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Found 20 results

  1. Pisze tutaj z powodu takiego że jak próbuję nałożyć byle jaką broń która ma ponad 500 obrażeń nagle lag gry i crash. Jest ktoś w stanie mi tutaj pomóc? Z góry dziękuje
  2. tonic


    I have some questions about the game. I have the game on my playstation 4 and I wanted to play it on my computer, if I buy the game by steam and link the accounts, at least the items I have in my playstation will also be in the steam game, or it will be like a new normal game? thanks for listening.
  3. Does it bother anyone else that the max health is 275? Why wouldn't the developers just make it 300 it's like they thought 300 was too much or they just didn't want to round it up. This isn't a terrible issue but it would be so easy to fix and a lot of people woukd be thankful. I hope they change the max health to 300 in the update coming out with the new enemies.
  4. I am curious if I am able to use your music in my YouTube videos?
  5. Seatis

    1 Graphic Bug
  6. I just picked up Dying Light a few days ago and it's awesome, I'm currently on the quest "Siblings" and found out about weapon dockets last night. I went to the docket website and input pretty much all the codes, a few were expired but majority were not. I input 33 of them and I linked my PSN account beforehand. I've gone into the game 3-4 times and checked with the quartermaster but he has nothing aside from the daily items. I've tried unlinking and relinking my account but that hasn't changed anything unfortunately. Is there anything special I'm missing? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hey Techland! So, I have really enjoyed "Be the Zombie" mode in Dying Light. I was wondering, what new events will be taking us to "The Following" DLC? Mainly, my question is, will people be able to play as the Night Hunter in the Countryside? I know this is a pretty vast map, not with a whole lot of buildings and trees to use the tentacle locomotion, but maybe their could be some "tweaking" involved, to improve the night hunter's skills. Since in the trailer, where the volatileshave mutated... why not the night hunter? Instead, give him a different origin perhaps? Any feedback on this topic will be most appreciated!
  8. I've come across this scenario multiple times, and every time the civilians have died.. it seems impossible! has anyone done it? and if so, how??
  9. The_Fighter03

    Patch 1.05 Not Available On Ps4

    Hello guys My current version of Dying Light is 1.02 on the ps4. The last patch was downloaded on the 5th march it says. Today, the patch 1.05 came out but when I press the "check for updates" option, it says that the newest update has already been downloaded. I live in EU, swiss. I bought Dying Light over the PSN store. I hope you can help me
  10. check out my dying light Easter egg collection you will not be disappointed
  11. Witam. Mam problem z dołączaniem do gier jako nocny łowca w trybie "Be The Zombie" na PS4. Problem polega na tym że nie mogę dołączyć do żadnej gry i mam napis "nie udało się połączyć z grą", wcześniej też pisało żebym spróbował z inną grą albo poczekał na lepszy moment ale teraz już tego nie mam, jest po prostu napisane że próba połączenia z grą się nie udała. Sprawdziłem 30 gier pół na pół w ramach testowania raz na szybkim dołączaniu raz na wyszukiwaniu gier i dołączaniu do wybranej przeze mnie. Zastanawiałem się czy to wina tego że być może osoby do których chciałem dołączyć mieli inwazje zombie na noc włączoną a grali w dzień. W takim wypadku powinien być chyba jakaś kontrola czy coś kiedy wyszukuje gry bo męczę się z tym zombiakiem kilka godzin i tylko raz zagrałem... tutoriala -.-. Poza tym opcja szybkiego dołączania powinna chyba wyszukiwać sama w sobie odpowiednich graczy do których mogę dołączyć prawda? Pozdrawiam i z góry dziękuję
  12. I have discovered a solution to the install problems just after the prologue mission when you are required to enter the elevator on the digital pre-order version. I had similar issues with Farcry 4 not loading content even after the game was fully installed. - SOLUTION: (while still in the game) press the PS button to access the home screen. Leave Home Screen open and leave for as long as required. I checked back at intervals to see the progress and my internet connection was loading at a 10% per hour ratio and took about 3 hours to fully install. but may work quicker if your Ethernet cable is connected directly to your PS4 i was going direct wifi from my router. I am now playing this game finally with no issues that i have encountered yet. GOOD LUCK
  13. Aloha, I was playing the game fine yesterday all day, but when I woke up this morning my game was screwy. Every time I push the x button, the game redirects me to my inventory screen... I can't pick up items,etc... I have turned off my controller, turned off the system, and even as far as restarted from a previous spot but nothing will stop it from doing it... is there anything else I can do or am I SOL? I actually had the same thing happen to me in Far Cry 4, but after reset the system it stopped? Mahalos for any advice.
  14. Monchichi

    Inventory Question

    Does someone have a link or can explain inventory interface. I barely started and it says inventory full when I try to get more things. I've crafted what I can but still nothing. Thanks!
  15. VerinInvictus

    About The Pre-Orders

    Hey everyone. First off, HI! Now. Some stuff here n there. The pre-order bonus that was "Be the zombie'' is now free DLC for any/all players. This being Techlands answer to issues with the release. What with all the delays (I think) Though that doesn't mean you pre-ordered for nothing. Go to --> There you can get weapon dockets by showing the pre-order number and tying the dockets to your psn/ xboxlive/ or steam account. ^^ I think the normal number to get is 6. These give you chances at higher tier weapons that will sit comfortably with the Quarter Master until you're ready for them. I also think those that pre-ordered will get some other DLC for free, though I'm not completely sure. I hope this helps! ^^
  16. Well i started this thread to ask the basic idea of. will splitscreen ever happen for dying light and if it will how will it be implemented? i was thinking since it is not coming with the original game then maybe it could come in a future update or dlc package. well techland and community. also i believe that splitscreen should be an option. then it wont take away from any other aspect of the game. maybe also have a super sandbox mode where you can make a map out of the area like gta V did. well i'll update this forum when i get more ideas. also will there be guns in this game? or just zombie whacking tools? EDIT: will guns be practical or craptical like dead rising?
  17. AdvantagedNiqqa

    Read For A Very Nice Idea

    I think for winning on the be the zombie mode you should get like, a lot of exp and like maybe place wagers? I there should be a multiplayer option when before the zombie joins your game you should have an option on a wager like you could bet a weapon or maybe in game money? I like that idea, Grand theft auto 5 did it in games where you compete and it was amazing
  18. AdvantagedNiqqa

    The Dates (Read Important)

    Hello, so I went on GameStop, And they have a image selection. I didn't think too much of this, but they have a picture of Dying Light, and the release date says 1/17/15 and I've had my hopes up for this game so I've followed it and known its coming out on the 27th. I've pre ordered the game and for 1 I have to pick it up within 42 hours of its release and 2 I was going to get weapon dockets when the activation date said 1/17/15 I would really like to know if this will be released tomorrow or if I shoulden't worry.
  19. NetoJON

    Possible Easter Egg

    If you guys have seen the video called Steve The Zombie Consultant in the main website, you should look at 1:08, it actualy shows steve in game... now I dont believe they made all zombie models the same, so maybe there realy is a steve to be found in game, and maybe even get an achievement for finding him ^^ So what you guys think? Am I crazy to think that?