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Found 48 results

  1. Hello Techland, I appreciate that you guys have attempted to fix the multiplayer issues via patch 1.03 HOWEVER, if I had seen an improvement as you have listed I would not be here writing what I am about to write. In fact, knowing how many issues there were, I tend to focus on the good and applaud the work that many do to satisfy their consumers. Within an hour time frame I have timed out and was sent back to the main menu of PS4 (game crashed completely) a total of 4 times. This is actually WORSE than what it was before. I know there has been wild fire on social media about these issues but this HALF chupacabra'd attempt at shutting them up (this is my opinion on your "patch") is now really pissing me off. For someone that is usually less vocal about this, because I have worked in the technical industry before (and customer service for that matter), this has been the worse experience I have had for a game. Not only have you ignored and not acknowledged complaints, but at this point, I'm thinking there's NOT MUCH YOU CAN DO that will not prevent people from using your game disc as a coaster for their dog's food bowl. Just for those that might come back and BLAME THE CONSUMER for these issues... Trust me, I know the term P.I.C.N.I.C. very well (Problem In Customer Not In Computer) here is a list of things me and my husband have done in attempt to trouble shoot this issue. -deleted the game, and re-downloaded it -deleted the game, and re-downloaded it, then waited for the download to complete before tried to start up the game -changed the router settings -restored the router and used the port settings that you have suggested -complete restore of PS4 (two different playstation) -we are both hardwired (50mbps down, 50 mbps up), but switched to wifi for chupacabra and giggles with no change. -rented a disc version and tried it -played with only 3 friends instead of 4 -played alone works! BUT if you try to stream it through a capture card the game takes a chupacabra -played alone and tried streaming through the PS4 via Twitch the game will still take a chupacabra -played co-op online with just each other and it takes a chupacabra -played co-op online with OTHER people (just me playing with an online friend) and it takes a chupacabra SO PLEASE. Don't you DARE give us more troubleshooting because I have LOST FAITH in any troubleshooting. I am going to give you guys the line that cowardly jerks use: It's not me, IT'S YOU. Someone needs to STOP passing the blame, and I hope PLAYSTATION is reading this also. If you guys cannot WORK TOWARDS A COMMON GOAL and FIX THIS for the consumers that create jobs for both of you guys... might I suggest that you take the CASH you are paying the people that are responsible for software patches and feed the hungry children in 3rd world countries instead. At least then, you can at least feel better about yourselves as people and not as technicians. Yours truly, Mrs. Ballz
  2. This has been happening since the digital release. I have changed modems and tried port forwarding. I have not once been able to successfully join a game since release. Please help Is this a common issue or are we waiting for techland or psn to pull their head out of their A$$. I keep getting the error "Cannot Establish connection to server". I have tried Restarting modem Resetting modem Resetting Ps4 Resetting Licenses on ps4 Different modems Forwarding ports What else is there?
  3. It looks like I am able to play regular coop fine at the moment without issue after downloading the patch, however when someone joins as the zombie I still crash. Luckily it is not as frequently as it was (almost every minute). Here's hoping it's because of the player not having the patch installed on their ps4. Anyone else still crashing? **EDIT** Never mind, just crashed doing normal missions with a friend that has the patch installed.
  4. You're update fixed absolutely nothing. If anything it made it worse. Before I would crash every minute or two now its every 20 seconds without fail. I can't even do anything.. Can't join my friends, can't do be the zombie mode, Nothing. What the hell? This has been almost a week and a half since it came out and it's still broken. The lack of feed back from the support staff and the developers is just awful. Makes you all look like a bunch of incompetent morons or just shady. There are countless indie devs with better support than this. You are a triple A developer this is absolutely unacceptable. I could go on about the mountain of support tickets that go unanswered but I won't. I don't feel like typing all night. We deserve better than this. I am not asking for you to kiss our asses but when a game is shipped broken and we get no explanation or support or hell even a status update about it and are expected to just sit here wondering that's when it crosses the line. I created a thread on here before about the crashing and it turned into one of the bigger threads on here and all you guys had to say about it was a short quick little comment that said absolutely god damn nothing and that was a while after the thread was already up. What is it going to take to just get some god damn feedback? Just acknowledgement that our comments and reports of crashing and error don't go unanswered. Is that too much to ask? 60 dollars is a lot of money to throw away on a broken product.
  5. Every time I play coop with anyone (out of 10 people on my friends list and a few on matchmaking) my game instantly crashes and sends me back to the play station home screen. This happens everytime regardless of nat type I know other people on other forums are having the same problem one even upgraded his internet to blazing fast got a new router and a new modem and it still isn't working for him. This is seriously pissing me off! this game almost requires you to have at least one other person with you to do even the most basic things. please fix this chupacabra ASAP it should of not been an issue at all, why am I a day one buyer feeling like a damn beta tester?
  6. So practically every single time I try to connect to people online, I get booted back to singleplayer with the error. "Unable to join the game. Connection to the game you have tried to join could not be established." Meanwhile I can browse games, see all the data on them. Just once I try to join any game, it gives me that error. I paid for a game that was sold on the pretense it is multiplayer. Not only whenever the game decides it is. Litterally co-op/be the zombie mode give me this error close to 100% of the time. Very rarely do I connect to someone. If i do, I can leave and then I can no longer connect to anyone again. I play on ps4, digital copy. No problems anywhere else besides connecting to other players. (If I do manage to connect, I dont have a single issue anywhere)
  7. Hey guys. After experiencing this issue myself, a friend persuaded me to get back on and play with him as this is an awesome game, with the corrupt save glitch as a major exception. He got to the HQ with the quarter master and invited me to the game where I was able to acquire a basic weapon, a lock pick, and a few other items. Basically, after doing this with a friend who has not experienced this glitch, let them kill the big guys at night and carefully participate (you'll rank up a lot just from that+ get money), If your friend can make you weapons to sell, that is even better, but you can pick up weapons too. Also, use the collected money to buy lock picks and med kits. Once you're comfortable, go around during the day while your friend protects you by distracting and killing the zombies and pick all the locks to the police vehicles and ambulance vehicles. I acquired a military rifle and a ton of med kits doing that, some valuables were also acquired. Also, search all the bodies of the dead zombies, it really does not take that about an hour, thanks to the help of my friend, I have acquired decent weapons, enough money to buy what I need, and my skills are much improved, though not quite what they were, but i'm sure in another hour they would have been back to where they were or close. It does not take nearly the same amount of time to get everything back with a friend as it does playing single player throughout the game...I just thought I would let everyone here know that there is hope, just gotta get by with a little help from your friends.
  8. Sean-E-Boy

    Ps4 Coop

    Hey guys once again I post this. Me and my cousin want to get the trophy for playing 4 player coop on ps4. Add me Up Sean-E-Boy. Looking for urgent help thanks guy!
  9. Ninja_Misty

    Major Ps4 Connection Issues

    Please help if possible. I have Comcast business class internet, fast speed, wired connection to my ps4. I am experiencing the following problems: random disconnects that will say I've lost connection to the psn server (when I'm still connected) and with dying light. This happens in COOP as well as single player. I am not getting the error message that I see others reporting. If I am playing mp it will DC the connection and then I can immediately invite the person back. I have called Comcast repeatedly, they sent techs out yesterday and assure me that everything looks good on their end, I'm just not sure. Is anyone else having a similar issue? I have also started having some issues with dcing on EA servers during the past couple of weeks. Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated. ^−^
  10. cant connect to a coop game.wanna try a coop scenario, but it writes "you cant join the game, you'll start your single game now from last save... Why cant i join it?
  11. Hallo, suche für DyingLight paar Spieler für den Multiplayer oder einfach so um sich Information/Spielerfahrungen per audiochat auszutauschen. Meine PSN id: PeppermanPete Beste Grüße PeppermanPete
  12. Tak jak w temacie. Ktoś chętny na pogranie w Coopie? Jestem świeżo po prologu, dlatego chciałbym zrobić 100% Steam: shodan_pl
  13. SergeantPeppper

    Ps4 Co-Op Crashing Every Time

    Hey Techland, Thank you so much for the fantastic game. I really can't take myself away from it. Everything is done so masterfully. However, like many of the other PS4 players, every time I start playing co-op, I crash with Error CE-34878-0. When my friend tries to host the game, he crashes with the same error. On release day we started up a co-op game and it worked flawlessly the whole night. Now we can't get more than a few seconds of gameplay in before one of our PS4s crash. Is there any word about this being worked on? I'd definitely say this is top priority stuff here. P.S.: No HUD mode?
  14. Ok after hours of exhausting all possible fixes and options I decided to redownload the game one last time this time letting the game its self download completely. That's downloading the first 5 gigs then the rest downloading in the background. After all 17 gigs was finished I then installed the update. everytime before I would install the update right after the first 5 gigs would get done. To my surprise it actually worked.. I couldnt believe it. I am currently in a coop game and its been over half an hour and so far no problems. I will keep you all posted. I don't know if this will work for everyone but it worked for me. So just to recap. Redownload the game and only install the update and dlc after the game has finished by its self.
  15. superkarma

    Co-Op Progression Question

    How does co-op progression saving work exactly? What if I'm a few story missions ahead of my friend(s) and they join my game? Will everything they do in that session be saved or will only my progress (the host) be saved? Will everything they do except mission progression be saved -- such as items, skills, etc? If everything except mission progression is saved, how does that work out? Will it be awkward/unfair playing with a friend who has progressed decently further? The reason I ask this is because it seems to be a problem getting 3 of my friends together at the same time. One of them will leave shortly after another gets on or something along those lines. This week has just been hectic all around. Then, I'm stuck with my other friend who doesn't want to progress any further into the game when it's only the two of us, because she thinks if we go too far, it'll be off-balanced with the other 2 friends once we all get together. That then leaves me wondering the same thing, so I end up not playing solo...when I really want to, because I'm enjoying the game and just want to play it already. 2 days after release and I'm only at 7% completion with 3 quests done...saddening.
  16. Kimbo_Infinity

    Coop Bug - Survivor Sense

    Played Dying Light perfectly fine and then joined a buddies game to help him out. Since joining his game my Survivor Sense button has not been working (while in his game and after returning to my own story). Worked fine until I joined his game.
  17. AC-So-Cold

    Ps4 Co-Op, Let's Play!

    Hey guess I was trying to get a party together to play co-op when the game is release. If you are interested added me on PSN. PSN: AC-So-Cold
  18. I've seen mainly Ps4 Gamers around this forum, so I'm looking for some Xbox One gamers to play with when the game comes out, My gamer tag is PeeWee1911 so add me if you want, I look forward to playing some coop with ppl, thanks for reading.
  19. Hi, I am very aware that many people continuously post the same questions which, can make Tech land and other individuals pretty frustrated. So, here are some questions involving coop I have not seen asked or answered, hopefully I am right. 1.) When playing with up to 3 other people (4 including yourself). How exactly does this affect the difficulty of the game? For example with each additional player, is the density increased, damage and health of zombies increased, or possibly the night time increased beyond 7 minutes? I guess the point would be, would having three other friends/players with you from start to finish, will this perhaps make the game too easy and boring? I see potential for having a coop 4 players with the ability to play through the entire game a fantastic and long overdue experience. But will it affect the challenge? 2.) Can you interact/trade with the other players of the game, even to the extent of dropping gear for gear or maybe a trading menu for money? 3.) If you turn off the "Invasion" option, does this also affect the coop as well, or are both these options separate? Also can you make your games private or invite only? 4.) Is experience shared through missions or is everything separate? 5.) Will you be able to kick as host or have a voting system for removing unwanted harassment? 6.) Will you be able to join anyone at anytime, or must you have a friend in-game? 7.) If some form of trading/drop trading is in the game, will there be some sort of lock for modded weapons to avoid people giving away powerful gear to lower level players? Not exactly a very important aspect but a question non the less.
  20. Able to call in a horde of zombies? Check. Able to do something against the flashlight? Check. Let the world domination begin!
  21. estranged520

    Player Tethering

    Hello, Will player characters be tethered to a set distance in cooperative gameplay? I know a lot of open-world games (a current example would be Far Cry 4's co-op mode) do this because of system limitations and to make the game run smoother. I suppose it would be pretty easy to get overwhelmed by zombies if players got separated and it might also be frustrating if your co-op partner was on the other side of the map when you were trying to complete a mission objective. While the freedom of non-tethered co-op could be cool, it seems like it would have a lot of issues that the developers would need to sort out (which they might have already done). I could also see how implementing splitscreen might be difficult if the cooperative play is non-tethered. Speaking of splitscreen, will there be a non-online system link option for players that want to play offline? It would also be good to have for the sake of posterity when the Playstation 4 and Xbox One servers go down for good in a few years. Thanks, estranged520
  22. NLBlackHeavenNL

    Dying Light Cross Play?

    Hey there, Do you guys thing cross play for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 is enabled? I would personally love to see that i can play Dying Light on my Playstation 4 while I am playing with my best friends on the Playstation 3. So does anyone know if this is included because it is really slowing me down to pre-order 4 copies with my friends. Also are you guys excited for the Dying Light coop? I think it's gonna be a amazing game. So far Techland is the only one that really is making some good zombie games. Love those games. Well i hope you guys can answer that question. Cheers~ Heaven
  23. OnlinePolice

    Btz And Friends

    Hello I have some questions and i hope they were not answered yet. 1. I will Pre-order the game, my friend won't. I already love to play as the zombie, will I be able to join him and fight against him? Or is it random in which game I get? 2. It's a 4 player co-op game. But that's just co-op right? Because when I join someone as a zombie, it would be stupid if there were just 3 players then. Or even worse, 2 players against 2. Or is it 4v4 (4 zombies vs 4 players)? Thank you for answering my questions Looking forward to this! Best regards