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  1. Whats funny is that Techland hasn't fixed duping at all yet changed this anyway. It's still easy to dupe any kind of item both on PC and consoles with plenty of information online. They've essentially put a band-aid on an open wound.
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    I'm Left A Unsure About This Latest Patch?

    You're talking about the black volatiles. Night Hunters are players, and that game mode can be turned off.
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    Gold Weapons List

    How do you get the Skull Machete?
  4. I've been doing Night Hunter invasions and am already way past Underdog rank. All I get are fantasy weapons like the Gonunba, Loco, Smackhammer, Rune Hammer and Skullmace which all do under 3000 damage. Compared to the other orange weapons I have, with the right upgrades they can do more than 5000. I heard there are other gold weapons like the gold Dark Machete and gold Tribal Knife/Axe but I don't think I can acquire them through invasions. Is there any way to reliably get them?
  5. What you wrote here pretty much contradicts what you said earlier about the entire transformation being a hallucination. Now he is only half-transformed? The Mother said you would transform anyway, just more slowly if you just breathed in the mist. Same thing with the vial. Even after spitting a bunch out the ending cut-scene shows his arms changed with a primal scream at the end, implying he has lost control and started attacking those people. Seems more like he transformed exactly the same as the Mother did.
  6. It is its own game. This is because Techland is no longer affiliated with it's publisher Deep Silver which all rights for the Dead Island series go to.
  7. What hallucinations? Also, the vial he took from the Mother undeniably changed her as well as Kyle into a volatile. What would she gain from lying to Kyle? The game clearly indicates that Kyle is transforming when you start battling the Mother. The narrative supports it and there is no reason to believe it was a hallucination other than completely unfounded speculation.
  8. Do note I use the PS4 version. Exercises in Futility and Going Postal are quests from The Following DLC. Exercises in Futility cannot be completed. Even after talking to Jasir to finish the quest you will not gain the experience and it will remain in your log as uncompleted. As for Going Postal, it is impossible to finish this quest. You are sent to two mail trucks to look for a package. The first one is very close to the post office and doesn't have what you need. The second one is a ways away on top of a broken highway, After attempting to open the mail van doors, you will see a second set of doors that cannot be opened. The last one I've seen so far, Run for your Life, cannot be completed as well. The 4th time you go to Bajram in Old Town you will be unable to talk to him and thus unable to start his 4th challenge. I'm not sure if there is a bug report thread, but I figured I may as well post here since Techland will never address bug reports on Steam or Reddit.