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  1. aXe

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    This is excellent news. I've said it before, I'm all for the game being delayed to get a far better, finished product. Now Hellraid will be even better. Even though I have to I can't wait!
  2. It was announced on Steam discussions by Taj that there was going to be news announced this weekend. Certain websites also reported that on Saturday there was to be a live stream at 5pm BST but that never happened. Can some one confirm if there was any news/footage, and therefore specifically what it was? This is all a bit confusing at the moment.
  3. aXe

    Visible Legs

    Lol I was going to post this yesterday. This is something I really want to see in.
  4. It's beautiful. Not just the quality of the graphics but the style is so fitting of the theme. It's great, right down to the palette used.
  5. I've given the respec idea some thought. I know someone from Techland made a post here saying they're a fan of static builds, but for many people that actually reduces replay value. The main issue with a 'no respec' game is that prior to choosing a skill you don't actually know if you'll end up wanting to keep it. I love Dead Island but many hate the fact that their characters are stuck with skills they don't want, forever. So to get to the point I propose a partial respec system. For example your character has skills 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, you decide you absolutely hate skill 5 and its got to go. Clicking on your respec button below the skill trees will enable you to respec up to 5 of your skills. You can get rid of skill number 5, replace it with something you actually like and then continue enjoying your character a hell of a lot more. This system has more than one advantage for Hellraid. First of all this system still encourages players to make multiple characters, because they are unable to just take a level capped hero and change his play style completely whenever they choose. This not only prolongs the life of your game, but it enables players to enjoy their characters more, never having to put up with a choice they forever regret! Secondly this system makes for an easier way for players to experiment with builds. Done this way even level capped players wont get access to all skills whenever they choose, so there is no danger of players experiencing all skill combinations right away and getting bored with them too quickly. I believe this to be the perfect compromise between static builds and full respecs. I really hope you consider this feature as I believe it would double the fun of Hellraid. Edit: Royal Palms Resort has mentioned this earlier as well. Its worth looking into.
  6. I also don't want to be able to max out most/all skills. What's the point in choice if by the level cap there is no choice? It would be so very boring to have everyone you meet capable of everything. That boredom will obviously reduce the life span of Hellraid. Also please include respecs, even if they are hard to earn. One of the few things I didn't like about Dead Island was the lack of a respec option. Spending say 100 hours with a character and realizing that you should have picked different skills, with no option to change them would be heartbreaking. People get attached to their characters. I couldn't imagine no respecs in City of Heroes (R.I.P) or Borderlands for example. Respecs add to the fun.
  7. aXe

    Why Hellraid Looks Like My Dream Game.

    I never realized it before I saw it, but a FP Hack 'n Slash has the potential to be my favourite all time game. I loved the original Diablo to death (I remember the Butcher ) and more recently Path of Exile. I also love FPS. So this combination has me really excited. The arena and especially the mission mode look to provide a bulk of the replayability which is good. You need a mode that's easy to pick up with random spawns to keep you coming back. Come on Techland! Let me test this thing!
  8. aXe

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    I'd like to build myself as a tank. Shield and one-handed axe is the way to go for me. I'd also take skills for survivability and aggro.
  9. Are there any plans to implement random enemy spawns and variations on the story mode dungeons to aid with replay value? Maybe certain events could play out differently whether your character is in the position make that choice or not? Really looking forward to this by the way. Will be testing the hell out of the game come early access!
  10. Waiting for Hellraid!