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Found 48 results

  1. elmafiosox

    Coop Issues

    Hello ! I'm having issues with Dying Light multiplayer on PS4. Trying to join my friend's game but it keeps saying that it was not possible. There is a way that i can fix it? (sorry if my English is bad, i'm not American).
  2. ProsteFilip

    About co-op

    Hello. Can i play the following co-op with my friend when im the only one who has the dlc ?
  3. GLoRToR

    Co-Op Online Play?

    Bought the game the other day and after having to reinstall it to even make it work, I notice that not a lot of people play it online at all. Is the game dead?
  4. I have played through most of DL with 2 friends. I am generally the better player and tend to out level them both over time. We used the disaster relief packages to equalize our survival levels originally (all going up to the next survival level at the same time) with them using more packages than I did. Then we did the same with Legend Levels. As of this patch, I can no longer give them my disaster relief packages. They had been using theirs until they ran out and then were going to use mine (I haven't used many). I have 43 packages saved up and suddenly today I can't give them to my friends. If I use them I will get 6 or 7 levels more ahead of them than I already am. We can still trade weapons, but when I drop a relief package on the ground They can not pick it up. Is this intentional? If so it's really lame. there really isn't a reason to stop the swap of relief packages among friends.
  5. CBromander

    Separate Games?

    Hi! I might be an idiot who don't understand how this works, but if so. Please just help me in the right direction. Me and a friend has had the game for a year, got the season pass and started playing the following, so far so good. But when we try to play with another friend who just got the Enhanced Edition (he did not have the old game at all) we can't find each other. And when we look in the party we created (we're on PS4) to chat, the games me and the first friend are playing are called Dying Light. Whlie the new guy's game is called Dying Light: The Following (or Enhanced Edition, can't remember exactly). So what I wonder is; is the old game with a season pass really the same game as the new game? It seems as if playstation don't see them as the same game anyway.
  6. Hey, i have only the question, if i start an entire new account from lvl 1... Can i play with my lvl 1 mate from the beginning of the game? So brings the Add-on coop to all areas or only to the new Area? Thanks for reply! Greetz
  7. Greetings, Since the recent micro-patch (pvp purpose), me and friends can't join each other's games (Dying Light Steam games). The message is still the same : "the game you try to join is no longer available" (approx. translation from French). anyone having same trouble? any idea to solve this? Thanks.
  8. I have already made it past the point in the game where coop is unlocked. I've got the game set to "Friends Only" and my NAT is open. I've successfully joined my friend's game only once - and the other dozen times I've tried it takes me to a loading screen, I choose my save file, then it goes through another loading screen only to then tell me "this game session is no longer available". The same happens when he tries to join me. Our connections are good, we play together all the time - I even host a server for some games with my computer (but to be clear I have dying light on the xbox one). I've seen this issue in the forum last posted in February with NO ANSWER ( The coop is the only reason my friend bought me this game - if it cannot be fixed then I would like a refund.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm having a issue when I want to play in coop mode. I got connected to my friend's game (we were both in the same point of the game/history) and had no problem getting connected. We played for about 2 or 3 hours and did several missions together. Some of them were side mission and some of the main history. We stoped playing, disconnect each other and that's it. The problem was that the next day when I get in to my game to continue (without my friend) playing where we left the game, my surprice was that all the missions were not saved in my story or my game. I had to do them again all over and that keeps happening every single time that I play with someone. Any clues? Has anyone have the same issue? Is there a way to solve this?? Tks!!!
  10. Just bought the game and me and a friend played some last night. All good and fun. Can I start a single player with the same character/save and just loot and roam around without doing any side missions or story missions? Does my inventory save at all? Do I have to do story/missions for the save checkpoints to save my gear? How does it work? What can I do by my self without ruining/spoiling the campaign progression in our coop campaign? Thanks.
  11. Ciura159

    Gra Ktoś Co Op

    Siema, zagrałby ktoś z was co op w dying light?, wymagam tylko ts3, by moc sie komunikować. Chętni wklejać w komentarze linki do steam, albo pisac na priv na forum
  12. DanteYoda

    Coop Empty 24/7

    Hi all When i start my game i check coop and it finds zero games, i look in the list and its empty 24/7 is this normal to have no other game advertising coop? I'm in Australia will i even see American servers? I just wanted to try the game with another player but no one seems to be online or i'm not seeing any other games, i've allowed DL.exe in my firewall.. None of my friends play Dying Light.
  13. fireingice

    Coop Not Working?

    Hello everyone Me and my freind wan't to play the coop-mode but we can't play? It simply just doesn't allow us to join eatchother. I would really like some help to this problem :/ The coop looks like alot of fun
  14. Jessicamangal

    Help! Cant Start Coop

    I try to start a Coop but the list is always Claen. There is no people or something is seriously Wrong. Tryied it so many days now and it searches but no games showes up at all.. Even at the Quick join , same thing there. I want to play Coop with other people Whats the problem you think??
  15. DeathLung217

    Shadow Of The King Co-Op

    I got the annoying Rais' Gun glitch. Do any Xbox One players out there who are not completionists or just don't care about the gun wanna invite me into their game when they do the quest? If you do, respond and I'll give you my GT.
  16. BlazeDraicx

    I Need Help! Co-Op Mods

    Erm, as the title above says, I need help with a mod for co-op. I changed some values for the Expcalibur (it felt weak! and it's a legendary weapon from the myths!) and placed the edited files in the Data3.pak file. It works like a dream, but not in co-op. I've been using teamwiever to do the exact same process on my friend's PC but it doesn't work. What am i/we doing wrong? We tried changing the files in Data0.pak as well, still works like a dream in SP, but not in co-op
  17. Title sums it up pretty much. Using elgato game capture HD device was trying to stream some dying light last night with a pal of mine through my PC instead of the native Xbox One twitch application streaming however his voice wouldn't go through both in the xbox one party chat (which it doesn't seem to do with anything) but mainly the problem is it wasn't appearing when we switched to in-game chat either. This has worked on the other games I have tried and appears specific to Dying Light. I do have a headphone hooked into my controller so as to hear the game and him and talk to him. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem or not but if anyone has some ideas as to how to fix it that would be great =D
  18. Sam Powers

    Co-Op Team

    Hi guys, my names Sam and I'm looking for some xbox one dying light gamers to play some co-op with. Before I get into it, lemme give you some background info about my gaming. Platform: Xbox one Gamer tag: Tactic Sticks Games of choice: Dying Light, COD, Destiny, RPGs Time Zone: GMT - 5 (eastern US) Age: 17 I'm making this post in order to find people to play co-op with in dying light. Whether that means main story quests, side quests, challenges, co op challenges or BTZ mode, I play it all. Id like to get as many people involved as I can to compete against each other in BTZ because I know the matchmaking is well, pretty bad (sorry devs), and itd be easier and more fun to get a game going with a party. Id like to start a "team" or "clan" such as the ones you see in cod and destiny and other games alike. If you have any questions or would like to be the first person (well second, I've got one guy I always play with) to join the team, contact me, ill leave my info below! Xbox live (one) gamer tag: Tactic Sticks Dying light forums name: Sam Powers Twitter: @powersam97
  19. Heretic

    Xbox One System Link?

    I don't know if this has already been discussed but I cant seem to find any posts about it. I've seen on a few gaming sites that say Dying Light has system link but no definite answer. Playing the game I could only see online options. To me it seems strange not to have it unless during coop, players connect to a server. So is there a way to play system link? and if not are there any plans?
  20. Douglis

    Stupid Question

    So, I've got this 100% world that I wouldn't like to chupacabra up, maybe NG+ someday, but not now. Anyhow, there's the Polyamory achievement, it's the last one for me, but I don't want to lose my world as it is. So my question is: if I join a random coop game online, would it affect my world, or only my character level, money, itens , etc. ?
  21. So.....a friend and i have tried for a bit now to get this achievement with no success. Disconnections, players not cooperating, drop outs, etc. The requirement for this trophy is to complete 5 quests in coop with the same 3 people. We are looking for 2 more to join us and complete this. Anyone interested into putting in the time to get this trophy please send me a friend request on PSN and let me know this is why you are sending the request. Please have and use mic, it makes communication so much easier. PSN ID is Beardilingus for me and for my friend PiratesBeard. Good Night and Good Luck!
  22. Hi. I love to be invaded randomly by strangers, but only want to do quests and stuff with people i know or actively invite. It would be awesome if we could set our game/party as private (invite only) / friends only / LAN for coop BUT AT THE SAME TIME time publicly visible for invasions. The 'always' / 'at night' / 'never' option for invasion is perfect to fit the current mood, without changing the party settings. Adding an "invasion max frequency" option could be cool too, like it's done for the challenges. Something like 'once a day/night only' / 'several times a night/day' / 'no rest' (current setting i guess, several times i've been invaded as soon as the previous invasion ended) What do you think ? Thanks.
  23. This has been happening since the digital release. I have changed modems and tried port forwarding. I have not once been able to successfully join a game since release. Please help Is this a common issue or are we waiting for techland or psn to pull their head out of their A$$. I keep getting the error "Cannot Establish connection to server". I have tried Restarting modem Resetting modem Resetting Ps4 Resetting Licenses on ps4 Different modems Forwarding ports What else is there?
  24. You're update fixed absolutely nothing. If anything it made it worse. Before I would crash every minute or two now its every 20 seconds without fail. I can't even do anything.. Can't join my friends, can't do be the zombie mode, Nothing. What the hell? This has been almost a week and a half since it came out and it's still broken. The lack of feed back from the support staff and the developers is just awful. Makes you all look like a bunch of incompetent morons or just shady. There are countless indie devs with better support than this. You are a triple A developer this is absolutely unacceptable. I could go on about the mountain of support tickets that go unanswered but I won't. I don't feel like typing all night. We deserve better than this. I am not asking for you to kiss our asses but when a game is shipped broken and we get no explanation or support or hell even a status update about it and are expected to just sit here wondering that's when it crosses the line. I created a thread on here before about the crashing and it turned into one of the bigger threads on here and all you guys had to say about it was a short quick little comment that said absolutely god damn nothing and that was a while after the thread was already up. What is it going to take to just get some god damn feedback? Just acknowledgement that our comments and reports of crashing and error don't go unanswered. Is that too much to ask? 60 dollars is a lot of money to throw away on a broken product.
  25. So practically every single time I try to connect to people online, I get booted back to singleplayer with the error. "Unable to join the game. Connection to the game you have tried to join could not be established." Meanwhile I can browse games, see all the data on them. Just once I try to join any game, it gives me that error. I paid for a game that was sold on the pretense it is multiplayer. Not only whenever the game decides it is. Litterally co-op/be the zombie mode give me this error close to 100% of the time. Very rarely do I connect to someone. If i do, I can leave and then I can no longer connect to anyone again. I play on ps4, digital copy. No problems anywhere else besides connecting to other players. (If I do manage to connect, I dont have a single issue anywhere)