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  1. From the first gameplay trailer I loved Dying Light. Back then, I only owned an old Xbox 360, so the cancellation of the game's last gen port disappointed me quite a bit but after a while I forgot about it. When I finally got my hands on a pc, I picked up a copy of Dying Light to make up for that and after 17 or so hours I left the game to rot on my hard drive and moved on to more interesting games. There was just something about the game I didn't enjoy. Back in January, when cleaning up my hard drive, I found the game sitting lonely in a corner and, in anticipation of the new 'The Following' DLC, I decided to at least finish the main campaign. That was a huge mistake. Rushing through the entire second half of the campaign in one evening, without a clue what had happened before I started to hate my decision as the final levels including a nasty quick time event were really getting on my nerves. That might have been due to the fact I had played the game for several hours that day and just wanted it to end soon. After finally beating the game and complaining angrily to all my friends nearby I went to bed glad that it was over. The next day, I decided to just see what else there was in the game and spent the next week looting the two maps, doing side quests and generally having a good time. I started talking my friends into buying the game aswell for some amazing coop sessions and that's when the game really got me. In a matter of weeks, Dying Light became the most played game in my Steam library and the only game besides Skyrim I have ever surpassed the 100 hour mark in. But what made the game so great all of a sudden? I honestly can't tell. Maybe the fact I now had weapons that was actually capable of killing a zombie instead of gently patting it on the back. Maybe the newly aquired grappling hook or maybe the coop. Or why not all of them. Then along came the new 'The Following' DLC and alongside it a huge free update with a more than large amount of legendary levels and bounties. The legendary levels in my opinion take just a little too long to level up (on normal difficulty) but it is really great to see developers actually support the base game a year after launch instead of only focusing on DLC. So after having some of my fondest gaming memories with the game that is still sitting ontop my most played list (even way above Fallout 4... seriously...), I just had to write something down somewhere. Here's a couple of pros and cons I noticed while playing: Cons: - Final mission contains quick time event - Weapons break super fast - Penalty for dying a little harsh, especially for coop mayhem. While it does crate a risk/reward scenario, it also decreases my likeness to engage in some fun chaos with exploding arrows. - The ending of the 'The Following' DLC ruins any chances for future DLC. What about Camden? He was working on a cure! - Why put in a regular bow and have shops sell the special arrows? What did I complete the Bozak Horde for?!?! - Leaving the Bozak Horde clears inventory so I have to go through hundreds of old weapons to find what I had on me again. Also I keep forgetting to change my clothes afterwards... - No way to level up the night hunter without really messing up someone's day... Let's be honest, one human vs one night hunter is far from being a fair fight so where's the fun in that? How about small amounts of xp for doing night hunter stuff in the tutorial map? I really feel bad when I invade someone knowing he's gonna hate me at the end of the day... Pros: - The Bozak Horde! A superb challenge mode with amazing rewards. Just memorizing the locations of the objectives and optimizing a route for maximum success was a huge amount of fun. - Perfect sandbox gameplay. Just bugger off in any direction you want and dropkick some zombies into spikes... Send Volatiles flying with the exploding arrows... Find the not so secret developer blueprints... I generally love the way the inventory works. While the 4 weapon slots are very limiting, you can just carry around a dozen more weapons in the backpack. Upgrade material does not have weight or limited space so you can just carry around as much of that as you want. The blueprints are just great, meaningful collectibles and most of the skills are really nice. - Maxing out a skill tree grants you unlimited stamina. - Lots of side quests, quarantine zones, challenges and other activities. This game is HUGE! - Did I mention the coop? - Post launch support even A YEAR after the game's initial release!!! Even a new DLC!!! - The DLC lets you keep your weapons and xp from the main game!!! Not like most of the DLC for *cough* Ubisoft *cough* games that let you start from the beginning, you can just resume from where you left off, But now, most importantly for some suggestions: - Shops in the main game maps should sell ammo for DLC weapons - Alternative way to level up the night hunter (see 'cons' above) - How about a poster in the main game's hub areas that lets you launch the DLC from there? I really hate going back to the menu just to get into a different part of the map, - More developer blueprints, please - More DLC. Don't just stop now. I have only really been enjoying the game since recently, and the announcement the game will see support for at least another year makes me really happy. I's even pay for a second season pass if it meant getting more content for the main game. Instead of a 'Dying Light 2', I'd love to get more DLC like 'The Following' so I can keep leveling the Crane I have now and won't have to start again from the beginning. Speaking of more DLC, here's a small idea I have for a potential DLC (Hey, Techland developers, you interested?): SPOILERS AHEAD I have titled this idea 'Patient Zero' as it uncoveres a little more about the origin of the virus and the GRE's evil plan. The DLC would be a story mission the first time you play it, becoming a challenge mode similar to the Bozak Horde the second time around. Rumors of an abandoned GRE lab filled with antizin cause Crane to get trapped inside the facility. Stripped of his equipment, he must struggle to survive in a permadeath scenario. Starting in a central safe zone, players will have to venture out into the laboratories to scavenge for supplies and figure out a way out of there. The radius in wich the map is uncovered is decreased a lot, so players have to map out the area while locked doors, barricades and debris are randomly spread out throughout the map, making each playthrough a unique experience. Players have to loot the offices, labs and storage rooms for weapons and crafting components while avoiding dark rooms filled with deadly infected. A special 'boss' monster, invisible to survivor sense, the titular 'Patient Zero' is stalking the player, waiting for him to let his guard down. Making noises draws the attention of this unstoppable threat forcing players to crawl through vents, climb through elevator shafts and lock doors to cut off his path. Power circuits may be activated for various effects, for example opening a door or turning on some UV lights. Some buttons might have more than one effect, for example opening a door but also turning on the speaker system, allowing for some challenging puzzles. Players have to find passcodes in the researchers's notes, retrieve keycards from their bodies (dead or alive) to open doors or access computer terminals. Players can also find audio logs left by the scientists that expain how the virus broke loose inside the lab and how the GRE was involved. There is no help in form of mission markers or objectives. A lot of the areas are non essential for winning, so the player really has to figure out what to do and where to go. The puzzle based problem solving in a stressful, hostile environment is at the heart of the experience, forcing players to evaluate risks or possibilities. A trail of blood leading away from a locked door may lead the player to the keycard... or something far more dangerous... Random power cuts force the player to improvise, crafting flares or finding an auxilliary generator while also disabling any UV traps he may have set up. In the safezone, nothing can harm the player, he can sleep to refill his health, interact with a notebook to recieve a hint or save the game so he may return another time without loosing his progress. The location of barricades, locked doors, zombie hives and useful items, tools and weapons are randomised for every playthrough. Completing the challenge may reward the player with a unique item similar to the bozak bow, while optional tasks like finfing all the audio logs (not ramdomized) and completing the challenge without uring survivor mode or hints may unlock achievements.