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  1. Solid

    Question About Nightmare Plus Outfit

    This is bull.. I don't have the option to start a nightmare+
  2. I wouldn't dive into following until you've acquired a sidearm, rifle or shotgun. otherwise you'll find the assault on the water pump station damn near impossible.. actually, you might preform better with a bow, developers recently nurffed firearm damage.
  3. They fixed the Dragon ninja outfit, but I'm still waiting for the GRE enforcer... Its my new favorite.. but.. would be nice to see it in first person.. Annoying
  4. Solid

    Question About Nightmare Plus Outfit

    Wait... nightmare+ mode? Harder then regular nightmare mode??
  5. Solid

    Question About Nightmare Plus Outfit

    I've completed campaign on hard mode and nightmare, following on nightmare and all endings... The only outfit rewarded to my surprise was the "3rd secret ending" outfit.. I'm upset.. I really wanted the glow skeleton.. brains and d.o.a would've been nice too. All I got is this stupid T-shirt with dying light logo... I also "did not" complete campaign on "hard+" really hope this doesn't have something to do with it because hard+ mode is no longer an option
  6. Solid

    Cheater Caught On Tape

    Yea the crossbow glitch... Really annoying
  7. Solid

    Why Do Humans Get More Than We Do?

    Spoiler, that's exactly what techland is planning.. crane turns into a hybrid nighthunter, the campaign will consist of crane running by day... And HUNTING by night, haven't Any of you been paying attention to the Easter eggs?? Or the ending??? They've made it so obvious OMG
  8. Solid

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    This issue has been going on since day one and will never be fixed. The animation sequence when interacting with something forces the players avatar to "stand" as if standing on land. It only happens for a very VERY brief moment, the Hunter has to be watching very carefully in order to pounce and also be in good position. The easiest way to avoid being pounce while under water is to flash uv light at hunter before interacting with anything... Sometimes but very rarely your avatar will also "stand" while swimming at specific distances from sea level..(sea, lake or river... Whatever) I believe the specific level is relative to your camera height from the ground during normal ground movement. If in water.. best to just swim as low as possible and keep your uv lights up.. ditch the car and find a recall.. never pick anything up.. never turn your back on a Hunter.. ect..
  9. Solid

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Just because you have VAC ban turned on doesn't mean you won't get any hackers joining your games. All that setting prevents is players who have received a Vac bann will be unable to join. There are plenty of people who cheat/hack that haven't been vac banned, simply because they haven't been caught. Essentially, you need report "would be" cheaters/hackers the moment you suspect and or encounter to help the developers and online community squelch these chupacabra lowly loser forever noob so called gamer, pathetic, childish, trollin sac of monkey chupacabra. If the game has reached a level of difficulty that you're degrading yourself to using hacks and cheats, wouldn't it just be better for you to "move on" and find something else? Why waste your time doing something easy, you're not learning anything new, you're not getting better and quite frankly... It makes you look stupid..
  10. Solid

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    33. Regular flash light won't turn on after joining another players game, 50/50 chance its broken per join. Happens in both BTZ & Campaign mode. I've asked others about the glitch and seems that the rate at which it happens differs from player to player.
  11. Solid

    Gold Weapons In Nightmare Mode.

    Also climb to the top of power line towers, drop rate is just as good if not better than hard/veryhard chests
  12. Solid

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    Bow works great, if you're looking for a one shot head kill
  13. Solid

    The Following Very Weak Blueprints

    Add bleedfreeze and or poisonfreeze tier 2. Also unlock bows and guns for modding, would be so cool to see a small freeze on crossbows.. that or give more "element" options for arrows No no wait... A splash freeze, freeze up like 5 or 10 with one shot
  14. Solid

    Spam Jump To Success Couple Balance Changes

    (especially when you're flying helplessly through the air after missing a tackle on the roof). In these cases I feel the hunter should have some kind of way to instantly bounce out of the recovery animation once he hits a surface and keep his momentum from the tackle so he's not just sitting defenseless against a flood of UV light. Also leaves you open for DFA, I've had this issue a lot in "old town". An ability to leap forward would be welcome, kinda like how the survivor has DODGE left, right and backwards, Hunter should be giving DODGE forward. Leap forward? Like a frog.