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    Pc/steam Game Not Starting

    Hello Techies :-) not being a programmer myself, just using my brain, because my degree of frustration rose to a max.level, I found the solution to this problem: While trying to start the "DyingLightGame" file from the root directory, I encountered the error message "missing MSVCP100.dll file". I looked for this file on my other 2 computers, where the game was running fine and encountered 2 specific places/directories where the file must be contained: 1) c:\Windows\SysWoW64 2) c:\Windows\System32 The non-working pc only had the file in the SysWoW64 and not in the System32 directory This file can be installed via MICROSOFT Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 X64 package. Did this, rebooted the pc and the game works!
  2. Okay, before anyone refers me to the technical advice given from Techland support, please note: I installed and re-installed the game under Steam completely tried the log-in, log-out of Steam tried the "-safemode" start tried the "missing *.dll" file too Next, here my PC specs: i5-4670K @ 3,5GHz 8GB DDR3 MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4GB WINDOWS 10 64Bit every component has the newest drivers installed too ....now, I hope a player can help me figure out why the game does not start - the tech.supoport hasn´t answered since 2 days now :-( Oh, maybe its worth mentioning that I bought the Enhanced Version (so just one key installed, not main game first, then the DLC afterwards)