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  1. Nova Scotia

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    yeah it's more a problem in 3/4vs1, zombie in nest is fine since they already increase it in the following update, and yeah it's strange one, asking for civil conversation and yet he telling my i'm not a man unless i post video. anyway hopefully there's a good update coming soon so i can play again
  2. Nova Scotia

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    i think i already said this in other thread a while ago,there should be a damage adjustment to throwing weapon (Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes, and Throwing Star) especially if they are modded (have toxic/fire mod) as it's render goon useless as they just can kill the nest from high area and also damage to the nest is way too fast compared when you hit the nest directly using one/two handed weapon also is there a ignore/block feature in these forum? as someone is harassing me by repeatedly sending me pm like this "Listen mate, I don't know what got in your head if you think there's balance, but I think we can have a civil conversation if you'd make a video and send it to me. Atleast you can prove yourself wrong then, and that you are a man. But really, do it." i just want to answer for the last time i dont need to prove you anything, as your video already showed that you make so many mistake especially regarding your GP execution and you don't even use spit combo like spit-pounce or spit-tackle or even GP-Spit. that's why i said again and again do read some of the tips posted here and try them.
  3. Nova Scotia

    The Latest Patch Issues

    seriously? only one bug fix in 1.11.2!? not even fixing the duplication exploit? and many more bugs listed in this forum and most of all not a single fix to handle the cheater in pvp mode? and yeah it's on vac enabled server wow
  4. Nova Scotia

    Showing 360 Hammer/axe Swing Very Useful

    it still page 3... we want more
  5. Nova Scotia

    Why Is This A Thing?!

    i played couple of times with the author in btz, he does indeed cheat in pvp so single player my chupacabra
  6. Nova Scotia

    Dying Light Glitch/bug?

    seem like texture problem, try to Verify Integrity of Game Cache and try updating your vga card
  7. Nova Scotia

    Awnswer Me This Techland Plz.

    yeah i also don't understand why some people are saying survivor doesn't need skill, survivor need to learn inventory management as the equipment slot is only 4 so you cant quickly use example clock potion / shield / bomb when your equipment slot is filled with, uv light, grapple hook, flare, night hunter potion, they also need like just you said to learn how to quickly switch between weapon and equipment, they also must decide if they should dodge/hit the hunter, run after the hunter/hit the nest, and many more
  8. Nova Scotia

    Awnswer Me This Techland Plz.

    that confirm my guess then, that you still need the same amount of hit to kill survivor regardless of legendary level, but what if say the survivor is maxed legends with 275 health points, GP does 55 damage if you said that you need 5 hits to kill, then what if in the 4th hit, the survivor regenerate (not heal) so they have above 55 health points (95 health point in max legend), does the 5th hit will still kill them or it will only reduce 55 points? you take 55 damage if you health points is maxed, 40 damage if you health point is 200
  9. Nova Scotia

    Buggy Grab Needs To Be Fixed

    buggy grab itself doesn't deal damage to survivor, but by grabbing the buggy you can smash the survivor, most survivor that know how to play usually bails at that time so when you see the driver bails then you must quickly bails too so you don't get hit from outside of the buggy, also when the driver bails when the buggy still running it will reduce their health for me as hunter i more prefer using tendril to after them when i see the driver keep bailing when i grab the buggy, and quickly do a tackle or GP when you can get in front of the buggy or throw a spit when they crash to something, since the driver can just crash to a spike especially near the nest where there's many spike. buggy grab works wonder when they got spit first by uv spit, so it the driver bails you will get an easy pounce
  10. Nova Scotia

    Showing 360 Hammer/axe Swing Very Useful

    sound like a bug, but good to know will definitely try it later
  11. Nova Scotia

    Post Your Epic Spit Sticks!

    that's awesome, it would be more awesome if you train with so you can repeat it when necessary, like some hunter that are training the timing to GP a moving buggy like how he kicked players that are trying to join him, seem to me he's planning to troll you by staying in that spot, and yet like you said he surprised of the spit stick and kill himself
  12. Nova Scotia

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    yeah its funny that all of them get knocked down and almost all of them died from the horde spit don't know why there's less people playing btz in countryside, some said it's easy map for survivor but then why most of the survivor play at slums, i always like seeing the survivor running in their buggy to outrun the bomber, and die shock wave can be blocked? never heard of that,
  13. Nova Scotia


    well perhaps the dev can provide better solution as there are many who misused this by doing exactly what you have said. btw aren't the system already there for nh dropping before match started? so you should not get penalty if you drop out before the match started and you will see the list of the players name when you joined the game
  14. Nova Scotia

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    umm scared of what? i just don't want to waste my time recording a video for you and what are you trying to prove by repeatedly asking my video? as there are many video here that show it's possible to win in 2-4vs1 against skilled survivor expressing their opinion? more like you tell your friend to insult people that doesn't agree with your post, and you probably should read my reply again here where i give you constructive criticism even suggest you to try some of tips that are posted in this forum before raging it's unbalance, regarding your failed GP of course it's your mistake, since the hunter have fast running speed, and have tendril so use that to go on top of the survivor and do a mid air GP, not like from far away just like in your video. and you must know the hunter have the cancel GP button where you can cancel the GP if you predict it wont hit the survivor and of course there are always a person who are more skilled than you and me, that's why i said just have fun in game rather than being frustrated because some people are more skilled than you. and stealing food? Russian roulette? your post are starting to makes no sense, so this is probably my last reply to you regarding this matter. so people can post their video here and doesn't get drowned by our discussion funny video, i really like when all the survivor get knocked down when you tackle one of them
  15. Nova Scotia

    Showing 360 Hammer/axe Swing Very Useful

    good clip, while some are suspicious like previous poster have stated, what i would like to know is how can you jump the fence easily when holding the LMB to do the 360 attack at 4:56 and in the middle end of the video there is atheos aka Oceanian showing his real play style which is pouncing when he know there's a flare, mindlessly use his spit, trying to win CQC against multiple players at once and his infamous it's unbalance complain