this morning & boom, it's all gone. 53 percent into the story. Lost all my weapons, my skills were all at level 13, now zero. Lost all blueprints, supplies, 50 medkits & over 130k in cash. Completely game breaking. There has to be a way for Techland to compensate us who have has this happen & allow us to get our characters back to where they were, get all the lost blueprints & gear back & our weapons & money. Or at least 50-100K to buy back what we lost from shops...

    The Bunker "the Clicker Issue"

    The blueprint for the clicker mod is bugged on Xbox One. The clicker zombie is in the game and when it dies it turns into a regular zombie and doesn't have the clicker blueprint on it's person. Please fix this Techland. I'd appreciate it if you'd give me one since I've done the mission three times with no such luck. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm the only one here but i downloaded the 'Be the Zombie' DLC and it doesn't show up on my menu to access the game mode. It's very frustrating because one of the main reasons i got the game was for this feature, I've tried deleting and re-installing the game to no avail. I really hope i can get this issue sorted soon. Thank you for any help in advance. Edit: It says its installed. But doesn't come up on the 'add ons' list but then says its been purchased and installed
  6. LyVenn

    Level 1 Again.

    I was a Survivor 25, Runner 25, and Fighter 25. with completely O.P. weapons, there was an update today, now I'm back to level 1, with no weapons in my storage, all my Premium Orange Weapons, Guns. EVERYTHING!!!!! gone..... My favorite weapon, Orange Premium katana, with 3 King Mod. making it over 2k damage... gone.. This is total B.S.!!!! anyone else having/had this problem?
  7. superiangamerhd

    The Whole Story (Trophy)

    When is The Whole Story glitch going to be patch to work? I want to finish the last side quest but don't feel like risking I need dat plat
  8. yo Big Mitch

    Help!? What's The Best Weapon?

    Through opinion what is ultimately the best weapon to craft and upgrade!?!? Would love some answers, I've saved up so much money and stuff on this game cause I don't want to waste anything on anything until I am sure on what is a good decision to spend it on. REPLY!

    Lost Items After Tahir Fight.

    After fighting Tahir and getting to my stash, I tried getting my inventory back, but nearly all of my items are gone. Items that were originally in my inventory and that were in my stash including my guns, 30 medkits, about 20 molotovs, my UV flashlight, Expcalibur, Korek Machetes were affected and I'm down to $0 (when I originally had over $25k). There were more items that I lost, but those were the more important ones. I've been playing on Xbox One and I've experienced very few glitches, but wow. This glitch or whatever it is takes the cake. Anyone else experiencing this on Xbox One?
  10. I've dumped 31 hours into this title since I brought it home for my better half and I on launch night, and we've loved it since, finally a game that got down the open world, finally a game that understood coop exploration and progression, a rewarding loot and skill tree system. Today we were putting in some gametime before we had to leave the house, and we went and slept to turn night to day, and she pushed the power button on her Xbox one, it kicked me out of her room and back in to my game, only it wasn't loading slums where we were, it loaded old town, and it loaded old town with my 31hr 24/20/24 character only now I am 24 survival, 1 agility and 1 power. To add to the moment my guy is perpetually stuck in blurred vision as if just being spat on. So, standing here at 31 hours in and realizing my entire game has just been wiped out which I find pretty infuriating. I do want to say I loved what I got to play of your game. Sadly I'll never see the end of it because somehow a glaring, absolutely game breaking glitch made it into the final product. I realize you cannot edit my saved game which is now ruined because somewhere along the road your game is broken. I would simply like to know what you're going to do about it, I'd like my 31 hours back.
  11. I was playing The Pits quest in my friends game and after I finished the mission, when I went to retrieve my gear, the game glitched and kicked me out, when I returned into the game to go to the duffle bag I found myself at level 1 on each of my skill trees and with an inventory completely empty.
  12. Sean-E-Boy

    Ps4 Coop

    Hey guys once again I post this. Me and my cousin want to get the trophy for playing 4 player coop on ps4. Add me Up Sean-E-Boy. Looking for urgent help thanks guy!
  13. scottmaverick

    Siblings Quest Bug

    I cannot complete the quest "Siblings" because the game will not allow me to place the bomb. I go to the location the quest shows and I can see the outline for the bomb to be placed, but I am never given and option to place it. The usual button for object interaction does not show up. I am at 33% game completion and 25% story completion. I have tried restarting the quest and starting over from the previous quest, but neither fixes the issue. I am playing on Xbox 1.
  14. Medium Bloke

    Unable To Progress In Level

    Hi, I am currently on the quest called "The Clinic", and I have to 'Find a way to reach Dr. Camden'. During the mission, when I was underground, I accepted an invite to another players game, where they were in a different area. After a few side quests there, I went back to my game. Instead of spawning underground where my game left-off, I was on top of Rais' Headquarters in the Slums. I finally got out of there, and it told me to go back to the clinic. I made it back to the Old Town, then back to the clinic, but now the elevator won't work, and I am unable to progress further, with no marker on the map (possibly meaning it wants me to be underground). Is there any way to cancel a story quest and start it again, or fix this possibly? Thanks
  15. I noticed everyone was having the issue with the skill/item/etc loss for PS4 and PC. I did't see anyone mentioned Xbox One. It is also happening on there for me! Is anyone else having this issue. Someone mentioned a patch, does anyone know when that is going to be released and also will it recover our progress and inventory?!
  16. I do not know if anybody else has found this but I have just figured out how to duplicate ammo in Dying Light. It seems to only work with the assault rifles. Or at least the police rifle which is the one I can manage to do it with, haven't tried other varieties of rifles as I do not have them. This seems to only work when you have pretty close to 120 bullets, won't work if you have only a few. So what I do is I shoot around 5 or 6 shots, then press the drop button to drop the gun which seems to put all of it's ammo back into my inventory but when I pick it back up it still has the extra bullets still in the magazine, so I end up getting the x120 bullets again. Just wanting to let somebody know about this so it can hopefully be fixed. ***edit*** this is on PC by the way.
  17. imperious1

    Quest Won't Progress

    Alright so I have a problem, last night I exited the game while it was in the "press spacebar" to load next scene phase and my game loads with the mission objective completed and no way to get out of this mission zone, it is in a building with literally NO EXIT besides the main quest continuing and I cannot exit it, I'm completely stuck and I have no other saves I don't think. What do I do? Is there a way to reset the quests or perhaps exit this mission and re-do it? I'm like totally screwed here...I'm a good 30% into the story and losing all this progress would literally mean I'm DONE playing this game, no way I'm redoing all of that again.
  18. While inside the Tower during the beginnings of the game, I have noticed several surfaces with very odd reflections. While roaming the rooms and hallways it appears that the western side of the building surfaces such as doors, walls, tiled surfaces (basically anything shiny or semi shiny) has an odd reflection. It appears as if the surfaces are semi-transparent, allowing you to view the city-scape through the walls/doors or other western facing surfaces. Some places are very subtle and others its like a dirty window. I can make out structures, cars, small buildings, roads, trees, and even smoke plumes...Has anyone else experienced this? **UPDATED** I have now seen this effect on surfaces from all angles, not just western facing surfaces. This is most evident while crouching in the tiled bathroom in room 204 of the Tower (appears to be the school?)