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    And The Consoles?

    hey man im a lil new to the forums but Tons of games on consoles have it to where you can create your own map. For instance halo's forge.... it may not be as complex, but even a watered down version of the dev tools would be cool. and for what ever reason deathmatch and dont drown map still havent been pushed over to consoles. which are probably the whole reason most people want the dev tools on console.
  2. Please bring death match mode to consoles!!!!! I know im not the only thinking this but implement a game mode where 2 teams spawn at different safe houses, and fight to get the air drop and bring it back to their specific base. first to 5 wins! no sharing supplies! winner take all! Maybe for countryside just do objective based game mode, like a fight for air drop , seeing as map is pretty big for death match. 2 game types, Hardcore: equivalent to nightmare mode,but When you die wait till round is over. and one for normal where you can respawn. Also please port over the don't drown map!